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About AHGP

AHGP is a group of independent webmasters who link together to share Historical and Genealogical data with researchers in a peaceful and harmonious setting.

AHGP is structured very differently from other online Genealogy and History organizations. We have very few rules or restrictions and believe in providing our members with many choices and options in every aspect of membership, thus eliminating the in-fighting prevalent in other groups.

Each site or topic page is an independent linking site. Project pages will become a part of the AHGP structure and will be hosted at no cost on the AHGP server. There is only one state site, but multiple county, topic, etc. We longer link to just one or two county sites, you are encouraged to join the present site. Linking to other member sites is encouraged. For example, County sites are required to link through a State site, and State sites provide links County and Town site. All members also have the option of linking directly to our main pages. On county sites we recommend that you link to adjoining counties or state, to provide more traffic to your sites, this can include other Project Sties.


1. If your site is Genealogical, Family History, US History, State or County, and Surnames you are welcome to join our project. If you belong to another Project your AHGP site can not be used for both Projects. We would welcome your site, just ask. For other projects on AHGP, push our button

2. Your site must contain some original content of a historical and/or a genealogical nature, and may not be a collection of links to other sites, unless it is comprehensive on a particular subject. Sites need to be updated often and new information added. Sites not updated at least on a yearly basis may be removed. State Coordinators have contributed the information for our Help and Tidbits Page, your information is welcome.

3. Copyright must be respected.

4. A logo and reciprocal link back to the main AHGP page and the site you are linked from is required. Please see our Logo Page for currently available logos. You may also make your own logo, as long as it clearly states "AHGP" or "The American History and Genealogy Project."

5. We will not link to racist, or obscene sites, or sites which are intentionally offensive, or promote points of view which tend to stir debate or controversy among significant parts of society.

6. Many online sites offer free hosting for your pages and you should investigate them. AHGP has use of Genealogy Village for hosting any Genealogy or History related sites. If you have difficulty finding space, please see our Member Info Page or ask the Webmaster to assist you.

7. In the past we allowed more than 1 site for the same state. This is no longer offered. You are however, welcome to adopt more than 1 state. These will need to be updated, regularly.

8. We have one Mail Lists, and subscription is required: (your best way to find out what is going on)
AHGP list. This list is where people chat about whatever is going on in their day; new pages, or even ask for help. To subscribe, send an email to: No controversy, arguments, or politics is allowed on the list.

9. Newsletter is in the process.  This Newsletter is open to any one wanting to know more about AHGP, new additions to the site, hopefully guest writers, so sharpen your pencils, and write an article.  Newsletters will be weekly and once a month we will feature a State,  Project, or Topic page. Join the AHGP Newsletter.

10. To assure continuation of the project, if the webmasters maintaining the main pages leaves, a webmaster will be selected to replace him/her. If you decide to leave, please let the Webmaster know so your pages (if you don't take them) can be replaced. There are many sites online now that have no content, but still have logos, ask your host to remove them or transfer the site to the webmaster.

11. The AHGP Webring is no longer offered, we have found that after a period time the webring takes over your site.

12. We welcome suggestions and ideas to help improve AHGP, don't hesitate to send them on to the Webmaster.





Copyright August © 2011 - 2016 AHGP  The American History and Genealogy Project.
Enjoy the work of our webmasters, provide a link, do not copy their work.