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Virginia Military Forts ~ A-L ~

Alphabetical list of forts, reservations, blockhouses, named camps, National and State Homes for soldiers, national cemeteries, etc., in the United States from its earliest settlement to date.

Many of the forts and structures named were erected by the early settlers for their own protection, and all vestige of them has now disappeared. The exact locations of many are not positively known at the present day, but reference is made to them in State histories, State papers, etc. Those in bold-faced type are now occupied by troops or are under the control of the War Department.(does not apply) The data available for consultation are known to be incomplete, and may be erroneous in some instances.

Abbot, Fort, Virginia, on Appomattox River, near City Point.
Accotink, fortifications at, Virginia.
Advance, Camp, Virginia, near Centerville.
Albany, Fort, Virginia, in Alexandria County.
Alexander, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Alexander Hayes, Fort, Virginia.
Alexandria National Cemetery, Virginia at Alexandria.
Alger, Camp, Virginia near Dunn Loring.
Algernon, Fort, Virginia at Old Point Comfort.
Allegheny, Fort, Virginia on the Beverly and Staunton turnpike.
Anderson, Battery, Virginia, at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
Anderson, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Andrew, Camp, Virginia at Alexandria.
Aquia Creek, forts at, Virginia on Potomac River.
Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia opposite Washington, District of Columbia.
Augur General Hospital, Virginia, at Alexandria.

Bacon Race Church, Fort, Virginia, Occoquan River.
Baker, Fort, Virginia, near Chain Bridge; name changed to Fort Ethan Allen.
Baker, Fort, West. Virginia, on the Ohio River at Cresaps Bottom.
Baldwin, Camp, Virginia.
Baldwin, Fort, Virginia.
Balfour General Hospital, Virginia, at Portsmouth.
Balls Bluff National Cemetery, Virginia, on Potomac River.
Barbour, Fort, Virginia at Norfolk.
Barnard, Fort, Virginia About 5 miles south west of Washington, D. C.
Barrel Point, battery at, Virginia.
Beauregard, Fort, Virginia at Leesburg.
Beckwith, Camp, Virginia at Lewinsville.
Bellona Arsenal, Virginia near Richmond.
Bennett, Fort, Virginia, on Potomac River, one-half mile above Georgetown.
Bermuda Hundred, forts at, Virginia on James River.
Berry, Fort, Virginia About 4 miles from Washington, D. C.
Big Beaver Creek, fort at, Virginia in Fayette County.
Blackmore, Fort, Virginia in Scott County; now town of that name.
Blaisdell, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Blenker, Fort, Virginia Name changed to Fort Reynolds.
Bomford, Battery, Virginia at Fort Monroe.
Boush's bluff, fort at, Virginia at Sewells Point.
Boyd, Camp, Virginia on Potomac River.
Boykin, Fort, Virginia a defense of Richmond.
Brady, Fort, Virginia on James River.
Brooke, Camp, Virginia at Newport News.
Brooks Battery, Virginia on James River.
Bross, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Bryant's plantation, batteries at, Virginia at Gloucester Point.
Buffalo, Camp, Virginia near Uptons Hill.
Buffalo, Fort, Virginia a defense of Washington, D. C., on the road to Falls Church.
Burwells Bay, fort at, Virginia 15 miles from Norfolk.
Burpee, Battery, Virginia near Bermuda Hundred, James River.
Butler, Fort, Virginia at Newport News.

Calhoun, Fort, Virginia, at Hampton Roads; now Fort Wool.
California, Camp, Virginia, near Fairfax Court-House.
Carpenter, Redoubt, Virginia
Casey, Camp, Virginia at Alexandria.
Cass, Fort, Virginia near Georgetown, D. C.
Cawakey, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Cedar Point, battery at, Virginia on Lower Potomac.
Chapins Bluff, fort at, Virginia near Richmond.
Charity, Fort, Virginia at Henrico.
Charles, Fort, Virginia at Kicquotan.
Charles, Fort, Virginia at Richmond.
Cheat Mountain, fort on, Virginia.
Chesapeake General Hospital, Virginia near Fort Monroe.
Christanna, Fort, Virginia in Southampton County.
Church, Battery at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
City Point National Cemetery, Virginia at City Point.
Claremont General Hospital, Virginia at Alexandria.
Clark, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Clarksburg, fort at, Virginia in Harrison County.
Coburn's Fort, West Virginia.
Cockpit Point, battery at, Virginia on Lower Potomac River.
Clifton, Fort, Virginia on Appomattox River.
Clifton, Fort, Virginia on James River.
Close, Camp, Virginia near Fort Lyon.
Cold Harbor, camp near, Virginia in Hanover County.
Cold Harbor National Cemetery, Virginia in Hanover County.
Comfort, Old Point, fort at, Virginia Fort Monroe.
Conakay, Fort, Virginia near Petersburg.
Convalescent, Camp, Virginia near Arlington.
Converse, Redoubt, Virginia at Spring Hill, on Appomattox River.
Corbin, H. C., Camp, Virginia at Richmond.
Corcoran, Fort, Virginia on Arlington Heights.
Couch, Battery, Virginia at mouth of Mill Creek.
Cox's Fort, Virginia.
Craig, Fort, Virginia 2 miles west of the Long Bridge.
Craig, Fort, Virginia on Appomattox River.
Craney Island, Fort on, Virginia, Fort Tar.
Crow's Nest Battery, Virginia near Dutch Gap.
Culpeper National Cemetery, Virginia at Culpeper.
Cumberland, Fort, Virginia.
Cummings, Fort, Virginia, at Petersburg.
Cushing, Redoubt, Virginia, at Norfolk.
Custis, Camp, Virginia, near Arlington.

Danville National Cemetery, Virginia in Henrico County.
Darling, Fort, Virginia on Drury's Bluff, James River.
Davis, Camp, Virginia at Romney, near Petersburg.
Davis, Fort, Virginia before Petersburg.
Davison, Fort, Virginia before Petersburg.
Days Point, battery at, Virginia on James River.
Deep Creek, fort on, Virginia near Albemarle and Chesapeake Canal.
Defiance, Camp, Virginia near New River, probably in Giles County.
Defiance, Fort, Virginia Augusta County; now town of that name.
De Kalb, Fort, Virginia about 1 mile west of Aqueduct Bridge; name changed to Fort Strong.
De Russy Battery, Virginia at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
Digges's Point, fortifications at, Virginia.
Dillie's blockhouse, West Virginia Opposite Grave Creek.
Dinwiddie, Fort, West Virginia on Jackson River.
Distribution, Camp, Virginia near Alexandria.
Dix, Fort, Virginia near Fort Powhatan, Suffolk.
Dogwood, Camp, Virginia in Dogwood Gap.
Drake, Fort, Virginia near Richmond.
Drawbridge, Fort, Virginia near Suffolk.
Drurys, or Drewrys Bluff, fortifications, Virginia on James River; a defense of Richmond.
Dushane, Fort, Virginia A defense of Petersburg.

Elizabeth, Camp, Virginia at Alexandria.
Elizabeth, Fort, Virginia at Henrico
Ellsworth, Fort, Virginia near Alexandria.
Emory, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Erickson, Fort, Virginia at Newport News.
Ethan Allen, Fort, Virginia Opposite Georgetown, D. C.
Eustis, Battery, Virginia at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
Evans, Fort, Virginia near Leesburg.
Evansport, battery at, Virginia at Quantico Creek.

Fairfax National Cemetery, Virginia at Fairfax, Virginia.
Farnsworth, Fort, Virginia 2 miles southwest of Alexandria.
Ferry Point, Reservation, Virginia.
Field, Fort, Virginia at Richmond.
Fisher, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Franklin, Camp, Virginia near Alexandria.
Frederick, Fort, Virginia on New River.
Fredericksburg National Cemetery, Virginia, at Fredericksburg.
Freestone Point, fort at, Virginia on Lower Potomac.
Friend, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Funston, Fort, Virginia at Romney.
Furnace, Fort, Virginia in Shenandoah County.

Garesche, Battery, Virginia 3 miles northwest of Alexandria.
Garnett, Camp, West Virginia near Rich Mountain.
Gatewood, Battery, Virginia at Fort Monroe, Virginia.
Gay, Fort, West Virginia in Wayne County; now town of that name.
Geary, Fort, Virginia at Leesburg; first called Fort Johnston.
George, Fort, Virginia at Old Point Comfort.
Getty, Camp, Virginia at Suffolk.
Gillmore, Fort, Virginia at Chapin's farm.
Gilmer, Fort, Virginia on James River, 4 miles below Richmond.
Gilpin, Camp, Virginia at Gloucester Point.
Glen Camp Battery, Virginia near Fort Corcoran.
Glendale National Cemetery, Virginia at Glendale, Henrico County.
Gloucester Point, fort at, Virginia Fort Keyes.
Goodrich, Camp, Virginia at Middletown.
Grafton, Fort, Virginia 4 miles from Yorktown.
Graham, Fort, Virginia near Arlington.
Grant, Camp, Virginia at Richmond.
Great Bridge, fort at, Virginia 9 miles from Norfolk.
Greble, Camp, Virginia at Norfolk.
Gregg, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Griffin, Camp, Virginia near Lewinsville.
Griswold, Camp, Virginia near Portsmouth.
Griswold, Camp, Virginia near Suffolk.
Gwyns Island, camp on, Virginia on Bayou Louisiana Fourche.

Hagerty, Fort, Virginia a defense of Washington.
Halleck, Fort, Virginia at Suffolk.
Hamilton, Camp, Virginia near Fort Monroe.
Hampton National Cemetery, Virginia at Hampton.
Hampton Bridge Redoubt, Virginia near Hampton.
Hancock, Camp, Virginia at Brandy Station.
Hancock, Camp, Virginia near Harpers Ferry.
Hanover National Cemetery, Virginia at Hanover.
Hardees Bluff, fort at, Virginia Fort Huger.
Hardins Bluff, battery at, Virginia on James River.
Harpers Ferry Armory, Virginia at Harpers Ferry.
Harrison, Fort, National Cemetery, Virginia. Varinagrove, Henrico County.
Harrison, Fort, Virginia at Chaffins Bluff, James River.
Haskell, Fort, Virginia near Petersburg.
Hays, Alex., Fort, Virginia bear Petersburg.
Hazlett, Fort, Virginia near Norfolk.
Hell, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg; proper name, Fort Sedgwick.
Henrico, stockade at, Virginia
Henry, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Henry, Fort, Virginia on Southampton River.
Hicksford Barracks, Virginia at Richmond.
Hill, Camp, Virginia near Harpers Ferry.
Hill, Fort, Virginia at Petersburg.
Hills Point, redoubt at, Virginia near Suffolk.
Holly, Camp, Virginia near Newmarket.
Holly, Fort, Virginia on Darbytown road.
Hoods Point, battery at, Virginia on the Lower Potomac.
Hooker, Camp, Virginia near Fort Lyon.
Hooker, Joe, Camp, Virginia at Drummondstown.
Hoover, Fort, Virginia Rockingham County; now town of that name.
Hospital Point, battery at, Virginia at Portsmouth.
Howard, Camp, Virginia at Alexandria.
Howard, Fort, Virginia near Petersburg.
Hewlett, Battery, Virginia at Dutch Gap.
Hubbardton, Camp, Virginia at Castleton.
Huddleston, Camp, Virginia at Big Falls Creek.
Huger, Fort, Virginia on Hardees Bluff, James River.
Hunt, Fort, Virginia Potomac River, opposite Fort Washington, Maryland.

Ira Harris Battery, Virginia on Warwick River.
Irwin, Battery, Virginia at Fort Monroe.

Jackson, Fort, Virginia at south end of Long Bridge, opposite Washington, D. C.
Jackson, Fort, Virginia at Manassas Junction.
Jackson, Fort, Virginia at Richmond.
James, Fort, Virginia on the Chickahominy River.
James, Fort, Virginia at Jamestown.
Jameson, Camp, Virginia near Fort Lyon.
Jamestown, forte near, Virginia Forts James and Powhatan.
Jericho, Fort, Virginia near Suffolk.
Johnston, Camp, Virginia near Fort Lyon.
Johnston, Fort, Virginia at Leesburg; name changed to Fort Geary.
Johnston, Fort, Virginia near Richmond.
Josiah Simpson General Hospital, Virginia near Fort Monroe.

Kearny, Camp, Virginia near Alexandria Seminary.
Keene, Fort, Virginia.
Kelley, Fort, Virginia on New Creek.
Keyes, Fort, Virginia at Gloucester Point.
Keyes, Camp, Virginia near Romney.
Keyes, Camp, Virginia on Uptons Hill.
King, Camp, Virginia at Alexandria.
Knox, Camp, Virginia near Alexandria.

Lee, Camp, Virginia at Richmond.
Lee, Fort, Virginia, Henrico County; now town of that name near Richmond, on Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad.
Lee, Camp, Virginia in Westmoreland County.
Lee's Mills, fortifications at, Virginia on James River.
Leslie, Camp, Virginia on Arlington Heights.
Lewis, Fort, Virginia near Salem, Roanoke County.
Lewis, Fort, Virginia Bath County, on Pasture River; now town of that name.
Libby Prison, Virginia at Richmond.
Lincoln, Camp, Virginia on the Chickahominy.
Lookout, Camp, Virginia 20 miles from Gauley.
Loudon, Fort, Virginia at Winchester.
Loups Creek Camp, Virginia near Gauley.
Louverture General Hospital, Virginia at Alexandria.
Lowell, Camp, Virginia at Prospect Hill.
Lowry Point, battery at, Virginia on Rappahannock River.
Lynn Haven Bay, battery at, Virginia.
Lyon, Fort, Virginia near Alexandria.

Virginia Military Forts M - Z

Military Forts

Source: Historical Register and Dictionary of the United States Army, Volume 2, by Francis B. Heitman, Government Printing Office, 1903.

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