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Allen MI to Anamickee, County, MI

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Allen, l, Hillsdale co., Mich., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $4,000. 3 sen. 96 scholars. Pop. 466.

Allen Centre, p-o., in Allen t., Alleghany co N. Y. The town is 7 n. Angelica, 268 w. by s. Albany, 341 W. The surface is undulating, and the soil clay and sandy loam. It has 1 store, cap $2,500; 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $6,000.

Allen's, p-o., Miami co., O., 62 w. Columbus, 456 W.

Allen's Bridge, p-o., Marlborough dist., S. C, 148 n. e. Columbus, 437 W.

Allen's Ferry, p-o., Cannon co.,Tenn., bt s. E. by e. Nashville, 614 W.

Allen's Fresh, p-o., Charles co., Md., 81 s. s. w. Annapolis, 41 W.

Allen's Hill, p-o., Richmond t., Ontario co., N. Y., 217 w. Albany, 354 W. It has a church, 2 stores, 12 dwellings.

Allen's Settlement, p-o., Claiborne par., La., 396 N. w. N. Orleans, 1,266 W.

Allen's Station, p-o., Hawkins co., Tenn., 246 Nashville, 456 W.

Allenstown, p-t., Merrimac co., N. H., 10 s K. Concord, 480 W. It is on the Suncook r., soil moderately good, with growth of oak and pine timber. Incorporated 1831; 4 sch. 106 scholars. Pop. 445.

Allensville, p-o., Mifflen co., Pa., 76 n. w. Harrisburg, 157 W.

Allensville, p-o., Jackson co., O., 72 s. by e. Columbus, 373 W.

Allensville, p-o., Todd co., Ky., 186 s. w. Frankfort, 710 W.

Allensville, p-o., Switzerland co., In., 102 s. s. E. Indianapolis, 534 W.

Allensville, p-o., Forsyth co., Ga., 115 n. n. w. Milledgeville, 647 W.

Allentown, p-v., Wilcox co., Ala., Ills. Tuscaloosa, 903 W.

Allentown, p-v., in Upper Freehold L, Monmouth co., N. J., 12 e. by N. Trenton, 178 W. It has 1 Presbyterian and 1 Methodist church, 1 grist m., 2 saw m., a cotton fac, and some good frame and brick houses. The village is pleasant, but the land around is not very good.

Allentown, p-b., (called also Northampton,) capital of Lehigh co., Pa., 87 e. n. e. Harrisburg, 180 W. It contains 15 stores, cap. $231,600; 2 tanneries, 1 pottery, 4 printing offices, 4 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $55,410. 1 acad. 30 students, 7 sch. 425 scholars. Pop. 2,493.

Alligator, p-o., Columbia co., Flor., 110 s. e. by E. Tallahassee, 851 W.

Allinsonville, p-o., Marion co., In., 19 n. by E. Indianapolis, 571 W.

Allison, t., Clinton co., Pa., has 6 stores, cap. $27,500; 1 tannery, 1 brewery, 2 printing offices, 2 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $4,835. 1 sch. 70 scholars. Pop. 643.

Alloway, p-v., Lyons t., Wayne co., N. Y., 183 w. N. w. Albany, 354 W. It is on the e. side of Canandaigua outlet, 3 ms. s. of the village of Lyons. It has 1 church, 2 stores, 2 flouring m., 2 saw m., 2 distilleries, 2 cloth-dressing works, and 40 dwellings. Pop. 300.

Alloway's Creek, Salem co., N. J., rises in this co., and falls into the Delaware r. 6 ms. s. of Salem. It is 20 ms. long, and navigable 12 ms. for wood boats.

Allowaystown, p-v., Salem co., N. J., 60 s. 8. w. Trenton, 171 W. It contains 1 Baptist and 1 Methodist church, 4 or 5 stores, and 70 or 80 dwellings. Two large saw m. are chiefly employed in cutting ship timber.

Almirante, p-o., Walton co., Flor., 132 w. Tallahassee.

Almond, p-t., Alleghany co., N. Y., 14 e. Angelica, 240 w. by s. Albany. The surface is uneven, and the soil generally a fertile clay loam. Watered by Canisteo r. The v. has 1 Presbyterian and 1 Baptist church, 60 dwellings, and 400 inhabitants. In the t. are 4 stores, cap. $24,000; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 3 saw m., 1 furnace. Cap. in manufac. $4,000. It has 12 sch. 565 scholars. Pop. 1,434.

Alna, p-t., Lincoln co., Me., 10 n. Wiscasset, 20 B. by e. Augusta, 598 W. It was incorporated in 1794, with the name of New Milford. The Sheepscot r. passes through it. It has 6 stores, cap. $5,800; 1 fulling m., 3 tanneries, 2 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $2,250. Pop. 990.

Alps, p-v., Nassau t., Rensselaer co., N. Y., 24 e. by s. Albany, 384 W. It contains 1 store and 30 dwellings. Pop. 200.

Alquina, p-o., Fayette co., In., 65 e. s. e. Indianapolis, 521 W.

Alsace, t., Berks co., Pa. Situated on the e. side of Schuylkill r. The surface is mountainous, and the soil calcareous and productive. Watered by Roush's cr., which affords Water power. There are 2 churches, common to the Lutherans and Presbyterians. It has 2 fulling m., 4 grist m., 3 saw m. Pop. 2,498.

Alstead, p-t., Cheshire co., N. H., 14 N. Keene, 66 w. by s. Concord, 450 W. It is watered by Cold r. and the branches of Ashuelot r. It was chartered in 1763 under the name of Newton. It has a good soil, which is well cultivated. It has 4 stores, cap. $12,000; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $51,060. 2 acad. 59 students, 14 sch. 454 scholars. Pop. 1,454.

Althea, p-o., Morgan co., Ill., 45 w. by s. Springfield, 825 W.

Alton, p-t., Belknap co., N. H., 28 n. e. Concord, 25 n. w. Dover, 509 W. It lies on Lake Winnepisiogee, a bay of which extends 1,800 rods into the town, and receives Merrymeeting r. The soil is uneven and rough, but productive; and the natural growth is oak, beech, maple, and pine. It was settled in 1770, and incorporated in 1796, originally called New Durham Gore. It contains 7 stores, cap. $9,300; 1 grist m., 25 sch. 798 scholars. Pop. 2,002.

Alton, p-v., Sodus t., Wayne co., N. Y., 219 N. w. Albany, 367 W. It is on the ridge road, 13 n. w. Lyons. It has 1 store, 3 saw m., and 25 dwellings. Pop. 150.

Alton, p-o., Franklin co., O., 9 n. Columbus, 402 W.

Alton, p-o., Dearborn co., In., 89 s. e. Indianapolis, 540 W.

Alton, p-t and city, Madison co., Ill., 82 w. by s. Springfield, 808 W, is situated on the e. bank of the Mississippi, 20 ms. above the mouth of the Missouri, 18 ms. below the mouth of the Illinois. In commercial advantages it is second to no town in the state. It has the best landing for steamboats on the e. bank of the Mississippi A flat rock, level with the surface of the ground, forms an excellent natural wharf. The finest timber surrounds it for several miles, which will furnish a vast amount of lumber. Bituminous coal exists in great abundance, near the town. Limestone, freestone, and water limestone, exist in abundance. The corporate bounds of the city extend 2 miles along the river, and half a mile back. There are 5 squares reserved for public purposes, and a large reservation at the landing place. Market-street is 150 feet wide, and other streets from 60 to 180 feet, regularly laid out. There are 6 churches, several of which are large and handsome. The Baptists, Presbyterians, (con't) Methodists, Protestant Methodists, Episcopalians, Unitarians, and German Evangelical church, have each a place of worship. There is a bank, an insurance office, a Lyceum, and a mechanics' association. Depositories of the bible, tract, temperance and Sunday school societies are kept in a large building, erected for the purpose. 7 or 8 steamboats are owned here. The growth of this place has been exceedingly rapid. There were in 1840, 4 for. com. houses, cap. $22,000; 38 stores, cap. $319,800; 1 brewery, 1 flouring m., 3 saw m., 3 printing offices, 2 weekly newspapers, and 1 periodical. Cap. in manufac. $80,175. 8 sch. 253 scholars. Pop. 2,340.

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Alton Hill, p-o., Smith co., Tenn.

Alum Bank, p-o., Bedford co., Pa., 117 w. s. w. Harrisburg, 143 W.

Alum Creek, p-o., Delaware co., O., 31 Columbus, 401 W.

Amagansett, p-v., East Hampton t., Suffolk co., N. Y., near the e. extremity of Long Island. Contains 35 dwellings.

Amanda, p-o., Greenup co., Ky., 156 e. n. e. Frankfort, 419 W.

Amanda, t., Hancock co., O., drained by the head waters of Blanchard's fork of the Auglaize r. It has 3 sch. 153 scholars. Pop. 490.

Amanda, p-t., Fairfield co., O., 12 e. Circleville, 33 s. s. e. Columbus, 343 W. It is watered by Clear cr., and has a good soil. Pop. 1.937.

Amanda, t., Allen co., O., is a good township of land. The Auglaize r. passes centrally through it. Contains 1 sch. 25 scholars. Pop. 280.

Amandaville, p-o., Elbert co., Ga., 108 n. by E. Milledgeville, 532 W. Amazon, p-o., Boone co., Ill., 242 n. by e. Springfield, 734 W. Amber, p-v., Otisco t., Onondaga co., N. Y., 142 w. n. w. Albany, 336 W. Situated near Otisco lake, containing 1 church, 2 stores, and 15 dwellings. Pop. 100.

Amboy, p-t., Oswego co., N. Y., 80 e. Oswego, 137 Albany, 336 W. The surface is level, and the soil a rich loam, well adapted both to grain and grazing. It is watered by Salmon and Scriba crs. It has 2 stores, cap. $1,600; 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $7,300. 11 sch. 331 scholars. Pop. 1,070.

Amboy, p-o., Ashtabula co., O., 217 n. e. Columbus, 344 W.

Amboy, p-o., Lapier co., Mich., 49 n. by w Detroit, 574 W.

Amboy Perth, city, N.J. (See Perth Amboy.)

Amboy, t., Lucas co., O. It has 1 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $17,000. 5 sch. 186 scholars. Pop. 452.

Ambrosia, p-o., Lee co., Iowa, s. of Iowa city.

Amelia, p-o., Clermont co., O., 123 s. s. w. Columbus, 494 W.

Amelia, County, Va., central in the e. part of the state. The surface is agreeably diversified, the soil of an ordinary quality. It is drained by branches of the Appomattox r. It contains an area of 300 sq. ms. Neat cattle 6,029, sheep 7,708, swine 12,664, wheat 50,637, Ind. corn 244,785, oats 106,466, potatoes 57,699, tobacco 1,871,134 pounds, cotton 6,015; 13 stores, cap. $42,100; 1 tannery, 3 flouring m., 18 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $20,650. 2 acad. 50 students, 7 sch. 156 scholars. Pop. 1830, 11,031; in 1840, whites 3,074, slaves 7,023, free col'd 223; total, 10,320. Capital, Amelia.

Amelia, p-v., capital, Amelia co., Va., 45 s w. by w. Richmond, 162 W. It contains a court house and other county buildings, a few dwellings, and several mechanics shops.

Amelia Island, Flor., in the n. e. part of the Ter., Nassau co. It is 15 ms. long, and 4 wide. Fernandina, a town at the n. w. end, was once the capital of Nassau co., and a flourishing place, but it has greatly declined. The land is generally fertile.

Amenia, p-t., Dutchess co., N. Y., 20 e. n. e. Poughkeepsie, 70 s. by e. Albany, 324 W. The surface is much diversified, having the Taughkannic mountains on the E. and the Fislikill range on the s. w. with a considerable valley between, through which flow several tributaries of the Housatonic. Marble, magnetic iron ore, and some mineral Bprings, are found here. It has 8 stores, cap. $23,000; 2 fulling m., 2 flouring m., 4 grist m., 7 saw m., 1 furnace. Cap. in manufac. $37,700. 1 acad. 249 students, 5 sch. 159 scholars. Pop. 2,179.

Amenia Union, p-v., in the above, 65 8. by e. Albany, 328 W. Contains 2 churches, 2 stores, 1 cotton fac, 1 woollen fac, 1 saw m., and 35 dwellings.

Ameniaville, v., Amenia t., Dutchess co., N. Y., 25 E. n. E. Poughkeepsie. It has 3 churches, a Presbyterian, a Baptist and a Methodist, an academy, 3 stores, 1 grist m., 1 saw m. and 40 dwellings. Pop. 200.

America, p-v., Wabash co., In., 81 n. by e. Indianapolis, 570. W.

Americus, p-v., and capital of Sumpter co., Ga., 104 s. s. w. Milledgeville, 760 W. It lies 16 w. Flint r., and con tarns a court house, an academy, 7 stores, and about 100 buildings.

Americus, p-o., Tippecanoe co., In., 73 n. w. Indianapolis, 631 W.

Ames, p-v., Canajoharie t., Montgomery co., N. Y., 56 n. w. Albany, 395 W. It contains 2 churches, an academy, 1 store, 1 grist m., and 25 dwellings. Pop. 175.

Amesbury, p-t., Essex co., Mass., 44 n. e. Boston, 475 W., on the n. side of the Merrimac A pond, covering about 1,000 acres, 90 feet above tide water, furnishes, by its outlet, an extensive water power. Powow r. runs through it, and furnishes mill seats. This river is navigable to the falls, and large ships are built here, and floated through the Merrimac to the ocean. There are in the t., 15 stores, cap. $18,170; 10 fulling m., 2 woollen fac, 3 tanneries, 1 pottery, 4 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $246,715. 1 acad. 40 students, 15 com. sch. 646 scholars. Pop. 2,471.

Amesville, p-v., Ames t., Athens co., O., 84 s. e. Columbus, 327 W. In Ames t. are 1 store, cap. $1,000; 3 saw m., 9 schools, 218 scholars. Pop. 1,431.

Amesville, p-o., Boone co., Ill., 224 n. by E. Springfield, 783 W.

Amherst, p-t., Hancock co., Me., 113 Augusta, 695 W. 1 saw m., 2 sch. 54 scholars. Pop. 196.

Amherst, p-t., capital of Hillsborough co., N. H., 30 s. Concord, 459 W. Souhegan, a branch of the Merrimac, furnishes a fine water power. Incorporated 1769. It has 6 stores, cap. $14,800; 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac $25,425; 11 sch. 512 scholars. Pop. 1,565.

Amherst, p-t., Hampshire co., Ms., 82 w. Boston, 7 e. by n. Northampton, 385 W. 2 branches of Connecticut r., furnish good water power. It had in 1840, 14 stores, cap. $48,000; 2 woollen fac, 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $62,400. It was separated from Hadley, and incorporated in 1759. It is the seat of Amherst College, a highly flourishing institution, which was founded in 1821, and incorporated in 1825. It has a President and 10 Professors, or other instructors. The whole number of alumni is 613, of whom 137 have been ministers of the gospel. It has (1841) 157 students, and 15,000 volumes in its libraries. Its philosophical apparatus is very complete, and it has a fine cabinet of natural history, including mineralogy. The necessary expenses are from $113 to $137 annually. The rooms of indigent students are supplied with furniture. The commencement is on the 4th Wednesday of August. The buildings are convenient and commanding. The institution has been supported chiefly by private liberality. Amherst has 2 parishes, in each of which is a pleasant village, and a Congregational church. It has 1 acad, 87 students, 8 sch. 586 scholars. Pop. 2,550.

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Amherst, t., Erie co., N. Y., 10 n. e. Buffalo, 283 w. Albany. The surface is undulating, and the soil indifferent. Tonawanda cr. runs on its N. boundary, and Ellicott's cr. flows through its centre. 10 stores, cap. $18,700; 1 tannery, 1 brewery, 1 distillery, 2 potteries, 3 flouring m., 7 grist m., 1 furnace. Cap. in manufac. $13,900. Pop. 2,451.

Amherst, p-t., Lorain co., O., 8 w. Elyria, 121 N. n. E. Columbus, 382 W. The v. has 1 store, cap. $2,000, and over 20 dwellings. The t. was incorporated in 1829. It has 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap in manufac. $2,300. 7 sch. 272 scholars. Pop. 1,184.

Amherst, a central county of Va., on the n. side of James r. It has an area of 418 sq. ms. The country is elevated and finely variegated, and the soil tolerably good. There were in 1840, neat cattle 8,352, sheep 6,235, swine 16,913; wheat 112,677 bush, produced, rye 11,051, Ind. corn 381,146, oats 145,022, tobacco 2,106,149 pounds, cotton 2,277; 18 stores, cap. $78,300, 7 tanneries, 24 distilleries, 10 flouring m., 40 grist m., 16 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $112,007. 17 acad. 408 students, 11 sch. 266 scholars. Pop. in 1830, 12,072; in 1840, whites 6,426, slaves 5,577, free col'd 373; total, 12,576.

Amherst, p-o., and capital of Amherst co., Va., 15 n. n. e. Lynchburg, 115 w. Richmond, 176 W. It contains a court house, jail, and county offices, all of brick, 2 stores, 1 tannery, 15 dwellings, and 130 inhabitants.

Amissville, p-o., Rappahannock co., Va., 116 N. N. w. Richmond, 65 W.

Amite, a river of La., rises in Miss., and flowing s. unites with the Ibberville at Galveston, to which it is navigable, and after a course of 100 ms., falls into Lake Maurepas.

Amite, a s. w. county of Miss., has an area of 900 sq. ms. It is watered by the Amite r. and its branches. Good land is found along the streams, the rest is uneven and moderately fertile, well covered with timber. Capital, Liberty. Neat cattle 13,904, sheep 5,212, swine 29,428; Ind. corn 311,270 bush., oats 18,205, potatoes 90,212, rice 167,497 pounds, cotton 5,066,605; 12 stores, cap. $50,499; 34 grist m., 9 saw m., 2 printing offices, one weekly newspaper. Cap. in manufac. $107,325. 6 acad. 149 students, 11 com. sch. 199 scholars. Pop. 1830, 7,934; 1840, whites 3,741, slaves 5,741, free col'd 29; total, 9,511.

Amity, p-v., Aroostook co., Me., 210 n. e. Augusta, 805 W. It has 1 grist m., 1 saw m., 2 sch. 77 scholars. Pop. 169.

Amity, t., Alleghany co., N. Y., 6 s. Angelica, 255 w. s. w. Albany. The Genesee r. flows through the middle of it from s. to n. On the r. the soil is good. It has 2 stores, cap. $9,000; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $9,150. Pop. 1,354.

Amity, p-v., Washington co., Pa., 10 s. Washington, the capital, 225 Harrisburg, 244 W. Amity, t., Erie co., Pa. The surface is hilly; soil, gravelly loam. It contains 1 fulling m., 1 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $7,080. 4 sch. 175 scholars. Pop. 560.

Amity, t., Berks co., Pa. Watered by Manatawny and Manokesy crs., which afford water power. There are 3 churches, belonging to Lutherans and Presbyterians; 4 stores, cap. $18,000; 1 fulling m., 2 tanneries, 6 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $2,400. Pop. 1,664.

Amity, p-v., Orange co., N. Y., 122 s. Albany, 268 W. It has a Presbyterian church, 2 stores, 1 select school, and 15 dwellings. Pop. 100.

Ammonoosuc, (Lower,) r., N. H., rises in the White mountains, and after a course of 50 miles, enters the Connecticut in Bath. It has a fall of 50 feet, 6 miles from the Notch in the White mountains.

Ammonoosuc, (Upper,) N. H., has a course of 50 miles, and enters the Connecticut in Northumberland.

Amorysville, p-o., Gloucester co., Va., 17 e. Richmond, 464 W.

Amoskeag, p-v., and Falls, Hillsborough co., N. H., 17 s. by e. Concord, 464 W. The Merrimac r. here fails 54 feet in the distance of a mile and a half, furnishing an extensive water power. The water is taken out of the river by 2 canals, each a mile in length, for the supply of factories and mills. The village is in Goffstown, and has considerable manufactures. Boats pass these falls by a canal, one mile in length, with 9 locks, which cost $50,000.

Amsterdam, p-v., Amsterdam t., Montgomery co., N. Y., 32 w. Albany, 400 W. The village is on the n. side of the Mohawk r., over which is a toll-bridge. It has 4 churches, one each for Presbyterians, Baptists, Methodists, and Universalists, 1 bank, an academy, female seminary, 14 stores, 2 grist m., 2 furnaces, 1 carpet manufactory, 1 scythe factory, and various other manufactories, 1 printing office, &c. The Utica and Schenectady railroad passes through the place. It has about 250 dwellings. Pop. about 1,700. The t. contains 15 stores, cap. $55,500; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 1 distillery, 1 brewery, 2 flouring m., 4 grist m., 10 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $86,300. It has 1 acad. 130 students, 7 sch. 267 scholars. Pop. 5,333.

Amsterdam, p-v., Carroll t., Jefferson co., O., 131 e. by n. Columbus, 284 W.

Amsterdam, p-v., Botetourt co., Va., 181 w. by s. Richmond, 231 W. It contains 1 church, free to all denominations, 1 store, 1 tannery, and various mechanic shops. Pop. 120.

Amsterdam, p-o., Cass co., In., 79 N. by w. Indianapolis, 617 W.

Amsterdam, p-o., Hinds co., Miss., 30 Jackson, 1,042 W.

Amwell, t., Washington co., Pa. The surface is hilly; soil, loam. Coal is abundant. Drained by branches of Ten Mile cr. It has 2 stores, cap. $6,000; 1 tannery, 4 distilleries, 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $7,400. 10 sch. 300 scholars. Pop. 1,536.

Amwell, t, Hunterdon co., N. J. The surface is uneven, and the soil in some parts good. Drained by the s. branch of Raritan r. and its tributaries. It contains 2 Presbyterian churches; 16 stores, cap. $55,800; 1 fulling m., 1 woollen fac 2 tanneries, 6 distilleries, 1 brewery, 1 pottery, 1 flouring m., 9 grist m., 6 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $40,950. 11 sch. 331 scholars. Pop. 3,071.

Anamickee, County, n. e. part of Mich. Situated around Thunder Bay, and w. of Lake Huron. Contains about 600 sq. ms. Principal stream, Thunder Bay r. (Unorganized.)

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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