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Blue Wing, NC to Boothbay, ME

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Blue Wing, p-o., Granville co., N. C, 69 n. Raleigh, 246 W.

Bluff, p-o., Mercer co., Ill., 142 n. n. w. Springfield, 872 W.

Bluff Dale, p-o., Greene co., Ill., 78 s. w. Springfield 843 W.

Bluff Grove, p-o., Grundy co., Mo.

Bluff Port, p-o., Sumter co., Ala., 76 s. w. Tuscaloosa, 891 W.

Bluff Spring, p-o., Talbot co., Ga., 104 e. s. e. Milledgeville, 726 W.

Bluffton, p-v., capital of Wells co., In., 107 N. N. E. Indianapolis, 549 W.

Blythe, t., Marion co., Ark. Pop. 275.

Blythe, t., Caldwell co., Mo. Pop. 410.

Blytheville, p-o., Newton co., Mo.

Boalsburg, p-v., Ferguson t., Centre co., Pa., 84 n. w. Harrisburg, 176 W. Situated on the main branch of Spring cr. It has 1 Lutheran church, 1 grist m., 1 store, and 25 dwellings.

Boardman, p-t., Trumbull co., O., 170 n. e. Columbus, 287 W. Drained by Mill, Indian, and Yellow creeks. The surface is undulating, and the soil is good, and there is no waste land in the t. It has 6 sch. 320 scholars. Pop. 929.

Bodenham, p-v., Giles co., Tenn., 82 s. by w. Nashville, 742 W.

Boeuff, t., Franklin co., Mo. Pop. 1,662.

Boeuff, r., Ark. and In., after a course of about 180 ms. joins the Washita, in lat. 31° 47' n.

Boeuff, Bayou, or cr. of La., rises in Rapide par., s. w. of Alexandria, and separates into 2 channels, one of which connects with Red r., but divides, the w. branch forming the Bayou de Glaze, which enters the Atchafalaya. The main branch still further w. unites with the Crocodile r. to form the Courtableau r., which is a navigable stream to its entrance into the Atchafalaya. The land on its borders is very fertile.

Boggess's Cross Roads, p-o., Meigs co., Tenn., 158 Nashville, 550 W.

Boggs, t., Clearfield co., Pa. Situated on the main ridge of the Alleghany. Soil, slate and gravelly limestone. Pop. 295.

Bogle's, p-o., Iredell co., N. C, 165 w. Raleigh, 403 w:

Bogue Chito, r., a w. branch of Pearl r., rises in Miss., but runs chiefly in In., and after a course of 90 ms., joins Pearl r. about 25 ms. above its mouth.

Bogue Chitto, p-o., Dallas co., Ala., 89 s. s. E. Tuscaloosa, 872 W. '

Bohemia, a large creek in Maryland, which enters Elk r. 4 or 5 miles above its entrance into Chesapeake Bay.

Boiling Spring, p-o., Fentress co., Tenn 133 e. n. E. Nashville, 571 W.

Bois Blanc, Island, Lake Huron, s. e. of Mackinaw, 10 ms. long and 3 broad in its widest part. The soil in the lower part is sandy, but the greater part is fertile. It has a light-house on its e. point.

Bois d Arc, t., Hemstead co., Ark. It has 1 distillery, 1 grist m., 1 saw m., 1 sch. 22 scholars.

Bokes Creek, t., Logan co., O. It has 1 sch. 21 scholars. Pop. 222.

Boland's, p-o., Itawamba co., Miss.

Bolen's Mills, p-o., Athens co., O., 83 s. e. Columbus, 353 W.

Boligee, p-o., Greene co., Ala., 52 s. s. w. Tuscaloosa, 870 W.

Bolington, p-o., Loudon co., Va., 163 n. Richmond, 44 W.

Bolivar, County, Miss., lies in the w. part of the state, on the Mississippi r. It contains 1,700 sq. miles. Drained by Sunflower r. Capital, Bolivar. There were in 1840, neat cattle 2,414, sheep 173, swine 2,605; ind. corn 42,350 bush, produced, potatoes 5,015, cotton 274,155 pounds; 1 sch. 14 scholars. Pop. whites 384, slaves 971, free col'd 1; total, 1,356.

Bolivar, p-t., Alleghany co., N. Y., 15 e. Angelica, 285 w. s. w. Albany, 312 W. Organized in 1825. The surface is elevated and undulating; the soil, sandy loam. Drained by several small creeks. The v. has 1 store, and about 20 dwellings. There are in the t. 2 stores, cap. $6,500; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $6,850. 1 sch. 27 scholars. Pop. 408.

Bolivar, p-o., Westmoreland co., Pa., 165 w. Harrisburg, 191 W. Situated on the s. side of Conemaugh r. It has 1 store, 1 forge, and 20 dwellings.

Bolivar, p-v., Lawrence t., Tuscarawas co., O., 8 n. New Philadelphia, 118 n. e. Columbus, 321 W. It is situated on the Ohio canal, on the w. side of Tuscarawas r. Organized in 1826.

Bolivar, p-v., Robeson co., N. C, 112 s. by w. Raleigh, 400 W.

Bolivar, p-v., capital of Hardeman co., Tenn., 162 s. w. Nashville, 847 W. Situated on the s. side of Big Hatchee r., H mile distant from it. It contains a court house, jail, 3 churches — 1 Baptist, 1 Episcopal, 1 Methodist — 2 academies, and about 500 inhabitants.

Bolivar, p-v., capital of Polk co., Mo., 132 s. w. Jefferson city, 1,068 W. It is situated 4 ms. w. Pomme de Terre r. It contains a court house, jail, Methodist church, and about 150 inhabitants.

Bolivar, p-o., capital of Bolivar co., Miss. Situated on the E. bank of the Mississippi r., with Lake Bolivar on the s.

Boliver,p-o., Poinsett co., Ark., 147 e. n. e. Little Rock, 902 W.

Bolivia, t., Gasconade co., Mo. Pop. 779.

Bolivia, t., Jefferson co., Ark. It has 2 grist m., 3 saw m. Pop. 485.

Bolster's Mills, p-o., Cumberland co., Me., 68 s. w. Augusta, 578 W.

Bolton, p-t., Chittenden co., Vt., 19 n. n. w. Montpelier, 15 e. s. e. Burlington, 521 W. This t. is very mountainous and broken. It lies on the western range of the Green mountains; and excepting along Onion r., which passes through it, much of it is incapable of cultivation. The arable soil is fertile. It has 4 saw m., 3 sch. 70 scholars. Pop. 470.

Bolton, p-t., Worcester co., Mass., 33 w. Boston, 419 W. It lies between Concord and Nashua rivers. The surface is varied, and the soil fertile. It has 3 stores, cap. $12,500, 2 tanneries, 3 grist m. t 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. 9,700. 8 sch. 298 scholars. Pop. 1,186.

Bolton, p-t., Tolland co., Ct. Incorporated in 1720. It lies on an elevated range of hills, and is drained by branches of Hop river. The soil is a gravelly loam, and is better suited for grazing than for tillage. It has 2 stores, cap. 1,500; 1 fulling m., 1 distillery, 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $4,310. 5 sch. 220 scholars. Pop. 739.

Bolton, p-t., Warren co., N. Y., 73 n. Albany, 446 W. The surface is hilly and mountainous, and the soil moderately fertile, but heavily timbered. It has Lake George on the E. and several large ponds in the interior, and is drained by Schroon r., a branch of the Hudson r. It has 2 stores, cap. $3,000; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 1 powder m., 1 grist m., 13 saw m., 8 sch. 279 scholars. Pop. 937.

Bolton Depot, p-o., Hinds co., Miss.

Boltonville, p-o., Orange co., Vt., 35 s. e. Montpelier, 527 W.

Bombay, p-t., Franklin co., N. Y., 15 n. e. Malone, 232 n. Albany, 552 W. Surface generally level. Drained by Little Salmon and St Regis rivers. It contains the reservation and settlement of the St. Regis Indians, on the St. Lawrence r. Near the p-o. is a settlement of whites, which has 1 church, 4 stores, and 20 or 30 dwellings. There are in the t., 6 stores, cap. $19,700; 1 fulling m., 1 woollen fac, 2 tanneries, 1 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $7,415. 9 sch. 344 scholars. Pop. 1,446.

Bonaparte, p-o., Van Buren co., Iowa.

Bon Air Springs, p-o., White co., Tenn., 88 e. s. e. Nashville, 592 W.

Bond, County, Illinois, contains 360 sq. ms. Organized in 1817. Drained by Shoal cr., a branch of Kaskaskia r. Capital, Greenville. There were in 1840, neat cattle 7,723, sheep 5,397, swine 15,998; wheat 25,722 bush, produced, rye 1,540, Ind. corn 209,130, oats 23,450, potatoes 7,486, tobacco 3,665 pounds; 10 stores, cap. $9,106; 2 woollen fac, 2 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 10 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $27,128. 12 sch. 324 scholars. Pop. 5,060.

Bondville, p-o., Columbia co., Pa., 76 n. Harrisburg, 186 W.

Bonne Femme, t., Howard co., Mo. 1 sch. 25 scholars. Pop. 988.

Bonne Homme, t., St. Genevieve co., Mo. Pop. 436.

Bonne Homme, t, St. Louis co., Mo., 1 acad. 40 students, 3 sch. 92 scholars. Pop. 2,516.

Bonnet Carre, p-o., capital of St. Jn. Baptist par., La., 38 w. N. Orleans, 1,210 W. On a remarkable bend in the Mississippi, denominated Bonnet Carre, (square bonnet.)

Bono, p-o., Lawrence co., In., 89 s. by w. Indianapolis, 620 W.

Bookersville, p-o., Wilkes co., Ga.

Boone, County, Ky., in the extreme n. part of the state, has the Ohio r. on the n. and w., and contains about 300 sq. ms. The surface is uneven, and the soil productive. Capital, Burlington. There were in 1840, neat cattle 8,843, sheep 15,619, swine 34,592; wheat 101,502 bush, produced, rye 7,977, Ind. corn 555,270, oats 59,423, potatoes 13,310, tobacco 1,430,247 pounds; 30 stores, cap. $153,845; 4 distilleries, 2 tanneries, 4 flouring m., 19 grist m., 10 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $112,120. 3 acad., 4 sch. 65 scholars. Pop. 1830,9,075; 1840, whites 7,821, slaves 2,183, free col'd 27; total, 10,034.

Boone, County, In., in the central part of the state, contains 408 sq. ms. The surface is generally level, containing woodland, interspersed with wet and dry prairies. The soil is excellent. Drained by branches of Sugar and Racoon creeks. Capital, Lebanon. There were in 1840, neat cattle 10,331, sheep 6,245, swine 20,109; wheat 35,017 bush, produced, rye 1,256, Ind. corn 247,752, oats 40,017, potatoes 14,865, 360 tons hemp & flax, tobacco 4,097 pounds, sugar 92,135; 12 stores, cap. $21,663; 5 tanneries, 2 flouring m., 9 grist, m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $23,405. 13 sch. 298 scholars. Pop. 8,121.

Boone, County, Ill., is situated in the n. part of the state, and contains 400 sq. ms. The surface is undulating, and consists of prairie and timber land. The toil is excellent. Drained by Kishwaukee r., and its branches. Capital, Belvidere. There were in 1810, neat cattle 1,681, sheep 5S9, swine 5, 091; wheat 19,873 bush, produced, Ind. corn 30,792, oats 23,318, potatoes 498, 16, tobacco 1,148 pounds; 2 stores cap. $6,000; 1 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $13,150. 9 sch. 253 scholars. Pop. 1,705.

Boone, County, Mo., in the central part of the state, contains 690 sq. ms. Drained by Rock and Cedar crs. Capital, Columbia. Situated about 130 w. by n. St. Louis. There were in 1840, neat cattle 12,915, sheep 18,166, swine 37,900; wheat 44,411 bush, produced, rye 8,894, Ind. corn 506,672, oats 74,945, potatoes 19,011, 72 tons hemp & flax, tobacco 1,714,663 pounds, sugar 54,442; 27 stores, cap. $325,820; 11 tanneries, 20 distilleries, 46 gnst m., 17 saw m., 1 printing office, 1 newspaper. Cap. in manufac. 192,211. 1 college, 15 students, 3 acad. 111 students, 32 sch. 1,033 scholars. Pop. 1830, 8,859; 1840, whites 10,529, slaves 3,008, free col'd 24; total, 13,561.

Boone, t., Warrick co., In., 4 sch. 120 scholars. Pop. 1,722.

Boone t, Harrison co., In. It has 3 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 2 grist m., 4 saw m., 2 sch. 58 scholars. Pop 2,058.

Boone, t., Franklin co., Mo. It has 2 sch. 45 scholars. Pop. 669.

Boonesborough, p-v., Washington co., Md., 91 s. s. w. Annapolis, 51 W. It is situated on the w. base of S. mountain, and contains about 25 buildings.

Boonesborough, p-v. Madison co., Ky., 53 s. s. w. Frankfort, 534 W. It is situated, on Kentucky r.

Boonesboro, p-o., Boone co., Mo.

Boone's Creek, p-o., Washington co., Tenn.

Boone's Hill, p-o., Lincoln co., Tenn.

Boone Lick, t., Howard co., Mo., Pop. 1,005.

Boone's Mills, p-o., Franklin co., Va., 175 s. w. by w. Richmond, 250 W.

Booneville, p-t., Oneida co., N. Y., 28 n. Utica, 114 w. n. w. Albany, 419 W. The surface is hilly, and the soil clay loam on lime. Drained by Black r. and the head waters of the Mohawk. The v. is situated on the Black river canal, 31 N. Utica. Mill cr., which enters into Black r., affords water power. It has 2 churches, 5 stores, 1 grist m., 1 saw m., 1 tannery, 1 clothier's works, 80 dwellings, and about 600 inhabitants. Pop. of the t. 5,516.

Booneville, p-v., capital Scott co., Ark., 120 w. by n. Little Rock, 1,185 W.

Booneville, p-v., capital of Warrick co., In., 173 s. s. w. Indianapolis, 707 W. Situated be- tween Pigeon and Cypress crs. It has 1 sch. 40 scholars. Pop. 240.

Booneville, city p-v., and capital of Cooper co., Mo., 50 n. w. Jefferson city, 964 W. Situated on the s. bank of Missouri r. Its foundation is limestone rock. It has a handsome court house and clerk's office, a Methodist church, 15 stores, 2 rope walks, and various mechanic shops It has considerable trade, and exports cattle and provisions. There arc in the t. 2 acad. 108 students, 2 sch. 60 scholars. Pop. 2,581.

Boone's Hill, p-o., Johnson co., N. C, 37 s. e. Raleigh, 295 W.

Boonsboro, p-o., Ogle co., Ill., 182 n. Springfield, 842 W.

Boothbay, p-t., Lincoln co., Me., 40 s. by E. Augusta, 601 W. It lies between the Sheepscot and Damariscotta rivers, which may here be regarded as arms of the sea, having the ocean on the s. It has an excellent harbor. There are 18 stores, cap. $15,250; 457 persons employed in the fisheries, cap. $79,015; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $19,055. 9 sch. 1,111 scholars. Pop. 2,631.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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