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Central Bridge, NY to Chaplain, KY

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Central Bridge, p-o., Schoharie t., Schoharie co., N. Y., 32 w. Albany, 338 W.

Central Square, p-o., Hastings t., Oswego co., N. Y., 144 W. n. w. Albany, 365 W.

Central Plains, p-o., Fluvanna co., Va.

Central Point, p-o., Caroline co., Va.

Central Village, p-v., Windham co., Ct., 43 e. Hartford, 374 W. Situated on the Norwich and Worcester railroad.

Centre, p-t., Perry co., Pa., 36 n. w. Harrisburg, 124 W. It has 5 stores, cap. $20,300; 2 furnaces, 3 tanneries, 1 distillery, 2 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $22,725. 2 sch. 80 scholars. Pop. 982.

Centre, County, Pa., situated in the central part of the state, and contains 1,560 sq. ms. It has a branch of the Susquehanna river on the w. and is drained by Bald Eagle and Penn's creeks. The surface is rocky and mountainous, and the soil is indifferent, excepting on the streams, where it is good. It produces grain, cattle, lumber, and iron. Capital, Bellefonte. There were in 1840, neat cattle 15,494, sheep 17,485, swine 29,961; wheat 313,511 bush, produced, rye 141,045, Ind. corn 204,122, buckwheat 8,946, barley 10,189, oats 228,601, potatoes 107,547; 87,000 bush, bituminous coal produced; 48 stores, cap. $158,950; 7 furnaces, 9 forges, 3 fulling m., 3 woolen fac, 20 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 1 brewery, 2 potteries, 35 grist m., 61 saw m., 1 oil m., 2 printing offices, 2 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $173,000. 2 acad. 53 students, 79 sch. 2,770 scholars. Pop. 1830, 18,879; 1840, 20,492.

Centre, t., Green co., Pa. The surface is hilly; soil, loam. Drained by Ten Mile cr. and its branches. It contains the v. of Clinton. It has 2 stores, cap. $5,000; 1 fulling m., 4 distilleries, 3 grist m., 6 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $11,815. 9 sch. 197 scholars. Pop. 1,503.

Centre t., Indiana co., Pa. The surface is hilly; soil, loam and clay. Drained by Yellow and Twolick creeks, which flow into Blacklick r. It has 2 stores, cap. $900; 1 woolen fac, 2 tanneries, 4 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $8,150. 1 acad. 33 students, 4 sch. 148 scholars. Pop. 1,615.

Centre, t., Union co., Pa. The surface is diversified; soil, partly calcareous loam. Drained by Penn's, and Little Mahonialy, or Middle crs. It contains the villages of Middleburg and Centreville. It has 5 stores, cap. 20,000; 3 tanneries, 3 distilleries, 1 pottery, 3 grist m., 6 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $3,600. Pop. 1,891.

Centre, p-o., Barren co., Ky., 106 s. w. Frankfort, 629 W.

Centre, p-o., Guilford co., N. C, 88 w. n. w. Raleigh, 313 W.

Centre, p-o., Talbot co., Ga., 87 w. s. w. Milledgeville, 731 W.

Centre, p-o., Delaware co., O., 32 n. Columbus, 102 W.

Centre, t., Wood co., O. It has 2 sch. 49 scholars. Pop. 98.

Centre, t., Morgan co., O. It has 3 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $4,625. 7 sch. 209 scholars. Pop. 1,171.

Centre, t., Williams co., O. It has 2 stores, cap. $1,300; 1 sch. 24 scholars. Pop. 339.

Centre, p-t., Grant co., Ia., 67 n. n. e. Indianapolis, 563 W.

Centre, t., Monroe co., O. It has 3 sch. 71 scholars. Pop. 1,740.

Centre, t., Mercer co., O. Pop. 159.

Centre, t., Guernsey co., O., situated a little e. of Cambridge, on the national road. It has 4 sch. 104 scholars. Pop. 1,159.

Centre, t., Carroll co., O. It contains Carrollton v., the capital of the co. It has 3 sch. 66 scholars. Pop. 441.

Centre, t., Crawford co., O. It has 1 sch. 13 scholars. Pop. 132.

Centre, t., Columbiana co., O. It contains the v. of New Lisbon, the capital of the co. The Little Beaver r. runs through the t., and also the Sandy and Beaver canal. Pop. 3,197.

Centre, t., Hancock co., Ia. It has 8 stores, cap. $41,725; 1 tannery, 1 distillery, 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $13,900. 2 sch. 60 scholars. Pop. 722.

Centre, t., Wayne co., Ia. It has 1 acad. 75 students, 10 sch. 318 scholars. Pop. 3,058.

Centre, t., Marion co., Ia. (See Indianapolis.)

Centre Almond, p-o., Almond t., Alleghany co., N. Y., 250 w. by s. Albany, 325 W.

Centre Barnstead, p-o., Barnstead t., Belknap co., N. H., 21 n. e. Concord, 502 W.

Centre Belphri, p-o., Washington co., O., 110 e. s. e. Columbus, 311 W.

Centre Berlin, p-o., Berlin t., Rensselaer co., N. Y., 28 e. Albany, 385 W.

Centreburg, p-v., Liberty t, Knox co., O., 36 n. e. Columbus, 391 W. Situated on the s. side of the n. Fork of Licking r. It contains 1 store and 12 dwellings.

Centre Cambridge, p-o., Cambridge t., Washington co., N. Y., 39 n. n. e. Albany, 409 W.

Centre Conway, p-o., Conway t., Carroll co., N. H., 72 n. n. w. Concord, 556 W.

Centre Farmington, p-o., Farmington town, Trumbull co., O., 169 n. e. Columbus, 317 W.

Centrefield, p-v., Canandaigua t., Ontario co., N. Y., 199 w. by n. Albany, 345 W. It contains 1 Presbyterian and 1 Episcopal Church, 1 store, and 20 dwellings.

Centre Gorham, p-o., Gorham t., Ontario co., N. Y., 201 w. by n. Albany, 335 W.

Centre Groton, Groton t., New London co., Ct., 48 s. e. Hartford, 358 W.

Centre Grove, p-o., Leake co., Miss., 58 n. e. Jackson, 973 W.

Centre Harbor, p-t., Belknap co., N. H., 41 n. Concord, 522 W. It has Winnipiseogee Lake on the s. e. border, and Squam lake on the n. w. The surface is varied, and the soil generally a fertile loam. First settled in 1765. It has 1 store, cap. $1,500; 2sawm. Cap. in manufac. $142,575. 6 sch. 211 scholars. Pop. 579.

Centre Hill, p-v., Bucks County, Pa., Ill e. Harrisburg, 173 W.

Centre Independence, p-o., Independence t, Alleghany co., N. Y., 270 w. by s. Albany, 306 W.

Centre Lebanon, p-o., Lebanon t., York co., Me., 91 s. w. Augusta. 513 W.

Centre Lincolnville, p-o., Lincolnville t., Waldo co., Me., 44 e. s. e. Augusta, 633 W.

Centre Line, p-o., Centre co., Pa., 105 n. w. Harrisburg, 174 W.

Centre Minot, p-o., Minot t., Cumberland co., Me., 41 s. w. Augusta, 582 W.

Centre Montville, p-o., Montville t., Waldo co., Me., 32 E. by n. Augusta, 628 W.

Centre Moreland, p-v., Luzerne co., Pa., 136 n. n. E. Harrisburg, 245 W.

Centre Ossipee, p-o., Ossipee t., Carroll co., N. H., 57 n. by e. Concord, 538 W.

Centre Point, p-o., Monroe co., Ky., 143 s. s. w. Frankfort, 656 W.

Centre Port, p-v., Huntington t., Suffolk co., N. Y., 192 s. s. e. Albany, 272 W. Situated on Great Cow Harbor, and contains 1 church, 2 stores, 1 mill, and 15 or 20 dwellings.

Centre Port, p-o., Wayne co., Mich., 16 s. w. Detroit, 540 W.

Centre Sandwich, p-o., Sandwich t., Carroll co., N. H., 51 n. Concord, 532 W.

Centre Sherman, p-o., Sherman t., Chautauque co., N. Y., 358 w. by s. Albany, 342 W.

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Centre Sidney, p-o., Sidney t., Kennebec co., Me., 12 n. Augusta, 607 W.

Centre Strafford, p-o., Strafford t., and co., N. H., 29 n. e. Concord, 510 W.

Centretown, p-o., Mercer co., Pa., 225 w. n. w. Harrisburg, 272 W.

Centre Village, p-v., Camden co., Ga.

Centreville, p-v., Barnstable t., Barnstable co., Me., 73 s. e. Boston, 476 W. It contains a Congregational church and several dwellings.

Centreville, p-v., Warwick t., Kent co., R. L, 11 s. s. w. Providence, 397 W. Situated on the e. side of Pawtuxet r. It contains a Methodist church, 2 cotton fee, several stores and dwellings.

Centreville, p-t., Alleghany co., N. Y., 265 w. by s. Albany, 342 W. The surface is undulating; soil, argillaceous mould, adapted equally to grass and to grain. At the post-office is a small v. There are in the t., 1 store, cap. $2,500; 2 tanneries, 1 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $6,250. 7 sch. 236 scholars. Pop. 1,513.

Centreville, p-o., Hunterdon co., N. J., 32 N. Trenton, 192 W.

Centreville, v., Slippery Rock t., Butler co., Pa., contains 5 stores, and 50 or 60 buildings, chiefly of brick.

Centreville, p-v., Crawford co., Pa., 237 n. w. Harrisburg, 318 W.

Centreville, p-v., Washington t., Montgomery co., O., 9 s. by e. Dayton, 75 w. s. w. Columbus, 468 W. It contains 3 churches, 3 stores, about 60 dwellings, and about 450 inhabitants. It is beautifully situated on elevated ground, surrounded by a well cultivated country. The buildings are chiefly constructed of stone, quarried on the spot.

Centreville, p-v., capital of St. Joseph co., Mich., 139 w. s. w. Detroit, 587 W. It is pleasantly situated on Prairie r. It has a court house, jail, 3 stores, 1 flouring m., 1 saw m., and a printing office. It is the seat of one of the branches of the University of Michigan.

Centreville, p-v., New Castle co., Del., 54 n. Dover, 127 W.

Centreville, v., Mt. Pleasant t., Wayne co., Pa.

Centreville, p-v., capital of Queen Anne co., Md., 39 e. by n. Annapolis, 79 W. It contains a court house, a jail, a Methodist church, an academy, and about 60 buildings.

Centreville, p-v., Fairfax co., Va., 114 n. Richmond, 28 W. It occupies an elevated and healthy position, with fine views of the surround-ing country, and contains a Methodist church, 3 stores, 2 tanneries, several mechanics, 40 dwellings, and 240 inhabitants.

Centreville, p-v., Laurens dist., S. C., 91 n. w. Columbia, 499 W.

Centreville, p-v., Wilkes co., Ga., 77 n. n. e. Milledgeville, 582 W.

Centreville, p-v., capital of Bibb co., Ala., 38 s. E. Tuscaloosa, 806 W. Situated on the e. side of Cahawba r., at the lower falls. It contains a court house, and several stores and dwellings.

Centreville, p-v., Amitie co., Miss., 117 s. s. w. Jackson, 1,117 W. Situated at the head of Dawsons cr., a branch of Amitie r.

Centreville, p-v., St. Mary's par., La., 139 w. by s. New Orleans, 1,111 W. Situated on the s. side of Bayou Teche.

Centreville, p-v., Bourbon co., Ky., 28 e. Frankfort, 515 W.

Centreville, p-v., capital of Hickman co., Tenn., 54 s. w. Nashville, 378 W. Situated on the s. side of Duck cr., a branch of Tennessee r. It contains a court house, a jail, a church, and several dwellings.

Centreville, p-v., capital of Wayne co., Ia., 62 e. Indianapolis, 509 W. Situated on the e. side of Whitewater r. It contains a court house and several stores and dwellings.

Centreville, p-o., Wabash co., Ill., 159 s. e. Springfield, 721 W.

Centre White Creek, p-v., White Creek t., Washington co., N. Y., 39 n. e. Albany, 409 W. , It contains 1 Baptist church, 1 store, and 25 or 30 dwellings, not very compact.

Ceres, t., McKean co., Pa., 16 n. w., Smithport. The surface is rolling; soil, gravel and loam. Drained by Tunangwant, Willow, Sugar, and Kenjua crs. It has 2 stores, cap. $9,000; 1 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $18,650. 4 sch. 112 scholars. Pop. 625.

Cerestown, p-v., Keating t., McKean co., Pa., 193 n. w. Harrisburg, 303 W. Situated on a branch of the Alleghany r. It contains a mill, and 6 or 8 dwellings.

Cerulean Springs, p-v., Trigg co., Ky., 223 s. w. by w. Frankfort, 11 n. Cadiz, the capital of the co., 747 W. Situated on the Muddy Fork of Little r. About 100 persons resort here every season, for health or pleasure.

Cessna, t., Hardin co., O. It has 1 store, cap. $2,500. Pop. 253.

Chagrin Falls, p-o., Willoughby t., Cuyahoga co., O., 153 n. e. Columbus, 341 W.

Chalk Level, p-o., Pittsylvania co., Va., 150 s. w. Richmond, 233 W.

Chalk Level, p-o., Cumberland co., N. C., 44 s. Raleigh, 332 W.

Chalk Level, p-v., Humphreys co., Tenn., 70 w. Nashville.

Chalmers, p-o., Niagara t., Niagara co., N. Y., 291 w. by n. Albany, 410 W.

Chamberland, p-v., McNairy co., Term., 146 s. w. by w. Nashville, 823 W.

Chambers, county, Ala., situated in the e. part of the state, and contains 700 sq. ms. The Chattahoochee r. washes its e. border. Surface, undulating; soil, fertile. Capital, La Fayette. There were in 1840, neat cattle 16,931, sheep 5,538, swine 32,262; wheat 42,651 bush, produced, Ind. com 419,135, oats 14,124, potatoes 17,192, rice 3,600 pounds, tobacco 3,100, cotton 513,037, silk cocoons 200; 28 stores, cap. $133,100; 10 grist m., 14 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $50,700. 8 acad. 427 students, 21 sch. 680 scholars. Pop. whites 10,183, slaves 7,141, free col'd 4; total, 17,333.

Chambersburg, p-b., capital of Franklin co., Pa., 45 s. w. Harrisburg, 90 W. It is finely situated in the valley of Conecocheague creek, a branch of the Potomac r. Founded in 1764. It has a court house of brick, which cost $50,000; the county offices, a fine banking house, 8 churches, 1 Presbyterian, 2 German Reformed, 1 Lutheran, 1 Methodist, 1 United Brethren, 1 Roman Catholic, and 1 African Methodist. It has 38 stores, cap. $135,400; 1 tannery, 1 pottery, 1 paper fac., 1 cotton fac., 1 woolen fac., 1 oil m., 1 edge tool fac., 2 flouring m., in one of which straw paper is also manufactured, 4 printing offices, one of which belongs to the German Reformed church of the state, 4 weekly and 1 semi-weekly newspapers, an insurance company, a saving fund society, and numerous mechanic and manufacturing establishments. Cap. in manufac. $131,450. 4 acad. 120 students, 6 sch. 205 scholars. Pop. in 1840, 3,239; 1842, 4,030. The Conecocheague and Falling Spring crs. unite in the borough, and afford good water power.

Chambersburg, p-v., Butler t., Montgomery co., O., 75 s. w. Columbus, 468 W.

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Chambersburg, p-v., Pike co., Ill., 63 w. by s. Springfield, 843 W.

Chambers, C. H., or La Fayette, p-v., capital of Chambers co., Ala., 164 e. by s. Tuscaloosa, 769 W. It contains the court house, and a few dwellings.

Chambers Mills, p-o., Buckingham co., Va., 81 w. Richmond, 155 W.

Chambersburg, v., West t., Columbia co., O. Pop. 82.

Chamblissburg, p-v., Bradford co., Va., 156 w. by s. Richmond, 231 W.

Chameleon Springs, p-o., Edmonson co., Ky., 135 s. w. Frankfort, 653 W.

Champaign, County, O. Situated toward the w. part of the state, and contains 464 sq. ms. The surface is generally level, in some parts rolling and in some, low and wet. The soil is very productive. Watered by Mad r. and Buck, Nettle, Chapman's, King's, and Stony creeks. The Mad River and Erie railroad is designed to run through the county. Capital, Urbanna. There were in 1840, neat cattle 15,356, sheep 36,450, swine 13,669; wheat 160,624 bush, produced, rye 8,089, Ind. corn 292,502, buckwheat 786, barley 2,776, oats 206,536, potatoes 32,795, silk cocoons 50 pounds, sugar 132,292, hops 1,369; 23 stores, cap. 815,950; 1 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, 11 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 5 flouring m., 6 grist ra., 29 saw m., 1 oil m., 1 printing office. Cap. in manufac. $4,000. 50 sch. 1,211 scholars. Pop. 1830, 12,130; 1840, 16,721.

Champaign, County, Ill. Situated in the e. part of the state, and contains 792 sq. ms. The surface is undulating, with large prairies, the soil is fertile. Drained by Embarrass, Kaskaskia, Sangamon, Illinois, and Vermillion rivers. Capital, Urbanna. There were in 1840, neat cattle 1,754, sheep 1,864, swine 5,554; wheat 5,975 bush, produced, Ind. corn 96,205, oats 16,895, potatoes 3,153, tobacco 1,427 pounds; 3 stores, cap. $10,750; 1 woolen fac, 5 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,200. 2 sch. 53 scholars. Pop. 1830, 12,131; 1840, 1,475.

Champion, p-t., Jefferson co., N. Y., 12 e. Watertown, 152 n. w. Albany, 428 W. The surface is hilly, and the soil fertile. Watered by Black r. and its tributaries. The village contains 1 Presbyterian church, 3 stores, 30 dwellings, and about 200 inhabitants. Pop. of the t., 2,206. There are in the t., 3 stores, cap. $10,000; 1 fulling m.. 3 tanneries, 1 grist m. Cap. in manufac. $13,500. 1 acad. 30 students, 17 sch. 593 scholars. Pop. 2,206.

Champion South Road, p-o., Champion t., Jefferson co., N. Y., 152 n. w. Albany, 420 W.

Champion, t., Trumbell co., O., about 5 miles N. of Warren. It has 6 sch. 160 scholars. Pop. 541.

Champlain, p-t., and port of entry, Clinton co., N. Y., 185 n. by e. Albany, 15 n. Plattsburg, 560 W. It has Lake Champlain on its e. border. The surface is level on the e., and hilly on the w. The soil is generally a fertile clay loam. It is drained by Chazy r., in which fine salmon are taken, and which affords water power. The v. is situated on Chazy r., 5 ms. from its mouth, and has 1 Presbyterian and 1 Methodist church, 7 stores, 1 grist m., 6 saw m., 1 cloth dressing and carding machine, 1 tannery, 60 dwellings, and about 400 inhabitants. During high water, the r. is navigable to the village for sloops, and for the remainder of the year, to within 1 mile. There are in the t., 16 stores, cap. $113,100; 2 furnaces, 4 tanneries, 4 grist m., 23 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $80,110. 10 sch. 286 scholars. Pop. 3,632.

Champlain Lake, lies between the states of New York and Vermont. It extends from Whitehall, N. Y., to the 45° n. lat. 116 miles, and extends about 4 miles further into Canada, making its whole length 120 miles. It is navigated to St. I John's, Canada, 20 miles from the line. Its breadth is from half a mile to 10 miles; but including the expanse which contains its large islands, it is 15 ms. wide. Its broadest part, unobstructed by islands, is opposite to Burlington, Vt. Its chief islands are North Hero, South Hero, and La Motte, which, with some smaller islands, and the peninsula of Asbury, constitute Grand Isle County, Vermont. This lake was discovered by Samuel Champlain, a French nobleman, in 1609. It was the theatre of many important military operations, in the French, Revolutionary, and late war. The scenery along its shores is highly picturesque, and rendered grand; by the lofty mountains, at a little distance from it, on both sides. It forms an important medium of commerce, and is navigated by steamboats,: and by many sloops, generally from 80 to 100 tons burden. It receives a number of consider-I able rivers, the largest of which are from Vermont. Its outlet is Sorelle or Richelieu r., by which it discharges its waters into the St. Lawrence. The Champlain canal, 64 miles long, connects it with Hudson r. on the s., and cost; $1,079,872. It abounds with fish, among which are salmon, lake shad, pike, and other fish. It is generally frozen entirely over, and is passed on the ice, in winter. The broad lake closes about the first of February, and opens early in March. The narrow parts continue frozen considerably longer.

Chanceford, p-t., York co., Pa., 47 s. s. e. Harrisburg, 97 W. It has 5 stores, cap. $7,500; 1 furnace, 1 tannery, 2 distilleries, 2 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $7,115. 7 sch. 140 scholars. Pop. 1,439.

Chancellorsville, p-o., Spottsylvania co., Va., 72 n. Richmond, 66 W.

Chandlerville, t., Somerset co., Me., drained by Sebasticook r. It has 1 store, cap. $7,110; 1 saw m., 7 sch. 145 scholars. Pop. 3/2.

Chaneyville, p-o., Morgan co., O., 75 e. by s. Columbus, 334 W.

Channing, t., Lenawee co., Mich. Pop. 40.

Channohan, p-o., Will co., Ill., 156 n. e. Springfield, 751 W.

Chantilly, p-o., Fairfax co., Va., 127 n. Richmond, 27 W.

Chantilly, p-o., Lincoln co., Mo., 88 s. e. Jefferson city, 869 W.

Chapel Hill, p-v., Orange co., N. C, 28 s. w. Raleigh, 286 W. Situated on New Hope r., a branch of Cape Fear r. The situation is elevated and healthy. The country around is hilly, with fine water, and a very fertile soil. The v. contains from 30 to 40 houses, and derives its chief importance from the University of North Carolina, of which it is the seat. This respectable institution was founded in 1789, and is handsomely endowed. It has a president and 8 professors or other instructors, has had 674 alumni, 70 of whom have been ministers of the gospel, has 171 students, and 9,000 vols, in its libraries. The commencement is on the first Thursday in June.

Chapel Hill, p-v., Marshall co., Tenn., 38 s. Nashville, 701 W.

Chapelsburg, p-o., Humphrey t., Cattaraugus co., N. Y., 305 w. by s. Albany, 320 W.

Chapinville, p-o., Litchfield co., Ct., 56 w. Hartford, 348 W.

Chapinville, p-o., Hopewell t., Ontario co., N. Y., 198 w. Albany, 344 W.

Chaplain, p-o., Nelson co., Ky., 37 s. w. Frankfort, 579 W.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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