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Cherokee, County, GA to Chesterfield, MA

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Cherokee, County, Ga., situated in the n. part of the state, and contains 620 sq. ms. The surface is broken and hilly; soil, very fertile on the margins of streams. Drained by the Etowah r. and branches. Capital. Canton. There were in 1840, neat cattle 7,235, sheep 3,365, swine 19,220; wheat 28,192 bushels produced, Ind. corn 247,936, oats 13,105. potatoes 5,416, tobacco 5,209 pounds, cotton 84,542; 18 stores, cap. $33,300; value of gold produced $620; 6 smelting houses, 3 tanneries, 26 distilleries, 2 potteries, 5 flouring m., 23 grist m., 11 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $34,142. 2 acad. 60 students, 10 sch. 254 scholars. Pop. whites 5,401, slaves 491, free col'd 3; total. 5,895.

Cherokee, County, Ala., situated in the x. E. part of the state, and contains about 600 sq. ms. Surface hilly, and in some parts rough; soil, fertile, bordering the streams. Capital, Jefferson. There were in 1840, neat cattle 8,159, sheep 783, swine 83,083: wheat 22,004 bushels produced, Ind. corn 318,365, oats 30,449, potatoes 11,323, tobacco 53,307 pounds, cotton 1,383,633; 17 stores, cap. $71,700; 8 tanneries, 8 distilleries, 15 grist m., 10 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $11,800. 2 sch. 52 scholars. Pop. whites 7,652, slaves 1,1 12, free col'd 9; total, 8,773.

Cherokee, p-v., McArthur t., Logan co., O., 75 n. w. Columbus, 460 W. Founded in 1832. It has 1 church, 3 or 4 stores, and from 30 to 40 dwellings.

Cherokee, p-o., Cass co., Ga., 135 n. w. Milledgeville, 654 W.

Cherokee Corner, p-v., Oglethorpe co., Ga., 77 n. Milledgeville, 602 W.

Cherokee Heights, p-o., Abbeville dist., S. C. 118 w. Columbia, 555 W.

Cherokee Iron Works, p-v., York dist., S. C., 104 n. Columbia, 455 W.

Cherry, p-o., Lycoming co., Pa., 130 n. Harrisburg, 241 W.

Cherry Corner. p-o., Henry co., Tenn., 108 w. Nashville, 794 W.

Cherry, t., Butler co., Pa. It has 1 store, cap. $1,000; 1 fulling m., 1 grist m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $5,050. 4 sch. 109 scholars. Pop. 625.

Cherry Creek, p-t., Chautauque co.. N. Y., 20 e. Mayville, 324 w. by s. Albany, 340 W. The surface is rolling; soil, clay and sandy loam. Drained by Connewango cr., and some tributaries. The v. has 1 church, 2 stores, 2 saw m., 30 dwellings, and 200 inhabitants. There are in the t., 1 tannery, 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $5,105. 9 sch. 355 scholars. Pop. 1,144.

Cherryfield, t., Washington co., Me., 30 w. Machias, 116 e. by n. Augusta. It is situated at the head of tide water on both sides of Narragaugus r., with a pleasant village, and considerable trade. It has 18 stores, cap. $25,365; 4 lumber yards, cap. $21,000; 1 tannery, 3 grist m., 22 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $145,295. 7 sch. 266 scholars. Pop. 1,003.

Cherry Fork, p-o., Wayne t., Adams co., O., 104 s. by w. Columbus, 450 W.

Cherry Grove, p-o., Lauderdale co., Ala.

Cherry Grove, p-o., Jo Daviess co., Ill., 190 n. by w. Springfield, 853 W.

Cherry Grove, v., St. Clair co., Ill., 8 n. e. 16 Belleville, the capital, it has a considerable population, composed chiefly of Germans.

Cherry Grove, p-o., Scott co., Ark, 98 w. by n. Little Rock, 1,163 W.

Cherry Lake, p-o., Madison co., Flor.

Cherry Ridge, p-v., Dyberry t., Wayne co., Pa., 167 n. e. Harrisburg, 261 W.

Cherry Tree, p-t., Venango co., Pa., 230 n. w. by w. Harrisburg, 304 W. The surface is rolling, and the soil loam. It has 1 store, cap. $2,000; 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. m manufac. $15,000. 1 sch. 15 scholars. Pop. 598.

Cherry Valley, p-t., Otsego co., N. Y., 55 w. Albany, 11 n. e. Cooperstown, 380 W. The surface is hilly; soil, calcareous mould. Drained by Cherry Valley cr. and its branches, which flow s. and the head branches of Canajoharie cr., which flows n. into the Mohawk. It has extensive water power. The v. is situated on the Great Western Turnpike, 52 w. Albany, was incorporated in 1812, and contains 1 Presbyterian, 1 Episcopal, and 1 Methodist church, a banking house, 15 stores, 1 grist m., a cloth dressing establishment, a flourishing academy, 180 dwellings, and about 1,100 inhabitants. Pop. of the t., 3,923. It has 10 stores, cap. 29,900; 1 furnace, 1 fulling m., 5 tanneries, 1 printing office, 1 weekly newspaper, 5 grist m., 24 saw m. Cap. in manufac. 49,000. 1 acad. 30 students, 18 sch. 752 scholars.

Cherry Valley, p-t., Ashtabula co., O., 202 n. e. Columbus, 325 W. Organized in 1823. About half the t. is rolling and the rest level, and excellent for grazing. The principal exports are neat cattle, beef, pork, butter and cheese. It has an industrious and enterprising population. It has 7 sch. 255 scholars. Pop. 690.

Cherryville, p-v., Northampton co., Pa., 107 e. n. e. Harrisburg, 200 W. It contains 1 store, and a few dwellings.

Cherryville, p-o. r Haywood co., Tenn., 154 w. s. w. Nashville, 837 W.

Chesapeake Bay, Md., is about 270 miles long, and from 7 to 20 broad, and generally 9 fathoms deep, being the largest bay in the United States. Its entrance is wholly in the state of Virginia, between Cape Charles on the n. and Cape Henry on the s., which are about 12 or 15 miles apart. But the bay lies mostly in Maryland, dividing the state into 2 parts, called the Eastern and the Western shore. This great bay furnishes many fine harbors, and a safe and convenient navigation. The Susquehanna r. at its northern termination, the Potomac r. on the w. r and James r. near its mouth, are the largest rivers which flow into it. Besides these are the Rappahannock, the Patuxent, the Patapsco, Chester r., Elk r., Choptank, Nanticoke, and many others. The entire surface drained by the rivers which flow into the Chesapeake, has been estimated at 70,000 sq. ms.

Chesapeake City, p-v., Cecil co., Md., 84 n. e. Annapolis, 96 W. Situated immediately be-low the mouth of Elk r.

Cheshire, County, N. H., in the s. w. part of the state, contains 1,254 sq. ms. Watered by Ashuelot r. and its branches, and some smaller streams. Connecticut r. on its w. border, is wholly within the co., its western bank being the line between N. H. and Vt. Grand Monadnock mountain, over 3,000 feet above the level of the sea, lies in its s. e. part, between the towns of Dublin and Jaffrey. Organized in 1771. Bellows falls, in the t. of Walpole, a celebrated cataract, are within the co. Capital, Keene. There were in 1840, neat cattle 29,755, sheep 74,525, swine 10,020; wheat 28,641 bush, produced rye 41,808, Ind. corn 118,208, buckwheat 4,930, barley 21,498, oats 156,216, potatoes 689,730, sugar 189,287 pounds; 81 stores, cap. $283,000; 3 furnaces, 1 forge, 18 fulling m., 18 woolen fac, 6 cotton fac. 4,494 sp., 26 tanneries, 2 glass fac, 50 grist m., 128 saw m., 2 oil m., 1 paper fac, 2 printing offices, 2 binderies, 3 periodicals, 2 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $758,052. 11 acad. 610 students, 228 sch. 5,796 scholars. Pop. 1830, 27,016; 1840, 26,429.

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Cheshire, p-t., Berkshire co., Mass., 130 w. by n. Boston, 387 W. Watered by Hoosack r. Incorporated in 1793. The surface is mountainous and the soil productive, being particularly adapted to grazing. It is little less celebrated for its cheese, than the county of the same name in England. In 1801, its inhabitants presented to President Jefferson, a cheese weighing 1,200 pounds. Its manufactures consist chiefly of leather, shoes, and window glass. It has 3 stores, cap. $5,000: 1 grist m., 4 saw m., 8 sch. 160 scholars. Pop. 985.

Cheshire, p-t., New Haven co., Ct., 25 s. s. w. Hartford, 314 W. Formed in 1780, from Wallingford t. Watered by Quinnipiac r. The surface is uneven, the soil gravelly loam, and fertile. The v. contains 2 churches, 1 Congregational and 1 Episcopal, and an Episcopal academy, which has a principal, and a professor of languages, a convenient brick edifice, and a fund of $25,000, and is one of the best endowed institutions of the kind in the state. There are in the t., 6 stores, cap. $10,800: 1 fulling in., 3 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 3 powder m., 2 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $260,200. 1 acad. 40 students, 12 sch. 363 scholars. Pop. 1,529.

Cheshire, p-v., Canandaigua t., Ontario co., N. Y., 203 w. by n. Albany, 346 W. It has 2 stores, 1 grist m., 2 saw m., and 12 or 15 dwellings.

Cheshire, p-t., Gallia co., O., 102 s. s. e. Columbus, 349 W. It is situated on the Ohio r., and has 2 stores, cap. $7,500. Cap. in manufac. $500. Pop. 791.

Chester Bluff, p-o., Dyer co., Tenn., 157 w. Nashville, 840 W.

Chesnut Creek, p-o., Autauga co., Ala., 80 s. e. Tuscaloosa, 813 W.

Chesnut Flat, p-o., Walker co., Ga.

Chesnut Grove, p-o., Lycoming co., Pa.

Chesnut Grove, p-o., Pittsylvania no., Va., 175 w. s. w. Richmond, 258 W.

Chesnut Grove, p-o., Chester dist., S. C., 64 n. e. Columbia, 445 W.

Chesnut Grove, p-o., Shelby co., Ky., 23 w. Frankfort, 565 W,

Chesnut Grove, p-o., Davidson co., Tenn., 20 Nashville, 704 W.

Chesnut Hill, p-o., Strafford co., N. H., 49 e. Concord, 513 W.

Chesnut Hill, p-v., Germantown t., Philadelphia co., Pa., 9 w. Philadelphia. It has 2 stores, 80 or 90 dwellings, and 5 or 600 inhabitants. It is a healthy place of summer resort from Philadelphia.

Chesnut Hill, p-o., Northumberland co., Va., 95 e. by n. Richmond, 156 W.

Chesnut Hill, p-v., Hall co., Ga., 107 n. n. w. Milledgeville, 632 W.

Chesnut Hill, p-o., Washington co., Ia., 107 s. Indianapolis, 618 W.

Chesnut Hill, t, Monroe co., Pa. The surface is partly hilly, partly level. Watered by Head's cr. It has a Lutheran church, and 1 store, cap. $1,500; 5 grist m., 19 saw m. Cap. in manufac $1,100. 10 sch. 374 scholars. Pop. 1,318.

Chesnut Level, p-o., Lancaster co., Pa., 53 s. e. Harrisburg, 95 W

Chesnut Ridge, a branch of the Alleghany mountains, extending from Md., n. e. through Fayette and Westmoreland counties, Pa.

Chesnut Ridge, p-o., Dover t., Dutchess co., N. Y., 78 s. by e. Albany, 315 W.

Chest, p-t., Clearfield co., Pa., 150 n. w. Harrisburg, 240 W. The surface is hilly and broken, the soil loam. Watered by w. branch of Susquehanna r.

Chester, r., rises in Kent co., Del., and flows through Md., into a large estuary of Chesapeake bay. It is navigable 30 ms. to Chestertown.

Chester, County, Pa. Situated in the s. e. part of the state, and contains 792 sq. ms. The surface in the e. is level or rolling, and in the w. hilly or mountainous. The soil is various, but highly cultivated. Drained by Brandywine cr., and French cr., a branch of the Schuylkill r., and the head waters of Elk r. The Columbia and Philadelphia railroad passes through it. Capital, Westchester. There were in 1840, neat cattle 61,398, sheep 56,672, swine 64,543; wheat 433,132 bush, produced, rye 86.147, Ind. corn 826,413, buckwheat 24,565, barley 45,255, oats 1,079,745, potatoes 316,791, hops 941 pounds, silk cocoons 905; 219 stores, cap. $692,100; 14 lumber yards, cap. $26,050; 3 furnaces, 10 forges, 11 fulling m., 19 woolen fac, 18 cotton fac. 16,268 sp., 3 dyeing and print, estab., 37 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 2 breweries, 6 potteries, 27 flouring m., 115 grist m., 150 saw m., 20 oil m., 26 paper fac, 4 printing offices, 4 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $686,365. 13 acad. 859 students, 219 sch. 7,717 scholars. Pop. 1830, 50,910; 1840, 57,515.

Chester, District, S. C. Situated in the n. part of the state, and contains 600 sq. ms. Catawba r. bounds it on the e., and Broad r. on the w. The surface is agreeably diversified. Capital, Chesterville. There were in 1840, neat cattle 18,524, sheep 9,831, swine 31,103; wheat 46,307 bush, produced, rye 2,385, Ind. corn 714,581, oats 44,561, potatoes 16,252, cotton 1,844,102 pounds; 22 stores, cap. $154,300; 6 tanneries, 5 flouring m., 24 grist m., 14 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $42,720. 2 acad. 70 students, 21 sch. 527 scholars. Pop. 1830, 17,182; 1840. whites 9,889, slaves 7,722, free col'd 136; total, 17,747.

Chester, p-t., Rockingham co., N. H., 22 s. s. E. Concord, 463 W. Watered by a branch of Exeter r. Massabesick pond in the n. w. part of the t., contains 1,500 acres. The surface is elevated and rolling, with some extensive meadows and the soil is fertile. The v. which is a place of considerable business, occupies an elevated position, commanding an extensive prospect. It has 7 stores, cap. $12,000; 2 tanneries, 5 grist m., 14 saw m. Cap. in manufac $21,825. 1 acad. 30 students, 19 sch. 746 scholars. Pop. 3,173.

Chester, t., Penobscot co., Me. It has 5 sch. 124 scholars. Pop. 277.

Chester, p-t., Windsor co., Vt, 83 s. Montpelier, 457 W. Chartered by N. H., in 1754, first settled in 1764. The surface is uneven, and the soil fertile. It has 2 pleasant villages. The religious denominations are Congregationalists, Baptists, Methodists, and Universalists. The Baptist church was long under the care of Elder Aaron Leland, who was lieutenant governor of the state. The s. village has a Baptist church, and a flourishing academy, with a 3 story brick edifice, and various manufacturing establishments. It has 6 stores, cap. $20,000; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 4 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac $20,427. 1 acad. 267 students, 20 sch. 752 scholars. Pop. 2,305.

Chester, p-t., Eaton co. Mich. Pop. 195.

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Chester, p-t.., Hampden co., Mass., 116 w. by s. Boston, 381W. Incorporated in 1765. The surface is mountainous, and the soil good for grazing. Watered by branches of Westfield r., which afford water power. It has 4 stores, cap. $6,000; 1 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, 2 cotton fac. 12,092 sp., 3 tanneries, 2 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $32,000. 7 sch. 205 scholars. Pop. 1,632.

Chester, p-t., Middlesex co., Ct., 31 s. by e. Hartford, 340 W. It has Haddam on the n., and Saybrook on the s. It has great water power, and some manufactories. It has 3 stores, cap. S15,000; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $30,300. 6 sch. 226 scholars. Pop. 974.

Chester, p-v., Goshen t., Orange co., N. Y., 102 s. by w. Albany, 277 W. It has 1 church, 5 stores, 1 grist m., 1 saw in., and 30 dwellings. It is on the line of the New York and Erie railroad, and is a great market for cattle.

Chester, t., Warren co., N. Y., 18 n. w. Caldwell, 80 vs. Albany. The surface is hilly and mountainous; soil, sandy loam, productive in the valleys. Watered by Hudson r. and its tributaries. Schroon lake lies on its n. e. border. It has 7 stores, cap. $13,000: 2 fulling m., 2 tanneries, 2 grist m., 9 saw m., 15 sch. 525 scholars. Pop. 1,633.

Chester, p-t., Morris co., N. J., 50 n. by e. Trenton, 224 W. The surface is rolling, and the soil a loam, under good cultivation. Drained by Black r., and tributaries of the w. branch of Raritan r. The v. extends for more than a mile along the foot of an isolated mountain, and contains 2 churches, 1 Presbyterian and 1 Congregational, 3 stores, and over 30 dwellings. There are in the t., 4 stores, cap. $3,000; 2 fulling m., 1 tannery, 10 distilleries, 3 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. 823,250. 7 sch. 382 scholars. Pop. 1,321.

Chester, p-v., capital of Delaware co., Pa., 94 e. s. e. Harrisburg, 14 s. e. Philadelphia, 124 W. Situated on the w. bank of Delaware r., and is the oldest town in Pa., settled long before the grant of Wm. Penn, in 1681. Originally called Upland, and received its present name in 1701. It contains a court house, jail, and other county buildings, 1 Friends church, 4 stores, an athenaeum, a bank, and 140 dwellings, mostly of stone or brick. Some of the original houses are yet standing. It has 2 stores, cap. $4,300; 1 fulling m., 1 cotton fac, 3 potteries, 1 printing office, 1 weekly paper. Cap. in manufac. $25,650. 4 sch. 244 scholars. Pop. 1,790.

Chester, t., Wayne co., Pa., on the w. bank of the Delaware r. Pop. 1,993.

Chester, p-v., Randolph co., Ill, 149 s. e. Springfield, 841 W. Situated on the E. bank of Mississippi r., 2 ms. below the mouth of the Kaskaskia r. It is on an elevated strip of bottom land, at the foot of the bluffs, and is a commercial depot for the country back. Pop. between 3 and 400.

Chester, t., Wabash co., Ia. It has 1 sch. 20 scholars. Pop. 536.

Chester, C. H., p-v., capital of Chester dist., S. C., 57 n. by w. Columbia, 452 W. Situated on the dividing ridge, between the waters of Broad and Wateree rs. It contains a court house, jail, and several stores and dwellings.

Chester, p-v., Gwinnett co., Ga., 82 n. w. Milledgeville, 656 W.

Chester, p-t., Meigs co., O., 95 s. s. e. Columbus, 334 W. The v. is situated on the n. side of Shade r., which flows into the Ohio r. There are in the t., 8 stores, cap. $14,800; 4 tanneries, 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,600. 8 sch. 332 scholars. Pop. 1.479.

Chester, t., Burlington co., W. J., 9 s. w. Mount Holly. The surface is level; soil, sand or sandy loam, of good quality, and well cultivated. Drained by Rancocus and Pensauken creeks; and by Pompeston cr., and Swedes branch, both of which empty immediately into the Delaware. It produces grass, grain, vegetables and fruits. It has 10 stores, cap. $25,200; 2 distilleries, 3 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $37,100. 9 sch. 467 scholars. Pop. 2,603.

Chester, t.. Knox co., O., 50 x. n. e. Columbus. Watered by a branch of Vernon r., which affords mill seats. Chesterville p-v. is in this town, which see. It has 8 sch. 240 scholars. Pop. 1,295.

Chester, t., Butler co., O. Pop. 190.

Chester, t., Clinton co. O. Watered by tributaries of Little Miami r. It has a fine soil, well improved. It has 4 stores, cap. $6,800; 1 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, 1 tannery, 1 flouring m., 1 grist m., 3 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $3,575. 10 sch. 675 scholars. Pop. 1,784.

Chester, t., Geauga co., O., 160 x. e. Columbus, 19 e. Cleveland. The surface is elevated, and the soil is well adapted to grazing. It has 1 store, cap. $1,000; 1 tannery, 2 saw m., 7 sch. 296 scholars. Pop. 962.

Chester Cross Roads, p-v., Chester t., Geauga co., O., 159 x. E. Columbus, 345 W.

Chester Factory, p-v., Chester t., Hampden co., Mass., 113 w. by s. Boston, 380 W.

Chesterfield, County, Va., has James r. on the n. and n. e., and Appomattox r. on the s. and s. w. It contains 456 square ms. The surface is somewhat broken. Capital, Chesterfield C. H. There were in 1840, neat cattle 6,697, sheep 7,225, swine 16,595; wheat 34,414 bushels produced, Indian corn 284,870, oats 156,033, potatoes 9,743, silk cocoons 100 pounds, tobacco 630,005 pounds, cotton 5,718; 26 stores, cap. $20,475; 8 cotton fac. 20,110 sp., 3 flouring m., 19 grist m., 12 saw m. Cap. manufac. $935,100. 22 sch. 420 scholars. Pop. 1830, 11,639; 1840, whites 3,263, slaves 6,781, free col'd 355; total, 17,148.

Chesterfield, District, S. C, situated in the n. e. part of the state, and contains 750 sq. ms. It has Great Pedee r. on its n. e. border, and Lynch's cr. on its s. w. border; Black cr. flows through its centre. The soil on the streams is fertile; back of them, it is sandy and poor. It abounds with fine springs of pure water. Capital, Chesterfield C. H. There were in 1840, neat cattle 9,824, sheep 3,423, swine 18,834; wheat 5,859 bush, produced, rye 853, Ind. corn 198,100, oatsl6,033, potatoes 21,620, cotton 268,122 pounds, silk cocoons 250; 28 stores, cap. $202,100; 3 tanneries, 1 flouring m., 45 grist m., 16 saw m., 1 printing office, 1 bindery, 2 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac $40,910. Pop. 1830, 8,472: 1840,whites 5,537, slaves 2,871, free col'd 166; total, 8,574.

Chesterfield, p-t., Cheshire co., N. H., 59 s. w. Concord, 430 W. It lies on Connecticut r., opposite to Brattleboro', Vt. The land on the shore of Connecticut r. is elevated. The surface is varied, and the soil well adapted to grazing, and to Indian corn. Cat's Bane brook furnishes mill seats, as does also Partridge's brook. Spafford's lake is a beautiful sheet of very pure water, and covers 526 acres. The principal v. has a church, and a flourishing academy, founded in 17^4. There are in the t. 4 stores, cap. $9,500; 1 cotton fac 500 sp., 3 tanneries, 3 grist m.,8 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $27,352. 1 acad. 71 students, 14 sch. 575 scholars. Pop. 1,765.

Chesterfield, p-t., Hampshire co., Mass.. 106 w. Boston, 11 w. n. w. Northampton, 393 W. The surface is elevated and rough, and the soil productive in grass and Indian corn. Drained by a branch of Westfield r., which affords good water power. Many sheep are kept in the t. It has 4 stores, cap. $14,500; 3 grist, m., 7 saw m., 1 acad., 10 sch. 411 scholars. Pop. 1,142.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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