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Dillonsville, NC to Dover, AR

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Dillonsville, p-v., Mecklenburg co., N. C., 196 s. w. by w. Raleigh, 433 W.

Dillsboro', p-v., Dearborn co., Ia., 85 s. e. Indianapolis, 533 W.

Dillsburg, p-v., Carroll t., York co., Pa., 13 s. s. w. Harrisburg, 97 W.

Dill's Ferry, p-o., Northampton co., Pa., 125 e. n. e. Harrisburg, 218 W. The ferry crosses the Delaware in Upper Mount Bethel t., 18 ms. above Easton.

Dilworthtown, p-v., Birmingham t., Chester co., Pa., 78 e. s. e. Harrisburg, 116 W. It contains about 20 dwellings.

Dimock's. p-t., Susquehanna co., Pa., 177 n. n. e. Harrisburg, 278 W. It has 1 store, cap. $3,500; 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $9,145. 8 sch. 240 scholars. Pop. 998.

Dimocksville, p-v., Susquehanna co., Pa., 176 n. n. e. Harrisburg, 279 W.

Dingman, t., Pike co., Pa. Post-office called Dingman's Ferry. 154 n. e. by e. Harrisburg, 248 W. It has an academy, endowed by the state with $1,000; 3 sch. 70 scholars. Pop. 447.

Dinsmore, p-t., Shelby co., O., 103 w. x. w. Columbus, 494 W. It has 2 schools, 41 scholars. Pop. 500.

District, t., Berks co., Pa. The surface is hilly; soil, gravelly and indifferent. Watered by Pine cr. It has 1 store, cap. $3,500; 1 forge, 3 distilleries, 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Pop. 583.

Dinwiddie, County, Va. Situated toward the s. e. part of the state, and contains 616 sq. ms. Drained by Appomattox r., and branches of Nottaway r. The surface is gently rolling. Capital, Dinwiddie C. H. There were in 1840, neat cattle 9,730, sheep 7,611, swine 20,051; wheat 36.883 bush, produced, Ind. corn 284,461, oats 137,210, potatoes 17,711, tobacco 2,219,109 pounds, cotton 72,610; 6 commercial and 8 commission houses, cap. $875,000; 128 stores, cap. $1,046,355; 2 lumber yards, cap. $6,000; 1 furnace, 6 forges, 1 woolen fac, 2 cotton fac. 7,520 sp., 1 tannery, 1 pottery, 12 flouring m., 38 grist m., 8 saw m., 2 printing offices, 3 binderies, 1 semi-weekly newspaper. Cap. in manufac. $781,435. 18 acad. 615 students, 14 sch. 279 scholars. Pop. 1830, 21,901; 1840, whites 9,847, slaves 9,947, free col'd 2,764; total, 22,558.

Dinwiddie, C. H., capital of Dinwiddie co., Va., 37 s. by w. Richmond, 156 W. Situated on Stony creek.

Dismal Swamp, Va. and N. C, commences a little s. of Norfolk, Va., and extends into N. C. It is a marshy tract, covering 150,000 acres, and is 30 ms. long, from n. to s., and 10 wide. It is mostly covered with a heavy growth of trees, with underbrush so thick as to be almost impervious. In the midst of the swamp, toward its w. side, is Lake Drummond, 15 miles in circumference. Through this swamp passes the Dismal Swamp canal, which connects Deep Creek, a tributary of Chesapeake bay, to a branch of Pasquotank r., which enters Albemarle sound. It is 23 ms. long, 6½ feet deep, 46 wide at top, and at intervals of a quarter of a mile, 60 feet, for turn-out stations. It is fed from Lake Drummond, by a navigable side-cut, 5 ms. in length.

Dividing Creek, p-v., Downe t., Cumberland co., N. J., 81 Trenton, 193 W. Situated on a creek of the same name, which flows into Maurice creek cove, in Delaware bay, and which is navigable to the v. It contains 1 store, a grist m., and about 30 dwellings.

Dix, p-o., Jefferson co., N. Y., 186 n. w. Albany, 438 W.

Dix, t., Chemung co., N. Y., 16 n. Elmira, 185 w. s. w. Albany. The surface is hilly, and the soil gravelly loam. Drained by Catharine's cr. It has 4 stores, cap. $9,800; 1 lumber yard, cap. $3,000; 1 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, 2 tanneries, 5 grist in., 12 saw m., 1 printing office, 1 weekly newspaper. Cap. in manufac. $29,750. 12 sch. 603 scholars. Pop. 1,990.

Dixborough, p-v., Superior t., Washtenaw co., Mich., 36 w. Detroit, 532 W. It contains 2 stores, 1 saw m., and 1 flouring m., and is surrounded by a fertile country.

Dixfield, p-t., Oxford co., Me., 37 n. n. w. Augusta, 609 W. Situated on the n. bank of Androscoggin r. Incorporated in 1803. It has a productive soil, adapted to the growth of wheat; 3 stores, cap. $2,500; 4 grist m. 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $4,950. 9 sch. 255 scholars. Pop. 1,169.

Dix Hills, p-o., Huntington t., Suffolk co., N. Y., 183 s. by e. Albany, 263 W.

Dixmont, p-t., Penobscot co., Me., 43 N. e. Augusta, 638 W. Incorporated in 1807. It has an undulating surface, and a fertile soil, and occupies the height of land between Penobscot and Kennebec rivers. Its streams afford some water power. It has 1 fulling m., 2 tanneries. Cap. in manufac. $8,667. 12 schools, 626 scholars. Pop. 1,498.

Dixon, p-o.. Neshoba co., Miss., 73 e. n. e. Jackson, 943 W.

Dixon, t., Preble co., O. Situated on the line of the state of Indiana. Organized in 1812. It has a good soil, and is well watered and cultivated. It contains 2 stores, 3 flouring m., and 6 saw m. Pop. 1,290.

Dixon, p-v., capital of Ogle co., Ill., 161 n. Springfield, 824 W. Situated on the s. e. side of Rock r. It contains a court house, a U. S. land-office, 1 store, and a few dwellings.

Dixon's Springs, p-o., Smith co., Tenn., 51 e. Nashville, 642 W.

Dixonville, p-v., Cole co., Mo., 8 Jefferson city, 944 W.

Dix's, p-o., Bracken co., Ky., 82 n. e. Frankfort, 500 W.

Dixville, t., Coos co., N. H. Pop. 4.

Dixville, p-v., Henry co., Va., 200 s. w. by w. Richmond, 277 W.

Doakk's Stand, p-o., Madison co., Miss., 36 n. e. Jackson, 974 W.

Doansborough, p-o., Southeast t., Putnam county, N. Y.

Dobb's Ferry, p-v., Greenburg t., Westchester co., N. Y., 126 s. Albany, 248 W. It has a steamboat landing, 2 churches, 1 store, and 30 dwellings.

Dockey's Store, p-o., Richmond co., N. C, 129 s. w. Raleigh, 403 W.

Docon, t., Linn co., Mo. Pop. 51.

Dodge, County, Wis. Territory, situated n. e. of the centre, and contains 756 sq. ms. It has some prairie, and considerable swampy land. Drained by Rock and Beaverdam rivers, and Rubicon cr. There were in 1840, neat cattle 150, swine 105; Ind. corn 2,000 bushels produced, oats 2,100, potatoes 2,425. Pop. 67.

Dodgeville, p-v., Iowa co., Wis. ter., 44 w. Madison, 891 W.

Dodgingtown, p-o., Fairfield co., Ct., 66 s. w. Hartford, 297 W.

Dodson, t., Highland co., O. It has 3 sch. 136 scholars. Pop. 795.

Dodsonville, p-v., Marshall co., Ala., 145 n. e. Tuscaloosa, 638 W.

Doe Hill, p-o., Pendleton co., Va., 160 n. w Richmond, 187 W.

Doe River, p-o., Carter co., Tenn., 319 e. Nashville, 432 W.

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Doe Run, p-o., Chester co., Pa., 70 e. s. e. Harrisburg, 114 W.

Dogwood, p-o., Walker co., Ga., 208 n. w. Milledgeville, 613 W.

Dolington, p-v., Bucks co., Pa., 119 e. Harrisburg, 163 W. It has a church and 10 or 12 dwellings.

Dolsentown, p-v., Minisink t., Orange co., N. Y., 100 s. by w. Albany, 273 W. It contains a church, 2 stores, 1 distillery, 20 dwellings, and about, 100 inhabitants.

Donaldsonville, p-v., Ascension par., La., 73 w. by n. New Orleans, 1,245 W. Situated on the s. side of Mississippi r., just below the outlet of La Fourche. It was formerly the capital of the state, and has a court house, jail, an arsenal, market house, a Roman Catholic church, a college, 1 male and 2 female academies, a U. S. surveyor-general's office, and about 1,000 inhabitants.

Donegal, t, Butler county, Pa., 9 n. e. Butler. The surface is rolling or hilly; soil, clay, sand, and gravel. Drained by Bear cr., a branch of Buffalo cr., and tributaries of Conequenessing cr. Iron ore and stone coal are abundant. It has 2 stores, cap. $4,390; 1 tannery, 2 distilleries, 5 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $12,510. 9 sch. 400 scholars. Pop. 1,615.

Donegal, t. Washington co., Pa., 9 n. e. Butler. The surface is hilly; soil, loam. Coal is abundant. Drained by the Dutch fork of Buffalo cr., Bush run, and Castleman's run. The national road runs through it. It has 3 stores, cap. $70,000; 1 distillery. Cap. in manufac. $950. 1 acad. 22 students, 11 sch. 330 scholars. Pop. 1,747.

Donegal, p-o., Westmoreland co., Pa., 160 w. Harrisburg, 186 W. The surface consists of hills and valleys; soil, calcareous loam. Drained by Four Mile and Two Mile run. Jacob's and Indian creeks afford water power. It has 2 tanneries, 1 distillery, 2 flouring m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $8,300. 10 sch. 396 scholars. Pop. 2,261.

Donnell's, p-o., Allen co., O., 98 n. n. w. Columbus, 483 W.

Donnellsville, p-o., Clarke co., O., 51 w. by s. Columbus, 444 W.

Dooley, County, Ga., situated centrally toward the s. part of the state, and contains about 1,600 sq. ms. It occupies the height of land between Ocmulgee and Flint rivers, and is drained by tributaries of both. Capital, Vienna. There were in 1840, neat cattle 19,854, sheep 1,950, swine 10,209; wheat 7,064 bushels produced, Indian com 106,472, potatoes 8,405, cotton 2,576,795 pounds; 6 stores, cap. $465,000; 13 grist m., 5 saw m., 1 acad. 45 students, 3 sch. 45 scholars. Pop. 1830, 2,135; 1840, whites 3,234, slaves 1,185, free col'd; total, 4,427.

Door Village, p-o., La Porte co., Ia., 149 n. by w. Indianapolis, 664 W.

Dorchester, p-t., Norfolk co., Mass., 4 s. Boston, 433 W. It lies on Dorchester bay, in Bos-ton harbor. First settled in 1630. The surface is uneven and rough; but the soil is fertile, and highly cultivated. Neponset river runs on its 8. border, and furnishes water power, and facilities for navigation. The vessels owned here are employed chiefly in the whale and cod fisheries. It has also considerable manufactures. In a part of this t., now belonging to Boston, are Dorchester Heights, on which Washington, in March, 1776, directed a fort to be erected, by which the British were driven from Boston harbor. The first settlers of the Connecticut colony, at Windsor and Hartford, 100 in number, came from Dorchester, through the wilderness, in 1636. It has 10 commercial and commission houses in foreign trade, cap. $326,000; 57 stores, cap. $609,200; 3 lumber yards, cap. $17,000; 2 cotton fac. 4,000 sp., 1 dyeing and print, estab., 7 tanneries, 1 pottery, 1 rope fac, 2 grist m., 1 saw m., 4 paper fac, 2 printing offices, 1 weekly newspaper, 1 acad. 119 students, 22 sch. 1,247 scholars. Pop. 4,875.

Dorchester, p-t., Grafton co., N. H.,48 n. w. Concord, 504 W. It occupies the height of land between Connecticut and Merrimac rivers, to both of which its streams flow. It is uneven and rocky, with fertile valleys. It has 1 store, rap. $8,000; 1 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac $3,097. 9 sch. 217 scholars. Pop. 769.

Dorchester, County, Md., situated toward the s. e. part of the state, and contains 640 sq. ms. Surface, level; soil, fertile. It has Choptank r. on the n. and n. w., and Chesapeake bay and Nanticoke river on the s. and s. e. Drained by branches of these waters. Capital, Cambridge. There were in 1840, neat cattle 14,855, sheep 13,575, swine 24,776; wheat 87,378 bushels produced, rye 6,761, Ind. corn 476,781, oats 61,812, potatoes 25,373, silk cocoons 544 pounds, tobacco 1,700, cotton 720; 69 stores, cap. $79,695; 2 tanneries, 29 grist m., 13 saw m., 2 printing offices, 1 weekly newspaper. Cap. in manufac. $35,129. 2 acad. 106 students, 26 sch. 579 scholars. Pop. 1830, 18,686; 1840, whites 10,629, slaves 4,227, free col'd 3,987 , total, 18,843.

Dorset, p-t., Bennington co., Vt., 95 s. s. w. Montpelier, 435 W. Organized in 1769. Drained by Pawlet, Battenkill, and the head branches of Otter cr., which afford water power. The surface is uneven, and the soil fertile. There is a noted cave in the s. part of the town. It has 4 stores, cap. $12,650; 2 furnaces, 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 8 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $36,365. 12 sch. 431 scholars. Pop. 1,426.

Doty's Corners, p-o., Dansville t., Steuben co., N. Y., 245 w. Albany, 326 W.

Double Branches, p-o., Anderson dist., S. C., 128 w. n. w. Columbia, 523 W.

Double Branches, p-o., Lincoln co., Ga., 108 n. e. Milledgeville, 576 W.

Double Bridges, p-o., Lunenburg co., Va., 85 s. w. Richmond, 193 W.

Double Cabins, p-o., Henry co., Ga., 76 w. n. w. Milledgeville, 680 W.

Double Pike Creek, p-o., Carroll co., Md., 82 n. w. Annapolis, 65 W.

Double Springs, p-o., Cherokee co., Ala., 123 n. e. Tuscaloosa, 716 W. Situated on the w. bank of Coosa river.

Double Springs, p-o., Oktibbeha co., Miss., 128 n. e. Jackson, 917 W.

Double Walnut, p-o., Jackson co., Tenn., 75 e. Nashville, 619 W.

Double Wells, p-o., Warren co., Ga., 58 e. n. e. Milledgeville, 632 W.

Douglass, p-t., Worcester co., Mass., 43 s. w. Boston, 396 W. Incorporated in 1731. Drained by Mumford r., a branch of Blackstone r., which affords good water power. It has fertile meadows, and is well cultivated. Some iron ore is found, and there are considerable manufactures of cotton goods, boots, shoes, leather, axes, &c It has 4 stores, cap. $7,500; 2 cotton fac. 400 sp., 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $130,400. 1 acad. 35 students, 9 sch. 481 scholars. Pop. 1,617.

Douglass, t., Berks co., Pa. The surface is undulating; soil, gravel, and moderately fertile. Watered by Manatawny cr., which affords water power. It has 2 stores, cap. $3,500; 1 furnace, 1 forge, 1 fulling m., 4 grist m., 2 saw m., 1 oil m, Cap. in manufac $650, Pop. 1,133.

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Douglass, t., Montgomery county, Pa. Surface, hilly; soil, red shale. Watered by Perkiomen and Swamp crs., which afford water power. It has 3 stores, cap. 814,500; 1 paper fac., 3 grist; m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,150. 1 sch. 40 scholars. Pop. 1,090.

Douglassville, p-v., Douglass t., Berks co.. Pa., 64 e. Harrisburg, 157 W.

Douthet, p-o., Anderson dist., S. C, 126 w. n. w. Columbia, 522 W.

Dover, p-t., capital of Piscatiquis co., Me., 83 n. n. e. Augusta, 680 W. Situated on the s. side of Piscatiquis r. Incorporated in 1822. The soil is fertile, producing good wheat. The v. is beautifully located. It has 2 printing offices, 2 weekly newspapers, 5 grist m., 8 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $9,000. 12 sch. 733 scholars. Pop. 1,597.

Dover, p-t., Strafford co., N. H., 39 e. Concord, 495 W.

Dover, p-t., and capital of Strafford co., N. H., is situated on the w. side of Piscataqua r., in 43° 13' n. lat. 70° 54' w. Ion., 12 n. w. by n. Portsmouth, 39 e. Concord, 50 s. w. Portland, 60 n. Boston, 495 W. Pop. 1820, 2,871; 1830, 5,449; 1840, 6,458. It is watered by Cocheco and Black rivers, tributaries of the Piscataqua. It is the oldest town in the state, the first settlement having been made in 1623, on a beautiful peninsula, between Black and Piscataqua rivers, for the purposes of fishing. The beautiful village of Dover is built around the lower falls of Cocheco, where the water descends suddenly 32½ feet, producing a water power unsurpassed in New England. The water is abundant, and the river never rises so as to endanger the buildings on it. These falls are at the head of tide water,l2 miles from the ocean, admitting gondolas quite to the mills, and sloops within a quarter of a mile. It has a court house, jail, a bank, several churches, and extensive manufactures. It is one of the most flourishing towns in the state, and considerable shipping is owned here. There were in 1840, 60 stores, cap. 8248,531; 1 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, cap. $20,000; 4 cotton fac. 28,666 sp., 1 dyeing and printing establishment, with a cap. of $1,056,000; 3 furnaces, 2 tanneries, 1 distillery, c ap. $10,833; 4 grist m., 3 saw m., 3 printing offices, 3 weekly newspapers, and 1 periodical. Total cap. in manufac. $1,166,644. 3 acad. 93 students, 27 sch. 1,193 scholars.

Dover, p-t., Windham co., Vt., 126 s. Montpelier, 437 W. Organized from Wardsborough in 1810. Drained by branches of West and Deerfield rivers, which afford water power. The surface is uneven, and the soil adapted to grazing. It lies on the e. border of the Green mountain range. It has 2 stores, cap. $7,000; 2 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $2,300. 9 sch. 245 scholars. Pop. 729.

Dover, p-t., Norfolk co., Mass., 15 s. s. w. Boston, 5 w. Dedham, 430 W. Organized from Dedham in 1784. The surface is uneven, and contains much woodland. Charles r. runs on its N. border. It has 1 store, 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $10,700. 3 sch. 117 scholars. Pop. 520.

Dover, p-t., Dutchess co., N. Y.,74 s. by e. Albany, 20 e. Poughkeepsie, 313 W. The surface is in part mountainous. A branch of Ten Mile creek, a tributary of the Housatonic river, runs through its centre, along which is a fine valley. The soil is a sandy and gravelly loam, which is fertile and well cultivated. White and colored marble is extensively found, and some iron ore. The village is on a beautiful plain, and contains 1 Baptist and 1 free church, an academy, 2 stores, 1 grist m., 1 tannery, 30 dwellings, and about 175 inhabitants. There are in the t., 8 stores, cap. $19,000; 1 furnace, 3 fulling m., 2 tanneries, 2 flouring m., 4 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $19,200. 4 sch. 136 scholars. Pop. 2,000.

Dover, p-v., Randolph t, Morris co., N. J., 63 N. Trenton, 234 W. Situated on both sides of Rockaway river, and connected by bridges. It contains 3 large rolling and slitting mills, an iron foundry, a furnace, a saw m., a machine fac, a bank, a church, and over 30 dwellings. The Morris canal descends into the valley on which it stands, by an inclined plane and 4 locks. Iron ore is found in the immediate vicinity.

Dover, t., Monmouth co., N. J., 24 s. Freehold. The surface is generally level; soil, sand or light gravel, covered with pine forest. Drained by Tom's r. and branches of Cedar cr.; Forked r. and branches of Rancocus cr., which afford water power. It has 20 stores, cap. $45,500; 2 furnaces, 2 forges, 4 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,900. 10 sch. 824 scholars. Pop. 2,752.

Dover, p-t., York co., Pa., 30 s. Harrisburg, 97 W. The surface is hilly; soil, red shale. It has 3 stores, cap. $9,500; 1 tannery, 5 distilleries, 5 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $18,200. 4 sch. 146 scholars. Pop. 1,930.

Dover, t., Athens co., O. It has 6 stores, cap. $13,500; and an incorporated library company. 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $900. 4 sch. 179 scholars. Pop. 1,297.

Dover, p-b., in Dover hundred. Capital of Kent co., Del., and of the state, 50 s. Wilmington, 120 W. It is situated on high ground, between the 2 principal branches of Jones's cr., 10 miles from its entrance into Delaware bay. It is regularly laid out with wide streets, at right angles with each other; and the houses, which are chiefly of brick, are generally neat and hand-some. The state house stands on the E. side of a large public square, and is an elegant build-ing; and the other public buildings are built around the same square. It contains 3 churches, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Episcopal, and 1 Methodist, a bank, an academy, 6 stores, 90 dwellings, and about 600 inhabitants. It has a splendid monument, erected to the memory of Col. John Haslett, who fell in the battle of Princeton. Its trade is chiefly in flour, with Philadelphia. There are in the h., 9 stores, cap. $25,100; 1 printing office, 1 periodical paper, 3 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $16,200. 9 sch. 543 scholars. Pop. 3,790.

Dover, p-t., Cuyahoga co., O., 127 n. e. Columbus, 13 w. Cleveland, 372 W. Situated on the s. shore of Lake Erie. It has 3 tanneries. Cap. in manufac. $900. 8 sch. 314 scholars. Pop. 966.

Dover, t., Union co., O. It has 3 sch. 52 scholars. Pop. 446.

Dover, p-v., capital of Stewart co., Tenn., 75 w. n. w. Nashville, 755 W. It is situated on the s. side of Cumberland r. It contains a court house, and other county buildings.

Dover, t., Lafayette co., Mo. Pop. 1,217.

Dover, p-v., Mason county, Ky., 79 e. n. e. Frankfort, 471 W.

Dover, t., Lenawee co., Mich. It has 2 saw m., 10 sch. 340 scholars. Pop. 841.

Dover, p-v., Bureau co., Ill., 130 n Springfield, 813 W.

Dover, p-v., Lafayette co., Mo., 121 w. Jefferson city, 1,035 W. Situated on the s. side of Missouri r. Pop. 1,217.

Dover, p-v., capital of Pope co., Ark., 87 n. w. Little Rock, 1,152 W. Situated on the e. side of Illinois cr., a branch of Arkansas r.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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