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Lackawack, NY to Lamoille, County, VT

Lackawack, p-o., Wawarsing t., Ulster co., N. Y., 91 s. s. w. Albany, 307 W.

Lackawannock, t., Mercer co., Pa., 6 s. w. Mercer. The surface is uneven; soil, clay and loam. Drained by Little Neshannock cr. It has 5 stores, cap. $10,200; 2 tanneries, 1 distillery, 1 flouring m., 4 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $4,065. 14 sch. 500 scholars. Pop. 2,130.

Lackawanna, p-t., Luzerne co., Pa. It has 1 furnace, 4 sch. 140 scholars. Pop. 363.

Lackawanna, r., Pa., rises in Wayne and Susquehanna counties, and after pursuing a course generally s. and s. w., 30 ms. from its source, it falls into Susquehanna r. at Pittstown. It affords extensive water power.

Lackawannoc, mts., in Luzerne and Wayne counties, Pa., run between the sources of Lackawaxen and Lackawannock Rivers, the N. part of which is denominated Moosuck Mountain, and is traversed by the railroad from Honesdale to Carbondale.

Lackawaxen, r., Pa., rises chiefly in Wayne co., and flows through a deep valley and receives Dyberry, Middle, and Waullenpaupack crs., and enters the Delaware in Pike co., where is a dam across the Delaware to supply the Delaware and Hudson canal with water, and to enable boats to cross the r. The Delaware and Hudson canal follows the Lackawaxen r. to the junction of Dyberry cr. at Honesdale 25 ms., whence is a railroad, 16 ms. to the Lackawanna coal mines.

Lackawaxen, p-t., Pike co., Pa., 182 n. e. Harrisburg, 279 W. It is watered by Delaware r., and Lackawaxen and other creeks. It has 3 sch..59 scholars. Pop. 750.

Lacon, p-v., capital of Marshall co., Ill., 99 n. Springfield, 816 W. Situated on the e. side of Illinois r., and contains 3 stores, and about 20 dwellings.

Laconia, p-v., Harrison co., Ia., 147 s. Indianapolis, 643 W. Situated 2 ms. n. of the Ohio r. It has 1 store, a steam saw mill, and about 100 inhabitants.

Lacey's Spring, p-o., Morgan co., Ala., 139 N. N. E. Tuscaloosa, 722 W.

Ladiesburg, p-v., Frederick co., Md., 81 n. w. Annapolis, 58 W.

Ladiga, p-o., Benton co., Ala., 152 e. n. e. Tuscaloosa, 708 W.

Ladoga, p-o., Montgomery co., Ia., 38 w. n. w. Indianapolis, 609 W.

La Fargeville, p-v., Orleans t., Jefferson co., V., Y., 182 n. w. Albany, 432 W.

La Fayette, Parish, La. Situated in the s. part of the state, and contains 1,800 square miles. Mermentan r and lake bound it on the w., and the Gulf of Mexico s. The surface is low and level and the most part of it too wet for cultivation. Capital, Vermilionville. There were in 1840, neat cattle 30,088, sheep 2,622, swine 5,750; Ind. com 83,812 bush, produced, cotton 2,913.534 pounds, sugar 1,016,534; 2 tanneries, 1 acad. 5 students, 6 sch. 97 scholars. Pop. whites 4,474, slaves 3,233, free col'd 134; total, 7,841.

La Fayette, County, Miss. Situated in the n. part of the state, and contains 790 sq. ms. Drained by Tallahatchee river and its branches, and Yocanapuafa r. Surface, undulating; soil, fertile. Capital, Oxford. There were in 1840, neat cattle 9,000, sheep 3,570, swine 20,136; wheat 9,496 bush, produced, Indian corn 270,848, oats 12,705, potatoes 27,190, tobacco 7,517 pounds, cotton 1,329,008; 19 stores, cap. $416,333; 5 tanneries, 19 grist m., 13 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $52,047. 1 college 33 students, 2 acad. 84 students, 7 sch. 158 scholars. Pop. whites 3,676, slaves 2,842, free col'd 13; total, 6,531.

La Fayette, County, Mo. Situated toward the w. part of the state, and contains 450 sq. ms. The surface is gently undulating; soil, very fertile. Missouri r. runs on its n. border. Drained by small branches of the Missouri, which afford water power. Capital, Lexington. There were in 1840, neat cattle 1,990, sheep 7,320, swine 37,582; wheat 9,316 bush, produced, Indian com 339,833, oats 58,896, potatoes 18,601, tobacco 7,492 pounds, cotton 617; 13 stores, cap. $138,200; 4 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $31,500. 8 sch. 254 scholars. Pop. whites 4,799, slaves 1,990, free col'd 26; total, 6,815.

La Fayette, County, Ark. Situated in the s. w. part of the state, and contains 1,260 sq. miles. Drained by Red r. and its branches. Capital, Lewisville. There were in 1840, neat cattle 2,331, sheep 215, swine 6,625; Ind. corn 136,560 bush, produced, potatoes 12,900, cotton 1,312,890 pounds. Pop. whites 505, slaves 1,644, free col'd 1: total, 2,200.

La Fayette, p-t., Onondaga co., N. Y., 130 w. by n. Albany, 330 W. The surface is hilly; soil, clay loam. Drained by Onondaga cr. The v. contains 1 church, 2 stores, 1 tannery, 25 dwellings, and about 150 inhabitants. The t. has 4 stores, cap. $15,000; 3 tanneries, 3 flouring m., 3 grist m., 8 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $20,050. 17 sch. 881 scholars. Pop. 2,600.

La Fayette, p-v., Newton t., Sussex co., N. J., 75 to. Trenton, 243 W. Situated on Paulinskill r. It contains 1 Baptist church, 1 store, 1 cupola furnace, 1 grist m., and 12 or 14 dwellings.

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La Fayette, p-o., McKean co., Pa.. 208 ft. w. Harrisburg, 291 W.

La Fayette, Chambers co., Ala. (See Chambers C. H.)

La Fayette, p-v., Deer Creek t., Madison co., O., 22 w. Columbus, 415 W. It contains 2 stores, and about 150 inhabitants.

La Fayette, t., Coshocton co., O. It has 1 sch. 60 scholars. Pop. 848.

La Fayette, t., Medina co., O. It has 2 tanneries, 1 distillery, 1 flouring m., 3 grist in., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $580. 4 sch. 127 scholars. Pop. 937.

La Fayette, p-v., Christian co., Ky., 221 s. w. by w. Frankfort, 738 W.

La Fayette, p-v., Montgomery co., Va., 188 w. by s. Richmond, 256 W.

La Fayette, p-v., capital of Walker co., Ga., 199 n. w. Milledgeville, 634 W. Situated on the w. side of Chattooga r., and contains a court house, jail, an academy, 2 churches, 1 Baptist and 1 Methodist, 7 stores, and about 100 dwellings.

La Fayette, p-v., capital of Tippecanoe co., Ia., 70 n. w. Indianapolis, 623 W. It is situated on the e. side of the Wabash r., 10 ms. below the mouth of the Tippecanoe r., at the head of steamboat navigation on the Wabash. It contains a courthouse, jail, market house, bank, 7 churches, 2 Presbyterian, (1 old and 1 new school,) 1 Baptist, 1 Episcopal, 1 Methodist, 1 Universalist, and 1 African, an academy, 21 stores, 2 flouring m., 2 saw m., 1 paper m., 1 carding and fulling m., 400 dwellings, and about 2,000 inhabitants. The Wabash and Erie Canal is in operation to this place, and connects it with Lake Erie.

La Fayette, city, and capital of Jefferson par., La., 2 w. by s. New Orleans, 1,174 W. Though the capital of another parish, it constitutes virtually a continuation of the city of New Orleans, which joins it on the n. e. It contains a court house, and other county buildings, 3 churches, and a market house. It borders on the Mississippi, and has 1 steam ferry, which crosses the r., and another which connects it with New Orleans proper. The New Orleans and Carrollton railroad passes, in N aidesstreet, through the city. It has 1 acad. 55 students, 2 sch. 153 scholars. Pop. 3,207.

La Fayette, t., Van Buren co., Mich. It has 2 stores, cap. $11,000; 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. 826,000. 3 sch. 111 schol's. Pop. 327.

La Fayette, C. H., p-v., capital of La Fayette co., Ark., 162 s. w. Little Rock, 1,237 W.

La Fayette, t., Livingston co., Mo. Pop. 307.

Lafourche, r., La., an outlet of the Mississippi, which leaves the r. above Donaldsonville, and proceeding s. e. 90 ms., flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Lafourche Interior, Parish, La. Situated in the s. e. part of the state, and contains 1,100 sq. ms. Watered by Bayou Lafourche. The surface is level, and much of it too marshy to be fit for cultivation. Along the streams is some land capable of cultivation, and very fertile, producing sugar and cotton. Capital, Thibodeauxville. There were in 1840, neat cattle 6,4U1, sheep 1,253, swine 8,812; Ind. corn 186,747 bush, produced, potatoes 20,323, cotton 1,690,000 pounds, sugar 9.945,000; 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $18,000. 4 sch. 56 scholars. Pop. whites 3,936, slaves 3,246, free col'd 71; total, 7,303.

La Fox, p-o., Kane co., Ill., 187 n. n. e. Springfield, 753 W.

Lagado, p-o., Wilson co., Tenn., 30 e. Nashville, 673 W

La Grange, County, Ia. Situated in the n. e. part of the state, and contains 380 sq. ms. The surface is gently rolling; soil, fertile, with prairies in the n., and timber s. Watered by Fawn, Pigeon, and Little Elkhart rivers. It has a number of small lakes. Capital, Lima. There were in 1840, neat cattle 4,499, sheep 3,057, swine 7,944; wheat 53,142 bush, produced, Ind. corn 97,953, barley 1,619, oats 72,107, potatoes 27,278, sugar 26,034 pounds; 12 stores, cap. $50,550; 2 tanneries, 6 distilleries, 4 grist m., 15 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $13,460. 1 college, 60 students, 2 acad. 130 students, 21 sch. 494 scholars. Pop. whites 3,661, free col'd 3; total, 3,664.

La Grange, p-t., Penobscot co., Me., 97 n. n. e. Augusta, 693 W. It has several ponds, from which small streams issue, and flow into the Penobscot. The soil is productive. It has 1 grist m., 4 sch. 149 scholars. Pop. 336.

La Grange, t., Dutchess co., N. Y. The surface is rolling, and on the E. hilly; soil, a fertile gravelly loam, well cultivated. Drained by Sprout and Wappinger's creeks. It has 5 stores, cap. $8,400; 1 woolen fac, 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $52,588. 5 sch. 125 scholars. Pop. 1,851.

La Grange, p-o., Covington t., Wyoming co., N. Y., 244 w. Albany, 366 W.

La Grange, p-o., Luzerne co., Pa., 158 n. E. Harrisburg, 203 W.

La Grange, p-t., Lorain co., O., Ill n. n. e. Columbus, 370 W. Watered by the 2 branches of Black r., between which it is chiefly situated. It has 1 store, cap. $5,000; 1 grist m., 2 saw ra. Cap. in manufac. $1,000. 8 sch. 249 scholars. Pop. 1,001.

La Grange, p-v., capital of Oldham co., Ky., 35 n. w. by w. Frankfort, 577 W. Situated on the s. bank of the Ohio r. It contains a court house, 1 acad., several stores, and 233 inhabitants.

La Grange, p-v., Randolph co., N. C, 92 w. Raleigh, 331 W.

La Grange, p-v., capital of Troup co., Ga., 121 w. Milledgeville, 739 W. Situated on a small stream falling into the Chattahoochee r., and 6 ms. e. of it. It contains a court house, jail, 3 churches, 1 Baptist, 1 Methodist, 1 Presbyterian, an academy, and 1,000 inhabitants.

La Grange, p-v., Franklin co., Ala., 136 n. by w. Tuscaloosa, 776 W. Situated on elevated ground, 16 s. of Tennessee r. It contains La Grange College, under the direction of the Methodists, founded in 1831, which has a president, 5 professors or other instructors, 50 alumni, 100 students, and 1,200 vols, in its libraries.

La Grange, p-v., Fayette co., Tenn., 181 s. w. by w. Nashville, 869 W. Situated ¼ m. n. of Wolf r. It has 3 churches, 1 female academy, and about 450 inhabitants.

La Grange, p-t., Cass co., Mich., 171 w. by s. Detroit, 619 W. Watered by a branch of Dowagiake r. and Putnam's cr. The soil is fertile, adapted to grain. It has 2 stores, cap. $9,500; 1 tannery, 1 distillery, 1 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $41,988. Pop. 769.

La Grange, p-v., Henry co., Ill., 134 n. by W. Springfield, 863 W.

La Grange, p-v., Lewis co., Mo., 129 n. n. e. Jefferson city, 898 W. Situated on the w. bank of the Mississippi r., immediately below the entrance of Wyaconda r.

La Grange Bluff, p o., Brown co., Ill., 66 w. Springfield, 846 W.

Lagro, p-t., Wabash co., Ia., 94 N. by E. Indianapolis, 581 W. Pop. 486.

La Harpe, p-o., Hancock co., Ill., 104 w. w. Springfield, 865 W.

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Laings, p-o., Green t., Monroe co Columbus, 287 W.

Laingbury, p-v., Shiawassee co., Mich, w. Detroit, 596 W.

Lairdsville, p-o., Westmoreland t., Oneida co., N. Y., 102 w. n. w. Albany, 334 W.

Lairdsville, p-o., Lycoming co., Pa., 98 n. Harrisburg, 208 W.

Lake, County, O. Situated in the n. e. part of the state, and contains 220 sq. ms. Watered by Grand and Chagrin rivers. Lake Erie lies on its n. w. border. Capital, Painesville. There were in 1840, neat cattle 11,568, sheep 29,894, swine 10,393; wheat 82,570 bush, produced, rye 2,279, Ind. corn 121,136, buckwheat 4,717, barley 7,238, oats 62,255, potatoes 81,462, sugar 64,931 pounds; 72 stores, cap. $69,100; 5 fulling m., 10 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 11 grist m., 41 saw m., 2 printing offices, 1 bindery, 3 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. 844,030. 1 college, 40 students, 2 acad. 285 students, 105 sch. 5,915 scholars. Pop. whites 13,698, free col'd 21; total, 13,719.

Lake, County, la. Situated in the n. w. corner of the state, and contains 468 sq. ms. Lake Michigan lies on its n. border. The surface is generally level, with bluffs and sand hills along the lake. Some portion of it is marshy, and has considerable prairie and woodland. Kankakee r. runs on its s. border. Watered by Deep r. and Cedar and Eagle creeks. Capital, Crown Point, j There were in 1840, neat cattle 2,085, sheep 453, j swine 4,434; wheat 15,838 bush, produced, Ind.' corn 27,675, oats 29,176, potatoes 16,583, tobacco 3,020 pounds; 2 stores, cap. $3,300; 1 grist m., 4 saw m., 1 printing office. Cap. in manufac. $5,950. 7 sch. 116 scholars. Pop. 1,468.

Lake, County, Ill. Situated in the n. part of) the state, and contains 425 sq. ms. Lake Michigan lies on its e. border. The surface is Undulating, covered chiefly with prairie. Watered by Des Plaines r. Capital, Little Fort. There were in 1840, neat cattle 5,349, sheep 169, swine 7,714, wheat 22,556 bush, produced, Ind. corn 34,063, buckwheat 3,755, barley 3,294, oats 46,406, potatoes 71,532; 3 stores, cap. $2,500; 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 6 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $3,000. 16 sch. 261 scholars. Pop. 2,634.

Lake George, N. Y. (See George, lake.)

Lake, p-o., Greenwich t., Washington co., N. Y., 44 n. n. w. Albany, 414 W.

Lake, p-t., Starke co., O., 131 n. e. Columbus, 325 W. It has 3 sch. 87 scholars. Population, 2,150.

Lake, t., Logan co., O. The soil is indifferent. It contains the v. of Bellefontaine, the capital of the co. There are in the t. 7 sch. 223 scholars. Pop. 1,175.

Lake, t., Wayne co., O. Watered by the e. fork of Mohiccan r. Pop. 1,144.

Lake, C. H., Ia. (See Crown Point.)

Lake Drummond, p-o., Norfolk co., Va., 123 s. e. Richmond, 253 W.

Lake Hill, p-o., Woodstock t., Ulster co. N. Y.

Lake Landing, p-v., capital of Hyde co., N. C, 215 e. by s. Raleigh, 400 W. Situated on the s. side of Mattimuskett lake.

Lake Laura, p-o., Leon co., Florida.

Lake Pleasant, p-t., capital of Hamilton co., N. Y., 81 n. w. by n. Albany, 450 W. This large t., being 50 ms. long, is mostly a wilderness, with mountains, valleys, and lakes, abounding with wild game and fish. Drained by Sacandaga and Indian rs., tributaries of the Hudson. The v. is situated on the w. side of Lake Pleasant, and contains a court house, and county clerk's office, 1 church, 1 store, and 10 or 12 dwellings. There is in the t. 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $375. 2 sch. 107 scholars. Pop 296.

Lake Providence, p-v., capital of Carroll par., La., 366 n. n. w. New Orleans, 1,154 W. t contains a court house, jail, hospital, several stores and dwellings. The lake consists of an ancient bed of the Mississippi r., which has taken a different course; and in the n. and s. part the entrance from the river is entirely closed. Its outlet to the s. forms Tensas r.

Lake Ridge, p-o., Tompkins co., N. Y., 177 w. Albany, 311 W.

Lake St. Croix, p-o., St. Croix co., Wis. Situated on n. side of the Mississippi r., just below the outlet of Lake St. Croix into the Mississippi. (See St. Croix r. and lake.)

Laketon, p-v., Wabash co., Ia., 104 n. by e. Indianapolis, 594 W. Situated on the w. side of Eel r.

Lakeville, p-o., Livonia t., Livingston co., N. Y., 223 w. Albany, 353 W.

Lakeville, v., North Hempstead t., Queens co., N. Y., 20 e. New York. Situated on the border of Success Pond, a small but beautiful sheet of water, having no visible outlet. It abounds with perch. The v. has about 8 or 10 houses.

Lakeville, p-v., Oakland co., Mich., 43 n. w. Detroit, 568 W.

Lake Zurich, p-o., Lake co., Ill.

Lamar, p-t., Clinton co., Pa. The surface is mountainous; soil, in the valleys, calcareous loam. Drained by Big Fishing cr. and Cedar cr. It has 4 stores, cap. $20,000; 1 furnace, 1 forge, 2 tanneries, 3 flouring m., 10 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $9,400. 1 sch. 25 scholars. Pop. 1,883.

Lamar, p-o., Marshall co., Miss., 207 n. by E. Jackson, 879 W.

Lambertsville, p-v., Amwell t., Hunterdon co., N. J., 15 n. w. Trenton, 173 W.

Lambertsville, p-v., Monroe co., Mich., 70 s. w. Detroit, 475 W.

La Mine, r., Mo., rises in La Fayette and Johnson counties, and flowing e. enters Missouri r., 5 or 6 miles above Booneville. About 20 miles from its mouth it receives Blackwater r. These rivers are navigable for keelboats a considerable distance.

La Mine, p-o., Cooper co., Mo., 60 w. n. w. Jefferson City, 974 W. The t. has 2 sch. 53 scholars. Pop. 988.

Lamne's Mills, p-o., Boone co., Mo., 31 n. by w. Jefferson City, 946 W.

Lamoille, r., Vt., one of the 4 largest rivers on the w. side of the mountain, rises in Greensboro', Orleans co., and pursuing a s. w. course for some distance, turns to the w. n. w., and flows into Lake Champlain, in the n. part of Colchester. It has a number of falls, affording extensive water power.

Lamoille, County, Vt. Situated toward the n. w. part of the state. Organized in 1836. Watered by Lamoille River and its branches, and in the s. part by Waterbury r., a branch of Onion r. The western Green mountain range passes through the co., and Mansfield Mountain, its highest peak, is in the s. part. Most of the land is adapted to grazing, but some parts of it, particularly on the streams, to tillage. Capital, Hydepark. There were in 1840, neat cattle 16,555, sheep 40,921, swine 7,297; wheat 21,070 bushels produced, rye 1,604, Ind. corn 28,483, oats 70,727, potatoes 472,563, sugar 295,476 pounds; 26 stores, cap. $81,600; 11 fulling m., 2 woolen fee, 9 tanneries, 12 grist m., 54 saw m., 1 oil m., 1 printing office, I weekly newspaper. Cap. in manufac. $93,705. 1 acad. 100 students, 105 sch. 3,216 scholars. Pop. 10,475.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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