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Mabbettsville, NY to Macon, County, AL

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Mabbettsville, p-o., Washington t., Dutchess co., N. Y., 78 s. Albany, 316 W.

MacAllister's Cross Roads, p-o., Montgomery co., Tenn., 53 n. w. Nashville, 737 W.

MacAllistersville, p-v., Juniata co., Pa., 55 N. w. Harrisburg, 149 W.

MacArson's Stand, p-o., De Soto co., Miss., 213 n. Jackson, 913 W.

MacArthur, t., Logan co., O. Organized in 1823. It has 6 sch. 144 scholars. Pop. 1,674.

MacArthurstovvn, p-v., Elk t., Athens co., O., 71 s. e. Columbus, 365 W. Situated on a branch of Racoon creek. It contains 4 stores, 1 large burr-millstone fac, 1 carding machine, and other manufactories.

MacBridesville, p-o., Union dist., S. C, 80 n. w. Columbia, 474 W.

MacCall's Creek, p-o., Franklin co., Miss., 70 s. w. Jackson, 1,080 W.

MacCall's Ferry, p-o., York co., Pa., 52 s. Harrisburg, 88 W.

MacCandless, p-o., Butler co., Pa., 211 w. by n. Harrisburg, 253 W.

MacCann's, p-o., Rush co., Ia., 46 e. Indianapolis, 533 W.

MacClellandstown, p-v., German t., Fayette co., Pa., 187 w. by s. Harrisburg, 204 W. It contains 1 church, 4 stores, and about 50 dwellings.

MacConnelsburg, p-v., Air t, Bedford co., Pa., 67 w. s. w. Harrisburg, 95 W. Situated in a pleasant valley, on Big Cove cr. It contains 2 Presbyterian churches, 6 stores, 100 dwellings, and about 600 inhabitants. Incorporated in 1814.

MacConnelsville, p-o., Vienna t., Oneida co., N. Y., 121 w. n. w. Albany, 391 W.

MacConnelsville, p-v., Morgan t., capital of Morgan co., O., 73 e. by s. Columbus, 330 W. Situated on the E. bank of Muskingum r., at an elevation of from 10 to 30 feet above high water. It contains a court house, jail, 2 churches, 1 Presbyterian and 1 Baptist, 12 stores, 2 tanneries, 80 dwellings, and 50U inhabitants.

MacCracken, County, Ky. Situated in the w. part of the state, and contains 200 square ms. The Ohio r. bounds it on the n. and n. e. The surface is level; soil, very fertile. Drained by Clark's r., and its branches. Capital, Paducah. There were in 1840, neat cattle 5,921, sheep 2,447, swine 17,663; wheat 13,455 bushels produced, Indian corn 193,277, oats 25,649, potatoes 11,917, tobacco 65,643 pounds, cotton 9,633; 39 stores, cap. $116,775; 3 tanneries, 4 distilleries, 8 grist m., 1 saw m., 1 printing office, 1 weekly newspaper. Cap. in manufac. $10,346. 4 acad. 115 students, 6 sch. 112 scholars. Pop. whites 4,064, slaves 654, free col'd 27; total, 4,745

MacCulloch's Mills, p-o., Juniata co., Pa., 61 n. w. Columbus, 133 W.

MacCullough's, p-o., Jefferson co., O., 127 E. N. e. Columbus, 230 W.

MacCutchinsville, p-v., Crawford co., O., 76 n. Columbus, 425 W. It contains 3 churches, 5 stores, about 50 dwellings, and 300 inhabitants.

MacDaniels, p-o., Orange co., N. C, 61 n. w. Raleigh 296 W.

MacDanielsville, p-v., Spartanburg dist., S. C, 92 n. w. Columbia, 481 W.

MacDonald, t., Hardin co., O. Pop. 285.

MacDonald, p-v., capital of Randolph co., Ala., 161 e. Tuscaloosa, 757 W. Situated 3 ms. E. of the Little Tallapoosa r. It has a court house, a male and female academy, and several dwellings.

MacDonald, p-v., capital of Barry co., Mo 200 s. w. Jefferson City, 1,115 W. Situated on the n. side of a small branch of White r.

MacDonough, County, Ill. Situated in the w. part of the state, and contains 576 square ms. Organized in 1829. Watered by Crooked creek and its branches. Much of the surface is prairie; soil, very fertile. Capital, Macomb. There were in 1840, neat cattle 5,112, sheep 5,643, swine 15,368; wheat 25,634 bush, produced, Indian com 222,553, oats 41,030, potatoes 14,139; 9 stores, cap. $26,200; 6 grist m., 13 saw m. Capital in manufac. $44,900. 15 sch. 336 scholars. Pop. 5,308.

MacDonough, pt., Chenango co., N. Y., 119 w. Albany, 326 W. The surface has several ridges; soil, clay loam, adapted to grass. Drained by Bowman's and Geneganslette creeks. The v., on the latter cr., contains 1 Baptist and 1 Methodist church, 2 stores, 1 grist m., 2 saw m., 1 paper m., 40 dwellings, and about 200 inhabitants. It has 2 stores, cap. $14,000; 1 fulling m., 3 tanneries, 1 printing office, 1 weekly newspaper, 2 grist m., 14 saw m. Cap. in manufactures $36,930. 13 sch. 529 scholars. Pop. 1,369.

MacDonough, p-v., capital of Henry co., Ga., 65 w. n. w. Milledgeville, 669 W. Situated between Towelagga and South Ocmulgee rivers. It contains a court house, jail, 2 churches, 1 Baptist and 1 Methodist, an academy, which cost $2,200, 8 stores, about 50 dwellings, and 300 inhabitants.

MacEwens Cross Roads, p-o., Troy t, Richland co., O., 57 n. by e. Columbus, 388 W.

MacEwensville, p-o., Northumberland co., Pa., 75 n. Harrisburg, 185 W.

MacFarland, p-o., Lunenburg co., Va., 70 i, w. Richmond, 189 W.

MacGaheysville, p-o., Rockingham co., Va., 116 n. w. Richmond, 131 W.

MacGehonsburg, p-o., Beaver co., Pa., 246 w. by n. Harrisburg, 272 W.

MacGrawville, p-v., Cortlandville t., Cortland co., N. Y., 142 w. Albany, 318 W. It contains 3 churches, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, and 1 Methodist - 3 stores, 1 grist m., 1 saw m., 1 tannery, and a number of dwellings.

MacHarque's, p-o., Chariton co., Mo., 90 n. w. Jefferson City, 973 W.

MacHenry, County, Ill. Situated in the N. E, corner of the state, and contains 960 square miles. Drained by the n. branch of Chicago, Des Plaines, and Fox rivers, and their branches. Soil, on the k side of Fox r., clayey; on the w., a fertile sandy loam. Limestone abounds. Capital, MacHenry. There were in 1840, neat cattle 2,526, sheep 370, swine 4,868; wheat 43,957 bush, produced, Ind. corn 45,407, oats 33,974, potatoes 33,870; 5 stores cap. $7,500; 1 distillery, 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $18,219. 15 sch. 265 scholars. Pop. 2,578

MacHenry, p-v., capital of MacHenry co , Ill. 223 n. n. e. Springfield, 753 W. Situated on the w. side of Fox r., 12 s. of the n. line of the state It is surrounded by excellent prairie, groves of timber, and oak openings.

MacIndoes Falls, p-v., Barnet t., Caledonia co., Vt., 46 e. by n. Montpelier, 532 W. It is situated at the head of navigation on Connecticut r.

MacIntosh, County, Ga. Situated in the B.S part of the state, and contains 600 sq. ms. Tb Atlantic Ocean bounds it on the s. e. The sur face is level; soil, fertile. The Altamaha r. run on its s. w. border, and South Newport r. on the n. e. Drained by Sapelo r., and Jones and Doctor's crs. It has several islands on its coast, of which Sapelo, Black Bend, and Wolf are the chief. Capital, Darien. There were in 1840, neat cattle 7,884, sheep 734, swine 4,692; Indian corn 30,406 bush, produced, potatoes 40,791, rice 2,826,203 pounds, cotton 542,877, sugar 7,300; 1 commercial and 5 commission houses, capital $50,000; 17 stores, cap. $86,400; 2 grist m., 4 saw m., 1 printing office. Cap. in manufactures $63,500. 1 acad. 65 students, 1 sch. 13 scholars. Pop. whites 1,348, slaves 3,910, free colored 102; total, 5,360.

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MacKaigs Mills, p-o., Columbiana co., O., 145 n. e. Columbus, 284 W.

MacKean, County, Pa. Situated in the n. and toward the W. part of the state, and contains 1,470 sq. ms. Organized in 1804. Drained by Alleghany r. and its branches, and by Sinnemahoning cr., a head branch of the w. branch of Susquehanna r. The surface is hilly, and abounds with coal, iron, and salt. The soil is adapted to grazing. Capita!, Smith port. There were in 1840, neat cattle 2,977, sheep 3,713, swine 1,781; wheat 8,16i bush, produced, rye 1,870, Ind. corn 12,070, buckwheat 3,136, oats 19,378, Potatoes 52,211, sugar 69,750 pounds; 10 stores, cap. $28,100; 2 tanneries, 9 grist m., 33 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $84,450. 1 acad. 30 students, 21 sch. 575 scholars. Pop. 2,975.

MacKean, pt., Erie co., Pa., 9 s. Erie, 265 n. w. by w. Harrisburg, 338 W. The surface is hilly; soil, gravelly loam. Drained by Walnut cr. and its branches, and by Elk cr. It has 1 fulling m., 4 grist m., 8 saw m. 12 schools 449 scholars. Pop. 1,714.

MacKean, t., Licking co., O. It lies directly n. of Granville, and contains the v. of Fredonia. 6 sch. 275 scholars. Pop. 1,317.

MacKeansburg, p-v., Brunswick t., Schuylkill co., Pa., 67 n. e. Harrisburg, 177 W. It contains 2 stores, and about 35 dwellings.

MacKean's Old Stand, p-o., Westmoreland Co., Pa., 175 w. Harrisburg, 201 W.

MacKees Half Falls, p-o., Union co., Pa., 10 n. Harrisburg, 150 W.

MacKee's Port, p-v., Versailles t., Alleghany so Pa., 199 w. Harrisburg, 212 W. It contains t Presbyterian Church, several stores, and 40 or "0 dwellings.

MacKinley, p-o., Marengo co., Ala., 97 s. by v. Tuscaloosa, 890 W.

MacKinster's, p-o., Meigs co., O., 88 s. E. Columbus, 355 W.

MacKinstry's Mills, p-o., Carroll co., Md., 6 n. w. Annapolis, 69 W.

MacLain, p-o., Henry co., O., 162 n. w. Columbus, 493 W.

MacLain's Mills, p-o., Waldo co., Me., 33 e. Augusta, 622 W.

MacLean, County, Ill. Situated a little n. e. f the centre of the state, and contains 1,296 sq. is. Much of the surface is prairie, moderately [adulating, and interspersed with fine groves of Imber; soil, dry and fertile. Drained by Mackinaw r., and Kickapoo and Salt creeks. Capital, Bloomington. There were in 1840, neat cattle 8,049, sheep 8,777, swine 25,740; wheat 44,471 bush. produced, Indian corn 350,820, oats 81,023, potatoes 4,586; 14 stores, cap. $29,000; 3 tanneries, 6 distilleries, 1 flouring m., 14 grist m., 19 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $23,070. 3 acad. 70 students, 14 sch. 422 scholars. Pop. 6,565.

MacLean, p-v., Groton t , Tompkins co., N. Y., 19 w. by s. Albany, 311 W. Situated on Fall cr., which affords extensive water power. It contains 1 Baptist and 1 Methodist church, 4 stores, 1 flouring m., 4 saw m., 1 iron foundry and trip hammer works, 1 plaster m., 1 clothier's works, 1 tannery, 50 dwellings, and about 350 inhabitants.

MacLean, t., Shelby co., O. It has cap. in manufac. $50. Pop. 513.

MacLeansborough, p-v., capital of Hamilton co., Ill., 156 s. s. e. Springfield, 776 W. Situated on a head branch of the n. fork of Saline cr., on elevated ground, and contains a court house, jail, about 25 dwellings, and 150 inhabitants.

MacLeansville, p-v., Jackson co., Term., 80 e. Nashville, 651 W.

MacLemonesville, p-v., Carroll co., Tenn., 107 w. Nashville, 790 W.

MacLeod's, p-o., Greene co., Miss., 195 s. e. Jackson, 1,073 W.

MacMann's, p-o., Greene co., Miss., 210 s. e. Jackson, 1,042 W.

MacMath's, p-o., Tuscaloosa co., Ala., 32 Tuscaloosa, 786 W.

MacMeekin's, p-o., Fairfield dist., S. C, 23 n. Columbia, 502 W.

MacMinn, County, Tenn. Situated in the s. E. part of the state, and contains 608 sq. ms. Watered by Hiwassee r. and its branches. Capital, Athens. There were in 1840, neat cattle 11,407, sheep 8,232, swine 37,672; wheat 88,861 bush, produced, rye 3,507, Ind. corn 632,578, oats 163,634, Potatoes 8,633, tobacco 7,360 pounds, cotton 1,443; 20 stores, cap $119,7u0; 2 cotton fac. 672 sp., 9 tanneries, 51 distilleries, 12 flouring m., 23 grist m., 29 saw m., 2 oil m., 1 paper fac, 2 printing offices, 2 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $83,191. 2 acad. 99 students, 7 sch. 222 scholars. Pop. whites 11,450, slaves 1,241, free col'd 23; total, 12,719.

MacMinnville, p-v., capital of Warren co., Tenn., 75 s. E. Nashville, 624 W. Situated on the n. side of Barren Fork, opposite to the junction of Hickory cr., which flow into the Caney Fork of Cumberland r.

MacMurray's Store, p.-o., Maury co., Tenn., 50 s. s. w. Nashville, 727 W.

MacMurtryton, p-o., Hardin co., Ky., 87 s. w. Frankfort, 627 W.

MacNairy, County, Tenn. Situated toward the s. w. part of the state, and contains 960 sq. ms. Watered by branches of Big Hatchee and Forked Deer rivers. Capital, Purdy. There were in 1840, neat cattle 12,252, sheep 6,110, swine 42,27; wheat 36,958 bush, produced, Ind. corn 235,715, oats 56,591, Potatoes 13,577, tobacco 243,120 pounds, cotton 42,446, sugar 1,897; 10 stores, cap. $16,500; 1 woolen fac, 3 tanneries, 29 distilleries, 32 grist m., 10 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $30,759. 1 acad. 34 students, 11 sch. 273 scholars. Pop. whites 8,589, slaves 763, free col'd 33; total, 9,335.

MacNary's, p.-o., Muhlenburg co., Ky., 187 w. s. w. Frankfort, 729 W.

Macoupin, cr., Ill., rises in the n. part of Macon co., and enters the Illinois r., 26 ms. above its junction with the Mississippi. The soil on its borders is fertile.

Macoupin, county, Ill. Situated a little s. w. of the centre of the state, and contains 864 sq. ms. Organized in 1829. The surface is slightly undulating, consisting of prairies and timber, the latter mostly along the streams. The soil is generally very fertile. Drained by Macoupin cr. and its branches, and by head branches of Cahokia and Wood creeks. Capital, Carlinville. There were in 1840, neat cattle 11.773, sheep 10,231, swine 37,917; wheat 42,919 bush, produced, Ind. corn 540,930, oats 57,635, potatoes 17,179, tobacco 11,196 pounds; 19 stores, cap. $29,660; 1 tannery, 3 distilleries, 2 flouring m., 16 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $17,315. 1 acad. 45 students, 14 sch. 375 scholars. Pop. 7,826.

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MacVeytown, p-v., Mifflin co., Pa., 63 n. w. Harrisburg, 154 W.

MacWhorter's Mills, p.-o., Lewis co., Va., 274 n. w. by w. Richmond, 242 W.

MacWilliamstown, p-v., Chester co., Pa., 65 s. E. Harrisburg.

Macedon, pt., Wayne co., N.Y., 20 e. Lyons. 199 w. by n. Albany, 356 W. The surface is rolling; soil, clay and gravelly loam. Drained by Mud cr. It has 9 stores, cap. $16,050; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 5 grist m., 10 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $44,115. 13 sch. 396 scholars. Pop. 2,396.

Macedon, p-o., Mercer co., O.

Macedon Centre, p-o., Macedon t., Wayne co., N. Y., 202 w. by n. Albany, 359 W.

Macedonia, p-v., Carroll co., Tenn., 108 w. Nashville, 793 W. Macedonia, p-o., Montgomery co., N. C. Machias, pt., port of entry and capital of Washington co., Me., 151 e. by n. Augusta, 339 n. e. Boston by land, and 300 by water, 773 W. The v. is situated on the e. side of the west branch of Machias r. at the falls, and contains a court house, jail, and has numerous mills. The r. admits vessels of 250 tons to within 50 rods of the mills. It produces a great amount of lumber for exportation. It has 10 stores, cap. $38,250; 2 tanneries, 2 grist m., 23 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $132,939. 11 sch. 382 scholars. Pop. 1,351 Tonnage of the dist., 11,847.

Machias, pt., Cattaraugus co., N. Y., 286 w, by s. Albany, 333 W. The surface is elevated and level; soil, clay and gravelly loam. Drained by Ischua cr., and the outlet of Lime Lake, which enters Cattaraugus cr. The v. contains 1 church, 2 stores, 1 saw m., 1 grist m., 1 tannery, 35 dwellings, and about 250 inhabitants. There are in the t., 3 stores, cap. $2,300; 1 tannery, 1 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $3,910. 9 sch. 310 scholars. Pop. 1,035.

Machias Port, pt., and port of entry, Washington co., Me., 155 e. by n. Augusta, 777 W. It is situated on Machias r., below the junction of the 2 branches. It has an excellent harbor, protected by Cross island, at the mouth of the bay, and considerable shipping employed in the lumber trade, and in the fisheries. Incorporated in 1826. It has 1 store, cap. $3,000; 1 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,600. 12 sch. 364 scholars. Pop. 834.

Mackinac, County, Mich. Situated in the upper peninsula of Michigan, and contains 13,464 sq. ms. The surface is various as well as the soil. Mackinac (pronounced Mackinaw) strait connects Lake Michigan with Lake Huron, and is about 40 miles long, and in its narrowest part, 4 miles wide. It includes several islands, which are Mackinac, Bois Blanc, Drummond's, and several small ones. The extreme elevation of Mackinac Island above the lake, is 300 feet. It produces wheat, oats, barley, peas and beans. The settlement of it was commenced in 1764. In 1796 it was surrendered to the American government; taken by the British in 1812; but restored by the treaty of Ghent. Capital, Mackinac. There were in 1840, neat cattle 96, sheep 6, swine 65; lnd. corn 20 bush, produced, oats produced, rye 1,062, lnd. corn 212,039, oats 5,985 614, Potatoes 2,016; 11 stores, cap. $66,600; cap. I Potatoes 19,833, cotton 1,379,605; 11 stores, cap in the fisheries, $1,000; value of skins and furs $30,600; 14 grist m., 9 saw m. Cap. in manufac produced, $21,750. Pop. 923.

Mackinac, p-v., capital of Mackinac co., Mich., 300 n. n. w. Detroit, 821 W. Situated on the s. e. extremity of an island of the same name, and contains a court house, jail, 1 Presbyterian, and 1 Roman Catholic church, 10 stores a school of the American Board of Foreign Missions, a Roman Catholic missionary school, and a branch of the University of Michigan. Fort Mackinac stands on a rocky eminence, 150 feet immediately above the v., which it commands. The harbor is safe and spacious, capable of accommodating 150 vessels. Over 3,000 barrels of trout and white fish are annually exported, and it is the seat of an extensive fur trade.

Mackinaw, r., Ill., rises in a prairie near the centre of McLean co., and running through Tazewell co., enters the Illinois r. 3 ms. below Pekin. It has rich bottoms, but the bluffs are broken, with a thin soil, one or two miles wide. It affords water power.

Mackinaw, p-v., Tazewell co., Ill., 64 n. Springfield, 764 W. Situated in a prairie on the s. e. side of Mackinaw cr.

Mackville, p-v., Franklin co., Ga., 121.MilledgeviUe, 595 W.

Mackville, p-v., Washington co., Ky., 45 s. s. w. Frankfort, 567 W.

Mackville, p-v., Randolph co., Ia., 75 b. n. e. Indianapolis, 512 W.

Macomb, County, Mich. Situated in the e. part of the state, and contains 485 sq. ms. The surface in the e. part is level, in the w. part, rolling or hilly, and somewhat broken. The soil is generally very fertile, adapted to grain and to grass. St. Clair lake lies on its s. e. border. Watered by Clinton r. and its branches. Organized in 1818. It contains 2 salt springs. Capital, Mount Clemens. There were in 1840, neat cattle 7,193, sheep 8,959, swine 8,969; wheat 81,064 bush, produced, rye 7,387, lnd. corn 71,028, buckwheat 8,390, barley 1,344, oats 69,792, Potatoes 80,881, sugar 32,991 pounds; 19 stores, cap. $56,000; 1 fulling m., 2 distilleries, 1 glass fac, 4 flouring m., 1 grist m., 12 saw m., 2 printing offices, 2 weekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $109,500. 2 acad. 29 students, 76 sch. 1,973 scholars. Pop. 9,716.

Macomb, p-v., capital of MacDonough co., DL, 86 n. w. Springfield, 859 W. Situated in a fertile prairie, 2 ms. s. of the Drowning Fork of Crooked cr. It contains a court house, 4 stores, and about 125 inhabitants.

Macomb, pt., Macomb co., Mich., 35 n. e. Detroit, 559 W. Watered by Clinton r. The soil is fertile, adapted to grain. It has 9 sch. 226 scholars. Pop. 952.

Macon, County, N. C. Situated in the w. part of the state, and contains 900 sq. ms. Drained by head branches of Tennessee r. The 6uriace is elevated. Capital, Franklin. There were in 1840, neat cattle 6,825, sheep 5,539, swine 11,883; wheat 6,311 bush, produced, rye 4,375, lnd. corn 125,820, oats 32,855, Potatoes 8,613, tobacco 2,983 pounds; 5 stores, cap. $27,800; 4 tanneries, 11 distilleries, 1 flouring m., 22 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $6,600. 3 sch. 140 scholars. Pop. whites 4,446, slaves 368, free col'd 55; total 4,869.

Macon, County, Ga. Situated a little s. w. of the centre of the state, and contains 420 sq. ms. Drained by Flint r. and its tributaries. Capital; Lanier. There were in 1840, neat cattle 21,176. sheep 2,538, swine 19,050; wheat 20,933 bush produced, rye 1,062, Ind. Corn 242,039, oats 5,985 potatoes 19,883, cotton 1,379,605; 11 stores, cap $30,600; 14 grist m., 9 saw m., Cap in manufac $21,100. 3 sch. 58 scholars. Pop. whites 3,553 slaves 1,489, free col'd 3; total, 5,045.

Macon, County, Ala. Situated toward the s. r. part of the state, and contains 970 sq. ms. Watered by branches of Tallapoosa r. Capital, Tuskegee. There were in 1840, neat cattle 15,958, sheep 7fr2, swine 21,731; wheat 2,316 bush, produced, Ind. corn 312,313, oats 6,241, Potatoes 29,076, cotton 883,125 pounds; 16 stores, cap. $67,500; 2 tanneries, 1 pottery, 3 flouring m., 13 grist m., 11 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $67,525. 6 acad. 243 students, 14 sch. 368 scholars. Pop. whites 5,369, slaves 5,851, free col'd 27; total, 11,247.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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