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Massanutten, VA to Mechanic, OH

Massanutten, p-o., Page co., Va., 138 n. w. Richmond, 106 W. Near it is a beautiful sheet of water on Massanutten Mountain, which has an unbroken fall of near 50 feet, below which the water flows in a deep chasm of limestone rock, with banks nearly perpendicular. The fall presents a beautiful spectacle.

Massenna, pt., St. Lawrence co., N. Y., 247 N. N. w. Albany, 524 W. The surface is slightly rolling; soil, rich loam. Watered by Racket and Grass rivers, affording water power, which flow into the St. Lawrence r. that bounds it on the n. It contains a sulphur spring of some celebrity. The v. contains 1 Baptist church, 4 stores, 2 grist m., 3 saw m., 1 clothier's works, 2 tanneries, 50 dwellings, and about 300 inhabitants. There are in the t., 9 stores, cap. $62,000; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 2 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $10,300. 17 sch. 740 scholars. Pop. 2,726.

Masserne, Mountains, sometimes called the Ozark mountains, commence near the junction of the Missouri and Mississippi rivers, in Mo., and run in a s. w. direction through the states of Missouri and Arkansas, into Texas. This chain is crossed by the Arkansas and Red rivers. Its highest peak is called Mount Cerne, from which it has derived its name.

Massie's Creek, p-o., Greene co., O., 57 w. s. w. Columbus, 450 W. The cr. is a considerable mill stream, which rises in Madison co., and falls into Little Miami r., 4 ms. above Xenia. It has a series of falls for several miles, passing through a chasm 20 or 30 feet wide and 60 feet deep, which presents a highly romantic appearance.

Massillon, p-v., Perry t., Stark co., O., 116 n. e. Columbus, 321 W. Situated on the Ohio canal. Laid out in 1826. It contains 1 Baptist and 1 Episcopal Church, 1 bank, 22 stores, 15 warehouses, a great variety of mechanics, 1 flouring m., 1 woolen fac. 2 tanneries, 1 printing office, 250 dwellings, and about 2,000 inhabitants. The exports are estimated at over $750,000; and the imports are still greater. Bituminous coal is found in the vicinity.

Matamora, p-o., Hardiman co., Tenn., 173 s. w. Nashville, 849 W.

Matchapungo, Inlet, Northampton co., Va., enters a gulf called Broad Water, from the Atlantic, between Prout's and Hog islands.

Mathews, County, Va. Situated in the s. e. part of the state on Chesapeake Bay, and contains 68 sq. ms. It consists of a peninsula between Piankatanck and Mobjack bays. Capital, Mathews C. H. There were in 1840, neat cattle 4,181, sheep 2,366, swine 9,214; wheat 8,875 bush, produced, Ind. corn 171,290, oats 54,100, Potatoes 17,070, cotton 24,590; 20 stores, cap. $33,900; 2 tanneries, 15 grist m. Cap. in manufac. $30,700. 2 acad. 92 students, 12 sch. 257 scholars. Pop. whites 3,969, slaves 3,309, free col'd 174; total, 7,442.

Mathews, C. H., p-v., capital of Mathews co., Va., 102 e. by s. Richmond, 187 W.

Mathews Prairie, p-o., Scott co., Mo., 240 s e. Jefferson City, 857 W.

Mathewsville, p-v., Pocahontas co., Va., 194 w. N. w. Richmond, 221 W.

Matinic, isl., Lincoln co., Me. 1 sch. Pop. 19,

Matinicus Rock, Lincoln co., Mc. 1 sch. Pop. 10.

Matildaville, p-o., Parishville t., St. Lawrence co., N. Y.

Mattapony, r., Va., rises in Spottsylvania co. and is formed by the junction of Mat, Ta, Po and Ny rivers. At the s. e. point of King William co., it unites with Pamunky r. to form York r.

Mattamiscontis, t., Penobscot co., Me. has 1 sch. 23 scholars. Pop. 97.

Mattapoisett, p-v., Rochester t, Plymouth co., Mass., 60 Boston, 441 W. Situated on a: inlet from Buzzard's bay, and contains 3 churches, 1 Congregational, 1 Baptist, 1 Universalist, several stores, and 100 dwellings. The inhabitants are extensively engaged in the whale fishery.

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Mattawamkeag, p-o., Penobscot co., Me., 130 n. e. Augusta, 725 W.

Matteawan, v., Fishkill t., Dutchess co., N. Y. Situated on Fishkill cr., H ms. from the landing on Hudson r. It contains the "Highland Gymnasium," a boarding school for boys, 2 churches, 6 stores, 2 extensive beverteens, moleskin, and fustian fac, employing 600 persons, 1 iron foundry and machine shop, employing 400 persons, 1 machine card fac, 1 flouring m., 200 dwellings, and about 1,800 inhabitants. The cr. has here a fall of 40 feet, affording extensive water power, during the whole year.

Matthew's Store, p-o., Anne Arundel co., Md.

Mattituck, p-v., Southold t, Suffolk co., N. Y., 233 s. s. e. Albany, 313 W. It contains a church, and 20 or 25 scattered dwellings.

Matteson, t., Branch co., Mich. It has 1 sch. 15 scholars. Pop. 170.

Mauch Chunk, pt., Northampton co., Pa., 92 n. e. by e. Harrisburg, 200 W. The t. belongs chiefly to the Lehigh navigation and coal company. The surface is mountainous; soil, gravel. Drained by Beaver, Mauch Chunk, Nesquihoning and Kettle creeks, and Room run. t contains several villages, connected with the coal business. Mauch Chunk v. is situated on the w. bank of Lehigh r., in a deep and romantic ravine, between rocky mountains, which rise in some parts precipitously, 800 or 1,000 feet above the stream. It contains 5 churches, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Episcopal. 1 Dutch Reformed, 1 Methodist, and 1 Roman Catholic, 7 stores, 300 dwellings, and about 1,800 inhabitants. About 1,200 of the inhabitants are employed in mining and shipping coal, and there is little agricultural cultivation in the neighborhood, the provisions being brought from an average distance of 20 miles. An inclined plane, 700 feet long, rising 200 feet, and a railway, 9 ms. long, extends to the great coal mine. About 30 acres have been worked on this single vein, and have produced more than 1,200,000 tons. Here is a village called Coalville, of 40 dwellings, occupied by miners, below Mauch Chunk the coal is conveyed by the Lehigh canal. The t. has 7 stores, cap. $41,000; 3 lumber yards, cap. $7,000; 1 printing office, 1 weekly newspaper, 1 grist m., 4 saw m. ap. in manufac. $23,000. 6 sch. 365 scholars, pop. 2,193.

Mauchport, p-v., Harrison co., Ia., 141 s. Indianapolis, 635 W.

Maulding's Mills, p-o., Wayne co., Ill., 147 e. Springfield, 766 W.

Maumee, r., O., rises in the n. e. part of Indiana, and flowing n. e., enters Lake Erie, rough Maumee bay. It is formed by the junction of Little St. Joseph's, St. Mary's, and Great d Little Auglaize rivers, is about 100 ms. long, and for 50 ms. from its mouth, 70 rods wide. It navigable for schooners and steamboats, 18 to Perrysburg. In the spring and fall, it is boatable 18 ms. above Perrysburg to Fort Wayne, furnishes extensive water power. The Wash and Erie Canal is constructed along its banks. The country on its borders is very productive.

Maumee City, p-v., Lucas co., O., 124 n. n. Columbus, 455 W. Situated on the w. side Maumee r., at the foot of the rapids, at the ad of navigation from the Lake, for small craft, side cut here connects the canal with the r. contains several stores and warehouses, and a considerable number of dwellings. Pop. 840. It is designed to remove obstructions in the r., so to open a steamboat navigation to this place. It is laid out on an extensive scale, and promises to be a place of importance.

Maurice, r., Gloucester co., N. J., rises in Deptford t., and Franklin t, and flows into Delaware Bay. It is navigable for 20 ms. for vessels of 80 or 100 tons. It has fine embanked meadows on its borders, and excellent oysters are taken at its mouth. In its upper part it affords water power.

Maurice River, t., Cumberland co., N. J., 20 s. E. Bridgeton. The surface is level; soil, sandy, excepting on the streams, where loam and day are found. Drained by Tuckahoe and Tarkill creeks, tributaries of Maurice r., which bounds it on the w. Delaware bay bounds it on the s. It has several villages on Maurice r. There are in the t. 6 stores, cap. $20,750; 2 glass houses, 7 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $48,060. 8 sch. 280 scholars. Pop. 2,143.

Mauricetown, p-v., Downe t, Cumberland co., N. J., 75 s. by w. Trenton, 187 W. It is situated on the w. side of Maurice r., 10 or 12 ms. from its mouth, and contains 1 Methodist church, an academy, a store, and 20 dwellings, many of them neatly built of brick.

Maury, County, Tenn. Situated a little s. w. of the center of the state, and contains 570 sq. ms. Drained by Duck r. and numerous tributaries. Capital, Columbia. There were in 1840, neat cattle 22,614, sheep 27,291, swine 105,175; wheat 131,027 bush, produced, rye 13,649, Ind. corn 2,542,642, oats 218,358, Potatoes 24,616, tobacco 51,376 pounds, cotton 2,001,676; 34 stores, cap. $221,300; 2 cotton fac. 796 sp., 10 tanneries, 33 distilleries, 23 grist m., 20 saw m., 2 printing offices, 2 weekly and 2 periodical newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $59,555. 1 college, 85 students, 7 acad. 326 students, 28 sch. 703 scholars. Pop. whites 17,090, slaves 10,002, free col'd 94; total, 28,186.

Mavais, p-o., Gasconade co., Mo., 28 e. Jefferson City, 964 W.

Maxatawny, t, Berks co., Pa., 74 n. e. Harrisburg, 165 W. The surface is level; soil, calcareous loam and gravel, and highly productive. Drained by Maiden cr. and its tributary, Sacony cr., which afford water power. The v. of Kutztown in the t., contains 1 Lutheran church, 3 stores, and 100 dwellings. There is another church in the t., common to Presbyterians and Lutherans. There are in the t. 3 stores, cap. $18,000; 1 tannery, 1 grist m. Cap. in manufac. $800. Pop. 1,897.

Maxfield, pt., Penobscot co., Me., 112 n. n. w. Augusta, 707 W. The soil is fertile, adapted to grain. Watered by Piscataquis r. and Seboois stream. It has 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $5,500. 4 sch. 83 scholars. Pop. 185.

Maxville, p-v., Sussex co., N. J.

Maxwell's Store, p-o., Mecklenburg co., N. C, 165 w. s. w. Raleigh, 404 W.

May, cape; N. J. Situated on the n. e. side of Delaware bay, in 38° 56' n. lat., and 74° 56' w. Ion. A lighthouse stands on the point. It received its name from Cornelius May, a Dutch navigator, who visited the bay in 1623.

Maybinton, p-v., Newberry dist., S. C, 45 w. Columbia, 488 W.

Mayfield, pt., Somerset co., Me., 52 n. Augusta, 657 W. Situated on the e. side of Kennebec r., 10 ms. distant from it. Incorporated in 1836. It has 1 saw m., 2 sch. 60 scholars. Pop. 148

Mayfield, pt., Fulton co., N. Y., 8 n. e. Johnstown, 58 n. w. Albany, 422 W. The surface is hilly and mountainous; soil, sandy and clay loam. Drained by branches of Sacandaga r. The v. contains 1 church, 1 store, 25 dwellings, and about 150 inhabitants. There are in the t. 4 stores, cap. $9,300; 2 fulling m., 2 cotton fac, 2 tanneries, 2 paper fee, 4 grist m., 18 saw in. Cap. in manufac. $66,854. 13 sch. 536 scholars. Pop. 2,615.

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Mayfield, p-o., Isle of Wight co., Va., 81 s. e. Richmond, 197 W.

Mayfield, p-v., capital of Graves co, Ky., 275 w. s. w. Frankfort, 802 W. Situated on a branch of Mayfield's r. It contains a court house and jail of brick, 1 Presbyterian and 1 Methodist church, 3 stores, 25 dwellings, and about 150 inhabitants.

Mayfield, pt., Cuyahoga co., O., 161 n. n. e. Columbus, 349 W. Watered by Chagrine r., on which is situated the v. of Gates' Mills. It contains 2 grist m. and 8 saw m. The t. has 2 stores, cap. $2,000; 1 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, 2 tanneries, 2 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $5,400. 6 sch. 280 scholars. Pop. 851.

Mayfield, p-o., Warren co., Ga., 35 e. n. e. Milledgeville, 636 W. Situated on e. side of the Ogeechee r. It has 3 or 4 dwellings.

Mahew, p-o., Lowndes co., Miss., 157 N. e. Jackson, 900 W.

Mayo, p-o., Halifax co., Va., 143 s. w. Richmond, 230 W.

Mayoning, p-v., Patrick co., Va., 217 w. s. w. Richmond, 292 W. Situated on a branch of N. Mayo r.

May River, p-o., Beaufort dist., S. C, 164 s. Columbia, 651 W.

May's Landing, p-v., Hamilton t., capital of Atlantic co., N. J., 73 s. Trenton, 183 W. Situated on Great Egg Harbor r., at the head of sloop navigation, 16 ms. from the ocean. It is built on both sides of the r., and contains a court house, 1 Methodist church, 4 stores, and about 30 dwellings. Ship building is carried on here. It has considerable trade in wood and lumber.

May's Lick, p-o., Mason co., Ky., 70 e. n. e. Frankfort, 473 W.

Maysville, p-v., capital of Buckingham co., Va., 79 w. Richmond, 158 W. Situated on the s. E. side of Slate r. It contains a court house, 5 stores, and about 300 inhabitants.

Maysville, p-v., Greenbrier co., Va., 232 w. Richmond, 269 W.

Maysville, t., Morgan co., O. It has 2 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,000. 6 sch. 175 scholars. Pop. 1,159.

Maysville, city, Mason co., Ky., 81 N. e. by E. Frankfort, 461 W. It is situated on the s. side of Ohio r., on a narrow bottom between the r. and the high hills which rise in its rear. It has 3 streets, running parallel with the r., and 4 crossing them at right angles. It contains 3 churches, 1 acad., 70 students, 3 sch. 200 scholars, about 500 dwellings, and 2,741 inhabitants. It has a good harbor for boats. Most of the goods imported into the n. e. part of the state are landed here. There were in 1840, 9 commission houses, cap. $111,600; 29 stores, cap. $133,000; 2 lumber yards, cap. $10,500; 1 cotton fac. 1,100 sp., 1 tannery, 1 brewery, 1 flouring m., 1 saw m., 2 printing offices, 3 weekly and 1 semiweekly newspapers. Cap. in manufac. $94,300.

Maysville, p-v., Dickson co., Tenn., 49 w. Nashville, 733 W.

Maysville, p-v., Fountain co., Ia., 84 w. n. w. Indianapolis, 642 W.

Maysville, p-v., capital of Clay co., HI., 122 s. E. Springfield, 733 W. Situated on the border of Twelve Mile prairie, near the Little Wabash r. It contains a court house, 3 stores, and about 25 dwellings.

Mayville, p-v., Chautauque t., capital of Chautauque co., N. Y., 344 w. by. s. Albanys 339 W. Situated at the n. end of Chautauque lake. It contains a neat court house, and jail of stone, 4 churches, an academy, 8 stores, 80 dwellings, and about 500 inhabitants. A steamboat plies on the lake, 32 ms. between this place and Jamestown.

Maytown, p-v., Donnegal t., Lancaster co., Pa., 30 s. E. by e. Harrisburg, 108 W. Situated 3 ms. n. e. of Susquehanna r. It has several stores, and about 30 dwellings.

Medois Farm, p-o., Muskingum co., O., 60 e. Columbus, 345 W.

Mead, County, Ky. Situated in the n. part of the state, on Ohio r., and contains 360 sq. mss. Watered by Otter cr., Spring cr., and other small tributaries of the Ohio. Capital, Brandenburg There were in 1840, neat cattle 5,714, sheep 7,045, swine 12,586; wheat 41,597 bush, produced, rye 2,208, Ind. corn 199,223, oats 75,529, Potatoes 9,199, tobacco 170,464 pounds; 17 stores, cap. $59,400; 2 lumber yards, cap. $1,980; 1 fulling m., 2 woolen fac, 1 cotton fac. 1,370 sp., 2 tanneries, 3 distilleries, 5 flouring m., 4 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $103,150. 10 sch. 257 scholars. Pop. whites 4,366, slaves 1,409, free col'd 5; total, 5,780.

Mead, t., Crawford co., Pa. It has 1 pottery, 1 paper fac, 1 grist m., 9 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $6,900. 1 college, 143 students, 1 sch. 20 scholars. Pop. 1,697.

Mead, t., Belmont co., O. Situated a little w of Ohio r. Drained by Pipe cr., which affords water power. It has 3 sch. 81 scholars. Pop. 1,496.

Mead's Basin, p o., Passaic co., N. J., 73 n. n. e. Trenton, 244 W.

Mead's Creek, p-o., Orange t., Steuben co., N. Y., 211 w. by s. Albany, 300 W.

Meadowville, p-v., Smith co., Tenn., 55 e. n. e. Nashville, 658 W. It contains 1 church, 1 store, and several dwellings.

Meadville, p-b., and capital of Crawford co. Pa., 234 n. w. by w. Harrisburg, 307 W. Situated on the e. side of French cr. The town plat gradually rises from the r. to its center, where is a handsome public square of 5 acres, on the e side of which is an elegant court house, of brick and cut stone, ornamented with a handsome cupola. It contains a Presbyterian, an Episcopal and a Methodist church, which are neat buildings, an academy, and a state arsenal. It is the seat of Alleghany College, which was founded u 1815, has a president, and 4 professors or other instructors, 100 students, and 8,000 vols., in it libraries. Military exercises have been connected with the institution. It has 14 stores, cap $104,300; 1 fulling m., 2 furnaces, 3 tanneries, distillery, 2 printing offices, 2 weekly newspapers, 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $30,055. 3 schools, 163 scholars. Pop. 1,319.

Meadville, p-v., Halifax co., Va., 136 s. w Richmond, 223 W.

Meadville, p-v., capital of Franklin co.. M 80 s. w. Jackson, 1,090 W. Situated on the v side of Homochitto r., and contains a court house and a few dwellings.

Meansville, p-v., Union dist., S. C, 91 n. w. Columbia, 475 W.

Mears Farm, p-o., Hamilton co., O., 130 s. w. Columbus, 504 W.

Mecca, pt., Trumbull co., O., 180 n. e. Columbus, 314 W. It has 7 sch. 244 scholars. Pop 684.

Mechanic, t., Holmes co., O. It has 4 grist m., 4 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $8,416. Pop, 1,403.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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