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Midway, KY to Mill Haven, GA

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Midway, p-v., Woodford co., Ky., 20 s. e. Frankfort, 542 W.

Midway, p-o., Spencer Co., Ia., 172 s. s. w. Indianapolis, 699 W.

Midway, p-v., Barbour co., Ala., 199 s. e. Tuscaloosa, 807 W.

Midway Inn, p-o., Prince Edward co., Va., 85 w. s. w. Richmond, 175 W.

Mifflin, County, Pa. Situated near the center of the state, and contains 900 sq. miles. The surface is uneven and mountainous, but much of the soil is very fertile. Watered by Juniata r., along which proceeds the Pennsylvania canal. Capital, Lewiston. There were in 1840, neat cattle 9,933, sheep 11,323, swine 15,002; wheat 307,696 bush, produced, rye 47,466, Indian corn 189,451, buckwheat 8,619, oats 227,321, Potatoes 51,499; 47 stores, cap. $226,800; 4 furnaces, 2 forges, 2 fulling m., 5 woolen fac, 14 tanneries, 5 distilleries, 1 brewery, 2 printing offices, 1 weekly newspaper, 24 grist m., 61 saw m Cap. in manufac. $227,865. Pop. 13,092

Mifflin, t., Lycoming co., Pa. It has 1 distillery, 1 pottery, 3 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $9,400. 5 sch. 445 scholars. Pop. 1,224.

Mifflin, t., Alleghany co., Pa., 8 s. Pittsburg, founded on the n. e. and s. e. by the Monongahela r. The surface is hilly; soil, loam. Drained by Thompson's run, Strut's run, and Peters cr., which flow into the Monongahela. It has 5 stores, ap. $3,500; 4 distilleries, 4 flouring m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $21,900. 5 sch. 180 scholars. Pop. 1,654.

Mifflin, t., Cumberland co., Pa., 17 n. w. Carlisle. The surface is hilly; soil, slaty. The Conedogwinit cr. bounds it on the s., and Blue Mountains on the n. It has 2 stores, cap. $4,000; fulling m., 2 tanneries, 3 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $17,900. 8 sch. 310 scholars. Pop. 1,412.

Mifflin, t., Columbia co., Pa. It has 5 stores, ap. $26,300; 1 fulling m., 3 tanneries, 2 flouring m., 2 grist m., 7 saw m. Cap. in manufactures 13,478. 5 sch. 148 scholars. Pop. 2,150.

Mifflin, t., Dauphin co., Pa., 23 n. e. Harrisburg. The surface is mountainous on the n. and; soil, red shale. Mahantango mountain bounds n., and Berry's mountain s. Watered by Wiconisco cr. It contains a Lutheran church. It as 7 stores, cap. $24,000; 1 fulling m., 3 tanners, 1 pottery, 5 flouring m., 1 grist m., 8 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $29,755. 7 sch. 230 scholars. Pop. 1,781.

Mifflin, pt., Richland co., O., 5 e. Mansfield, 72 n. by e. Columbus, 369 W. The soil is fertile, and well cultivated. Pop. 1,800.

Mifflin, t., Franklin co., O. The soil is various. Organized in 1811. It has 2 schools 40 scholars. Pop. 825.

Mifflin, t., Crawford co., O. It has 3 sch. 98 scholars. Pop. 316.

Mifflin, t., Pike co., O. It has 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $240. 2 sch. 61 scholars. Pop. 666.

Mifflin, p-v., Henderson co., Tenn., 133 w. s. w. Nashville, 817 W.

Mifflinsburg, p-b.. Buffalo t., Union co., Pa., I N. Harrisburg, 186 W. Situated on the s. side Buffalo cr., and contains 2 churches, 1 Lutheran and 1 Methodist, 5 stores, 90 dwellings, and tout 550 inhabitants. Incorporated in 1827. There are in the t. 6 stores, cap. $35,000; 2 tanneries, 2 breweries, 2 potteries. Cap. in manufac. $9,500. 1 acad. 25 students, 3 sch. 180 scholars. Pop. 704.

Mifflintown, p-b., Fermanagh t., capital of Juniata co., Pa., 45 n. w. Harrisburg, 136 W. Situated on the e. bank of Juniata r., and on the Pennsylvania canal. It contains 1 Methodist church, several stores, 1 academy, 2 schools 120 scholars. Pop. 420.

Mifflinville, p-v., Mifflin t., Columbia co., Pa., 103 n. n. e. Harrisburg, 213 W. Situated on the s. e. side of Susquehanna r., and contains 1 Lutheran and 1 Methodist church, 2 stores, and 20 dwellings.

Mikenauk, County, Mich., a central northern co. It contains 576 sq. ms. It has 2 lakes, the outlets of which form the Maskegon River. The head waters of the Au Sable also rise in this co. (It is unorganized.)

Milan, pt., Coos co., N. H., 118 n. by e. Concord, 587 W. The surface is uneven. Watered by Androscoggin r., and a branch of Upper Ammonoosuc r. Chartered in 1771. It has 2 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,400. 6 sch. 151 scholars. Pop. 336.

Milan, pt., Dutchess co., N. Y., 62 s. Albany, 322 W. The surface is hilly; soil, clay and gravelly loam. Drained by a branch of Roeliff Jansen's cr. and Sawkill cr. It has 5 stores, cap. $11,500; 1 fulling m., 1 tannery, 5 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $18,500. 5 sch. 366 scholars. Pop. 1,725.

Milan, p-o., Bradford co., Pa., 149 n. Harrisburg, 259 W.

Milan, pt., Erie co., O., 103 n. Columbus, 396 W. Situated on Huron r. The v. is on the s. e. bank of the r., 8 ms. from Lake Erie, on a bluff 60 or 70 feet above the r., on the site of an old Indian town. A ship canal is constructed to near the mouth of Huron r., 8 miles, by which vessels can come to the v. It contains a brick church, an academy, 10 stores, 2 saw m., 1 grist m., 1 oil m., 1 carding machine and fulling m., various mechanic shops, and about 800 inhabitants. There are in the t. 11 sch. 608 scholars. Pop. 1,531.

Milan, pt., Monroe co., Mich., 50 s. w. Detroit, 507 W. Watered by Saline and Macon Rivers. It has 1 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $2,900. 1 sch. 28 scholars. Pop. 363.

Milan, p-v., Garrard co., Ky., 52 s. s. e. Frankfort, 550 W.

Milan, pt., Calhoun co., Ill., 94 s. w. Springfield, 835 W. It has 1 store, cap. $3,000. Cap. in manufac. $325.

Milburnton, p-o., Greene co., Tenn., 276 e. Nashville, 425 W.

Milbury, pt., Worcester co., Mass., 6 s. e. Worcester, 43 w. by s. Boston, 403 W. The surface is elevated: soil, fertile. Incorporated in 1813. Watered by Blackstone r., along which passes the Blackstone canal. A branch of the Boston and Worcester railroad extends to this place. It has 5 churches, 3 Congregational, 1 Baptist, and 1 Methodist, and 3 villages. It contains 5 stores, cap. $25,000; 11 fulling m., 5 woolen fac, 3 cotton fac. 4,960 sp., 1 tannery, 1 paper fac, 3 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufactures $261,600. 1 acad. 45 students, 10 sch. 462 scholars. Pop. 2,171.

Milbury, p-v., Centre co.; Pa., 87 n. w. Harrisburg, 179 W.

Miles, t., Centre co., Pa. It has 2 stores, cap. $6,000; 1 tannery, 1 distillery, 4 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $9,500. 7 sch. 210 scholars. Pop. 1,198.

Milestown, p-v., Bristol t., Philadelphia co., Pa., 104 e. by s. Harrisburg, 144 W. Pleasantly situated on a gentle hill, and contains 2 stores, and about 30 dwellings.

Milford, pt., Penobscot co., Me., 82 n. e. Augusta, 677 W Situated on the e. side of Penobscot r., opposite to Orono. Watered by Sunkhaze r., which flows into the Penobscot. It has 7 stores, cap. $18,000; 1 flouring m., 1 grist m., 24 saw m., 3 sch. 144 scholars. Pop. 474.

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Milford, pt., Hillsboro'co., N. H., 33 s. by w. Concord, 458 W. Situated on both sides of Souhegan r., which affords water power, and on which is rich bottom land. It has 4 stores, cap. $10,000; 1 fulling m., 2 tanneries, 1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $22,200. 11 sch. 367 scholars. Pop. 1,455.

Milford, pt., Worcester co., Mass., 30 s. w. by w. Boston, 409 W. The surface is diversified; soil, generally fertile. Watered by Charles and Mill rivers. Incorporated in 1780. It has 8 stores, cap. $12,600; 1 woolen fac, 5 grist m., 5 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $55,500. 1 acad. 22 students, 5 sch. 165 scholars. Pop. 1,773.

Milford, pt., New Haven co., Ct., 45 s. s. w. Hartford, 291 W. The surface is level, or slightly uneven; soil, productive. Housatonic r. bounds it on the w., and Long Island sounds on the s. Watered by Wepawaug r., which affords water power. The harbor is shallow, but admits vessels of 200 tons. Excellent oysters and clams are taken on the coast. Beautiful serpentine marble is found here. The v. contains 3 churches, several stores, and about 100 dwellings, many of them neat and handsome. The Washington Bridge across the Housatonic connects this place with Stratford. It has a draw, to admit vessels which navigate to Derby. There are in the t. 11 stores, cap. $16,500; 1 lumber yard, cap. $2,000; 1 tannery, 4 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $330,050. 2 acad. 32 students, 14 sch. 764 scholars. Pop. 2,455.

Milford, pt., Otsego co., N. Y., 13 s. Cooperstown, 77 w. Albany, 365 W. The surface is hilly and broken; soil, in the valleys, a fertile loam, with some alluvion. Drained by Susquehanna r. and its tributaries. The v. is situated on a plain, and contains 1 Presbyterian and 1 Methodist church, 6 stores, 2 tanneries, 1 saw m., 1 fulling m., 40 dwellings, and about 250 inhabitants. There are in the t. 4 stores, cap. $4,500; 1 fulling m., 1 woolen fac, 3 tanneries, 2 grist m., 8 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $21,850. 12 sch. 550 scholars. Pop. 2,095.

Milford, p-v., Alexandria t, Hunterdon co., N. J., 39 n. w. Trenton, 196 W. Situated on the e. side of Delaware r., at the entrance of a small cr. It contains a Presbyterian, and a Christian or Unitarian church, which admits females to participate in the ministry.

Milford, pt., capital of Pike co., Pa., 162 n. e. by E. Harrisburg, 256 W. The v. is situated on the w. side of Delaware r., on a commanding eminence. A fine bridge here crosses the r. It contains 2 churches, and an academy. There are in the t. 1 acad. 46 students, 1 sch. 36 scholars. Pop. 648.

Milford, t., Bucks co., Pa., 36 n. w. Philadelphia. The surface is rolling; soil, gravel and clay. Drained by Swamp cr., a branch of Perkiomen cr. It contains the v. of Charleston, where is a church. It has 7 stores, cap. $24,000; 1 fulling m., 2 tanneries, 4 potteries, 10 grist m., 10 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $8,850. 2 sch. 47 scholars. Pop. 2,193.

Milford, t., Juniata co., Pa. Situated on the south side of Juniata r. It has 1 acad. 30 students, 10 sch. 423 scholars. Pop. 1,824.

Milford, t., Somerset co., Pa., 7 s. w. Somerset. Drained by Castleman's r. and its tributaries, and Laurel Hill cr. Iron ore and stone coal are abundantly found. It has 3 stores, cap. $16,000; 2 fulling m., 2 tanneries, 2 distilleries, 2 potteries, 5 grist m., 15 saw m., 1 oil m. Cap. in manufac. $6,500. 1 sch. 24 scholars. Pop 1,632.

Milford, p-v., and hundred, Kent co., Del 95 s. Philadelphia, 21 s. by e. Dover, 129 W. Situated on the n. side of Mispillon cr., which enters Delaware bay. There are in the hundred, 13 stores, cap. $6,990; 2 tanneries, 6 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $24,000. 2 acad. 65 students, 6 schools, 331 scholars. Population, 2,356.

Milford, p-v., Warren co., Va.

Milford, p-v., Greenville dist., S. C, 119 n. w. by w. Columbia, 491 W.

Milford, p-v., Bracken co., Ky., 54 n. e Frankfort, 499 W. Situated on a branch of Licking r.

Milford, p-v., Miami t., Clermont co., O , 112 s. w. Columbus, 484 W. Situated on Little Miami r. It contains 1 Methodist Episcopal church, 7 stores, 1 flouring m., 1 saw m., 1 carding and fulling m., 1 distillery, 1 pottery, 1 tannery, various mechanic shops, 80 dwellings, and about 500 inhabitants.

Milford, t., Butler co., O. It has 10 sch. 515 scholars. Pop. 1,863.

Milford, t., Knox co., O. The surface is level; soil, fertile. Pop. 1,153.

Milford, pt., Oakland co., Mich., 41 n. w. Detroit, 565 W. It has 6 stores, cap. $12,750; 2 flour m., 2 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $4,320. 4 sch. 120 scholars. Pop. 880.

Milford, t, Williams co., O. It has .1 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $5,000. 3 sch. 59 scholars. Pop. 175.

Milford, p-o., Kosciusko co., Ia., 139 n. Indianapolis, 616 W.

Milford, t., La Grange co., Ia. It has 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $1,000. 1 sch. 30 scholars. Pop. 293.

Milford, p-o., Iroquois co., Ill., 163 N. e Springfield, 694 W.

Milford Centre, p-o., Milford t., Otsego co. N. Y., 77 w. Albany, 359 W.

Milford Centre, p-o., Union t., Union co. O., 32 n. w. Columbus, 425 W. The t. has sch. 82 scholars. Pop. 201.

Military Grove, p-o., Burke co., N. C, 22: w. Raleigh, 440 W.

Military Road, p-o., Theresa t., Jefferson co., N. Y., 179 n. w. Albany, 431 W.

Millardsville, p-v., Susquehanna co., Pa 162 n. n. E. Harrisburg, 270 W.

Mill, t., Tuscarawas co., O. It has 3 stores cap. $19,200; 2 com. houses, cap. $10,000; tannery, 1 distillery, 1 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $13,100. 7 sch. 394 scholars. Pop. 1,225.

Mill Bayou, p-o., Mississippi co., Ark.

Millsborough Springs, p-o., Bath co., Va 162 w. n. w. Richmond, 202 W.

Millbrook:, p-o., Litchfield co., Ct., 31 w. Hartford, 349 W.

Millbury, t., Worcester co., Mass., 43 w. w. Boston. The surface is hilly; soil, fertile. Drained by branches of Blackstone r. The Blackstone canal passes through it. Incorporated in 1813. It contains a bank and 5 churches, 3 Congregational and 1 Baptist. It has stores, cap. $25,000; 11 fulling m., 5 woolen fac, 1 tannery, 1 paper fac, 3 grist m., 3 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $261,600. 1 acad. 45 students 10 sch. 462 scholars. Pop. 2,171.

Millbrook, p-v., Clinton t., Wayne co., O 98 n. e. Columbus, 350 W. It contains 2 stores 30 dwellings, and about 150 inhabitants.

Millburn, p-v., Hickman co., Ky.

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Mill Cheek, p-o., Huntington co., Pa., 87 Harrisburg, 146 W.

Mill Creek, hundred, New Castle co., Del. It has 3 sch. 145 scholars. Pop. 3,144.

Mill Creek, t., Erie co., Pa. It has 1 fulling m., 2 breweries, 3 grist m., 17 saw m., 15 sch. 452 scholars. Pop. 2,632.

Mill Creek, p-o., Berkley co., Va., 159 n. Richmond, 83 W.

Mill Creek, p-v., Person co., N. C.

Mill Creek, pt., Coshocton co., O., 93 n. e. Columbus, 348 W. It has 1 tannery. Cap. in manufac. $250. 1 sch. 25 scholars. Pop. 907.

Mill Creek, t., Hamilton co., O. It contains 1 college, 32 students, 1 acad. 125 students, 9 sch. 169 scholars. Pop. 6,249.

Mill Creek, t., Union co., O. Much of the soil is very fertile. It has 3 sch. 57 scholars. Pop. 523.

Mill Creek, t, Williams co., O. It has 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $700. 1 sch. 20 scholars. Pop. 109.

Mill Creek, p-o., Madison co., Ia., 44 n. e. Indianapolis, 543 W.

Mill Creek, p-o., Alexander co., Ill., 207 s. Springfield, 841 W.

Mill Creek, p-o., Ripley co., Mo.

Milldale, p-o., Henry co., O., 157 n. w. Columbus, 499 W.

Milldale, p-v., Warren co., Miss., 151 w. Jackson, 1,061 W.

Milledgeville, p-v., Montgomery co., N. C, 133 w. s. w. Raleigh, 339 W.

Milledgeville, city and capital of Baldwin co., and of the state of Georgia, 158 n. w. Savannah, 89 w. s. w. Augusta, 193 n. Darien, 648 W. Situated on the w. bank of the Oconee r., at the head of steamboat navigation, and at the junction of Fishing cr. Laid out in 1803. It contains 10 streets parallel with the r., crossed by 10 others at right angles with them. The streets are 100 feet wide, excepting Washington, a central street, which is 120. There are 3 squares made by the omission of a street in each direction, called Statehouse, Governors and Penitentiary square, each 450 on a side. The state house, in the center of Statehouse square, ¼ of a mile from the r., is a handsome building of Gothic architecture, erected in 1828, and cost $115,000. It contains a fine representatives hall, 60 by 54 feet, ornamented with portraits of Gen. Oglethorpe, Washington, La Fayette, and Jefferson; and various public offices. The other public buildings are a governor's house, a state arsenal, a penitentiary, a market house, 3 banks, in academy, 3 churches, 1 Presbyterian, 1 Baptist, and 1 Methodist. Pop. 2,095. A toll bridge crosses the Oconee r. here 550 feet wide, which cost $20,000. A short distance from Milledgeville, in Medway v., is Oglethorpe College, founded in 1836, and contains a president and 5 professors or other instructors, and 31 students.

Milledgeville, p-v., White co., Tenn., 86 b. Nashville, 608 W.

Miller, County, Mo. Situated near the center of the state, and contains 555 sq. ms. Drained by Osage r. The surface is broken; soil, on the streams, very fertile. Capital, Tuscumbia. There were in 1840, neat cattle 2,935, sheep 1,260, swine 9,304; wheat 5,005 bush, produced, Ind. corn 99,180, oats 8,163, Potatoes 3,418, tobacco 4,601 pounds, cotton 1,209; 2 stores, 3 distilleries, 5 grist m., 1 saw m. Cap. in manufac. 2,554. 3 sch. 65 scholars. Pop. whites 2,170, slaves 111, free col'd 1; total, 2,282.

Miller, t., Dearborn co., Ia. It has 1 store, 3 grist m., 2 saw m. Cap. in manufac. $5,400. 5 sch. 150 scholars. Pop. 1,209.

Miller, t., Macon co., Mo. Pop. 149.

Miller, t., Polk co., Mo. Pop. 155.

Miller, t., Knox co., O. The soil is well adapted to grazing. Settled chiefly by emigrants from Connecticut and Rhode Island. Pop. 977.

Millers, p-o., Lawrence co., O., 131 s. by e. Columbus, 393 W.

Millers Bay, p-o., Lyme t., Jefferson co., N. Y.

Millersburg, p-v., Upper Paxton t., Dauphin co., Pa., 31 n. Harrisburg, 141 W. Situated on the e. bank of Susquehanna r., at the confluence of Wiconisco cr. It contains a Lutheran church, 3 stores, and about 70 dwellings. The railroad from the coal mine in Lyken's valley to the r. passes near the v.

Millersburg, p-v., Bourbon co., Ky., 44 e. Frankfort, 499 W.

Millersburg, p-v., Rutherford co., Tenn., 44 s. e. Nashville, 675 W.

Millersburg, p-v., Hardy t., capital of Holmes co., O., 87 n. e. Columbus, 343 W. Situated on the e. side of Killbuck cr. It contains a court house, jail, 1 church, 10 stores, a printing office issuing a weekly newspaper, 100 dwellings, and about 600 inhabitants.

Millersburg, p-v., Mercer co., Ill.

Millersburg, p-v., Callaway co., Mo., 34 n. e. Jefferson City, 929 W.

Miller's Mill, p-o., Christian co., Ky.

Miller's Place, p-v., Brookhaven t., Suffolk co., N. Y., 207 s. s. e. Albany, 257 W. Situated near the Sound shore, and contains an academy, and about 20 dwellings.

Millersport, p-v., Walnut t., Fairfield co., O., 30 s. e. Columbus, 373 W.

Miller's Tavern, p-o., Essex co., Va., 40 n. e. Richmond, 122 W.

Millerstown, p-v., Greenwood t., Perry co., Pa., 30 n. w. Harrisburg, 140 W. It contains a Presbyterian church, 5 stores, and about 90 dwellings.

Millerstown, p-v., Champaign co., O., 55 w. by n. Columbus, 449 W.

Millerstown, p-v., Grayson co., Ky., 125 s. w. by w. Frankfort, 650 W.

Millersville, p-v., Lancaster co., Pa., 39 s. e. Harrisburg, 111 W.

Millersville, p-o., Anne Arundel co., Md.

Millersville, p-v., Marion co., Ia., 7 Indianapolis, 578 W.

Millfield, p-v., Dover t., Athens co., O., 73 s. e. Columbus, 348 W. Situated on Sunday cr., 3 ms. from its entrance into Hockhocking r. It contains 1 church, 2 stores, 1 grist m., and 1 saw m. Three salt works in the vicinity produce over 200 bushels of salt daily.

Millford, p-v., Lewis co., Mo., 164 n. by e. Jefferson City, 943 W.

Millford Mills, p-o., Prince Edward co., Va., 41 w. s. w. Richmond, 105 W.

Mill Grove, p-o., Cabarrus co., N. C, 148 w. Raleigh, 383 W.

Mill Grove, p-o., Sumter dist., S. C, 81 e. Columbia, 501 W.

Mill Grove, p-o., Cobb co., Ga., 114 n. w. Milledgeville, 685 W.

Mill Grove, p-o., Warren co., O., 90 s. w. Columbus, 464 W.

Mill Grove, p-o., Owen co., Ia., 50 s. w. Indianapolis, 619 W.

Mill Hall, p-o., Clinton co., Pa., 104 n. n. w. Harrisburg, 196 W.

Mill Haven, p-v., Scriven co., Ga., 106 e. by s. Milledgeville, 629 W.

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Source: A Complete Descriptive And Statistical Gazetteer Of The United States Of America, By Daniel Haskel, A. M and J. Calvin Smith, Published By Sherman & Smith, 1843

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