Lee County Illinois
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1st - 2nd Artillery

First Artillery
John T. Cheney, Major, Dixon

Battery C
Guy W. Blanchard, Dixon
George S. Benton, Sublette
Julius A. Perkins, Sublette
Henry J. Shoemaker, Dixon
Jeremiah Swoyer, Nelson.

Battery D
Henry C. Powers, 2d Lieut., Dixon
Lewis W. Jones, Corp., Wyoming
Theodore S. Jones, Wyoming
Eli Mead, Wyoming
Horace McIntyre, Wyoming
Amos A. Neal, Wyoming
Henry E. Walton, Wyoming (?).

Noah Beal, Dixon
Amanzel D. Burr, Dixon
George C. Ball, Dixon
Seth C. Bretton, Wyoming
Benjamin W. Clapp, Dixon
William Steele, Dixon
Samuel Sepley, Dixon
George W. Tracy, Dixon
Joshua Wood, Dixon

Battery F
Josiah H. Burton, Capt., Dixon
Jefferson F. Whaley, 1st Lieut., Brooklyn
Theodore W. Raub, 2d Lieut., Dixon
Robert Richey, 2d Lieut., Brooklyn
John Q. Yates, 2d Lieut., Dixon

This battery, ''Cheney'' was discontinued and the veterans and recruits were assigned Feb. 22, 1865, to other batteries.

Edward O'Brien, Dixon
James M. Vesper, Dixon


Frederick W. Bennett, Dixon
Obadiah Berringer, Brooklyn
Lloyd Berringer, Brooklyn
Reuben Booth, Brooklyn
Henry C. Chappell, Brooklyn
G. W. Christiance, Brooklyn
Benjamin Carey, Dixon
George Carey, Dixon
Cornelius Christiance, Brooklyn
Valentine Doctor, Brooklyn
Frederick E. Fuller, Brooklyn
Ole Gunderson, Dixon
Charles Hough, Brooklyn
Henry Horn, Dixon
John Haynes, Dixon
Jacob Hoffman, Palmyra
Frederick Holdren, Brooklyn
Charles Y. (or G.) Kennedy, Dixon
Michael Kearns, Dixon
Michael Karshner, Brooklyn
Walter Little, Viola
Leander L. Leach, Dixon
Jeremiah Lennihan, Dixon
John H. Lyle, Dixon
James Lahey, Dixon
John Mann, Brooklyn
Frank McElroy, Brooklyn
John Nightlinger, Sublette
S. E. Parker, Brooklyn
Amos Rohrer, Dixon
John Reardon, Palmyra
William Richardson, Dixon
Thomas Shelly, Brooklyn
Perry Stetler, China
Rush Schick, Palmyra
N. H. Thompson, Dixon
James E. Taylor, Dixon
James Thompson, Palmyra
Earl A. White, Dixon
Addison Wagner, Dixon
Johnson Whaley, Brooklyn
Albert Youngs, Brooklyn


Henry W. Ayres, Dixon
Frank Aird, Brooklyn
Calvin Burkett, Dixon
James Ball, Dixon
Daniel Bressie, Dixon
Henry E. Brierton, Dixon
Benjamin Burr, Dixon
Sylvanus Beadway, Dixon
William M. Black, Palmyra
John D. Boardman, Dixon
Franklin H. Babbitt, Dixon
Lionel C. Burr, Dixon
Charles W. Curtis, Dixon
Daniel Cobb, Viola
William H. Christiance, Brooklyn
Franklin Conway, Palmyra
Homer H. Clink, Palmyra
John W. Deck, Palmyra
Laureston L. Deyo, Dixon
Eliphalet B. Edsom, Dixon
Alfred Eyre, Palmyra
William Elwert, Dixon
Hervey Ferguson, Dixon
George W. Farrell, Dixon
Samuel C. Fairchilds, Brooklyn
George W. Goodwin, Dixon
Alonzo D. Gage, Dixon
Henry Graff, Dixon
Justin Hollister, Dixon
John Hughes, Dixon
Hiram Hetler, Dixon
Theodore Johnson, Palmyra
German Knipper, Ashton
Edwin M. Keiser, Dixon
Andrew J. Loveless, Dixon
Thomas C. Little, Dixon
Charles Lowe, Dixon
George E. Loveland, Dixon
Joseph M. Loveless, Dixon
Jeremiah Hosteller, Dixon
Clark W. Moon, Dixon
Henry L. Peacock, Dixon
Shepard G. Patrick, Dixon
Franklin O. Pierce, Brooklyn
William C. Snyder, Dixon
John J. Snail, Dixon
Adam Scheer, Dixon
Henry W. Short, Palmyra
Emery M. Santee, Dixon
William H. Scullen, Lee Center
Amos Sweet, Brooklyn
Edward Shelters, Dixon
William A. Stewart, Dixon

First Battalion
John Tombow, Palmyra
Alexander Turner, Dixon
Van J. Thomas, Palmyra
William T. Wood, Dixon
Thomas Wade, Dixon
It has been difficult to get these names, whole pages of the report have no addresses. For instance, George R. Loveland's address was blank. I am fearful, therefore, that some names have been omitted.

Battery G
William Hamilton, Amboy

Battery I
Michael Welch, Dixon

Unassigned Recruits
Frederick E. Fuller, Willow Creek
John Jordan, Dixon
Simon P. Kuhn, Palmyra (?)
Franklin Peterson, Dixon
Noah Thomas, Palmyra (?)

Second Artillery
Battery F
Peter C. Brooks, Nelson (?)

Battery G
Charles Slate, Wyoming

Edgar M. Condit, Hamilton
George C. Cade, Hamilton
Milton B. Dunton, Willow Creek
Horace Kegwin, Hamilton
Henry P. Landus, Reynolds
Jabez Landus, Willow Creek
Oscar F. McIntosh, Reynolds
Warren Pike, Hamilton
Hugh Scott, Viola
Frederick M. Tilden, Hamilton
Chabris Taylor, Alto
William Tate, Hamilton
Lucius C. Vroman, Willow Creek
Allen B. Warn, Amboy
Alonzo Webster, Viola

Battery K
William N. Henrie, Dixon.
This man served three years in Company H, Forty-sixth Illinois Infantry. He came from Kane County. Here he enlisted as a veteran. In reality, he was not a Dixon man.

Battery L
Patrick Kerivan, Dixon

Cogswell's Battery
John Allen, Wyoming
Horace Allen, Wyoming

Henshaw's Battery
Michael L. Keryn, Dixon
Lawrence J. Millard, Marion
Barney McCoy, Amboy
Thomas O'Connor, Dixon
Henry O'Neal, Amboy

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