Lee County Illinois
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15th Regiment - 15th Regiment Reorganized

Fifteenth Regiment
John W. Vertress, Amboy, Co. D;
Francis A. Fish, Franklin Grove, Co. G;
Robert S. Savidge, Franklin Grove, Co. G;
Bascom Decker, Franklin Grove, Co. G.

Fifteenth Reorganized

Company D
Company D: Ezekiel Giles, Dixon, Capt.
Volney Bliss, Lee Center, 1st Lieut.
Charles A. Harper, Nelson, 2d Lieut.
William J. McVay, May, Sergeant
Milton E. Barker, Lee Center, Sergeant
Charles P. Giles, Dixon, Sergeant
William Barber, Lee Center, Corporal
Ralph O. Tripp, Lee Center, Corporal
Albert N. Shoemaker, Lee Center, Corporal
Samuel R. Lichtenberger, Harmon, Corporal
George Aschenbrenner, Lee Center
Christopher Bierce, Amboy
Carlos C. Burr, Dixon
Charles W. Frost, Lee Center
Josiah L. Gray, Lee Center
Parnack B. Haradan, Palmyra
Emery M. June, China
Samuel H. Liedy, Dixon
Calvin P. Linn, Lee Center
James McConnell, May
Barnett Neill, Lee Center
John H. Penfield, Lee Center
Elijah Robinson, Lee Center
James C. Vroman, Lee Center
William H. Woodyatt, Lee Center
Albert G. Wheaton, China
Cyrus Whipkey, Nelson
Cyrus L. Woodruff, Bradford

Company G
Albert Bliss, Jr., Sublette, Captain
Devalson J. Kimball, Paw Paw, 1st Lieut.
Augustus S. Chappell, Dixon, 2d Lieut.
Henry Cole, Paw Paw, Sergeant
Cyrus C. Wood, Paw Paw, Sergeant
Henry C. Allen, Alto, Sergeant
John R. Miller, Amboy, Corporal
Luther W. Mitchell, Palmyra, Corporal
Richard M. Gano, Alto, Corporal
Francis M. Mendenall, Amboy, Musician
Elijah Allen, Amboy
William J. Cockrum, Amboy
James H. Carle, Amboy
William J. Caspen, Amboy
Isaac Denham, Amboy
Thomas J. Dunkle, Amboy
Charles H. Dunkle, Amboy
Joshua Epperson, Alto
John Harrington, Paw Paw
William Howell, Paw Paw
James H. Johnson, Alto
Isaac C. Jones, Paw Paw
John Jackson, Paw Paw
James T. Johnson, Marion
Mathias Klinker, Marion
John Meeks, Amboy
Stephen J. Morris, Paw Paw
Thomas C. McClure, Marion
Elisha P. Nooner, Amboy
William J. Pearson, Amboy
John Poland, Wyoming
Francis E. Rogers, Wyoming
James A. Ratliff, Amboy
Ira D. Swartwout, Wyoming
John Smith, Willow Creek
John D. Sharp, Amboy
Wyatt Tucker, Amboy
John B. Titus, Brooklyn
Edward R. Therig, Marion
William Trowbridge, Marion
Isaac Williams, Amboy
Daniel Ward, Amboy
Joseph F. Wheeler, Brooklyn
William R. Miller, Amboy
Hiram Knepper, Marion
Henry R. Mon, Marion
Henry H. Stull, Marion.

Company I
Benjamin F. Gifford, Alto, Captain
Septer Roberts, Viola, 1st Lieut.
Nathaniel A. Nettleton, Willow Creek, 2d Lieut.
William Dearth, Palmyra, 2d Lieut.
Job T. Lane, Brooklyn, Sergeant
Benjamin Nettleton, Willow Creek, Sergeant
Jeremiah Conway, Reynolds, Sergeant
Marvin Reed, Alto, Sergeant
Abram Parker, Viola, Corporal
Granville S. Dunton, Viola, Corporal
William J. Dawson, Brooklyn, Corporal
James Keghtlinger, Willow Creek, Corporal
Chandler Holton, Willow Creek, Corporal
Leander Walrath, Alto, Corporal
James O. Van Campen, Viola, Corporal
John D. Wheeler, Wyoming, Corporal
Samuel Argraves, Viola
Minor M. Avery, Viola
Thomas Armstrong, Reynolds
Nathaniel C. Allen, Willow Creek
Adin Briggs, Willow Creek
George S. Briggs, Willow Creek
Bigelow Barnhart, Willow Creek
Robert E. Blair, Viola
Allen Cole, Viola
Emanuel Depus, Viola
Frederick Erbes, Willow Creek
Edwin C. Freeman, Alto
John M. Fisk, Reynolds
Robert P. Golden, Wyoming
David Guthrie, Viola
Henry Grobe, Nelson
Joseph Hethrington, Amboy
McClure Hyde, Brooklyn
James W. Hyde, Brooklyn
David Holdren, Brooklyn
Samuel Hough, Brooklyn
Santee Hess, Willow Creek
Charles E. Hull, Willow Creek
James D. Hull, Brooklyn
Henry E. Jewell, Viola
Truman Johnson, Viola
Andrew Jackson, Willow Creek
William D. Jenkins, Wyoming
Joseph Kugler, Willow Creek
John Kasler, China
John E. King, Palmyra
David Lewis, Brooklyn
Thomas Machen, Amboy
Andrew McGaffey. Palmyra
William J. Melugin, Brooklyn
Clement B. Miller, Willow Creek
William S. Mills, Willow Creek
Daniel Mittan, Wyoming
John Rankin, China
John F. Seavey, Palmyra
Hamilton P. Stow, Wyoming
Charles D. Steinbrook, Willow Creek
William Sherwood, Reynolds
William H. Taylor, Viola
Hosea R. Town, Wyoming
Christian C. Uhl, Nelson
William Van Anker, Wyoming
Charles Wright, Amboy
Winfield S. Whitaker, Viola
William A. Whitcomb, Palmyra
Robert Wells, Willow Creek
John W. Wood, Willow Creek
Thomas F. Maddox, Marion
Peter Ruffin, Nelson

Reorganized Regiment
Daniel Woodmansee, Lee County, Co. E, 16th Reg.
A. N. George, Lee County, Co. B, 19th Reg.
Joseph R. Hunt, Lee County, Co. E, 19th Reg.
Daniel L. Yeomans, Lee County, Co. B, 19th Reg.
John P. Clay, Viola, Co. H, 19th Reg.
John Metcalf, Wyoming, Co. B, 21st Reg.
James Nicholas, Wyoming, Co. B, 21st Reg.
John Agler, Wyoming, Co. C, 21st Reg.
Henry A. Black, Franklin Grove, Co. C, 21st Reg.
Charles T. Bowers, Franklin Grove, Co. C, 21st Reg.
Alfred A. Beede, Palmyra, Co. C, 21st Reg.
David S. Bixby, Amboy, Co. C, 21st Reg.
William Brubaker, China, Co. C, 21st Reg.
John A. Barrett, Wyoming, Co. C, 21st Reg.
Charles Bach, Sublette, Co. C, 21st Reg.
William Casterline, Franklin Grove, Co. C, 21st Reg.
Ira Dexter, May, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Samuel Farseman, Willow Creek, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Charles Fairchilds, Bradford, Co. D, 21st Reg.
George W. Hall, Brooklyn, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Albert Hubbard, Brooklyn, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Christopher C. Hodges, Wyoming, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Phillip Hackett, Wyoming, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Murray Johnson, May, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Henry Johnson, China, Co. D, 21st Reg.
Charles H. Kelly, Wyoming, Co. E, 21st Reg.
Jacob Luft, Sublette, Co. E, 21st Reg.
Avery Merriman, Wyoming, Co. E, 21st Reg.
Emery R. Morrill, Palmyra, Co. E, 21st Reg.
Harvey A. Morris, Wyoming, Co. E, 21st Reg.
Oscar R. Morse, Sublette, Co. E, 21st Reg.
Edgar A. Madison, Wyoming, Co. E, 2l8t Reg.
James A. Smith, Dixon, Co. E, 21st Reg.
Joseph A. Miller, Am-boy, Co. F, 21st Reg.
Henry Nicholas, Hamilton, Co. F, 21st Reg.
Elijah R. Odell, Sublette, Co. F, 21st Reg.
Hiram Pence, China, Co. F, 21st Reg.
Richard A. Steele, Wyoming, Co. F, 21st Reg.
John Smith, China, Co. F, 21st Reg.
Charles B. Stanard, Brooklyn, Co. F, 21st Reg.
Chas. W. Reed, Melugin's Grove, Co. I, 21st Reg.
George N. Scott, Sublette, Co. I, 21st Reg.
Charles D. Timothy, Franklin Grove, Co. I, 21st Reg.
Seymour Warner, Wyoming, Co. I, 21st Reg.
Henry Wolf, Sublette, Co. I, 21st Reg.
Charles H. Ingalls, Lee Center, Co. K, 21st Reg.
George A. Sickels, Dixon, Co. K, 21st Reg.
Henry S. Palmer, Dixon, Com. Sergt., 22d Reg., enlisted Co. D
Thomas F. Beemer, Willow Creek, Co. D, 23d Reg.
Horatio Farnham, Amboy, Co. F, 23d Reg.
Allen F. White, Dixon, 1st Corp., Co. H, 23d Reg.
Wm. Bundy, Dixon, Co. H, 23d Reg.
Frederick Kuhre, Dixon, Co. H, 23d Reg.
Taylor Morris, Dixon, Co. H, 23d Reg.
Samuel McChesney, Dixon, Co. H, 23d Reg.
Miles L. Reed, Alto, 2d Lieut., Co. I, 23d Reg.
George Allen, Dixon, Co. I, 23d Reg.
Elisha H. Beadle, Dixon, Co. I, 23d Reg.
Alfred Cornish, Dixon, Co. I, 23d Reg.
Peter Dule, Dixon, Co. I, 23d Reg.
David H. Henry, Dixon, Co. I, 23d Reg.
James H. Thompson, Dixon, Co. I, 23d Reg.
Michael Garsensmicht, Amboy, Co. A, 24th Reg.
Charles Montonk, Dixon, Co. B, 32d Reg.

Michael Spooner, Dixon, Co. I, 23d Reg., this fellow deserted
David Abbott, Milton Hallister and Peter Blackburn, all of China township, enlisted in the regular army. Abbott died in camp of smallpox Blackburn served his time and Hallister was rejected for physical disabilities.


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