Lee County Illinois
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153 Regiment - 4th Cavalry Consolidated

One Hundred Fifty-Third Regiment

Company D
Samuel J. Tompkins, Captain, Alto
William H. Nickey, Corporal, Alto
Morris Wurts, Corporal, Alto
William H. Shirk, Musician, Alto
George W. Rice, Wagoner, Alto
Daniel M. Atherton, Alto
John W. Atherton, Alto
Nathan L. Brown, China
James J. Clave, Alto
Jesse A. Chase, Alto
George W. Lord, Alto
Joseph Markley, Alto
Jonas L. Mahaffey, Bradford.

Company E
George Shafer, Sublette
Abel Williamson, Sublette.

Company K
Fred C. Ferring, Sublette
Thomas F. Tracey, Sublette.

One Hundred Fifty-Sixth Regiment

Company I
Alpheus H. Beemer, Bradford
John Brittain, Bradford
James Bennett, Viola
Everett Beemer, Bradford
James T. Clemans, Bradford
Benjamin F. Johnson, Reynolds
Levi Karchner, Bradford
Frank Murphy, Amboy
Sidney Williams, Reynolds.

Company K
Richard Ferguson, Corporal, Amboy
Henry C. Bardmas, Amboy
Silas Barton, Dixon
Allen Bond, Amboy
John E. Browne, Amboy
John D. Crilly, Amboy
Reuben A. Hurst, Amboy
Arden R, Ray, Amboy
George W. Richards, Amboy
John A. Sanford, Amboy
John Sullivan, Amboy
Isaac Thompson, Amboy.

Second Cavalry

Silas Noble, Colonel, Dixon.
Jerome W. Hollenbeck, Quartermaster, Dixon.

Company A
Shepherd G. Patrick, 2d Lieut., Dixon
B. F. Berry, Corporal, Dixon
George Doud
John Gritz, Franklin
Charles O. Hodgsdon, Dixon
George Huffman, Franklin
Marion B. Sheldon, Dixon
John G. Hetzung, Dixon
Henry S. Hicks, Palmyra
Hartman Kessler, Brooklyn
Lazarus Lally, Marion
Augustus Stockman, Brooklyn
William H. Ulrich, Dixon.

Third Cavalry

Jacob Winkfield, 1st Sergt., China
Henry Hartwig, Sergt., China
John D. Baker, Corporal, China
Michael Eckert, China
Fritz Krahl, China
Thomas Murray, China
John Stevens, Dixon.

Company H
William L. McDowell, Q. M. Sergt., China
Frank C. Brown, China
Zachary T. Chronister, China
Isaac A. Hopkins, China
John B. Stewart, China
Owen Summers, China.
I have some doubts about the China mentioned in this regimental record.

Company K
Frederick Miller, China
Hermann Haussler, Hamilton
Jacob B. Schmuck, Willow Creek
Abraham Seites, Dixon.

Unassigned Recruits
David Brenner, Ashton
James Crisbee, China
Andrew Dondle, Hamilton (?)
Francis Henry, Palmyra (?)
John Hind, Hamilton (?)

Fourth Cavalry

Company C
Erastus J. Mead, Wyoming
John S. Robinson, Wyoming (?)

Company E
Thomas C. James, Corporal, Reynolds
James Beache, Ashton
James M. Doty, Ashton
Allen Hicks, Ashton
David C. Schultz, Ashton.

Company F
Conrad Walters, Dixon.

Company H
Benjamin A. Jones, Wyoming
James W. Morris, Wyoming
Irwin Roberts, Wyoming.

Company I
Henry Jones, Wyoming
Sylvester D. Miller, Paw Paw (?)
John Q. Adams, Wyoming
Sylvanus Brewer, Paw Paw (?)
Charles E. Case, Paw Paw (?)
Griffin H. Dole, Paw Paw (?)
Hazard C. Eaton, Paw Paw (?)
Herbert H. Hyde, Paw Paw (?)
Jonathan Hampton, Wyoming
Jesse W. Morehouse, Paw Paw (?)
Emmet Moore, Wyoming
Henry Martin, Paw Paw (?)
Emery H. Marble, Wyoming
Henry B. Wales, Paw Paw (?)

Fourth Cavalry Consolidated

Company B
John H. Mills, Paw Paw (?)
John McClure, Paw Paw (?)

Company C
William H. Allen, Willow Creek
John Edgar, Willow Creek
Egbert Ruland, Paw Paw (?)

Company E
Daniel W. Brown, Paw Paw (?)
Barney Tisdale, Paw Paw (?)
William Wilson, Paw Paw (?)

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