Lee County Illinois
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18th Regiment -88th - 127th Regiment

Eightieth Regiment

Company I
Martin V. B. Hutchings, Amboy
Elijah Jones (transferred to 38th), Amboy
Joshua M. Rice (transferred to 38th), Amboy

Eighty-Eighth Regiment

Company B
Benjamin S. Hough, Corporal, Amboy

Company G
James H. Foote, Dixon
John Hochstatter, Amboy

Company H
Six are registered from Paw Paw,
but I am sure they are not from the Lee County Paw Paw.

Eighty-Ninth Regiment

Company A
Edward P. Walker, Captain (promoted from Corporal), Amboy
Alfred D. French, Amboy Franklin H. Milieu, Amboy
James M. Scott, Amboy.

Company C
John Chambers (transferred to 59th), Dixon
Theodore Gaston, Lee county
William H. Braman (transferred to 59th), Palmyra

Company H
Nicholas M. Hess, Willow Creek
John B. Cummings, Ashton

Company I
(almost exclusively from Lee county):
Captains, Samuel C. Comstock, Amboy
William H. Phelps, Amboy

First Lieutenants
Charles M. Carnahan, Brooklyn
Jesse Hale, 2d Lieut., Sublette

Warren O. Hawley, Amboy
William W. Carnahan, Brooklyn
Josiah B. McElyar, Brooklyn
John McKennett, Brooklyn

Oscar A. Comstock, Amboy
James S. Quince, Brooklyn
James C. Lewis, Amboy
John Gaffney, Brooklyn
William A. Murdock, Amboy
Daniel D. Carnahan, Brooklyn
Seymour I. Dewey, Amboy
William R. Hodge, Amboy

Abram W. Parker, Viola
Thurston Smith, Brooklyn.
Rufus VanPool, wagoner, Amboy


Jabez Abell, Viola
Edward W. Bull, Amboy
John Bonehight, Amboy
John Burnham, Amboy
John Bradley, Amboy
Andrew Bigley, Sublette
John W. Barrett, Brooklyn
George Butterfield, Brooklyn
Thomas C. Bradley, Viola
George H. Cook, Amboy
Andrew Cummings, Amboy
Newton Cobb, Viola
George O. Cobb, Viola
Benjamin F. Carr, Brooklyn
John Cole, Amboy
David Carnahan, Brooklyn
James Despain, Amboy
Adam Dunbar, Amboy
Samuel Ellison, Amboy
Charles H. Frost, Amboy
Joseph Guthrie, Brooklyn
James Graham, Brooklyn
Jacob Haub, Lee Center
Amos S. Horton, Sublette
Benjamin Holdren, Brooklyn
Hiram Hopkins, Brooklyn
William Holdren, Brooklyn
Robert Hall, Amboy
Densla Holton, Brooklyn
Abner Johnson, Viola
Andrew J. Johnson, Brooklyn
John H. Johnson, Amboy
Seth Knowles, Amboy
Ira .S. Lee, Amboy
Joseph J. Lloyd, Brooklyn
Zachariah Melugin (killed at Kenesaw Mountain), Brooklyn
Henry I. Lowe, Viola
Ed D. Meach, Amboy
John R. Mannor, Brooklyn
Herman H. Morey, Amboy
Martin H. May, Brooklyn
DeWitt C. Marsh, Viola
Henry C. Mahannah, Amboy
Thomas Noland, Amboy
Charles Nelson, Amboy
William Oliver, Brooklyn
William R. Purrinter, Amboy
Sampson Pemmel, Amboy
James Perry, Amboy
George L. Pittinger, Amboy
David E. Powell, Sublette
Samuel P. Parker, Brooklyn
Thomas Richey, Brooklyn
Alonzo G. Rouse, Brooklyn
Henry Shecter, Amboy
Robert Smith, Viola
William W. Snyder, Amboy
Francis M. Shoemaker, Amboy
Philips Shultz, Viola
George Shultz, Viola
Samuel Q. Smith, Brooklyn
John Thompkins, Amboy
David Turvey, Amboy
William H. Thompson, Brooklyn
Louis Voght, Amboy
Henry Vroman, Viola
Daniel D. VanCampen, Brooklyn
Charles VanCampen, Viola
Daniel R. Vroman, Brooklyn
Charles E. Waite, Sublette
Wellington E. Leavens (recruit), Amboy
Francis E. Melugin (recruit), Amboy
Jasper Pettigrew (recruit), Amboy

Company K
John H. Gray, Ashton
John B. Cummings, Ashton

Ninety-Second Regiment

Company C
John Goddard, Dixon

Company D
Robert Cronkliton (recruit), Dixon

Company H
Simeon Reynolds (recruit), Reynolds

Company I
Emanuel Gorgas (recruit), Dixon
William W. Weinbrenner (recruit), Dixon

Unassigned Recruits
Cyrus W. Brown, Dixon
Franklin Clute, Dixon

One Hundred-Fourth Regiment

Company C
William T. Bullis (recruit transferred to 34tli), Dixon

One Hundred-Fifth Regiment

Company D
Samuel Berry (recruit), Wyoming

Company E
Thomas J. Pierce, Wyoming

One Hundred-Twelfth Regiment

Company K
Cornelius G. Fike, Franklin Grove
John Wahl, Franklin Grove

One Hundred-Eighteenth Regiment

Company C
Francis M. Wallace (recruit), Lee County

One Hundred Twenty-Seventh Regiment

Company B
Amasa B. Baker (Marked: 'Deserted, Nov. 6, 1862'), Alto
Joseph Barnard, Willow Creek
Ezra A. Herrick, Alto
Rodney L. Herrick, Alto
Abner W. Loomis, Alto (Marked: 'Deserted, Nov. 7, 1862'), Alto
Amos Noe, Willow Creek
William Noe, Willow Creek
Wilber Fish Plumb (Marked: 'Deserted, Sept. 6, 1862'), Ashton
Hugh Patterson (Marked: 'Deserted, Feb. 10, 1863'), Alto
Ira B. Whitney, Alto
John C. Whitney, Alto
Charles Bennett (recruit, transferred to 55th), Willow Creek
Byard Smith (transferred to 55th), Willow Creek
Michael Cody, Lee County
It will be noticed with shame that many Lee county soldiers of this company
are marked on the Adjutant General's reports as deserters.

Company E
Joseph Graff, Franklin Grove
William A. Joy, Franklin Grove

Company F
William Whorer, Alto

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