Lee County Illinois
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33 - 34 Regiments, Lee County, Illinois

Thirty-Third Regiment
Albert M. Brookfield, Dixon, Co. A;
Robert A. Buskile, Marion, Co. A;
Charles Hanger, Marion, Co. A;
Walter C. Ross, Marion, Co. A;
Charles G. Howell, Dry Grove, Co. A;
Arents Ross, Dry Grove, Co. A;
Newton G. B. Brown, Wyoming, Co. B;
Lewis Thomas, Wyoming, 2d Lieut., Co. B;
William H. Ellis, Wyoming, Co. B;
Adolph Nehring, Sugar Grove, Co. B;
William C. Rolls, Brooklyn, Co. C, Musician;
James D. Brower, Sugar Grove, Co. D;
John Moore, Sugar Grove, Co. D.

34rd Regiment

Alexander P. Dysart, Colonel, China
Peter F. Walker, Lieut. Col., Bradford
Charles N. Levanway, Maj., Dixon
Henry D. Woods, Adjutant, Dixon
John L. Hostetter, Surgeon, Dixon
George W. Hewitt, Ass't Surgeon, China
Michael Decker, Chaplain, China
Henry H. Glenn, Q. M. Sergt., Ashton
B. F. Dysart, Q. M. Sergt., China
John H. Wingert, Musician, China


Company A:
Israel R. Babcock, Nelson;
Marcus Beal, Dixon;
Alpheus Beal, Dixon,
Isaac R. Crygier, Dixon;
Frederick Kester, Dixon;
George A. Loner, Dixon;
David H. Merricks, Dixon.

Company B:
Stephen I. Richmond, Lee.(?)

Company C

Benson Wood, China;
Leander W. Rosecrans, China;
J. Wesley Williams, 1st Lieut., China;
J. Lindsay Block, 1st Lieut., China;
David Wingert, 1st Lieut., China;
B. Frank Dysart, 2d Lieut., China;
Alexander Allen, 2d Lieut., China

Adoniram Keene, Bradford
David A. Glenn, China
Wesley J. Williams, China.

John P. Lahman, China
Samuel S. Worley, China
George E. Crum, China
William A. Seitz, China
Thomas Flynn, Bradford
Sidney Davis, China
Samuel Fish, China

Philo C. Williams, China
Jeremiah H. Stevens, China

Frank Abner, China
Alexander Allen, China
John Adams, Bradford
Matthias Blair, China
Isaac Barnard, China
Josiah G. Bowers, China
Miles Bahen, China
Henry E. Brown, China
Thomas W. Brown, China
Francis H. Brown, China
Wallace Butler, China
Jacob Burgy, China
Robert C. Boyd, China
James P. Carter, Bradford
Jason F. Calwell, China
Robert Calwell, China
Alexander Depuy, Dixon
Jacob B. Emmert, China
Philip Ensminger, China
Jonathan B. Fellows, China
John G. Gillott, China
Royal Harkness, China
Henry Hoffmaster, Bradford
Alvin Holbrook, China
William Hunt, China
Jacob I. Hunt, China
Jacob B. Hof t, China
Alexander P. Hittle, China
Thomas Jackson, China
Morris Johnson, China
William W. Kerr, China
Philip Kagrice, China
George W. Kesler, China
William H. Knipper, China
Joseph Laccerte, China
John H. Lytle, China
Joshua E. Lahman, China
Mathias Marker, Ashton
James Morrissey, China
Edward O'Neal, China
George W. Pense, China
John Roach, China
Leander W. Rosecrans, China
William Rice, China
Chas. Santee, China
John G. Sartorius, China
John N. Stransner, China
Jacob C. Sunday, China
William Townsend, China
Henry M. Nance, China
James T. Willroy, China
Enoch Ward, China
Charles P. Wittman, China
David Wingert, China
John H. Wingert, China
Ralph Young, China.

William H. Griffith, China
Cyrus Griffith, China
Benjamin R. Royce, China
Samuel S. Worley, China.
David Buck, Ashton
Abraham F. Buck, Ashton
George D. Black, China
Franklin H. Crumb, China
George W. Cunard, Bradford
Franklin W. Durfee, China
George W. Eastwood, China
Jacob W. Foreman, Ashton
William H. Freed, China
Josephus F. Fish, China
George W. Glenn, Ashton
Henry H. Glenn, Bradford
Aurilius Gaslin, China
George Grothe, China
Herman Grothe, China
William H. Griffith, China
Cyrus Griffith, China
Otto Hamer, China
Thomas Hayes, China
Eugene Leech, China
William W. Lahman, China
Edward McGuire, China
Henry A. Nichols, China
William A. Rice, China
Benjamin R. Royce, Ashton
George W. Schmucker, Marion
George L. Stoddard, China
David N. Thompson, China
Philo C. Williams, China
James J. Wright, China
Jacob A. Warner, Bradford
Hiram M. Wilson, China
Luther D. Wood, China
William T. Bullis, Dixon, who was transferred from 104th

Company D

Truman L. Pratt, Capt., Dixon
William S. Wood, Capt., Dixon
Simon B. Dexter, Capt., Amboy Charles
Eccles, Capt, Palmyra
Francis Forsythe, 1st Lieut., Dixon
Henry A. Jeffs or Julffs, 1st Lieut., China
Spencer Conn, 2d Lieut., Wyoming

Thomas D. Lake, Lee Center
Daniel C. Young, Wyoming.

Robert J. Hunt, Wyoming
Henry D. Wood, Palmyra
Anson E. Thummel, Palmyra
Henry E. Fuller, Dixon
Samuel I. Tussey, Sublette
John D. Dole, Wyoming.

Melzar F. Barnes,
Lee Center
Henry M. Barnes,
Lee Center.

Morris Johnson, Sublette.

John Albers, Palmyra
Eugene Brewer, Wyoming
John H. Brinham, Dixon
George S. Burdick, Nachusa
William R. Burdick, Nachusa
Jerome Backus, Wyoming
Oliver P. Barber, Wyoming
Joseph P. Brewer, Bradford
Henry C. Case, Wyoming
Philatus B. Carver, Dixon
James P. Chapman, Wyoming
Mordecai T. Childs, Nelson
John W. Crawford, Dixon
Josiah J. Deck, Palmyra,
David H. Dom, Brooklyn
George P. Ehrman, Dixon
Wellington Eaton, Wyoming
Charles N. (or F.) Eaton, Wyoming
John C. Forbes, Sublette
Henry Frerichs, Dixon
Lewis Fenstemacher, Hamilton
Frederick S. Frisbee, Lee Center
James Grogan, Dixon
Patrick J. Hall, Palmyra
George H. Hummerston, Dixon
Charles W. Hunt, Wyoming
John L. Henrick, Wyoming
Joseph Healion, Dixon
Charles G. Jewett, Sublette
Charles S. Johnson, Sublette
Michael Kileen, Dixon
Fred F. Klosterman, Palmyra
Cornelius Kelleher, Wyoming
Orlando Kidney, Wyoming
William J. Lohr, Dixon
Morris Furman, Dixon
John McBride, Dixon
Alfred T. Mead, Palmyra
George D. Mead, Lee Center
Henry Montgomery, Dixon
Henry Prahn, Amboy
Gould H. Perry, Dixon
Henry Peeks, Dixon
George W. Pierce, Dixon
Abram Swartwout, Sublette
William Saylor, Dixon
Albert Slater, Palmyra
John Stull, Dixon
Alvah F. (or T.) Stewart, Palmyra
Solomon Stewart, Amboy
Joseph Shelhamer, Dixon
Jacob Senniff , Dixon
James Talbot, Wyoming
Thomas Twohey, Dixon
George Williamson, Dixon
David R. Wolverton, Dixon
William Wendle, Dixon
Charles A. Wetherbee, Lee Center
Abner R. Wills, Wyoming
Ira Wales, Wyoming.

Melzer E. Barnes, Dixon
Henry F. Fuller, Dixon
Robert J. Hunt, Dixon
Henry A. Jeff, Dixon
Morris Johnson. Dixon
Byron K. May, Dixon
Samuel I. Tussey, Dixon
Henry D. Wood, Dixon
Daniel W. Balles, China
Bryan Brogan, Dixon
Patrick B. Burke, Dixon
John B. Claassen, Palmyra
Columbus W. Crumb, China
Hiram Cooper, Dixon
Patrick Drew, Dixon
Thomas Drew, Dixon
Marmaduke Eakles, Palmyra
Frederick E. Ellinger, Dixon
Thomas Eakles, Palmyra
Clifford Eastwood, Palmyra
Jacob Eggert, Dixon
Orris D. Eaton, Wyoming
Dominick Ford, Dixon
Adelbert A. Fletcher, Dixon
Frederick Fellows, Hamilton
Thomas Gaffany, Dixon
Michael Gaffany, Dixon
Francis E. Gates, Wyoming
Ayres Gable, Wyoming
Mott N. Goble, Wyoming
Robert C. Gaston, Palmyra
Lewis Gleichman, Palmyra
Ira B. Hutton, Palmyra
James N. Henrie, Palmyra
William Haire, Palmyra
Alvan S. Johnson, Wyoming
Charles W. Jackson, Palmyra
Michael J. Killen, Lee Center
Eleazer J. Kelly, Amboy
Dedrich Kruger, Palmyra
Truman H. Kruger, Wyoming
James Landers, Amboy
James Lonergan, Dixon
Henry Lawson, Wyoming
George Lamkin, Palmyra
Charles W. Morgan, Palmyra
George McBride, Dixon
John Mosgrove, Dixon
Edmund Murphy, Dixon
Thomas McNally, Dixon
Lamburtis W. Marsh, Sublette
Sidney L. Morgan, Palmyra
Sidney S. Newell, Dixon
William R. Putnam, Wyoming
Wyckham C. Reynolds, Palmyra
Daniel E. Robbins, Dixon
James H. Robinson, Amboy
Gust H. L. Sartorius, Palmyra
Nelson F. Swartwout, Sublette
Samuel Shaw, Palmyra
Peter V. Shell, Marion
William H. Schock, Palmyra
Emanuel Schick, Palmyra
Josiah O. Tiffets, Wyoming
Francis J. Tilton, Palmyra
Cornelius Vandervoort, Brooklyn
George W. Witte, Dixon
Abner R. Wells, Lee Center

Company E:
In the Thirty- fourth, many enlistments were from Marion. They are especially numerous in this company. Before inserting them, I read them over carefully. I did not recognize one name. Nevertheless, as this Marion has been thrown so closely to Lee, Ogle and Whiteside, I cannot see how it can be the Marion in southern Illinois. The enlistments from this Marion accordingly are placed herein. If they are not in Lee County's quota, no harm will be done. If they are, it would be a grave omission to leave them out:
Henry Wild, Capt., Marion
Samuel L. Patrick, Capt., Marion
Edward H. Wild, 1st Lieut., Marion
Hallis Hall, 2d Lieut, Marion.


Julius I. Comstock, Marion
Daniel W. Wild, Marion.

James P. Stewart, Marion
George Zink, Marion
George R. Dewey, Marion.
Alpheus S. Blakeley, Marion
De Wayne K. Calkins, Marion
Henry D. Crouch, Marion
William Devine, Marion
John Hartnett, Marion
Louis H. Lee, Marion
James Millis, Marion
Charles L. Northrup, Marion
John Zink, Marion

Asa D. Leidy, Dixon
Mathias S. Price, China.

Company H:
William Kroener, Recruit, Dixon.

Company I:
John D. Hostetter, Recruit, Dixon.

Unassigned Recruits:
John C. Bond, Dixon.
John Dolan, Marion
George W. Green, Marion.

Company F:
Arnold L. Harrington, Sergt., Wyoming
William L. Bronson, Corp., Dixon.

Noah B. Bradbury, Dixon
George L. Richardson, Dixon
Clinton D. Taylor, Dixon.

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