Lee County Illinois
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36th - 45th Regiments

Thirty-Sixth Regiment

Company D:
James H. Foote, transf. from 88th, Dixon;
John McCaig, Marion (?);
Marcellus Shepherd, Lee county, unassigned.

Thirty-Eighth Regiment

Company D:
John Fane, Musician, Lee county, (Dixon?).

Thirty-Ninth Regiment

Samuel S. Linton, Major, Willow Creek.

Company D:
Jonathan F. Linton, 1st Lieut, Willow Creek;
Ezra E. Johnson, Corp., Willow Creek.

Edwin Atkinson, Willow Creek;
Thomas Armstrong, Willow Creek;
Frank Guyott, Willow Creek;
John Stellyer, Willow Creek;
Jacob Swab, Willow Creek;
Nelson Walls, Veteran, Willow Creek;
Ira W. Green, Recruit, Marion.

Company G:
Andrew J. Lewis, Amboy;
John Lewis, Amboy;
William H. Root, Amboy (unassigned recruit).

Forty-Second Regiment

Company C:
Hiram McCoy, a substitute, Dixon. Company H:
Elisha Wilcox, Amboy (on another page his P. O. is marked Naperville).

Forty-Fifth Regiment

Company B:
Kingsley E. Olds, 1st Lieut., Dixon.

Company C:
Wm. W. Weinbrenner, Dixon.

Company D:
John R. Dawson, 1st Lieut.,
Dixon; Edwin O. Hammond, 2d Lieut., Dixon;
Samuel T. Clark, Dixon.

Company H:
Thomas M. Wallace, Dixon.


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