Lee County Illinois
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5th - 7th Cavalry

Fifth Cavalry

Company C
Francis M. Canaday, Dixon

Company E
Charles H. Smith, Dixon

Company G
William Slater, Dixon
Abraham Stock, Dixon

Sixth Cavalry

Company H
William A. Luty, Dixon

Seventh Cavalry

Commis. Sergeant
Benj. F. Bartlett, Sublette

Dewitt C. Rexford,  Sergeant, Sublette

Company A
Emanuel Brierton, Dixon
Benjamin Banning, Reynolds
Henry Hader, Amboy
George W. Holly, Palmyra.

Company B
Albert Allen (recruit), Ashton
William N. Barton (recruit), Brooklyn (?)
Samuel DuFrane (recruit) Sublette
Albert S. Gunn (recruit),
Dixon H. Sidney Hill (recruit), Sublette
Edward J. Keeney (recruit), Dixon
William B. Pratt (recruit), Sublette
Alexander Perry (recruit). May
David C. Robb (recruit), Hamilton
George W. Wallace (recruit), Dixon

Company C

Elmore W. Hunt, 2d Lieut., Franklin Grove
Cyrus T. Ames, Lee Center
Edgar A. Bird, Sublette
Fred Boddenhogan, Sublette
Wm. H. Christopher, Sublette
Jackson L. Clink, Bradford
Thomas Clark, Sublette
Chetal Clark, Sublette
Andrew J. Clark, Dixon
Washington Eddy, Sublette
Levi Eddy, Sublette
Augustus Helmestine, Sublette
William Hablitz, Bradford
Wm. Laycock, Sublette
Andrew Maxwell, Sublette
George C. McKeen, Sublette
Walter H. Norton, Bradford
William G. Orris, Amboy
David S. Porter, Bradford
Andrew J. Phillips, Sublette
James M. Pierce, Sublette
Ellery C. Thornton, Sublette.

Elmore W. Hunt, Sublette a Sergeant who died at Nashville whose name at this point is omitted but whose residence was at Amboy, must have been James Henderson


Richard E. Ash, Amboy
Benj. F. Bartlett, Amboy (?)
Mathew Bryan, China
George Blocker, Amboy
Fessenden C Butterfield, May
Isaac Blank, May
Daniel W. Craig, Amboy
Thomas B. Campbell, Amboy
Moses Crombie, Amboy
Henry C. Church, Marion
Richard B. Christopher, Lee Center
George Dunn, China
George L. Davis, China
James P. Dewey, Lee Center
William Dunn, Amboy
Anthony Ersfield, Amboy
Lewis F. Grover, Sublette
Walter L. Green, Sublette
William H. Gray, Amboy
James E. Gray, Lee Center
Duran F. Hulbert, Bradford
Levi Hergus, Amboy
John Hammerly. Amboy
William W. Johnson, Hamilton
Calvin M. Johnson, Hamilton
Victor M. Jones, Lee Center
Charles B. Leavins, Brooklyn
George Long, May
Lyman L. Lewis, Lee Center
George Myers, Sublette
Charles Neiman, Bradford
Flavil F. Northway, Amboy
John Neff, Sand Ridge
Albert Pearl, Lee Center
Harrison Penfield, Lee Center
William E. Skinner, Amboy
Sidney P. Stevenson, May
Frederick Sawtell, Amboy
William Thompson, Lee Center
John H. Sindlinger, Amboy
Wm. Thompson, Lee Center
Alvin F. Tennant, Lee Center
Joseph G. Wolverton, Hamilton
Elnathan Wolverton, Hamilton
Jesse Wolverton, Hamilton

The Adjutant General's report of this company is shamefully reproduced. Some political lout who was too lazy to digest a good meal prepared it. Nearly all the names in this company have the post office or township omitted, and I am sure three-fourths of the men came from Lee county.

Company D

Edward Klickner, Dixon
David B. Springer, May (?)
Isaac Cook (recruit), Brooklyn
Dallas D. Cotton (recruit), Amboy
John L. Dolson (recruit), Reynolds
David Griffin (recruit), Hamilton
Homer Hawkins (recruit), Hamilton
James Hawkins (recruit), Hamilton
Allen A. Hopkins (recruit), Amboy
William D. Lamb (recruit), Brooklyn
Charles Lamb (recruit), Brooklyn
Thomas D. Lake (recruit), Brooklyn
Curtis Lester (recruit), Amboy
William McMahon (recruit), Amboy
Henry Miller, Brooklyn
Bennett Osborne, Hamilton
Joseph T. Parks (recruit), Reynolds
Fred M. Brecunier (recruit), Reynolds
Samuel Risley (recruit), Brooklyn
Thomas Rose (recruit), Amboy
Samuel P. Rose (recruit), Amboy
John D. Starks (recruit), Bradford
Montreville Tennant (recruit), Lee Center
Freegift Vandervort (recruit), Brooklyn.

Many post offices or townships are omitted here too, so that I am sure several Lee county names are omitted.

Company F
Daniel S. Mitchell (recruit), Wyoming
Charles W. Mitchell (recruit), Brooklyn
Charles McClanahan (recruit), Brooklyn (?)
Andrew P. Peel (recruit), Palmyra
Daniel L. Pratt (recruit), Sublette.
Same trouble with addresses

Company G
Abraham C. Corder (recruit), Brooklyn
Francis Dornan (recruit), Dixon
James Hamill (recruit), Dixon
Owen Smith (recruit), Dixon

Company H
William H. Mills (recruit), Palmyra
John Williams (recruit), Dixon
William L. Williams (recruit), Dixon

Company I
Alexander Kendall (recruit), Palmyra
Henry Miller (recruit), Dixon
Benjamin A. Pell (recruit), Palmyra

Company K
Alonzo Butterfield (recruit), Paw Paw (?)
Reed Avery (recruit), Paw Paw (?)
James Chapman (recruit). Paw Paw (?)
George W. Gorton (recruit), Paw Paw (?)
Edmund Hermons (recruit), Paw Paw (?)
Mathew Movern (recruit). Paw Paw (?)
James Simpson (recruit). Paw Paw (?)
Albert Wales (recrait), Paw Paw ( ?)
William H. Wilson (recruit). May.
There is a bare possibility that some of the above Paw Paws may be in DeKalb County.

Company L
Cyrus O. Lyman (recruit), Bradford
Matthias Leech (recruit), China
Reed S. R. Munger (recruit). May
John Purtleman (recruit), China
Alfred Stewart (recruit). May

Company M
William Potter (recruit), Dixon
Reuben F. Palmer (recruit). May
Thomas J. Stout (recruit), Amboy
John Werkeiser (recruit), Dixon

Unassigned Recruits

Theodore P. Ackers, May
Mathew Brien, China
Joshua Batterton, Hermon (?)
Benj. H. Bradshaw, Brooklyn
James O. Byrnes, Dixon
William Byer, Lee county
Thomas Campbell, Amboy
John Connors, Dixon
Winfield S. Clink, Sublette
Andrew J. Clark, Amboy
Joshua Fuller, Brooklyn
James Fitzpatrick, May
William D. James, Hamilton ( ?)
Cyrus O. Lyman, Lee county
Thomas Morgan, Amboy
William O'Donnell, Lee Center
Willobie Potter, Amboy
Hial Pike, Lee Center
David C. Robbs, Lee County
Wilfred M. Sturdevant, Sublette
Clarence Woodbridge, Bradford
Thomas D. Yeake, Brooklyn (?).

To the uncertain ones I have added (?). There are several from Hermon I did not include. The spelling is fearfully bad in the record.

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