Lee County Illinois
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51-65 Regiment

Fifty-First Regiment

Company D
Oliver Edmunds, Brooklyn

Fifty-Second Regiment

Company B
Frederick Butz, Maytown
Matthew Bort, Sublette
Andrew Curtis, Dixon
Christian Koerner, Sublette
Conrad Schwab, Sublette
Philip Schwab, Sublette

Company H

Julius A. Hanover, Amboy
Jacob Hoag, Amboy. (Last named doubtful.)

Company I

Charles H. Hatch, Dixon
Charles H. Jackson, Dixon

Fifty-Third Regiment

William W. Welch, Surgeon, Amboy

Company D

Harvey Hallock, Corp., Wyoming
Alonzo E. Avery, Paw Paw, but possibly the DeKalb County Paw Paw
William H. Boardman, Wyoming
Orris Chapman, Paw Paw (?)
Clark Eaton, Paw Paw (?)
William Firkins, Paw Paw (?)
John Firkins, Paw Paw (?)
Orson Haskell, Paw Paw (?)
Frank P. Hallock, Wyoming
Charles W. Stow, Wyoming.
These Paw Paw names are familiar to both the village of Paw Paw in Wyoming Township and to the township of Paw Paw contiguous) in DeKalb county. I am compelled, therefore, to include them all.

Fifty-Fifth Regiment

Company I
Joseph W. Crocker, Willow Creek
Charles A. Crocker, Wyoming
Dennis Holdren (or Holden), Brooklyn
George Blahs, Lee County
George W. Crocker, Willow Creek (or Yellow Creek)
Henry Kepper, Lee County
William A. Lynn, Sublette
Henry Smith, Sublette. In a history of the 55th regiment written by a committee of the regiment, Joseph W. Crocker is reported as deserting while on sick furlough.

Fifty-Seventh Regiment

Company C:
John William Guthrie, Willow Creek.

Fifty-Eighth Regiment

Company H
A. King, Dixon
Moses B. King, Dixon.

Fifty-Ninth Regiment

Company F
John Chambers, Dixon

Company K
John M. Van Osdel, Capt., Dixon

Sixty-Fourth Regiment
Company D
Henry H. Dow, Dixon
John Reeves, Dixon
Robert Shannon, Dixon

Sixty-Fifth Regiment
Company F
Burton C. Kerr, Dixon
Levi Smith, Dixon

Company I
Milton Curtis, Dixon
Thomas Harvey, Amboy
Charles Harvey, Amboy
Philip McNanny, Amboy
John L, Smith, Dixon
Christian Smith, Gap Grove

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