Lee County Illinois
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66-72 Regiment

Sixty-Sixth Regiment

Company C
Charles C. Austin

Sixty-Seventh Regiment

Company C
Asa Headen, Paw Paw

Sixty-Ninth Regiment

Company H

James W. Reardon, Capt., Dixon
Eli B. Baker, 1st Lieut., Dixon
Edwin P. Bennett, 2d Lieut., Dixon
John D. Heaton, 1st Sergt., Dixon
L. Michael Keyms, Sergt., Dixon
Edward Perkins, Sergt., Dixon
Philo C. Williams, Sergt., Franklin Grove
George D. Black, Sergt., Franklin Grove
Germanus Knepper, Corp., Dixon
George Johnson, Corp., Franklin Grove
Hannibal Keen, Corp., Franklin Grove
John Little, Corp., Dixon
Leon H. Moore, Corp., Dixon
Uriah Stroup, Corp., Dixon
Jerome A. Martin, Corp., Dixon
Joseph Ledger, Corp., Dixon
A. Dana Castle, Musician, Dixon
Wakefield Ayres, Musician, Dixon
Amanzel D. Burr, Dixon
Joseph Bundage, Nachusa
William Black, Dixon
James Burkey, Franklin Grove
Joseph Cartright, Dixon
James F. Dearth, Dixon
Henry J. Heeren, Dixon
James Hatch, Dixon
John W. Hutchings, Franklin Grove
Edwin W. Hine, Dixon
Thomas Harvey, Amboy
Julius Keyes, Dixon
Daniel Kegarice, Franklin Grove
Charles Kesenachre, Franklin Grove
Spencer Kimball, Dixon
Charles B. Knudson, Dixon
Charles McCristal, Dixon
William Murphy, Dixon
William E. Meyers, Dixon
Patrick McNertney, Dixon
William McVay, Dixon
Stephen Oakley, Dixon
Barton O'Neal, Dixon
James Pankhurst, Dixon
George Pate, Dixon
John H. Richardson, Dixon
Gwen Smith, Dixon
Alunson Smith, Dixon
Mark A. Spafford, Dixon
John Still, Lee Center
Albion Still, Lee Center
Nathan F. Siples, Dixon
James D. Sylee, Dixon
Herbert Vandeburgh, Dixon
Randall Williams, Ashton
Charles Zales, Dixon
Charles W. Morgan, Dixon
Daniel Massey, Dixon
Solomon A. Vroomder, Dixon.
Company K:
Wilbur H. Tousley, 1st Lieut., Amboy
Harrison T. Pratt, Sergt., Amboy
Emerson W. Patten, Sergt., Amboy
Lewis J. Waterbury, Corp., Lee Center
James A. Martin, Corp., Amboy
John F. Doane, Amboy
Charles B. Fox, Amboy
George Greenhow, Amboy
William H. Heegaard, Sublette
James A. McGarry, Amboy
Barney McCoy, Amboy
George W. Post, Amboy
Jasper N. Pettierew, Amboy
John L. Skinner, Jr., Amboy
Payette D. Strickland, Amboy
Nelson P. Strickland, Amboy
Samuel A. Simpson, Amboy
Oscar Spangler, Amboy
Charles E. Thompson, Amboy
Lewis A. Trowbridee. Franklin Grove

Seventy-Second Regiment

Company D
Calvin Gifford, Dixon.

Company G

John Clink, Sublette
Evan C. Bradbury, Franklin Grove
Alonzo Johnson, Brooklyn

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