Lee County Illinois
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8th ~ 10th Lee County Illinois Infantry

In running through the Adjutant General's reports to find the names of the soldiers who enlisted from Lee County, a perfect roster cannot be claimed. I found other Wyomings, Sugar Groves, Hamiltons, Marions, Franklins, Brooklyns, and Palmyras. In such cases, if no other Lee County names were found, no attention was paid to them. I feel, however, that a reasonably accurate list has been completed. One or two desertions have been noted. Others may have deserted, but I doubt it. The boys from Lee were a loyal body of men.

In many cases where recruiting was progressing just over the line in neighboring towns, if recruits got their mail there, the recruiting station was credited with the recruit and not Lee County, so that I lost the name.

Eighth Infantry

James H. Barrell, Amboy, Co. G;
Alexander Algood, Amboy, Co. H;
Peter Barnard, Amboy, Co. H. Transferred from the 11th:
Alexander H. Crowell, Amboy, Co. H.
Unassigned Recruits:
Charles K. Ramsay,
Andrew Roe,
Martin J. Roberts,
George W. Rentpo,
Levi L. Rentpo,
Daniel Sullivan,
William A. Short,
Philip Stout,
Samuel V. Shoemaker.

Ninth Infantry
Michael Farley, Amboy, Co. E.

Tenth Infantry
Company G: Ephraim A. Wilson, Dixon;
Guy W. Blanchard, Palmyra;
William Hartman, Palmyra;
William Andrew, Palmyra;
Guy H. Blanchard, Palmyra;
Justus C. Blanchard, Palmyra;
Daniel M. Cary, Palmyra;
William E. Desk (or Dech) , Palmyra;
William Hartman, Palmyra;
David Kinney (or Kenney), Palmyra;
George Lenox, Palmyra;
William E. Lord, Palmyra
Jerome B. Morgan, Palmyra;
Spencer C. Morgan, Palmyra
Michael O'Brien, Palmyra;
George Rouch (or Rousch), Palmyra
Hero S. Siefken, Dixon;
Henry W. Warn, Palmyra;
Charles C Williams, Dixon;
Freeman D. Rosebrook (or Rosbrook), Dixon
Henry Bremer, Harmon;
Jacob Julf s, Harmon;
John M. Kinney (or Kenney), Dixon;
Eugene A. Miller, Harmon;
Japhet B. Smith, Harmon;
James B. Shorter, Harmon.
Henry J. Heren, Dixon, unassigned.

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