Lee County Illinois
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8th - 17th Cavalry

Eighth Cavalry
John G. Chambers, Com. Sergt., China

Company A
John W. Hutchings (recruit), China
Simon Hutchings (recruit), China
Jarvis Hurd (recruit), Ashton

Company D
Lucius H. Morrill (recruit), Harmon

Company F
Josiah Bowers (recruit), China
Thomas Pierce (recruit), China

Company G
Alvah B. Fitch, 1st Lieut., China
John W. Breed, Dixon
William F. Blain, Dixon
Herman J. Becklenberg, China
Lucius R. Fitch, China
Joseph B. Spafford, Dixon
William Young, Dixon

Bedford E. A. Bradforder, China
Jonathan B. Fellows, China
Samuel Hutchings, Bradford

Company I
Edwin Bedford (recruit), Dixon

Company K
David Carnahan (recruit), Brooklyn

Company L
Jonathan V. Taylor, Dixon
Thomas F. Lawson (recruit), Alto

Unassigned Recruits
James Forrest, Lee (?)
David O 'Neal, China
James Riley, Dixon
Peter Schumacher, Sublette
Jacob H. Taylor, Dixon

Ninth Cavalry

Company H
Ferdinand Bassett (recruit), Hamilton (?)

Tenth Cavalry
Edward L. Lathrop, Asst. Surgeon, Dixon

Eleventh Cavalry
Z. James McMaster, Surgeon, Dixon

Twelfth Cavalry

Company A (Recruits)
Benjamin A. Gould, Alto
John Hart, Dixon
Edward C. McClure, Alto

Company G (Recruits)
Leonidas Kelly, Hamilton (?)
Russell Reece, Hamilton (?)
Ed T. Stuart, Hamilton (?)

Company I
Amasa B. Crandall, Farrier, Dixon
William C Jones, Dixon
Charles Keech, Brooklyn
David Lester, Palmyra
William J. Moran, Brooklyn
Horace T. Plumb, Bradford
Samuel S. Reed, Dixon
Franklin S. Shirk, Hamilton
George St. Clair, Dixon
Leonard Stumpf, Brooklyn
Mark Thomas, Dixon
Albert A. Van Gieson, Dixon
Charles R. White, Dixon

I find in the Twelfth Consolidated Cavalry a Francis S. Shirk, of Dixon. It may or may not be above Franklin S. Shirk. I find also as a recruit in this regiment, an Edward L. Lathrop, of Dixon, who must be the surgeon in the Tenth.

Company H, Consolidated
Henry Richardson, 2d Lieut., Lee county
Jesse H. Doane, unassigned recruit, Amboy
Homer O. Stedman, Dixon
Lyman W. Booth. Dixon
Edward B. Warner (recruit), Dixon

Company M
John W. Cartright, Dixon
George Hardin, Dixon
Henry Richardson, Dixon
William Saylor, Dixon
William H. Wade, Dixon
George M. Williams, Sublette

Unassigned Recruits
Arthur Bailey, Sublette
James H. Barrett, Dixon
Charles E. Bums, Dixon
George Burchel, Amboy
Dwight Burnham, Nelson
John J. Boyce, Dixon
W. J. Carpenter, Dixon
Hugh Colter, Brooklyn
Lewis Compton, Brooklyn
James Carmen, Brooklyn
Morris T. Dunn, Sublette
John W. Holtzman, Dixon
Edward Herrick, Dixon
George A. Kerr, Dixon

Fourteenth Cavalry

Company C
Joseph W. Claris, Sergt., Dixon
Alfred F. Young, Corp., Dixon
James P. Breed, Dixon
Andrew E. Jones, Dixon
Eugene H. Levering, Dixon
William Peeks, Dixon
John H. Richardson, Dixon
John Sifes, Dixon

Sixteenth Cavalry

Company K
Joseph E. Barber, recruit, Dixon

Seventeenth Cavalry

Company K
Charles E. Bums, Dixon
Samuel S. Reed. Dixon
Geo. C. St. Clair, Dixon
Mark Thomas, Dixon

Company L
William J. Carpenter transferred to this Company, Dixon
Charles Keech, Brooklyn
Leonard Stumpf, Brooklyn
Hugh Catter, Brooklyn
Lewis Compton, Brooklyn.

Three or four of these members came here by transfer, which makes a repetition of their names.

Company M
Arthur D. Bailey, 1st Sergt., Sublette
George G. Hardin, Wagoner, Dixon
James Carmon, Brooklyn
John W. Holtzman, Dixon
George A. Kerr, Dixon
Nattie C. Roe, Ashton
William J. Moran, Brooklyn

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