Lee County Illinois
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Colored Troops - US Army Corps

Colored Troops
Company F
John Walmslee, Sergeant, Dixon

Sixty-Eighth United States Colored Infantry
Isaac Waugh, Dixon

First United States Army Corps
Company Two
Frederick A. Snider, Dixon

Company Three
Horace S. Tambling, Reynolds

Company Four
Jacob Hoffman, Palmyra (?)
Solomon Shafer. Nelson

Company Five
Philip Puterbaugh, Viola (?)
Abram Swartwout, Sublette

Company Six
George Christiance, Brooklyn
Parker L. Cass, Sublette
George Feidles, Brooklyn
Michael Keraus, Sublette
Andrew Lind, Sublette.

Company Seven
Henry Henzer, Willow Creek

Company Nine
George A. Seymour, Palmyra (?)

Company Tem
Edward A. Barnard, Lee Center
Henry Clay, Lee Center
Frank C. Lee, Lee Center
Henry J. Lee, Lee Center

Company Eleven
James H. Mannen, Ashton

Company Twelve
Robert Kenney, Willow Creek

Fourth United States Infantry
Recruits For Regular Army

James J. Ashley, Amboy

Seventeenth United States Infantry

David Abbott, Amboy
Charles A. Anderson or Andrews, Dixon
Reuben Blank, Amboy
Abraham Blank, Amboy
Frederick Bailey, Amboy
Maximon Bourdon, Amboy
Peter Blackbum, Amboy
Robert Brown, Dixon
Douglas Cameron, Amboy
John Cunningham, Amboy
Patrick Carey, Amboy
James K. P. Craig, Amboy
Joseph Fulks, Amboy
Stephen Fairman, Amboy
Henry H. Fritz, Amboy
Lorenzo B. Gardner, Amboy
Joseph Graham, Amboy
Stephen Z. Hartley, Amboy
Abram Hill, Amboy
M. W. Hollister (rejected, ill health), Amboy
Charles Hill, Amboy
Lorenzo B. Kiser, Amboy
Dudley P. Loomis, Amboy
William Lafity, Amboy 
Charles A. Lambert, Amboy
Robert Livingston, Amboy
Stephen Lee, Amboy
Samuel Leonard, Amboy
Charles McCristal, Amboy
Patrick McGinnis, Amboy
John Murphy, Amboy
James H. Osgood, Amboy
Stephen Osegh, Amboy
James Potter, Amboy
Patrick Ross, Amboy
Andrew Schoonmaker, Amboy
David Springer, Amboy
Franklin Saylor, Amboy
Davies Springer, Amboy
John Sullivan, Dixon
Patrick Tiernay, Amboy
Edward Thompson, Dixon
Patrick P. Ward, Amboy
George H. Wilson, Amboy
William A. Whitehead, Amboy
Frank Wright, Amboy
John C. Wagner, Dixon

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