Lee County Illinois
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County Officers - Organization to Date

Following is the list of county officers (including circuit judges) from the organization of the county to date.

Samuel Johnson, 1839-41
John Lord, 1841-48
Solomon Parker, 1848-50
James Goble, 1850-54
Daniel B. McKenney, 1854-56
H. 0. Kelsey, 1856-64
James Hatch, 1864-66
Harvey Barrell, 1866-70
A. E. Wilcox, 1870-78
John C. Church, 1878-88
William B. Andruss, 1888-96, died in office
Charles T. Smith, 1899-1912
George B. Stephan, 1912, present incumbent.

Joseph Crawford, 1839-44
Seth H. Whitmore, 1844-46
S. Parker, in 1846 C. Camp, 1846-49
Joseph Crawford, 1849-55
A. W. Tinkham, 1855-57
Milton Santee, 1857-61
K. F. Booth, 1861-63
William B. Andruss, 1863-65
C. B. Hall, 1865-67
William McMahan, 1867-82, resigned Oct. 1, 1882
Henry E. Wylie, 1882-88
Charles C. Jacobs, 1892-96
William McMahan, 1896-1900
L. B. Neighbour, 1900-04
George C. Heritage, 1904, resigned 1906
L. B. Neighbour, 1906, to date

Superintendents of Schools
E. R. Mason to 1840
Joseph T. Little, 1840-43
Daniel B. McKenney, 1843-46
Lorenzo Wood, 1846-50
John V. Eustace, 1850-53
John Stevens, 1853-55
Simeon Wright, 1855-57
James A. Hawley, 1857-59
John Monroe, 1859-61
W. H. Gardner, 1861-63
Benjamin F. Atherton, 1863-65
James H. Preston, 1865-73
Daniel Carey, 1873-77
James H. Preston, 1877-82
Samuel J. Howe, 1882-86
P. M. James, 1886-90
Jay C. Edwards, 1890-94
I. F. Edwards, 1894-1910
L. W. Miller, 1910-14

Aaron Wakelee, 1839-41
Aaron L. Porter, 1841-42
James Campbell, 1842-48
James Goble, 1848-51
Aaron L. Porter, 1851-53
Ozias Wheeler, 1853
William Butler, 1853-56
Ozias Wheeler, 1856-58
Lester Harding, 1858-60
Aaron L. Porter, 1860-62
Charles F. Lynn, 1862-64
R. P. Treadwell, 1864-66
Thurman L. Pratt, 1866-68
George M. Berkeley, 1868-76
Jonathan N. Hills, 1876-80
Walter Little, 1880-82
Isaac Edwards, 1882-86
W. H. Woodyatt, 1886-90
George Stainbrook, 1890-94
Josiah L. Gray, 1894-98
Michael J. McGowan, 1898-1902
Charles W. Wohnke, 1902-06
A. T. Tourtillott, 1906-10
Clarence P. Reid, 1910-14

John Morse, 1840-43
Nathan Morehouse, 1843-46
S. Parker in 1846
W. W. Bethea, 1846-50
Elias B. Stiles, 1850-57
Francis B. Little, 1857-59
Elias B. Stiles, 1859-63
Joseph T. Little, 1863-71
Josiah Little, 1871-75
Frederick A. Truman, 1875-79
Josiah Little, 1879-86
Charles H. Hughes, 1886-90
Michael Maloney, 1890-94
Charles F. Welty, 1894-98
John M. Sterling, 1898-1902
Walter B. Merriman, 1902-06
John M. Sterling, 1906-10 .
Frank C. Vaughan, 1910-14.

Recorders For a time the office of recorder was a separate one. In 1850 it was united with the office of clerk of the circuit court.
Michael Fellows, 1839-44
Edwin W. Hine, 1844-50.

Circuit Clerks
George W. Chase, 1839-41
Charles T. Chase, 1841-51
N. F. Porter in 1851
Isaac S. Boardman, 1851-57
George E. Haskell, 1857-59, resigned
Isaac S. Boardman, 1859-60
Benjamin F. Shaw, 1860-68
Jonathan N. Hyde, 1868-76
Remington Warriner, 1876 to July, 1882, died
Ira W. Lewis, appointed to fill vacancy, 1882-98
Arvene S. Hyde, 1898-1903, resigned
Ira W. Lewis appointed 1903-04
William B. McMahan, 1904, present clerk.

County Clerks
Isaac S. Boardman, 1839-43
Charles T. Chase, 1843-49
J. B. Gregory, 1849-53
Thomas W. Eustace, 1853-61
James A. Hawley, 1861-82
Charles H. Gardner, 1882-86
James H. Thompson, 1886-1902
William C. Thompson, 1902-14.

County Judges
Harvey Morgan, 1839-43
O. A. Eddy, 1843-47
Lorenzo Wood, 1847-53
David Welty, 1853-61
William W. DeWolf, 1861-69
John D. Crabtree, 1869-77
James B. Charters, 1877-82
Richard S. Farrand, 1882-1902, resigned, when he was made circuit judge
Robert H. Scott, Aug. 9, 1902, present incumbent. The first few judges were called probate judges, but when their jurisdiction was enlarged, the name was changed to county judge, whose duties ex officio included those of the probate judge.

Circuit Judges
Dan Stone, 1837-40
Thomas C. Browne, 1840-48
Benjamin R. Sheldon, 1848-51
I. B. Wilkinson, 1851-56
J. W. Drury in 1856
John V. Eustace, 1856-61
William W. Heaton, 1861-78, when he died
John V. Eustace 1878 to 1888, when he died
John D. Crabtree, 1888 to 1902, when he died
Richard S. Farrand, 1902 present incumbent. Of course it should be stated that there have been three judges from each circuit since about 1875. But in this work it has been thought best to mention only those elected from Lee County.

One a year of the county commissioners retired and a successor was elected.
In 1840, George E. Haskell, was elected. In 1841,
Joseph Crawford 1842,
O. F. Ayres 1843,
J. C. Morgan 1844,
D. Baird 1845,
D. H. Birdsall 1846,
James Goble, to fill vacancy caused by death of Baird 1847,
W. Badger 1848,
Stephen Fuller, - to fill vacancy.

State's Attorney's office created 1870
William E. Ives, 1872-76
Abalino C. Bardwell, 1876-80
Charles B. Morrison, 1880-96
Edward H. Brewster, 1896-1900
Charles H. Wooster, 1900-08
Harry Edwards, 1908, present incumbent.

Lee County officials, 1913-14

County Officers
County judge, Robert H. Scott
county clerk, William C. Thompson
county treasurer, Frank C. Vaughan
state's attorney, Harry Edwards
sheriff, C. P. Reid
clerk circuit court and recorder, W. B. McMahan
superintendent of schools, L. W. Miller
coroner, George B. Stephan
county surveyor, L. B. Neighbour
master in chancery, A. C. Bardwell
superintendent of county home, C. L. Wicher
chairman board of supervisors, John J. Wagner.

Clerks of Appellate Court
First district, Alfred R. Porter, Chicago
second district, C. C. Duffey, Ottawa
third district, W. C. Hippard, Springfield
fourth district, A. C. Millspaugh, Mount Vernon.

Supervisors elected in 1912 for two years
Bradford, John J. Wagner, Ashton
Dixon, Luther Burket, Chas. T. Self, Dixon
E. Grove, Ralph E. Hanson, Ohio
Hamilton, Jos. Bauer, Harmon
L. Center, Kyle Miller, West Brooklyn
Marion, C. F. Welty, Amboy, R. 6
May, James Buckley, Amboy
Nelson, C. C. Buckaloo, Dixon, R. 6
S. Dixon, F. L. Young, Dixon
Viola, IT. Grant Dysart, West Brooklyn
W. Creek, John H. Grove, Lee.


Elected in 1913 for two years
Alto, Morris Cook, Steward
Amboy, W. J. Edwards, Amboy
Ashton, Chas. Heibenthal, Ashton
Brooklyn, John W. Banks, Compton
China, C. Gross, Franklin Grove
Dixon, O. B. Anderson, J. M. McCleary, Dixon
Harmon, E. J. Mannion, Harmon
Nachusa, F. G. Emmert, F. Grove, R. F. D.
Palmyra, Jno. P. Drew, Dixon, R. 1
Reynolds, Chas. Ewald, Steward
Sublette, Wm. Brucker, Sublette
Wyoming, A. S. Wells, Paw Paw.

Supervisors for 1913 
Alto, Morris Cook, Steward, term expires 1915
Amboy, W. J. Edwards, Amboy, 1915
Ashton, Chas. Heibenthal, Ashton, 1915
Bradford, J. J. Wagner, Ashton, 1914
Brooklyn, Jno. W. Banks, Compton, 1915
China, Chris Gross, F. Grove, 1915
Nixon, O. B. Anderson, Dixon, 1915
Dixon, J. M. McCleary, Dixon, 1915
Dixon, Luther Burket, Dixon, 1914
Dixon Chas. T. Self, Dixon, 1914
E. Grove, Ralph E. Hanson, Ohio, 1914
Hamilton, Joseph Bauer, Harmon, 1914
Harmon, E. J. Mannion, Harmon 1915
L. Center, Kyle C. Miller, W. Brooklyn, 1914
Marion, Chas. F. Welty, Amboy, 1914
May, James Buckley, Amboy, 1914
Nachusa, F. G. Emmert, F. Grove, 1915
Nelson, C. C. Buckaloo, Dixon, 1914
Palmyra, Jno. P. Drew, Dixon, 1915
Reynolds, Chas. Ewald, Steward, 1915
S. Dixon, Frank L. Young, Dixon, 1914
Sublette, Wm. Brucker, Sublette, 1915
Viola, XT. Grant Dysart, W. Brooklyn, 1914
W. Creek, Jno. H. Grove, Lee, 1914
Wyoming, A. S. Wells, Paw Paw, 1915

Standing Committees
Judiciary, Gross, Bauer, McCleary, Welty, Edwards
finance, Dysart, Wells, Banks, Heibenthal, Drew
claims. Cook, Miller, Heibenthal, Hanson, Anderson
county home. Wells, Emmert, Buckaloo, Drew, Self
pauper claims. Banks, Young, Edwards, Gross, Mannion
fees and salary, Buckaloo, McCleary, Banks, Welty, Ewald
public buildings, Emmert, Grove, Dysart, Buckley, Anderson
contingent expense and purchasing, Drew, Heibenthal, Welty, Grove, Brucker
education. Self, Hanson, Bauer, Buckley, Ewald
town accounts, Young, Miller, Edwards, Burket, Mannion
old soldiers. Grove, Cook, Heibenthal, Buckaloo, Brucker
printing, Bauer, McCleary, Gross, Hanson, Grove
roads and bridges, Buckley, Welty, Self, Burket, Ewald
rules, Wagner, Cook, Dysart, Wells, Young
Grand DeTour bridge, Burket.

Town Clerks
Alto, S. J. Whetston, Steward
Amboy, J. E. Lewis, Amboy
Ashton, Geo. B. Stephan, Ashton
Bradford, A. Aschenbrenner, Amboy, R. 2
Brooklyn, William Dishong, Compton
China, A. B. Wicker, Franklin Grove
Dixon, W. V. E. Steel, Dixon
E. Grove, Wesley Peach, Harmon
Hamilton, B. G. Reed, Walnut
Harmon, Jno. L. Porter, Harmon
L. Center, P. L. Berry, Lee Center
Marion, W. J. McCarty, Amboy
May, J. G. Hall, Jr., Amboy
Nachusa, Geo. Weyant, Nachusa
Nelson, Walter W. Geiger, Dixon, R. 6
Palmyra, H. M. Gilbert, Dixon, R. 1
Reynolds, Herman C. Conrad, Rochelle
S. Dixon, J. W. Cortright, Dixon, R. 5
Sublette, Paul Bieber, Sublette
Viola, Andrew Anderson, West Brooklyn
W. Creek, Geo. M. Herrmann, Steward
Wyoming, E. P. Fleming, Paw Paw.

Assessors elected in 1912 for two years
Alto, A. J. Larson, Steward
Amboy, B. McCaffrey, Amboy
Ashton, S. T. Zeller, Sr., Ashton
Bradford, Chas. W. Wagner, Franklin Grove, R. 2
Brooklyn, Chas Stout, Compton
China, A. M. Carpenter, Franklin Grove
Dixon, J. A. Whitish, Dixon
E. Grove, John McFadden, Amboy
Hamilton, W. E. Hopkins, Harmon
Harmon, Geo. Smith, Harmon
L. Center, A. B. McCrea, West Brooklyn, R. D.
Marion, Thomas Halligan, Dixon
May, P. G. Tyrrell, Amboy
Nachusa, Geo. R. Emmert, Nachusa
Nelson, James B. Stitzel, Nelson
Palmyra, Wm. Leivan, Dixon, R. 1
Reynolds, Marcus Ventler, Ashton
S. Dixon, Frank Siefkin, Dixon, R. 2:.
Sublette, Andrew J. Lauer, Sublette
Viola, Julius Delhotel, West Brooklyn
W. Creek, H. H. Risetter, Lee
Wyoming, Frank McBride, Paw Paw.

Collectors elected in 1912 for two years
Alto, E. T. Corwin, Steward
Amboy, Chas. J. Kiefer, Amboy
Ashton, Fred O. Beach, Ashton
Bradford, Frank Mehlhausen, Ashton
Brooklyn, Wm. Wigum, West Brooklyn
China, Jesse O'Neal, Franklin Grove
Dixon Jonas Stultz, Dixon
E. Grove, Robert Smiley, Ohio
Hamilton, Sidney Haffenden, Harmon
Harmon, W. H. Smith, Harmon
L. Center, A. J. Fuller, Amboy, R. D.
Marion, John Finn, Amboy
May, John Minnich, Jr., Amboy
Nachusa, W. F. McClannahan, Dixon, R. 5
Nelson, Clarence Buzard, Dixon, R. 6
Palmyra, H. F. Gilbert, Dixon, R. 1
Reynolds, Chas. E. Becker, Ashton
S. Dixon, V. D. McClannahan, Dixon, R. 2
Sublette, Norbert G. Michel, Sublette
Viola, L. F. Rees, Steward
W. Creek, Vernon Noyes, Lee
Wyoming, Fred Lilly, Paw Paw.

Commissioners of Highways
Alto, J. H. Walker, Steward, term expires 1914
B. Chambers, Steward, R. 1, 1915
I. Peterson, Steward, R. 2, 1916.
Amboy, G. M. Finch, Amboy, 1914
J. I. Thompson, Amboy, 1915
W. P. Long, Amboy, 1916.
Ashton, C. W. Bowers, Ashton, 1914
H. W. Reitz, Ashton, 1915
E. J. Howey, Ashton, 1916.
Bradford, C. Wagner, Ashton, 1914
Adam Wendal, Franklin Grove, R. 2, 1915
H. Weishaar, Ashton, R. 1, 1916.
Brooklyn, M. F. Beemer, Compton, 1914
Wm. A. Derr, West Brooklyn, 1915
A. Mehlbrech, Compton, 1916.
China, Eli G. Hull, Franklin Grove, 1914
Chas. Seebach, Amboy, 1915
G. H. Kreger, Franklin Grove, 1916.
Dixon, W. H. Lenox, Dixon, 1914
T. F. Rosbrook, Dixon, 1915
F. W. Fisher, Dixon, 1916.
E. Grove, C. B. Rogers, Walnut, 1914
E. Friel, Amboy, 1915
G. H. Renter, Amboy, 1916.
Hamilton, P. L. Pope, Walnut, 1914
H. McDermott, Harmon, 1915
Denis Foley, Harmon, 1916.
Harmon, A. C. Clayworthy, Harmon, 1914
F. E. Smallwood, Harmon, 1915
John Wolf, Harmon, 1916.
L. Center, G. P. Miller, West Brooklyn, 1914
Clem Miller, Amboy, R. D., 1915
H. Herrick, Lee Center, 1916.
Marion, H. Blackburn, Amboy, 1914
B. Bushman, Dixon, 1915
James McCoy, Amboy, R. 5, 1916.
May, Ervin Groth, Amboy, 1914
John Fisher, Amboy, 1915
Chas. McFadden, Amboy, 1916.
Nachusa, G. H. Killmer, Amboy, R. 5, 1914
J. Feldkirschner, Dixon, R. 4, 1915
E. D. Weigle, Nachusa, 1916.
Nelson, J. T. Emmitt, Rock Falls, 1914
G. S. Ranson, Dixon, R. 6, 1915
T. F. Drew, Dixon, R. 6, 1916.
Palmyra, F. Landis, Dixon, R. 1, 1914
J. W. Lawton, Dixon, R. 1, 1915
F. W. Brauer, Dixon, R. 7, 1916.
Reynolds, N. Schaneberg, Ashton, 1914
L. B. Miller, West Brooklyn, 1915
G. Zimmerman, Steward, 1916.
S. Dixon, J. P. Brechon, Dixon, R. 8, 1914
W. H. Remmers, Dixon, 1915
Peter Hoyle, Dixon, 1916.
Sublette, B. H. Full, Sublette, 1914
Otto Koehler, Sublette, 1915
G. Stephenitch, Sublette, 1916.
Viola, F. E. Halsey, West Brooklyn, 1914
E. H. Ellsworth, West Brooklyn, 1915
August Gehant, West Brooklyn, 1916.
W. Creek, L. Heckman, Paw Paw, 1914
O. L. Hillison, Lee, 1915
P. O. Boyd, Lee, 1916.
Wyoming, P. Neibergall, Paw Paw, 1914
Jay M. Smith, Paw Paw, 1915
Roy Blee, Paw Paw, 1916.

Justices of the Peace
Alto, A. Richolson, W. M. Ravnass, Steward
Amboy, Chas. E. Ives, A. A. Virgil, Jno. C. Appleman, Amboy
Ashton, Squire T. Jennings, Ashton
Bradford, Joseph Baldwin, Ashton
Brooklyn, H. A. Bernardin, West Brooklyn, J. F. Beitz, Compton
China, Willis L. Riegle, F. H. Hansen, Franklin Grove
Dixon, A. H. Hanneken, Jno. B. Crabtree, Edw. J. Condon, G. W. Gehant, Geo. W. Hill, Dixon
E. Grove, Jas. Donovan, Ohio
Hamilton, C. H. Larkin, B. H. Peterson, Harmon
Harmon, H. M. Ostrander, Harmon, Elmer H. Hess, Van Patten
L. Center, Richard Gooch, Monroe Shaw, Lee Center
Marion, John Leonard, Dixon, R. D.
Palmyra, Harvey M. Senneff, Dixon, R. D.
S. Dixon, James Bollman, Dixon, R. D.
Sublette, Peter H. Kolde, S. C. Leffelman, Sublette
W. Creek, W. H. Herrmann, Scarboro
Wyoming, Ed. P. Fleming, Paw Paw.

Police Magistrates
Alto, S. J. Whetston, Steward
Amboy, John Holleran, Amboy
China, A. B. Wicker, Franklin Grove
Dixon, W. G. Kent, Dixon.

Alto, Jno. Buckley, Wm. J. Bowles, Steward
Amboy, Chas. E. Stanard, W. L. Eddy, Amboy
Ashton, Jno. W. Weishaar, Joel C. Wetzel, Ashton
Brooklyn, Chas. Carnahan Compton
China, E. O. E. Omer, Wm. F. Miller, Franklin Grove
Dixon, Jno. H. Howell, Wm. S. Fletcher, Wm. V. E. Steel, Wm. Dykeman, Dixon
Hamilton, W. C. Hardesty, Walnut, Joseph Knapp, Harmon
Harmon, Wm. T. Camery, Harmon
L. Center, Joseph Miller, Clem B. Miller, Lee Center
Nelson, Fred Ohda, Nelson
Palmyra, Robert J. Drynan, Dixon, R. D.
W. Creek, F. A. Schoenholtz, Scarboro
Wyoming, L. A. Coss, W. J. Valentine, Paw Paw.

Township School Treasurers
Town 22, R. 11, N. A. Petrie, Ashton
37, 2, Frank Wheeler, Paw Paw
20, 11, Philo L. Berry, Lee Center
19, 8, Geo. Hermes, Harmon
37, 1, J. S. Richardson, Compton
19, 9, Philip Erbes, Amboy
19, 11, A. H. Lauer, Sublette
22, 10, C. D. Hussey, Franklin Grove
21, 9, Ira W. Lewis, Dixon
39, 1, Henry Salzman, Ashton
22, 9, E. B. Raymond, Dixon
20, 9, Ed. Lally, Dixon
22, 8, Fred A. Lawton, Dixon
39, 2, G. A. Ruckman, Steward
38, 1, H. Berscheid, Compton
20, 8, T. H. Mannion, Harmon
21, 8, H. W. Phillips, Dixon
21 , 11, Chas. Wagner, Ashton
19, 10, Andrew Spohn, Amboy
38, 2, Geo. W. Yetter, Lee
20, 10, H. H. Badger, Amboy
21, 10, S. A. Durkes, Franklin Grove.

Assessment 1912

Following is the assessed valuation of lands, lots and personal property of Lee County, by townships, for the past year, 1912.

First are given the returns as made by the assessor next are given the values as fixed by the board of review.

This is the last valuation spread upon the records. Substantially the lands and lots for the present year will be the same. The personal property list however will be approximately half a million dollars more.

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