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Delaware County Indiana Rural Directory Abbott ~ Ayres

Being A Complete Directory Of All The Rural Routes in Delaware County,

Most contain:
Name of Husband. Wife. Children, with Age Johnson, John C. (Mary); (Lucy 12, John 8, Ella 6)
Where figures appear after the RFD number, it indicates the amount of acres owned;
h 320a, the land is in the husband's name; j, owned jointly; w, in wife's name.

Abbott Elmer, 82½a

Abbott J B, Muncie, RFD 2

Abbott Marion, non res, 8¾a

Abraham Wm J (Louise C), Muncie, RFD 2 – h 70a

Abrams Frank D and Lucille E, Muncie, ¼a

Abrell Wm E (Emma L) (Homer R, Rebecca, Ethel, Theodore, Edith), Muncie, RFD 7 – h 17a

Abshire Geo H (Emma B) (Stacy E, Albert 18), Daleville, RFD 1 – h 212¾a

Ackenbach Chas (Cora), Daleville, RFD 2

Acker Amos L (Sophia) (John 22), Muncie, RFD 9 – h 236¾a

Acker Carl, (Rosa), Muncie, RFD 10

Acker Elijah T., Muncie, RFD 10 – 1a

Acker Lester, (Kate) (Arthur, Geo, Robt), Muncie, RFD 10

Acker Lewis H. and Rozella G, Blountsville, 80a

Acker Sidney, (Jessie) (Lois 11, Doris 9), Muncie, RFD 7

Acker Thos, Muncie, RFD 10

Acker Wm A., Muncie, RFD 10 – 82a

Acord Emma, Muncie, RFD 3

Acord Hamilton (Johannah), Gaston, RFD 1 – j 32a

Acord Martin (Catherine), Gaston, RFD 2 – j 92a

Acord Wm (Cora), Muncie, RFD 3

Adams Edgar (Neva B), Muncie, RFD 5

Adams Edward H (Bessie J.) (Mildred 12), Yorktown, RFD 2 – w 1a

Adams James E. (Sarah A.) (Milton), Albany, RFD 1 – j 32a

Adams John Q (Sarah), Muncie, RFD 10

Adams Monoletta et al, Muncie, 171a

Adams Thos (Dora) (Earl 13, James 11, Henry 8), Eaton, RFD 2

Adamson Louisa A Estate, Muncie, 1¾a

Addington Chas L (Ida S), Muncie, RFD 1, h 53a, j 160a

Addington Oris S (Fern) (Mabel), Muncie, RFD 2

Addington Oris and Harold, Muncie, RFD 2 - 48½a

Addison Custle K (Mildred E), Yorktown, RFD 2

Addison Homer, Muncie, RFD 6

Addison Matilda, Muncie, RFD 6 - 40a

Addison Milton (Alma), Yorktown, RFD 2 – j 80a

Adsit Carrie, wife of Thos J Nollingham, Eaton, 414a

Adsit Isabel, wife of Oliver Dunn, Eaton, 320a

Ailes Garfield (Amy) (Mabel, Alonzo), Muncie, RFD 1

Albany Corporation, Albany, 7¾a

Alexander Sam S, Muncie, RFD 3

Alexandria John P (Caroline H), Muncie, RFD 7

Alexandria Sandy S (Anna) (Gertie, John, Roy, Jennie), Muncie, RFD 3

Alldredge Edmund F (Fannie) (Hattie), Muncie, RFD 5 – h 3a

Alldredge John S, Anderson, 163a

Alldredge John S and Leathy L, Anderson, Ind, 89½a

Alldredge Leathy L, Anderson, Ind., 33½a

Allen James C (Viola Y) (Irene 20, Raymond), Muncie, RFD 5 - j ¼a

Allen Joseph (Morris, Lillian), Muncie, RFD 3

Allen Louisa, wife of Samuel, Gaston, RFD 1

Allen Lucille, Muncie, RFD 3

Allen Marshall F (Cora), Muncie, RFD 8

Allen Ray E (Bertha), Muncie, RFD 4

Allen Ray M (Iva A), Muncie, RFD 2 – j 14¾a

Allen Thos, Yorktown, Ind., 235¾a

Allerman Harry, Muncie RFD 4

Alles Wm (Margaret) (Mabelle, Wilma), Muncie, RFD 5

Alley Everett (Grace) (Lee), Muncie, RFD 3

Allred Douglas (Jennie), Muncie, RFD 3

Allred James C and Gertrude, ½a

Alvey Chas (Edith), Muncie RFD 5

Alvey Earl (Mrs. Earl), Daleville, RFD 2

Alvy Geo W (Nannie J) (Mabel, Chas, Denny), Muncie, RFD 2 – w 3½a.

American Glass Company, 3a.

American Lawn Mower Company (The), Muncie, 3a.

American Sheet Steel Co, non res, 26½a.

Amnion Grover (Anna) (Crystal, Vere), Muncie, RFD 2.

Amnions Wm. (Minnie) (Lewis, Emma), Muncie, RFD 10.

Anderson Alex H. and heirs, Muncie, RFD 4 - 196½a.

Anderson Chas E., (Ida) (Claude, Ralph, Pauline, Gladys, Gleem), Muncie, RFD 6 – h 60a.

Anderson Chas S., (Sarah) (Rhoda), Albany, RFD 1.

Anderson Denver (Oria) (Delbert, Oeie), Muncie, RFD 4.

Anderson Felix P., (Forest P 20), Albany, RFD 1 82½a.

Anderson Frank W (Bersheba B) (Susie K. 14, Chas A. 12), Albany, RFD 1

Anderson John W (Viola), Yorktown, RFD 1 – h 32½a j 19½a.

Anderson Joseph F, Albany, RFD 2 - 80a.

Anderson Lola D, Albany, RFD 1 - 93¾a.

Anderson Milton (Allie) (Cecile, James), Muncie, RFD 1.

Anderson Nathan (Alice A), Muncie, RFD 1 – j ¼a.

Anderson Ollie W, Muncie, RFD 1 – 1a.

Anderson Ollie W et al, Muncie, RFD 1 - ½a.

Anderson Silas B (Pansy) (David S), Muncie RFD 4.

Anderson Wilber (Bernice), Albany, RFD 2.

Anderson Wm F (Ethel), Selma, RFD 1 – j 2½a.

Anderson Wm F and Nellie E, Muncie, RFD 5 – j 99¼a.

Anderson Wm H, Muncie, RFD 3 20a.

Andes Arthur F (Minnie), Muncie, RFD 9 – h 80a.

Andes Howard (Mabel), Muncie, RFD 10.

Andes Mike D (Lula) (Iantha 17, Cecil 14, Robt 10), Eaton, RFD 3 – h 20a.

Andrew Amanda, Muncie, ½a

Andrews Alfaretta (Charlotte, Gilbert, Kirby), Muncie, RFD 4

Andrews Caroline, 53½a.

Andrews Mrs. Cynthia A (Hugh), Eaton, RFD 1.

Andrews Ida F, Albany, Ind, 38¾a.

Andrews J S, Albany, Ind, 73¾a.

Andrews John E, Muncie, 75a.

Andrews Joseph W, Eaton RFD 1 – 80a.

Andrus Carl W (Ella) (Vera 16, Verna 14, Evelyn 12, Jennie 10), Albany, RFD 1.

Anthony Chas H, Muncie, 152¾a.

Antrim Gola A, Muncie, 51a.

Antrim Laura, widow of Wm H (Oscar 30, Geo 26, Ralph 23, Carl 18, Earl 11), Yorktown, RFD 2 – 38a.

Applegate Albert (Hattie) (Hazel, Mildred), Muncie, RFD 2.

Applegate Clifford C (Etta), Yorktown, RFD 1.

Applegate John T (Narcisses M) (Wesley, Hazel, Ethel), Muncie, RFD 8 –j 19¾a.

Applegate Riley (Eliza J), Muncie, RFD 10 – j8¾a.

Arbrogast Grover (Flora M) (Sylvia 12, Robt 8), Selma, RFD 1 – j 73a.

Arbrogast Robt S (Leah P), Selma, RFD 1 – h 75½a w 33a.

Armintrout Chas M (Armon, Axie G, Anna J), Muncie, RFD 4.

Armstrong Chas C (Elsie N) (Thelma, Carol), Muncie, RFD 9.

Armstrong Kate, Muncie, RFD 7

Arnold Benj H (Marv Luella) (Mary Alice 7), Yorktown, RFD 2 – h 11a.

Arthur Chester A (Minnie M), Muncie, 2¼a.

Artrip Noah B (Josephine) (Milford, Madonna), Muncie, RFD 6

Artz Peter W and Ida M., 2a.

Asbury Seth (May) (Viola, Howard), Muncie, RFD 6.

Ash Bernice, Muncie, RFD 2.

Ash Grover C (Grace) (Evelyn, Ruth, Irene), Muncie, RFD 9.

Ashby Benj F (Florence) (Chester, Harold, Doris, Athenea, Meva), Muncie, RFD 8.

Ashcraft J.A. (Ercie) (Ruby 14, Clara 11, Virgil, Loren), Muncie, RFD 3.

Ashcraft Mary A widow of Daniel (Burt), Muncie, RFD 3 - 4¾a.

Ashcraft Mary H C, 40a.

Ashley Lucy G, Muncie, RFD 1.

Atkinson Orren C (Marv) (Maggie 20, Alta 24), Muncie, RFD 12 – h 100a.

Atkinson Raymond (Rosa), Eaton, RFD 2.

Aubry Aaron J. (Virginia) (John E, Edith), Muncie, RFD 5.

Aubry John H. (Catharine E) (Sadie, Helen. Marie, Paul), Muncie, RFD 5 – w 82a.

Ault Clarence W and Ethel, Selma, RFD 1 – j ½a.

Ault Thos J, Muncie, 320a.

Ault Wm M (Anna E) (Delia, Sarah), Muncie, RFD 5 – h 53½a w 11a.

Aurand Lila O, Muncie, RFD 2.

Austin Arthur (Ida H), Gaston, RFD 1.

Austin Bob, Muncie, RFD 4.

Austin Chas M (Lillie) (Herbert, Hazel), Muncie, RFD 3 – h 110¾a.

Austin Chas R., Muncie, RFD 8.

Austin Harmon L, Muncie, RFD 4 - 155½a.

Austin Lean, widow Harmon L (Grace), Muncie RFD 3.

Austin Ray R (Ivy) (Ralph, Mabel, Nellie, Alice, Elizabeth), Muncie, RFD 3 – h 4¼a.

Austin W B (Maggie) (Will, Frank, Wendell, Naomi), Muncie, RFD 10 – j 4¼a.

Ayers Cecil (Mildred) (Goldie 30), Gaston, RFD 2.

Ayres Don H (Jane) (Jesse 33), Gaston, RFD 2.


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Source: Rural Route Directory, 1919-1920, Compiled and published by Emerson Directory Company, Williams Directory Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1919.


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