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Delaware County Indiana Rural Directory ~ Fadely ~ Futrell

Being A Complete Directory Of All The Rural Routes in Delaware County,

Most contain:
Name of Husband. Wife. Children, with Age Johnson, John C. (Mary); (Lucy 12, John 8, Ella 6)
Where figures appear after the RFD number, it indicates the amount of acres owned;
h 320a, the land is in the husband's name; j, owned jointly; w, in wife's name.

Fadely Ray (Lydia), Muncie, RFD 10.
Fadley Wm (Sadie), Albany, RFD 1 - h 138½a.
Fahrner John W. (Arlie) (Vivian), Muncie, RFD 3.
Falby James (Carrie), Muncie, RFD 8 - h 1a.
Falkner Arthur (Alice) (Morris), Muncie, RFD 6.
Fallis Chas L. and John C., Gaston, ¾a.
Fallis Lulu M, Gaston - 38¾a.
Farlow Carrie L. (life estate) and Children (fee simple), Selma RFD 3 - 77a.
Farlow Clyde (Loree), Muncie, RFD 6.
Farlow Schuyler C (Carrie L.) (Dorothy 17), Selma, RFD 2 - w 40a.
Farmers State Bank (The), Oakville, - ½a.
Farr Mary J., Muncie, RFD 10.
Farrer Millie L. and Mary J. Fudge, non res, - 42a.
Fast Francis M. (Alice) (Edith, Mildred), Muncie, RFD 2.
Fatsinger Ruth, Daleville, RFD 1.
Feeny Edmund J., Muncie, ½a.
Feight Wm A. (Bessie), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 80a.
Feinburg Abraham, Muncie - 1a.
Felix August R. and Edna - 30a.
Felton Isaac, Selma, Ind - 7¼a.
Felton Jacob (Mary E.) (Don), Muncie, RFD 3 - 52¼a.
Felton Jane, Muncie, RFD 6 - 137¾a.
Felton Lorenzo D. (Ellen) (Thelma), Muncie RFD 5.
Felton Martha J., Muncie, RFD 6 - 30a.
Felton Richard (Laura) (Wm, John), Muncie RFD 7.
Felton Riley Jr (Maggie) (Wm O, Velma, Howard, Maurice), Muncie, RFD 7 - h 167½a.
Felton Ronald V. (Nellie), Muncie, RFD 6 - h 1½a.
Fennimore Caleb T. (Howard), Muncie, RFD 2.
Fenwick Gary P. (Cora) (Alta 18), Daleville, RFD 1 - h 26a, j 40a.
Fenwick J. Dick, Daleville, RFD 1.
Fenwick Jeptha Y., Daleville, RFD 2 - 26a.
Fenwick Joseph M. (Ida B.), Daleville - h 26a, j 20¾a.
Fergus James A. (Sarah C.) Gaston RFD 2 - j 60a.
Ferguson John (Nancy A.) (Vernon 22, John 14), Selma RFD 1.
Ferguson Joshua (Martha) (John S. 20, James C. 16, Maud 18, Raymond 12), Summitville, RFD 1 - h 155½a.
Ferguson Josiah (Ida E.) (Elva 20, Ruth 18, Fay 14), Gaston RFD 3 - h 155½a.
Ferguson Silas L. D. (Rosetta) (Armond Armentrout 7), Gaston RFD 3 - h 72¼a.
Ferrell Chas G. (Laura) (Huber 24, Velma 21, Orval 18, Martha 16, Maude 13, Gordan 11), Selma, RFD 1.
Fest Lewis L. (Bertha), Selma, RFD 2 - h 156½a.
Fetters David W., Parker, RFD 22 - 61a.
Fetters Grover C. (Maud) (Harold, Dale), Muncie, RFD 6.
Fetters Horace G., non res, - 16a.
Fields John (Cella) (Mattie 9), Selma, RFD 1.
Fields Thos M. (Ellen) (Marv), Muncie, RFD 6.
Fifer Ollie (Rosa), Gaston RFD 1.
Filler John M S - 80a.
Findley Granville G. (Nannie) (Ollie E., Clem), Muncie RFD 5.
Findley Ray E. (Mary E.) (Edin W., Allie P.), Muncie RFD 7.
Fink Harvey O. (Jessie L.) (Harvey W., Emanuel), Muncie, RFD 1 - j 71¾a.
Fink Marion S. (Mary I.) (Ester 9, Pearl 16, Leslie 12, Ola 25, Ivan 21, Roy 19), Yorktown RFD 1 - j 92½a.
Finley Chas F. (Ida B.) (Kenneth H. 16, Wayne 8), Yorktown RFD 1.
Finley Edward S. (Rachel) (Hoshell, Madonna, Clarice, Rena), Muncie, RFD 9 - h 176a.
Finley James B (Hannah) (Hester, Albert), Muncie, RFD 6
Finley John F. (Mary J.) (Izola IS), Gaston RFD 3 - h 40½a, j 40¾a.
Finley Perry (Lola) (Donald 6), Gaston, RFD 3.
Finley Wm (Blanche) (Eva 10), Gaston RFD 3.
Finnamore Bert (Grace) (Lucile 14, Fred 12, Wm 10), Gaston RFD 3.
Fish Mariah M., Daleville, Ind., - 4¼a.
Fishback Elba (Ida) (Wm 21, Glendora M. 18), Albany, RFD 2 - h 40a.
Fishback J Russell, Albany RFD 2.
Fisher Asa (Austie) (Ellen, Mildred), Muncie, RFD 1.
Fisher Chester (Lucile), Eaton, RFD 2.
Fisher David M (Rachel) (Raymond 12), Eaton RFD 3 - h 55½a.
Fisher Donald (Fern), Eaton, RFD 3.
Fisher Elias (Mary J.) (Mabel 20), Eaton, RFD 2 - w 47½a.
Fisher Fred G, Selma, RFD 1 - 5a.
Fisher Geo (Laura) (Lavon 14), Eaton, RFD 3 - h 2½a.
Fisher Harry (Hattie), Eaton, RFD 3.
Fisher Harvey W. (Emma O.), Selma, RFD 1 - j 35a.
Fisher Herbert D. (Bessie E.) (Paul 17), Muncie, RFD 7 - w ½a.
Fisher Mark T. (Alice) (Magdeline 18), Eaton, RFD 1 - h 60a.
Fisher Paid, Muncie, RFD 7.
Fiske Melissa J. Petty, non res, - ½a
Fitch James Monroe (Lula), Muncie, RFD 2 - j i^a
Fitch Lulu Parkison, Yorktown - 217i/2a.
Flanagan James T. and Rachel, Muncie, RFD 5 - 1a.
Flannigan James (Anna) (Marion, Gladys, Nellie), Muncie, RFD 5.
Fleming Branch (May) (Antoinette, James). Muncie, RFD 10
Fleming Chas A, Muncie RFD 10 - 40a.
Fleming Claude (Roberta, Claude), Muncie, RFD 10.
Fleming Cynthia A., widow of Newton, Muncie, RFD 10 - 40a.
Fleming Geo, Muncie, RFD 3.
Fleming Lawrence E, Muncie, RFD 10 - 80a.
Fleming Maggie, Muncie RFD 10.
Fleming Mark (Mabel) (Paul, Frank, Ruby), Muncie, RFD 10 - 40a.
Fleming Mary F., Muncie, - 80a.
Fleming Nathan R. (Margaret), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 100a.
Fleming Steven P. (Marv A.), Muncie E. RFD 9 - h 100a.
Fletcher Elizabeth, Selma RFD 1.
Fletcher Fountain (Eliza), Yorktown RFD 2.
Fletcher Hewitt H. (Edna), Selma, RFD 2.
Fletcher John E., Selma, RFD 2 - 100a.
Fletcher Lewis E. (Delia), Yorktown, RFD 2.
Fletcher Mary Jane, Losantsville, RFD 24 - 119½a.
Fletcher Richard (Dora A.) (Blanche 18, Florence 14, Verlie 10) Daleville, RFD 2- h 28½a, w 40a.
Fletcher Samuel V., Yorktown RFD 2 - 100a
Flinn Geo V., non res, - 10a
Flinn Samuel M. (Laura E.), Yorktown RFD 2 - j 14a.
Florey Henry (Rosa) (Helen 14), Muncie, RFD 3 - h 176½a.
Floyd James, Muncie, RFD 6.
Floyd John (Edna) (Hansford), Mnncie, RFD 6.
Fodrea Philip (Arvilla) (Ethyl 10), Selma, RFD 1 - h 43a.
Folkner Arthur B. and Nannie, Muncie, RFD 7 - j ¼a.
Folkner Mary A., Muncie - 40a.
Foorman Adam, Eaton - 40a.
Foorman Amos N, Eaton - 600a.
Foorman Frank (Cuba) (Wm Amas 6, Murt Robbins), Eaton, RFD 1.
Foorman John, Eaton - 2½a.
Foorman Wm (Elizabeth), Dunkirk, Ind., - h 60a, j 80a.
Ford Edw and Martha E., Muncie - 17a.
Ford Harry (Viola) (Freda, Russell), Muncie, RFD 4.
Fording Delma (Pearl) (Earl 10), Selma RFD 1.
Ft Wayne C & L Ry, Muncie - 25a.
Fortner Donald (Jane) (Lillian, Olive, Herbert, Hollie), Muncie, RFD 6.
Fosnight Geo (12) in care of Noah Bantz, Albany, RFD 2.
Fosnot James R. (Mary), Daleville, RFD 1 - j 4½a.
Foster Albert M., Muncie, RFD 3.
Foster Chas (Elizabeth) (Meredith), Muncie, RFD 6.
Foster Francis (Harold), Muncie, RFD 9.
Foster Jesse (Nellie) (Mary 18), Gaston, RFD 2 - j 42½a.
Foster Wm H. (Emma), Gaston, RFD 2 - h 84½a.
Foust Leonard (Myrtle) (Delpha, Floyd), Daleville, RFD 2.
Fowler C. (Josephine), Muncie, RFD 5.
Fowler David F., Albany RFD 1 - 15a.
Fox Chas W. (Neta M.) (Rena), Muncie, RFD 7 - j 7¼a.
Frank Delmer L. (Laura O.) (Casper 13, Frank 11), Albany, RFD 1 - h 45a.
Frank Ephriam A. (Julia), Albany, RFD 1 - h 143¾a.
Frank John E. and Goldie M., Albany, RFD 1 - 27a.
Frank Stephen D. (Beatrice) (Elizabeth, Herschel), Albany, RFD 1 - h 117½a.
Frank Wm (Leah), Albany RFD 1 - h 118½a.
Franklin Arthur (Nettie V.), Daleville RFD 2 - h8½, w 100a.
Franklin Carl P., Muncie - 10a.
Franklin Carl P. et al, Muncie - 171¾a.
Franklin Cary, Muncie - ¾a.
Franklin Homer (Nellie), Daleville. RFD 2.
Franklin Loan A., Muncie - 277a.
Frazee Arthur (Eva), Albany, RFD 2.
Frazee Felix (Rebecca I.) (Thos, Lena), Daleville, RFD 2 - w 40a.
Frazee Richard (Florence) (Ruth 19), Eaton, RFD 2 - h 60a.
Frazier Howard (Ruby), Muncie, RFD 4.
Frazier J. F., Muncie, RFD 3.
Frazier Luther A. (Mabel C.) (Wm H), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 10a.
Frazier Wm (Ida), Muncie, RFD 3 - j 15a.
Frazier Wm H. (Margaret A.), Muncie, RFD 4 - w 240a.
Freeman Mary M, widow of Joseph, Muncie, RFD 7 - 20a.
Freeman Thos J. (Burdella) (Ernest, Grace), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 91a.
Freese Emmet A. (Bessie) (Gola 16, Beulah 9, Viola 12, Mane 7), Muncie, RFD 2.
Freese Orlando A (Ollie) (Ellie, Edith, Freda, Lorene), Muncie, RFD 2 - h 34¾a.
Freestone Cecil (Margaret), Muncie, RFD 3.
Freight Calvin A. (Margaret) (Oletha, Shirley, Dorotha), Muncie RFD 2.
Frey John E. (Millie) (Anna, Dorothy, Thelma), Muncie, RFD 3.
Frey Solon, Muncie, RFD 4.
Friddle Burl (Jennie) (Oliver C. 13, Ruth E. 11, Albert H. 9, Chas L. 7), Albany RFD 1.
Friddle Columbus L. (Mary M) (Heshel B. 21, Clarence G. 20), Albany, RFD 2 - h 40a, w 50a, j 73a.
Friddle Geo B., Albany - ½a.
Friddle James C. (Ellen E.), Albany, RFD 1 - h 64a
Friddle John C (Maude), Albany RFD 1 - 1¾a.
Friddle Levi (Martha) (Dale), Muncie, RFD 4.
Frommeyer Vida P. - 40a
Frye Alonzo F. (L. Gertrude) (Amelia), Muncie, RFD 5 - j 61a.
Frye Lafe (Florence) (Lowell), Muncie, RFD 10.
Fudge Geo. (Mallie), Gaston, RFD 1.
Fudge John S., Eaton - 2a.
Fudge Susannah E, Eaton, - ½a.
Fuller Albert (Mary E.), Muncie, RFD 3.
Fuller Herbert (Dora) (Willard 11), Selma, RFD 1.
Fuller Isabella and Carlton B Miller - 78a.
Fuller James A. (Ella) (Bevin 18, Thurza 16, Cecil 22), Albany RFD 2 - j 16¼a.
Fuller Mary E., Muncie, RFD 3.
Fuller Wm (Anna), Muncie, RFD 5.
Fuller Wm G. (Gladys L.), Yorktown, RFD 1.
Fullhart Cora I., Muncie, RFD 10 - ½a.
Fullhart John (Mary) (Ralph), Muncie, RFD 9.
Fullhart Lafe L. (Ellen), Muncie, RFD 5 - h 12¼a.
Fullhart Nellie (Nellie McFann), Muncie, RFD 3.
Fullhart Ruth, Muncie, RFD 8.
Fullhart Thos (Zora) (Robt, Rosa, Varina, Willie, Vernice), Muncie, RFD 5.
Fullhart Willard (Eva M) (Rosaline, Clayton), Muncie, RFD 6 - h 144½a, w 79¾a, j 12a.
Funk Wm H (Elizabeth), Muncie, RFD 8.
Funkhouser Dora (Samantha) (Dale), Daleville, RFD 1.
Funkhouser Ina, Daleville, RFD 1.
Funkhouser Rade E. (Hettie, Bernice, Rachel), Muncie, RFD 9.
Funkhouser Roscoe G. et al, - 80a.
Funkhouser Scott, Daleville, RFD 1.
Fuqua John S. (Sarah E.), Albany, RFD 1 - j 53½a.
Furnish Elizabeth E, non res, - 120a.
Furnish James W. heirs - 27a.
Furst Christian (Emma L) (Russell), Muncie, RFD 3 - j 208a.
Fuson Alonzo (Ella) (Claude, Ruth, Carl), Muncie, RFD 9 - h 39a, j 40¾a.
Fuson Alonzo and Carl, Muncie RFD 9 - 60a.
Fuson Chas (Rilla J.) (Velma D. 17, Ruby 10), Yorktown, RFD 1 - h 174a.
Fuson Herbert R. (Iva) (Helen Charline 6), Yorktown RFD 1 - h 16a.
Fuson John E. (Mary M.), Yorktown RFD 1 - h 136¾a.
Fuson Thos (Mary E.) (May), Muncie, RFD 9 - h 140½a.
Fuson Vernon (Gladys), Muncie, RFD 8.
Futrell Isaac N. (Maude O), Muncie RFD 7 - j 2a

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Source: Rural Route Directory, 1919-1920, Compiled and published by Emerson Directory Company, Williams Directory Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1919.


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