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Delaware County Indiana Rural Directory ~ Laboyteaux ~ Lesh

Being A Complete Directory Of All The Rural Routes in Delaware County,

Most contain:
Name of Husband. Wife. Children, with Age Johnson, John C. (Mary); (Lucy 12, John 8, Ella 6)
Where figures appear after the RFD number, it indicates the amount of acres owned;
h 320a, the land is in the husband's name; j, owned jointly; w, in wife's name.

Laboyteaux Huldah, widow of James, estate, Muncie, RFD 2 - 155¾a.
Lacey Joseph (Belle), Muncie, RFD 3 - h 40a.
Lacy Frank B. (Ollie F.) (Harriet, Jessie), Muncie, RFD 6 - j 39½a.
Lacy Hobart (Helen L.) (Dorothy L.), Mnncie, RFD 1.
Lacy John W. (Effie) (Geneva), Muncie, RFD 1 - h 1¼, w 40a.
Ladd Wm S. (Effie A.) (Chas F.), Muncie, RFD 8 - j 40a.
Lake Cecil (Elsie), Muncie, RFD 1.
Lake Don (Bessie), Muncie, RFD 7.
L.E. & W. Ry Co, Muncie - 21½a.
Lake Martha S., Eaton, Ind., - ¼a.
Lamar Mrs. Mary (Edith 17, Mabel 16, Lotta 12, Helen 8), Eaton, RFD 2.
Lamar Samuel (Sarah C.), Eaton, RFD 2 - h 82a, w 10a.
Lamb Elbert (Mae) (Anna A., Polk, Virginia, Chas H.), Muncie RFD 2.
Lamb Harry (Edna) (Raymond, Beulah, Marjorie), Muncie, RFD 10.
Lambert Chas E. (Sadie), Daleville, RFD 2 - 8.
Lambert Cyrus, Eaton, RFD 2.
Lambert David A. (Anna) (Gene, Geo, David Jr, Marion), Muncie, RFD 1 - h 472¾a.
Lambert David S. (Delia) (Blanche 22, Ralph 19, Marv 16, Herbert 14), Eaton, RFD 2.
Lambert Emma F. - 80a.
Lambert J. Evan (Hilda S.) (Hubert, Helen, Dorotha), Muncie RFD 2.
Lambert John W. (Effie), Gaston RFD 1 - h 365a.
Lambert Joseph D. (Clara V.), Eaton, Ind., - h 25a, j 50¾a.
Lambert Josiah S., Eaton RFD 2 - 63½a.
Lambert Mary Abigail. Eaton, RFD 2 - 61a.
Lambert Otis R. (Ina), Gaston RFD 1 - h 49a.
Lambiotte Lamba, Eaton RFD 2 - 56¼a.
Lamm Troy M. (Marie), Muncie, RFD 4.
Lampkin Geo Thos - ¾a.
Lampkin John H. (Margaret E.), Muncie, RFD 2 - j ¾a.
Lancaster Earl, Muncie, RFD 20.
Land Pearl (Carrie), Muncie, RFD 6.
Landes Roe (Dora) (Audrey 16, Virgil 18), Eaton, RFD 2.
Landess James J. (Anna Wilson), Muncie, RFD 9.
Landis Chas R., Gaston RFD 2 - 4½a.
Landis Jenet L., Gaston RFD 2 - 35½a.
Landis Leone (Iva), Eaton, RFD 2
Landis Samuel (Manila C.) (Edward), Muncie RFD 8 - w ¼a.
Landrey Joseph (Florence) (Helen, Lucile, Ralph Grace) Muncie RFD 5 - h 153½a.
Landrey Wm R. (Hannah), Daleville, RFD 1 - li 486½a.
Lane Addison W. (Minerva), Muncie RFD 11 - h 40a.
Lane M. J. (Jennie M.) (Byron 20, Eugene 12, Elizabeth 7), Selma, RFD 1.
Lang James - 39½a.
Lang Lewis B. (Alberta) Muncie, RFD 3 - j 10½a.
Lang Louise - 80a.
Langdon Nellie P. - 20a.
Langdon Perry (Lulu S.) (Charline, Chauncy, Dolores) Muncie, RFD 10 - h 13a, w 11a.
Lange Wm F, and Louis - 43a.
Langsdon Francis R. (Mary) (Nellie 3) 166½a.
Langsdon John, Gaston, RFD 3 - 10a.
Langsdon Leander (Bessie, A.), Muncie, RFD 3 - j 6a.
Langsdon Ray, Fred, Mary and Hal, - 154a.
Langsdon Wm E. (Emma) (Mabel, Martin), Muncie, RFD 1 - h 146½a.
Lannich Ira J. (Lucy V.), Muncie, RFD 6.
Lannich John J. (Catharine), Muncie, RFD 6 - h 1½a.
Larmore Arthur (Ida M.), Alexandria, RFD 1 - w 25½a.
Larmore Frank (Dollie), Eaton, RFD 3.
Larrowe Lloyd D. (Lola D.) (Lawrence 15), Eaton, RFD 1 - j 43½a.
Larson Eli, Muncie, RFD 4.
Larson Libbie, Muncie, RFD 4.
Larue Joseph W. and Mary A., Gaston, Ind., - ¼a.
Larue Lincoln H., Gaston, Ind - 136a
Law Charlotte (Harriet), Muncie, RFD 3.
Lawhorn John Ed (Beatrice) (Edward, Susan), Muncie, RFD 4 - j 1½a
Lawrance Wm (Mary F.) (Lee 19), Gaston, RFD 3.
Lawrence Zephaniah (Alice), Muncie, RFD 7.
Lawson Leander G. (Daisy M.) (Gilbert W., Mary A., Asa A., Floyd B., Eldon E., Dallas R., Imogene D., Clara M.), Muncie, RFD 1.
Lawson Margaret A., widow of Nathan, Wheeling, RFD 1 - 19½a.
Lawson Norman (Grace) (Luella), Muncie, RFD 10.
Leach Adda E., Wheeling, RFD 1 - 29½a.
Leach Dollie, Fairmount, Ind., - 58a.
Leach Edmond Claud (Elsie O.), Gaston, RFD 2 - h 142½a.
Leach Simon B, - 30a.
Leach Wick O. - 40a,
Leaird Thos (May) (Esther 19, Helen 15, Margaret 18, Wm 16, Dorothy 13, Elizabeth 10), Eaton RFD 1 - h 68½a, j 9¾a.
Leath Ralph (Kizzie), Muncie, RFD 10.
Leavell Lewis E., Parker, Ind., - 68a.
Lecington U. Grant (Minnie) (Augustus Oce), Muncie, RFD 4 j 23¼a.
Ledbetter James M., Albany, RFD 3 - 4¼a.
Ledbetter Martin (Wilma), Albany, RFD 2.
Ledbetter Willis R. (Effie E.), Albany, RFD 3 - 23a.
Lee David (Bertha) (Geepho), Muncie, RFD 5.
Lee Francis M. (Mary) (Samuel), Muncie RFD 8 - h 91¼a.
Lee Goldson (Catherine), Muncie - 3½a.
Lee John D. (Nora A.) (J. Frank 19, W. Rea 18, Geo H. 12), Yorktown, RFD 1 - j 267½a.
Lee John V. (Alice) (Georgia, Carroll), Muncie, RFD 3.
Lee Mark, Muncie, RFD 8.
Lee Samuel (Edith), Yorktown, RFD 1.
Lee Sherman M., Yorktown, RFD 1 - 98a.
Lee Sherman W., Yorktown, RFD 1 - 27½a.
Lee Wm M Estate - 80a.
Leech John J. (Lydia) (Litha, Robt, Lawrence), Muncie, RFD 9.
Leedy Silas S. (Samantha) (Bascom, Earnest), Muncie, RFD 6 - J 41¼a.
Leeper Darius J. (Rachel G.), Selma, Ind., - h 56¾a, j 29a.
Leeson Emma, Alexandria, Ind., - 79¾a.
Lefever James (Julia) (Mary), Muncie, RFD 8.
Leffler Joseph G., Muncie - 80a.
Lefter Benj, Daleville, Ind., - 7¾a.
Legg Warren B. (Mayme) (Harriet), Muncie, RFD 5.
Leitheiser Benj C. (Rosa Marie) (Laura 6), Yorktown, RFD 2 - j 6½a.
LeMasters John H. (Ida B.) (Francis, Fred), Muncie, RFD 7.
Lemond Roseville R. (Kate) (Ezra), Daleville, RFD 1 - h 6½a.
Lennen Bertha, Muncie, RFD 8.
Lennington Claude E. (Jessie) (Melba), Muncie, RFD 10.
Lennington John R., Muncie - 40a.
Lennington Rollin W. (California H.), Muncie - h 40a, w 122a.
Lennington Wade (Marie L.), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 110a, j ½a.
Lennox Borter (Anna) (Clifford, Criptal, Robt), Muncie RFD 7 - h 80a.
Lennox James M. (Emma) (Nancy), Muncie, RFD 7 - h 80a.
Lennox John Jr, non res., - 65a.
Lennox Willard W. (Viola) (Katharine, Richard), Muncie, RFD 7 - h 32a.
Lenon Alonzo R., Muncie, RFD 5 - 630a.
Lenon Oren S. (Dora), Muncie, RFD 6 - h 456¾a.
Leonard Wm C., Muncie, RFD 10 - 60¼a.
Lesh Eliza B., widow of Noble (Claude Thoruburg 13), Selma, RFD 2 - 116a.

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Source: Rural Route Directory, 1919-1920, Compiled and published by Emerson Directory Company, Williams Directory Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1919.


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