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Delaware County Indiana Rural Directory ~ Macy ~ Miller

Being A Complete Directory Of All The Rural Routes in Delaware County,

Most contain:
Name of Husband. Wife. Children, with Age Johnson, John C. (Mary); (Lucy 12, John 8, Ella 6)
Where figures appear after the RFD number, it indicates the amount of acres owned;
h 320a, the land is in the husband's name; j, owned jointly; w, in wife's name.

Macy John C. (Maud) (Effie), Muncie, RFD 7.
Maddox Rebecca, Muncie, RFD 1.
Maddy Jennie heirs - ½a.
Madill Wm (Sarah E.) (Emily), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 1a
Madill Adam - ½a.
Madill Burl A. (Flora A.) (Cecil, Ralph), Muncie RFD 3 - h 120a.
Madill Chas O. (Emma), Albany, RFD 1 - h 140a.
Madill John (Ida E.), Albany, RFD 1 - h 296¼a.
Mahan Hugh (Erma), Muncie, RFD 1.
Mahoney E. C. (Delia), Muncie, RFD 10.
Mahoney John (Minnie), Muncie, RFD 3.
Mahoney Marion M. (Viola B.) (Delmar), Muncie, RFD 2.
Mahoney Nathan (Catherine J.), Daleville, RFD 2 - 100a.
Mahoney Oliver (Bessie) (Ruth 20, Ralph 18), Daleville, RFD 2.
Mahoney Ollie (Minnie) (Irene), Muncie, RFD 5.
Mahoney Willard (Minnie Belle) (Marv Margaret 17), Yorktown, RFD 1 - j 26a.
Main Chas B. (Ruth), Eaton, RFD 1 - j 40a.
Main Hiram C. (Harriet O.), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 12½a, j 28½a.
Main Mark (Mary A,), Gaston, RFD 1 - j 2½a.
Main Wm H. (Bertha) (Helen, Orville), Muncie, RFD 2.
Maine Harry (Bula), Gaston, RFD 3.
Maine Nance (Lesta), Albany, RFD 2.
Maitlen Richard A., Albany, RFD 1 - 20½a.
Maitlond Wm Harrison (Mary E.) (Mary 12), Albany, RFD 1 - h 274½a.
Majors Chas (Alice), Muncie, RFD 10.
Manis Sanford (Lydia) (Emerson 21, Irvin 19, Gladys 14, Catherine, Maxine, Noble L.), Daleville, RFD 1.
Manley Edward (Martha), Selma, RFD 2.
Manley Geo (Lizzie) (Geo B. 42), Selma, RFD 2 - j 49a.
Manley Wm L. (Bessie A.) (Kenneth 17, Ralph 11), Selma, RFD 2 - j 3a.
Mann Carson M. (Anna E.), Albany, RFD 1 - h 140a, j 20a.
Mann Eli B. (Mary H.), Muncie - j 291¾a.
Mann Elza (Dora) (Clara, Leonard, Elmer, Helen, Roy), Muncie, RFD 10.
Mann Jos (Rachel E.), Muncie, RFD 9 - h 130a, j 80a.
Mann Mary H. and Carolyne Mann Hanika, Muncie - 80a.
Manor Arthur A. (Lulu) (Marren 11, Horton 10, Mary S.), Eaton, RFD 1 - h 135a.
Manor Carl and Janette, Albany, RFD 1 - 55a.
Manor David J, Albany, RFD 1 - 55a.
Manor Goldie M., ½a.
Manor John S., Albany, RFD 1 - 154a.
Manring Ambrose A., Yorktown, RFD 1 - 80a.
Manring Ernest (Carrie M.) (Emery, Homer), Muncie, RFD 3.
Manseur Theodore E., Yorktown, RFD 1.
Mansfield Chas (Cordilla E.), Muncie, RFD 2 - h 39½a, w 40a.
Mansfield Chas C. (Amanda J.), Buffalo, N. Y., - h 214½a, j 44½a.
Mansfield Geo R. (LueInd.,a) (Murray 24), Eaton, RFD 2 - h 240a, w 40a.
Mansfield Harry G (Stella M.) (Irwin, Selethea, Carl, Ruth, Paul, Juanita), Muncie, RFD 1.
Mansfield Henry S. (Sadie) (Merritt, Riley, Oran, Virgil, Joseph), Muncie, RFD 2 - h 110a.
Mansfield John W, (Phoeba) (Edith W., Paul H.), Muncie, RFD 2 - h 90a.
Mansfield Lloyd (Jessie), Eaton, RFD 3.
Mansfield Matthew (Rilla) (Vida M.), Muncie, RFD 2 - j ½a.
Mansfield Perry W. heirs, Muncie, RFD 3 - 20a.
Mansfield Sarah C. et al, Royerton, Ind., - 26½a.
Mansfield Dr. Thos J. (Minnie) (Wanda), Muncie RFD 2 - h 43a.
Manson Ollie (Elma) (Eva, Jennie), Muncie, RFD 1 - j 79½a.
Maple Nelson W. (Cynthia B.), Gaston RFD 1 - 2a.
Maple Geo (Grace), Gaston, RFD 1.
Marine Eldon (Ella P.) (Jamilia, Hazel) Muncie, RFD 2 - h 68¾a.
Maring Joel M., Muncie - 160a.
Marker Clara G., Muncie - 7a.
Markins Perry (Elizabeth), Gaston, RFD 1.
Markins Wm (Etta) (Mearl 12, Ralph 10), Gaston, RFD 3.
Markle C. V. (Laura) (Ralph 8), Gaston RFD 2.
Markle Thos B. (Malissa) (Lorin 27, Thurman 25, Edith 22, John 16), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 40a.
Mrarkley John G. (Kate Lenon), Muncie, RFD 5 - w 169a.
Markquell Fred R. (Alma G.), Albany, RFD 1 - 10¼a.
Marks Emery E. (Alice) (Nora, Roy, Ida, Ray, Ralph), Muncie, RFD 3 - h 111a.
Marks Orren - 73a.
Marquell Adam (Cora) (Blanche, Leroy, Arthur, Julia, RFD3 - j 1a.
Marquell Henry M. (Alice J.), Albany RFD 3 - h 70a, w 40a, j 66¼a.
Marquell Louisa, Albany, RFD 3 - 80a.
Marquell Robt (Mabel), Muncie RFD 1.
Marquell Willis (L. Eunice) (Lucile S.), Albany RFD 1 w - 60a.
Marsh H. Wysor (Cora Reid) (Martha Ship, Margaret Johnson) Muncie, RFD 1.
Marsh Henry C., Muncie - 78¾a.
Marsh Ivan W (Grace E) (Lucile, Homer), Muncie RFD 10 - H 461/43, j 12a
Marsh Ivan W (Grace E) (Lucile, Homer), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 461/43, j 12a
Marsh James (Lydia P) (Helen 16), Selma RFD 1 - j 61a
Marsh John W. (Pearl), Muncie RFD 1 - h 10a, j 10a
Marsh John W. (und ½) and Laura L (und ½), Albany, RFD 2 - 110a
Marsh John W. (Laura L.), Albany RFD 2
Marsh Martha W., Muncie, 217¾a
Marsh Mary Ann, Muncie, 82a
Marsh Merle B. (Nellie) (Madonna, Samuel), Muncie RFD 10 - h 40a
Marsh Oral C. (Cora) (Alma), Muncie, RFD 9 - h 40a
Marsh Samuel W., Muncie, RFD 9 - 80a
Marsh Wm M., Muncie, RFD 1
Marshall Carl (Pearl) (Gordon 19, Marv 17, John 9), Selma, RFD 2 - h 67½a
Marshall Jerry (Kate) (Fred), Muncie, RFD 3
Marshall John W. (Helen), Muncie, RFD 3
Marshall Lloyd C. - l¾a
Marshall Parker (Bessie), Muncie, RFD 6 - h 60a
Marshell Reuben (Amelia M.), Cowan, Ind., - j 115a, w 20a
Martin Amos W, Eaton RFD 1- 80a
Martin Emily, Muncie, - 201½a
Martin Francis H. (Ida), Alexandria, RFD 1- h 28¼a
Martin Geo W. - la
Martin Jeff R. (Elizabeth I.), Daleville, RFD 2 - j 3a
Martin John C heirs, Eaton, Ind., 80a
Martin Robt (Hazel) (Wayne 9, Lawrence 6), Eaton, RFD 1
Martin Roy (Mildred) (Vivian), Muncie, RFD 4
Martin Samuel I. and Rebecca, non res., - 112a
Martin Sarah F, widow of James A. (Ward 15), Daleville, RFD 1- 135¾a
Martini Anthony E. and Mary L Martin - 37¾a
Mason Chas M, Muncie RFD 1
Mason E. Grant (Cora) (Raymond, Mary, Muriel, Minna), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 2a
Mason Edward G, Muncie, RFD 5
Mason James A, Muncie, RFD 1
Mason Letha, Muncie, RFD 1
Masterson Edith Blanche (life estate), Selma, RFD 3 - 41a
Masterson John (Mary M.) (Henry), Muncie, RFD 7 - w 23a
Masterson Phennius (Edith B.) (Elizabeth Fletcher 11), Selma, RFD 1 - j 22½a
Mathews Clyde R., Albany, Ind., - ¾a
Mathews David A. (Mary E.), Muncie, - 62½a
Mathews Ed (Jessie), Muncie, RFD 10
Mathews Howard R. 80a
Matthe Elizabeth A. Yorktown, - 68¾a
Matthews N. Perry (Mary J.) (John 16, Edna Bowman), Eaton, RFD 1 - h 79a
Mauek Wm (Artie) (Harley 10. Ruth 16, Florence 16), Daleville, RFD 2
Maupin Cleve (Daisy) Daleville, RFD 1
Maupin Tom (May) (Opal 19, Cecil 25), Daleville, RFD 1
Max Harold, Muncie, 50a
Max Sally V., Muncie, ½a
Maxwell Wm, Albany, RFD 2
May Andrew J. (Louisa), Yorktown, Ind., 76½a
May Andrew Jack (Louisa) (Ernest, Margaret), Muncie, RFD 10 - w 45a
May Mary C. - 89¼a
May Pearl Bennett, non res., - 147¼a
May Wm R. (Hannah F.) (Fred, Grant, Stella, Arthur) Muncie, RFD 4 - w 3½a
Maynard David S., Gaston, Ind., - h 80a
Maynard David S. and Laura E., Gaston, Ind., ¾a
Maynard David S. and Lima E. Gaston, Ind., 3¾a
Maynard Ferrill (Luella), Muncie, RFD 2
Maynard Washington (Martha J.), Gaston, Ind., - h ½a, j ½a
Maynard Washington (life estate), Gaston, Ind., 40a
Mead Roy (Bertha) (Ira, Ellen), Muncie, RFD 3
Mead Thos (Eunice), Muncie, RFD 3 - w 5a
Mead Wm (Ida M.) (Frank 21, Bertha 18, Bessie 15), Albany, RFD 1 - j 20a
Medeeke Ben (Flora) (Joeanna 6), Yorktown, RFD 2
Meek and Hamilton - ½a
Meeker Ray C. (Goldie C.) (Fred), Muncie, RFD 5 - j 60¼a
Meeker Will A. (Evaline), Muncie, 89¾a
Meeks Alonzo L., Parker RFD 21 - 80a
Meeks Arthur C. (Elizabeth D.), Muncie, 140a
Meeks Elizabeth Arvillie - 50a
Meeks Geo W. (Jennie E.), Muncie, RFD 1 - j 40a
Meeks Josiah (Hattie E.), Parker, Ind., 72½a
Meeks Josiah Jr, Parker, Ind., - 150½a
Meeks Louise Catherine, Muncie - 81½a
Meeks Mary C., Muncie, - 121a
Meeks Robt H. (Morietta), Muncie, RFD 1
Meeks Whorten, Parker, Ind., - 120a
Melvin Elizabeth, Gaston, Ind., - ¾a
Melvin Frank (Edna), Gaston, RFD 1
Melvin Herbert (Leora), Gaston, RFD 1
Mendenhall A. A. (Lnlu), Muncie, RFD 7 - h 1a, j 1a
Mendenhall Chas W. (Lillie R.), Albany, RFD 1 - j 50a
Mendenhall Wm A (Lula) (Ross, Cleo, Pauline), Muncie, RFD 7
Mendenhall Wm F., trustee - 50a
Menzies Peter (Verona) (John), Muncie, RFD 6
Meranda Burley, Muncie, RFD 3 - 1a
Meranda James (Millie) (Hilma), Muncie, RFD 10
Mercer & Ayres Lumber Co, Albany, Ind., 1a
Mercer Francis M., Muncie, 80a
Mercer Heber D. (Freda), Yorktown, RFD 2
Merriman Alice S, Albany, Ind., - ½a
Merts Harry (Emily), Muncie, RFD 7
Meshew B. C. (Annie, Worder, Tressie), Muncie, RFD 9
Messerschmidt Herman (Katherine) (Helen), Muncie, RFD 3 - h 93a, j 5¼a
Metcalf James R. (Mary E.) - 48a
Metzker Geo W, Oakville, Ind., 43½a
Metzker Jacob K., Oakville, Ind., 22¾
Michael David (Catharine), Albany, RFD 2 - h 186¼a, w 112½a
Michael Faye, Daleville, RFD 1
Michael Joe W. (Hazel C.) (Roderick 9), Albany, RFD 2 - h 47½a
Michael Simon M., Albany, RFD 1 - 120a
Michael Wm A. (Mary A.), Eaton, RFD 2 - h 72a, j 40a
Michaels Sam W. (Nellie) (Donald 7), Albany, RFD 2
Michner Elmer E. (Mary C.) (Ervil, Warner), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 9a
Mickelberry E. R. - 80a
Middleton Chas W. (Eliza W.) (Ina 23), Muncie, RFD 3 - h 1a
Milhollin Geo M., 52a
Milhollin Ida M., non res., 160a
Milhollin Nathan H. (Jessie), Gaston, RFD 1 - h 100a
Milhollin Samuel T. (Julia) (Cornelia 25, Ralph 15), Gaston, RFD 1 - h 445a
Miller, Aaron W. et al, Muncie - ¾a
Miller Adam H. (Ida) (Faith 18), Summitville, RFD 1 - h ½a
Miller Adam H. (life estate) - 175a
Miller Alex, Muncie, RFD 10
Miller Andrew J (Cynthia), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 80a
Miller Arthur (Maud) (Adrian 11, Floyd 10), Gaston, RFD 2
Miller Asa and Carrie E., Muncie, ½a
Miller Bruce, Muncie, RFD 5 - 68a
Miller Carl Byron (Catherine) (Ruth 13), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 241a
Miller Chas (Jenney), Gaston, RFD 1
Miller Chas A. (Edna M.), Muncie, RFD 9 - 12a
Miller Chas Hobart (Ruby), Yorktown, RFD 1
Miller Claude (Lottie J) (Ruth), Muncie, - j 40a
Miller Cleo, Muncie, RFD 4
Miller Clyde T. (Elizabeth E.) (Helen), Muncie, RFD 9 - j 22a
Miller Corwin (Olva) (Ray), Muncie RFD 8
Miller Daniel - 42½a
Miller David (Marv), Gaston, RFD 1 - h 58a, w 1a
Miller David M. (Rebecca), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 45a
Miller Earl C. (Erta M.) (Miriam B, Carl L, Virginia E., Garnet, Mary C.), Muncie R FD 1
Miller Edward C. (Kate M.), Yorktown, RFD 2 - w 2a, j ¼a
Miller Edward D. (Cora Alice), Yorktown, RFD 2
Miller Edward L. (Ida D.) (Guv 23, Verda 20, Bessie 16, Katheline 15, Mabel 10), Gaston RED 1 - h 19½a
Miller Eli B. (Nancy) (Herschel, Harriet, Luther Jr), Muncie RFD 5
Miller Elmer E. (Harriet), Muncie - 45¾a.
Miller Ernest (Marie), Muncie, RFD 3
Miller Frank (Alice E.). Muncie, RFD 2 - w ½a
Miller Frank R. (Mary), Muncie - h 100a
Miller Geo (Mary) (Beatrice 15), Selma, RFD 1
Miller Geo G (Mollie) (Jasper), Muncie, RFD 4
Miller Geo J (Marietta), Eaton, Ind., 2a
Miller Geo W. (Etfie) (Forest 18, Derrel 10, Oscar 6), Gaston, RFD 1
Miller Geo W, Yorktown, RFD 2 - 80a
Miller Geo W. et al, Gaston, RFD 1 80a
Miller Geo W (Mary E) (Helen 8), Yorktown, RFD 2 - w 20a
Miller Henry L., Gaston, Ind., 147¾a
Miller Ida F. (life estate) 40a
Miller Isaac N. (Martha R.), Gaston RFD 2 - j ½a
Miller Jacob A. (Amanda J.), Gaston RFD 1 - 91a
Miller James H, Muncie, RFD 5 - 77a
Miller John, Daleville, RFD 1
Miller John H (Flora B) (Mildred, Roy), Muncie, RFD 8 - h 105a, j 14a
Miller John L. (Rillie) (Edith), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 10a
Miller John and Rachel, non res., 20a
Miller Joseph A. (Alice), Muncie - h 120a, j 3¼a
Miller Lucian, Muncie, RFD 5 - 68a
Miller Luther F. (Emma) (Hazel), Muncie, RFD 5 - h 100a
Miller Maggie, widow of Sanford (Catharine, Maud 32, Willie E 22), Daleville, RFD 1
Miller Marion (Iva) (Lawrence), Muncie, RFD 4
Miller Miles (Belle), Muncie, RFD 7
Miller Oliver P (Bessie) (Edna), Muncie, RFD 3
Miller Oliver T., Muncie, RFD 6 - 66¾a
Miller Ollie M. (Mabel A.) (Raymond, Ralph W, Edwin G), Muncie, RFD 4
Miller Ora E. (Mabel) (Neoma 22), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 60a
Miller Orlando F (Martha), Yorktown, RFD 1 - h 20¼
Miller Otto (Ora G.) (Nellie L., Clarence A.), Muncie, RFD 6 - j 148a
Miller Perry (Isabel) (Carl W. 29), Yorktown, RFD 2 - h 160a
Miller Perry (Ollie) (Martin, Leroy), Muncie RFD 9
Miller Ray L. (Elsie D.) (Virginia H., Muriel F., Abbie D.), Muncie, RFD 8
Miller Ray S., Yorktown, RFD 2 - 7½a
Miller Raymond F. (Hazel), Yorktown, RFD 2 - h 40a
Miller Rex (Rosa), Muncie, RFD 8
Miller Richard M. (Emma) (W. S. Oma 12), Yorktown, RFD 1
Miller Russell (Bonnie), Muncie, RFD 8
Miller Samuel M., Gilmon, Ind., - 83½a
Miller Sarah E., Wheeling, RED 1 - 28a
Miller Spencer, Daleville, Ind., - 70a
Miller Stewart (Beulah) (Daisy B., Lucille, Orlo), Muncie, RFD 1
Miller Thos V. (Emma) (Henry, Vidella, James, Leonard, Eletha), Muncie, RFD 4 - h ¾a
Miller Walter (Ida), Muncie, RFD 5
Miller Wm. 41a
Miller Wm (Josephine), Muncie, RFD 9
Miller Wm A (Phillipina), Muncie, RFD 1 - j ¾a
Miller Wm L., Muncie 2½a
Miller Wm S. (Emma R.), Muncie, RFD 8 - w 65a
Miller Win T. (Mary E.), Muncie, RFD 10 -h 28a
Millet John (Emma J.) (Carrie E., Esther), Muncie, RFD 4 - w 3½a

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Source: Rural Route Directory, 1919-1920, Compiled and published by Emerson Directory Company, Williams Directory Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1919.


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