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Delaware County Indiana Rural Directory ~ Snodgrass ~ Syphers

Being A Complete Directory Of All The Rural Routes in Delaware County,

Most contain:
Name of Husband. Wife. Children, with Age Johnson, John C. (Mary); (Lucy 12, John 8, Ella 6)
Where figures appear after the RFD number, it indicates the amount of acres owned;
h 320a, the land is in the husband's name; j, owned jointly; w, in wife's name.

Snodgrass A. Lon (Mary L.) (Gustin), Muncie RFD 8 - w 4½
Snodgrass B. Kile (Nellie). Yorktown RFD 1 - h 63¾a
Snodgrass Emerson C. (Melissa C.) (Chas F. 18, Flossie F. 11, Harvey L. 9), Yorktown RFD 1 - h 59a
Snodgrass James (Sallie R.) (Herman, Estelle), Yorktown RFD 1 - h 40a, w 98¼a, j ½a
Snodgrass Jarins J., Muncie, RFD 1 - 38a
Snodgrass John L., Yorktown, RFD 1 - 76a
Snodgrass Martin L., Muncie - 212a
Snodgrass Mary et al, - 104a
Snodgrass Otis (Luella E.) (Ruby, Margill, Chas, Muncie, RFD - h 20½a, j 21¼a
Snodgrass Rebecca, Yorktown, RFD 1 - 45a
Snodgrass Robt (Bertha) (Floyd, Theodore), Muncie, RFD 8 - h 2½a
Snodgrass Ulysses K. and Nellie M., Muncie, RFD 8 - 1a
Snyder Ernest (Minnie) (Edna, Loren) Muncie, RFD 1
Snyder Mary Jane, Shideler, Ind., - 100a
Sollars Albert (Emma E), Yorktown, Ind., - h 10a, j 107¾a
Sollars Cemar (Rosa) (Marion, Ferrell, Joseph, Claude), Muncie RFD 4
Sollars Chas (Susie) (Dean, Mabel, Floyd, Fern, Pauline, Harold), Muncie RFD 8
Sollars Eugene (Gertrude) (Miriam), Muncie, RFD 2
Sollars Harry (Dessie), Daleville, RFD 2 - w 80a
Sollors John L. (Sarah) (Chas), Muncie, RFD 4 - h 87¼a
Sollors Leroy C. (Pearl), Muncie, RFD 9
Somtag Peter J. - 20¼a
Soules Carl E. (Maude) (Benj), Muncie, RFD 4
Soules Oren C. (Matilda) (Chas, Clarence), Muncie, RFD 10
Spadling Reason Macy (Inez A.) (Carroll), Muncie, RFD 1
Spangler Amos D. (Pauline), Selma, Ind., - j 73a
Spangler Amos D. et al, Selma, Ind., - 2a
Spangler E. S. (Mary) (Crevia 19, Geo A. 17, John 15, Clarence 13, Elmer H., Walter, Clifford, Clark, Arthur), Daleville, RFD 1
Sparks Bartlett A. (Delia), Gaston, RFD 3
Sparks Bartlett A. (und ¾) and John (und ¼) - 78a
Sparks Lewis S. (Mary R.), Selma, Ind., - h 80¾a, w 64¾a
Sparks Geo C. (Clara), Muncie, RFD 4
Springer Chas (Union) (Lossie), Muncie, RFD 7 - w 236a
Spurgeon Wm A., Muncie - 5a
Stader Isiah (Anna) (Murrell, Orville), Muncie, RFD 3
Stafford Chas H. (Ella), Muncie, RFD 6
Stafford Cloyd (Nellie), Albany, RFD 2
Stafford Cyrus J. (Cora E.) (Lettie 18, Irvin 16), Albany, RFD 2 - h 340a, w 118a
Stafford Edgar (Edna), Eaton, RFD 1
Stafford Harry C. (Christiana) (Clyde A.), Muncie, RFD 1
Stafford James R., Albany, Ind., - 174¼a
Stafford John (Ella) (Alberta 9), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 30a
Stafford John H., Albany, RFD 2 - 227a
Stafford Joseph M. (Ella) (Lowell), Eaton, RFD 2 - h 100a
Stafford Joseph R. (Nancy) (Bessie M., Flay 17), Albany, RFD 2 - h 95a
Stafford and Murray, Muncie, RFD 6
Stafford Robt. W. (Asenath J.) (John 23, Virgil 20, Elbert 32), Eaton RFD 1 - w 10a, j 70a
Stafford Roy J. (Ethel) (Edith 12, Mary 7), Eaton, RFD 2 - h 243¼a
Stafford Samuel H (Oral) (Ola), Muncie, RFD 1 - h 120a
Stafford Sarah S., Albany RFD 2 - 10a
Stafford Wm H, Albany, Ind., 285¾a
Staggs Alfred (Nora) (Edith, Ella, Ruby, Chas, Leroy), Muncie RFD 8
Staggs Joseph P. heirs - 32¾a
Staggs Lewis, Muncie, RFD 8
Staggs Sanford, Muncie, RFD 8
Staggs Susan, widow of James, Muncie, RFD 8
Standard Oil Co, Muncie - 3a
Stanley Frank (Cleo) (Elsa 8), Gaston, RFD 1
Stanley Frank (Edith M.), Selma, Ind., - ¼a
Stanley Wm (Marietta), Muncie, RFD 4
Stanley Wm Al (Dasha 27, Opal 19, Forrest, Tueenda), Daleville, RFD 1
Starbuck Chas (Rosa), Muncie, RFD 5
Starginoki J, Muncie, RFD 5
Starkey Andrew (Fannie), Muncie, RFD 7 - h 24a
Starkey Cecil S. (Jane), Muncie, RFD 6
Stattler Dawson M. (Angeline), Muncie, RFD 1 - j 1¾a
Stantamoyer Samuel (Martha E.), Muncie, RFD 1 - w 40a
Steel Robt M. (Ossie), Gaston RED 2 - h 80a
Steele John D. (Clara I.), Dunkirk, Ind., - 80a
Steele Straus W. and Bertha R., - 5a
Stephens Asa J., Selma RFD 1 - 10½a
Stephens David A. (Georgia B.) (Ora 22, Mae 19), Selma, RFD 1 - h 150a
Stephens Harriet et al, Muncie - 52a
Stephens J. Frank (Erie C), Yorktown, RFD 1 j 70a
Stephens Joseph F. (Eunice), Muncie, RFD 3 - h 96a
Stephens Wm, Parker, Ind., - 80a
Stephenson Alma O., Gaston, Ind., - 27a
Stephenson Benj. Muncie RFD 8
Stephenson Chas (Leona) (Lena, Lloyd, Verlar), Muncie, RFD 8
Stephenson Geo W. (Zella A.) (Avon V. 22, Leola M. 16, Theodore R. 13), Yorktown, RFD 1 - h 80a, w 23a
Stephenson James A. and Gladys M., Yorktown, RFD 2 - 1a
Stephenson Lewis A. (Catherine), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 60a, w 29¼a
Stephenson Louis C. (Merel), Yorktown, RFD 2
Stephenson Richard (Edith), Muncie RFD 8
Stephenson Sherman (Ida M) (Ruth), Muncie, RFD 8 - j 87¾a
Stephenson Wm (Ida), Muncie, RFD 8
Stephenson Wm (Sarah L.), Muncie, RFD 8 - h 40a, j 102a
Stephenson Wm H. (Maud) (Hershel 13), Summitville, RFD 1 j ½a
Sterbeek Chas and Rosa, Muncie, RFD 5 - ½a
Stethen Claude, Muncie, RFD 4
Stethen Sarah E., Muncie, RFD 4
Stevens Delzel B. (Bertha F.), Muncie, RFD 10
Stevens Elhanan G. (Lydia), Muncie, RFD 10 - h ½a
Stevens Harry L. (Elizabeth) (Melvin, Hertlia, John), Muncie - RFD 10
Stevens Joseph F. (Eunice), Muncie, RFD 3
Stevens Ruth E., Muncie, RFD 1
Stevens Thos J. (Ruth) (Mary), Muncie, RFD 5
Stevenson James O. (Gladys) (Ivaline, John E., Earl), Muncie RFD 1
Stewart Archibald H. with Margaret, Daleville, RFD 2 - 1a
Stewart Clara E., Muncie, RFD 10
Stewart Clarence (Lula), Yorktown, RFD 1
Stewart Edwin R. Jr, Yorktown, RFD 3 - 40a
Stewart Elmer (Etta) (Paul, Myrtle, Opal), Muncie, RFD 10
Stewart Flora Alice, Yorktown RFD 2 - 60a
Stewart Francis M. (Florence 31) (Beatrice), Muncie, RFD 3 - h 5a
Stewart Gola (Margaret Anna), Muncie, RFD 6 - w 10a
Stewart John F. (Fannie), Gaston RFD - 3 h 23½a
Stewart John F. (Mary J.), Yorktown, Ind., - 2½a
Stewart John W. (Viola), Muncie. RFD 3
Stewart Lucy W., Yorktown RFD 3 - 15a
Stewart Marcus C., Daleville, RFD 2 - 40a
Stewart Margaret E., Muncie - 120a
Stewart Mrs. Margaret M., widow of Alec, Daleville RFD 2 - 70a
Stewart Milton H. - 38¾a
Stewart Oliver K. (Laura) (Clarence 14, Valesta 11), Daleville RFD 2 - h 40a
Stewart Patrick, Daleville, RFD 2
Stewart Perry V. Estate - 57½a
Stewart Preston D., Yorktown RFD 2 - 40a
Stewart Samuel (Clara A.) (Ralph, Dorathy, Howard) Muncie RFD 10 - h 79½a, j 61½a
Stewart Simon S, Muncie, RFD 10 - 69½a
Stewart Timothy (Dora E.) (Arthur, Orville) Daleville RFD 1 - j 78a
Stewart W. Harrison (Dora) (H Arehelaus 22 Beemer E., Plentipa 18, Juanita 15, Dorothy 13), Yorktown, RFD 2
Stewart Walter (Edna) (Ralph 13, Mildred 11, Raymond 9, Roland 7), Daleville RFD 1
Stewart Wm (Parmelia A.), Muncie, RFD 9
Stewart Wm B., Muncie - 76a
Stewart Will S., Muncie - ½a
Stick Clyde H. (Edna I.), Muncie, RFD 10 - j 100a
Stiffler Chas (Harriet) (Nile 15, Jane 13, Franklin 9), Selma RFD 1 - j 50a
Stiffler Chas E. (Winnie) (Zella 22, Ray 20), Selma RFD 2 - j 15¾
Stiffler Chester (Cressie) (Olga 10, Dorcas S.), Selma, RFD 1
Stiffler Columbus (Jessie) (Ralph, Arthur, Joseph), Muncie RFD 10
Stiffler Joseph (Mary L.). Eaton, Ind., - h 40a, j ½a
Stiffler Wm (Ida E.) (Lois, Marjorie), Muncie, RFD 9
Stiles John (Mabel), Eaton, RFD 3
Stillson Ruth J. - 91a
Stinson Cary C. (Nora J.) (Mabel, Lester, Ethel, Frances) Muncie, RFD 10
Stinson Stella M., Gaston, Ind., 30a
Stinson Wm F., Gaston, RFD 2 40½a
Stipp Abram A. (Lela Peail), Muncic-
Stipp Evaline M., Muncie ½a
Stipp John R. (Lucinda), Muncie - h 6½a, w 70a
Stipp Joseph M., Muncie - 5a
Stith Harry (Grace), Gaston, RFD 2
Stoddard Amy (Guy), Muncie, RFD 10
Stokes Lydia O., widow of Oscar A. (Ord 23, Ralph 17, Homer 13), Gaston RFD 3 - 39a
Stone Richard C., Muncie, - 1a
Stoner James (Roy 21, Ralph 19), Albany, RFD 1
Storer Irene, Muncie, RFD 10
Storer June J. (life estate) and Eliza J. Pence (fee simple) - 3a
Storer W, Muncie - 12a
Storms Leroy (Delia) (Shirley 22, Gladys 16, Lydia 8), Eaton RFD 2
Stover Melvin - 45a
Stout Cerina, Muncie, RFD 8 - 120a
Stout Fred (Maria), Muncie, RFD 8
Stout Geo (Grace), Muncie RFD 8
Stout Jessey (Carrie), Gaston, Ind., - h ½a, j 27a
Stout John C., Muncie, RFD 8
Stout Joseph H. (Etta) (Eva Pearl 6), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 20a
Stout Levina (Laura Watson), Yorktown, RFD 2
Stout Ralph (Ruby) (Chas), Muncie, RFD 8
Stout Samuel (Sarah), Muncie, RFD 7 - h 116½a
Stout Sherman (Permelia N.) (Ray 24, Carrie 19), Gaston, RFD 3 - w 30a
Stout Theodore (Lillian) (Bruce Leon 20, Lloyd L. 19, Donald E. 17, Darrell M. 13), Yorktown, RFD 2
Stout Walter H. (Ella) (Ruth Maulnex 9), Gaston, RFD 3 - h 58½a
Stradling Isabelle with Luther E. Shirey, Muncie RFD 3
Stradling Jesse (Ethel), Eaton, RFD 2
Stradling John M., Yorktown, RFD 1 - 107½a
Stradling Kyle G. (Minnie E.), Muncie RFD 6
Stradling Robt W. (Manyette) (Stella, Robt R.), Muncie, RFD 2 - h 262a
Stradling Thos J., Muncie, RFD 4
Stradling Warren S. (Laura) (Mary, Ruth), Muncie RED 8 - h 46¼a
Strait Levi (Harriet), Muncie RFD 6 - h 6½a
Strawther Dexter (Kathleen) (Elizabeth, Mildred, Kenneth), Muncie RFD 5
Streeter M. Edna, Muncie - 10a
Streeter Mary E. Jr, Muncie - 18a
Streeter Stephen R., Muncie - 9½a
Strickler Otis C., Middletown, Ind., 140a
Strock Zachariah T., Muncie - ¼a
Strohm Rachel A., Gaston RFD 1 - ½a
Strong Catherine, widow of Napoleon, Albany RFD 1 - 30½a
Strong Elmer A. (Emma Bell), Albany RFD 1 - 61a
Strong Ethel - 40a
Strong Geo R. (Amelda) (Loyd 20, Walter 18), Albany, RFD 1 - h l87a
Strong Harrison, Eaton RFD 2 - 40a
Strong James A. -1½a.
Strong John B. - 20a
Strong John M. heirs, Albany, RFD 3 - 40a
Strong Lizzie M., Albany RFD 1 - 40a
Strong Mary E., Albany, RFD 1- 50a
Strong Napoleon heirs, Albany, RFD 1 - 75½a
Strong Orlan L., Albany, RFD 3 - 250a
Strong Orlan L et al, Albany, RFD 3 - 63a
Strong Ralph H., Eaton, RFD 3 - 40a
Strong Samuel M., Eaton, RFD 3 - 85a
Strong Wm A., Eaton, RFD 2 - 40a
Strouse Eugene L. (Ethel L.), Muncie - ½a
Studebaker Alex (Mary E.) (Mary 15, Joseph Risen 13), Eaton RFD 3 - h 2½a
Studebaker Benj D., Shideler, RFD 1 - 40a
Studebaker Geo L. (Mary E.), North Manchester, Ind., - h 125a, w 111a, j ½a
Studebaker Lafe (Bertha) (Heft 21), Eaton, RFD 3 - j 40a
Studebaker Mrs. Melvina G., Eaton, RFD 2 - 29¼a
Studebaker Nora M. -80a
Studebaker Paul (Florence), Eaton, RFD 2
Study Homer, Muncie - 3¾a
Stump Chas (Elsie) (Veda), Muncie, RFD 8
Sturgeon John (Edith), Eaton, RFD 1
Sugaski M, Muncie, RFD 5
Suitor Oliver (Sarah) (Lewis W), Muncie, RFD 2
Sullivan Albert R. (Viretta), Yorktown, RFD 2 - h 28¼a, w 28¼a
Suman Geo - ¾a
Summers Arthur T. (Ethel), Muncie, RFD 10
Summers Clyde S. (Emma E.) (Margaret R. 12), Yorktown, RFD 1
Summers Essie, Muncie, RFD 6
Summers Hiram W. (Margaret J.) (Clifford 17), Yorktown, RFD 1 - h 10a, w 19½a, j 5a
Summers Mary, widow of Samuel, Yorktown, RFD 1 - 27a
Summers R. S., Muncie, RFD 5
Summers Sarah E., Yorktown, RFD 1 - 5a
Summers Wm N., Muncie, RFD 10 - 235a
Sunderland Arthur (Virgilla L.) (Mildred, Marjorie), Muncie RFD 10 - w 40a
Sunderland Gary (Esta), Daleville RFD 1 - h 93a, w 52a
Sunderland John (Mary E.), Muncie - h 344a, j 96½a
Sunderland Marker (Fleda), Muncie, RFD 10
Sunderland Samuel K. (Anna), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 338a
Sunderland Wm (Arlena), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 290¾a
Surber Alva C., Muncie - 100½a
Sutton Canning Co, Selma, Ind., - 7¾a
Sutton Catherine E., Selma, RFD 1 - 80a
Sutton Don (Ethel), Selma RFD 2
Sutton Henry - 34a
Sutton John E. (Alma E.) (Roy H. 20, Grace 19, Fay L. 17) Yorktown, RFD 2 - h 83a
Sutton Joseph G. and Nannie M., Daleville RFD 2 j 51¾a
Sutton Mecca Lozier - 98¼a
Sutton Wm C. (Margaret) (Henry 32, Wm Jr 30, Elizabeth 16) Yorktown, RFD 2
Swain Earle H., Muncie - h 9½a
Swain Edward W., Muncie - 7a
Swain Francis W. (Laura), Muncie RFD 10 - h 20a
Swain Frank L. (Edna E.), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 60a, j 60a
Swain Jacob Estate, Muncie - 80a
Swain Mary J., Muncie - 20¾a
Swain Noah Jr (Sallie L.), Oakville, Ind., - 53a
Swain Noah Sr, Oakville, Ind., - 60½s
Swain Sanford M., Oakville, Ind., - 77½a
Swander Earl A. (Myrtle) (Mildred, Edith, France E.) Albany RFD l - h 160a
Swander Eddie E., Albany, Ind., - 70a
Swander Fred (Ruth), Selma, RFD 1
Swander Hezekiah B. (Nora M.) (Francis 17, Elsie 13), Selma RFD 1 - h 88¾a
Swander W. C. (Edie) (Kenneth 15, Faye 12, Lillian 10), Albany RFD 1 - h 239a
Swaney Frank, Gaston, RFD 2
Swaney Henry J. (Sarah), Gaston RFD 2 - h 10a
Swanger Ira W. (Belle), Gaston, Ind., - j 1¾a
Swanger Merle (Edith), Daleville, RFD 1
Swanger R. L. (Lelia) (Veda, Florence, Fred), Daleville, RFD 1
Swanger Wm L., Daleville RFD 1 - 80a
Swartz Andrew (Winnie L,) (Ray I,, Hazel E,, Ethel M,), Muncie RFD l - j 96a
Swartz David (Jemima) (Eugene), Muncie RFD 4 - j 23a
Swartz Geo N. (May B.) (Opal, Ruby, Dolores), Muncie RFD 1- j 35¾a
Swartz J. J. (Marv E.) (Cora, Jennie, Albert), Eaton, RFD 2 - w 140a
Swearingen Harrison (Lela), Muncie RFD 1
Swearingen Mark, Shideler, RFD 1- 120a
Sweebe Marie (Pauline), Muncie, RFD 4
Sweeney Donna E. and Amelia E., Muncie, RFD 1
Sweeny Amy A., Mnncie RFD 2
Sweeny Henry (Sarah), Gaston, RFD 2 - h 47¾a
Sweet Rodney W. (Edith) (Luverne, Irene, Marcia), Muncie RFD 10
Sweigart Wm H. (Beulah) (Cecil), Muncie, RFD 10 - h 80a, w 50a
Swift Albert (Lennie), Muncie, RFD 4
Swift Earnest (Thos), Muncie, RFD 6
Swift Harry (Cecil) (Thelma, Clifford), Muncie, RFD 10
Swift Wesley, Selma, RFD 2
Swiger Abraham R (Jacob H., Wm), Daleville, RFD 1
Swiger Jacob H. and A. R., Daleville, RFD 1 - 39a
Swingley Caleb (Mary), Selma RFD 1 - h 40a
Swingley Carl I., Selma, RFD 2 - 64a
Swingley J. Bert (Mazie B.) (Walter 19, Maria 18, Clarence 17), Selma, RFD 1 - h 80a
Swingley Wm L. (Laura) (Chas 10), Selma, RFD 2 - h 40a
Swink John (Caroline), Muncie, RFD 6
Swisher Olive Hayden - 18a
Sylvester M. Bell (Leora E.) (Amanda M.), Muncie, RFD 6
Syphers Clara, Albany, Ind., - ½a

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Source: Rural Route Directory, 1919-1920, Compiled and published by Emerson Directory Company, Williams Directory Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1919.


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