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Cullen Hotel

Among the hotels of Salt Lake City, none is more popular, none more famous than is the Cullen, which is run upon the European plan. Modern in every way, with all the conveniences necessary to make guests comfortable, it enjoys a patronage second to none in this great inter-mountain empire. Situated in the heart of the business center of Salt Lake, convenient to all the theatres, it has long been a favorite with the traveling public.

The Cullen contains two hundred rooms with telephones and running water, and there are one hundred rooms with private baths. The sample rooms are very large and commodious, thus assuring comfort and convenience to commercial men.

The Cullen is equipped with a modern sanitary cleaning plant, by which no dust ever arises in hall or room, the cleaning being done by compressed air. It is the only house in Salt Lake that is equipped this way.

Attached to the Cullen is a popular-priced cafe with a cuisine that is as unexcelled as is the service. The cafe has its own refrigerating plant and all the other conveniences which are so necessary to perfection in the art of cooking.

The office is large and is equipped and furnished in a manner that insures comfort and luxury for guests. No more popular hosts live than B. B. Heywood and John Condon, while the office force is made up of practical hotel people who know how to care for patrons.

The Cullen is the oldest hotel in Salt Lake; it is the most modern; it is most centrally located; it is convenient to all railway stations, all cars to which pass the hotel. All this makes it a desirable place to live when sojourning in Salt Lake City.

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Source: Sketches of the Inter-Mountain States, Utah, Idaho and Nevada, Published by The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1909 



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