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Houston Real Estate Investment Company

Modest men are those who compose the Houston Real Estate Investment Company, one of the oldest firms engaged in this line of business in Salt Lake City. The officers of the company are: J. W. Houston, president; A. W. Houston, vice-president; C. W. Johnson, secretary and treasurer. The capital is $10,000. The company was incorporated in 1898, although the Houstons had been in business here for several years prior. Its business has grown in volume, due to careful, conservative management, until it is numbered among the largest real estate corporations in the inter-mountain empire.

The offices of the company occupy the first floor in the magnificent Boston Block, fronting on Main Street and Exchange Place. These offices are beautiful in that they are simple in furnishings, modest in appointment, yet handsome, because they are modest the handsomest real estate offices in the West.

While the capitalization of the company is but $10,000, the surplus and undivided profit account is fifteen times that amount, and the business has been expanded to large proportions. Several business structures have been erected, as also a number of residences by the company, while the real estate transactions which the company has negotiated and carried through successfully, aggregate a large sum.

It can be said of the Houston Real Estate Investment Company that it does things, does them at the right time, and in the right way. Conservatism has marked the business career and that is what has enabled the company to build up a business second to none in the real-estate world of Salt Lake.

This work has been carried on; their business has been increased; their clientele has become enlarged without any flourish of trumpets, without any dress parade. The company is a believer in the use of printer's ink believes in advertising but has an idea of its own regarding this matter. Its announcements are terse and pointed, and the advertising columns of the newspapers are used to make the announcements. The company has real estate for sale; it has improved property on the market; it has a number of properties, both business and residence in its rental department. Its insurance, loan and bond department is an important factor in the payments of its annual dividends. It will, and does, build business structures to suit tenants. In all this, the company transacts its own business. In other words the transaction is as lawyer to client, as physician to patient, as priest to confessor. It belongs to them alone; hence the transfers, the sales made, the prices paid, are not emblazoned to the world.

It is the policy of conservatism, of pursuing one method in transaction of business that has enabled the company to reach the acme of the individuals who make up the company. No eulogy is necessary. They have lived in Salt Lake City for years, their lives have been an open book, their methods are known and it is this that has made the Houston Real Estate Investment Company known throughout the business world of Utah, of the inter-mountain empire, and of the entire country.


Source: Sketches of the Inter-Mountain States, Utah, Idaho and Nevada, Published by The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1909 



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