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Utah Independent Telephone Company

The Utah Independent Telephone Company is a Utah corporation having an authorized capital of $1,000,000. The company was organized in January, 1903, and one year later the business was established and the company prepared to furnish service. The company has grown steadily from the beginning, and its Salt Lake Exchange at the present time is considered to be one of the largest and best equipped exchanges in the Middle West country.

Utah Independent Telephone Company

The executive officers of the company are: H. A. Harvey, president; Fred B. Jones, general superintendent; D. B. Mackintosh, auditor; and Benjamin R. Howell, secretary and treasurer. The directors are: Waldemar Van Cott, managing director; H. A. Harvey, Lawrence Green, S. F. Fenton, Heber M. Wells, James H. Moyle, Geo. T. Odell, John D. Spencer, and Heber J. Grant.

The company owns its buildings and real estate in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City and Eureka. The company's buildings are constructed of brick, with steel frames, and are all of modern fire-proof construction. It maintains thirteen exchanges, at the following points: American Fork, Bingham Canyon, Brigham City, Eureka, Logan, Murray, Ogden, Park City, Payson, Provo, Salt Lake City, and Spanish Fork, Utah; and Preston, Idaho, and has established connection with over sixty-five villages and towns in the States of Utah and Idaho. It employs approximately two hundred persons in Salt Lake City alone, and as many more throughout the territory which is served by the company.

The company began business with about 1500 telephones actually installed and at the present time has ten times this number in use. The company has recently established a system of operating between Salt Lake City and Ogden which is known as the "two-number operating," whereby the residents of either city are enabled to call each other by number instead of by name, and the aid of the long distance operator is eliminated, thereby giving the most rapid service between the two municipalities. The rapidly increasing use of this class of service by the public is an evidence of the satisfaction with which it has been received.

The company has made a specialty of private branch exchanges for business houses, and the rapid growth of this feature of the company's business is an evidence of its popularity with the company's subscribers. These exchanges have latterly been rapidly installed in the business houses in the principal towns and cities of the State which the company serves, and are giving most excellent satisfaction. The company furnishes operators for the exchanges, who are taken from the ranks of the experienced employees of the company at the time the system is installed. Business men who have tried this system have never in any case been otherwise than satisfied with the investment.

The company's headquarters in Salt Lake City are at 115 South State Street and a visit to them amply repays the time spent. The entire system of the company is conducted on the strictest of business principles, and the result of this policy is shown by the rapidly growing popularity of the company. The company's progress to date constitutes a splendid monument to the efficient management of the company's affairs and the energy and ability of its executive officers. Strict attention to business, uniform courtesy and frank dealing with the public is required of each and every employee of the company through-out the entire system. This policy has gone far toward the upbuilding of the institution.


Source: Sketches of the Inter-Mountain States, Utah, Idaho and Nevada, Published by The Salt Lake Tribune, Salt Lake City, Utah, 1909 



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