Montana Winter 1862-3 Surnames ~ S-Z ~

A list of all persons (except Indians) who were in what is now Montana during the winter of 1862-3, which was the first winter after the gold mines of this region had become known abroad. (This list is not entirely complete. We ask information enabling us to make it perfect.)

Bannack City and Vicinity (Dakotah Territory)

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Scudder, John.
Sewell, M. V.
Sharp, O. J.
Shaw, _____.
Shears, George.1
Shepherd, J. H.
Short, _____.
Simpson, Wm.
Skinner, Cyrus.1
Skye, Paddy.
Smith, .4
Smith, A. J.
Smith, Enoch.
Smith, Geo. H,
Smith, H. P. A.
Smith, John A.
Smith, Lew P.
Spence, Jimmy.
Spencer, Capt. John B.
Spencer, R. M.
Spencer, Wm.
St. Clair, Charles.
Stamps, Wm.
Stanley, .2
Stanley, Asa.2
Stanton, A. K.
Stapleton, G. W.
Stark, Joe.
Stickney E. C.
Still, Wm.
Stoker, Christopher.
Stuart, Granville.2
Stuart, James. 2
Sturgis, Wm.
Sullivan, Jerry T.
Surprenant, J. V.
Sweeney, _____
Swift, Joseph, Jr.

Terrill, John C.
Terwilliger, Wm.
Thibodeaux, _____
Thompson, F. M.
Tingley, Roht.3
Tisdale, C. L.
Townley, Ben.2
Townley, Wm.2
Trask, C. O.
Tyler, H. T.

Underwood, Drewyer.

Vancourt, ______.
Vanderbilt, John.
Vedder, John.

Waddams, Wilson.
Wall, Capt. Nick.
Wallace, Wm.
Walton, Sub.
Waters, E. P.
Watkins, Cyrus D.
Watkins, Frank.
Wendell, _____.
Wheat, Horace.
Whitcher, Warren.
White, John.5
Wickham, Geo.
Wiggington, Jas.
Wildman, J. H.
Wilds, _____.
Willard, J. S.
Williamson, Ned.
Wilson, J. R.
Wing, George.
Woods, P. C.
Woodworth, _____.
Woody, Frank H.
Wright, Wm.
Wyman, Chas.2
Wyman, Wooster.2

York, James N,
Young, Dr. Chas. L.

Zoller, Henry.

1. Hung at Hell Gate by Vigilantes, in 1864.
2. Brothers.
3. With two grown sons; one was also Robert.
4. Killed by Indians, on Salmon River, in March, 1863.
5. Discoverer of the mines at Bannack City, in July, 1862.

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Source: Montana Historical Society Contributions, Vol. I., 1876

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