Indian Territory Gazetteer

The names appearing in parentheses at the end of the description in the following gazetteer refer to the atlas sheets published separately by the United States Geological Survey.

Abbott ~ Aylesworth
Bache ~ Blue
Blue River ~ Byrne
Cabanis ~ Christie
Chila ~ Cut Off
 Damon ~ Dwight
 Eagle ~ Everidge
Fagan ~ Fry
Gaines ~ Gwenndale
Hadley ~ Huttonville
 Illinois ~ Jumper
 Kili Tukelo ~ Kullychaha
Lacy ~ Lyons
 McAlester ~ Mute
Nail ~ Nuyaka
Oak Grove ~ Owl
Paden ~ Purgatory
Quapaw ~ Ryan
 Sacras ~ Simpson
 Sincere ~ Sylvan
Tahlequah ~ Tyrola
Ulm ~ Vireton
Wade ~ Wynewood
Yanubbe ~ Zena

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Source: United States Geological Survey, by Henry Gannett, Oklahoma, Department of the Interior, United States Geological Survey, Charles D. Walcott. Director, Washington, Government Printing Office, 1905.


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