Petition for Famine Relief, 1881
Saline District, Cherokee nation

Citizens of the Saline Dist., Cherokee Nation

Hon. D. W. Bushyhead
Principal Chief, Cherokee Nation

Nov. 29, 1881

Dear Sir:

We, the undersigned citizens of the Cherokee Nation would most respectfully present to you and through you to our National Council that in consequence of the protracted drought last summer have failed to raise a sufficient quantity of bread stuffs to last until another crop can possibly be made. There are many of your humble petitioners at the present time entirely out of corn and have not the means to purchase any with. Consequently, we would most respectfully ask of you that you recommend the National Council to make such provisions as it may deem best to relieve us in our present distressed condition.

Hoping that you will give this our petition due consideration, we remain your humble servants,

George Landers Steve Vann Cer sur ne
Young Duck Dick Lumer Vinegar
C. B. Bird Te gan he ste ska ter Car le wstro her skee
Frank Conseen Jack Turner Dee squah nar ler
John Strainer Joe Sourjohn French
Joe Ridge Metter John Roders
Jess Sunday Chuswachue Ker Beaver
Ben Ridge John Turner Charles Hews
Dave Ridge Scott Jeff Bellew
Jumper Dick Martain Henry Riley
Turnover Daveson John Canoe
Josh Christie John Daveson Arch Canoe
John Blosum Jack Chewie George B. Bird
Nick Elonwie/Elouwie Elie Hothouse
Isac Jess Dave
Jim Vann Yar ter ner Vann Liage
Fisher Turner J. T. Parris
Daniel Dick Brokencanoe Stand Rowe
Blossum Dave Downing Wilson Coming/Corning
Dog Le gar too nar e Squah hah le cher
Fog Johnson Joshiah Blackfox
Tirk Vann Ah lee Kee John Downing
Jim Vann Jim Pumken Killer
Car ner stoo wah Jack R. Gourd Spillman
Jack Firxing Olo yah skar wa ter Johnson
Beaver Charley Batt Dick Diam
Bird Duck Chu naw yer ker Car nah su tah
Hogshooter John Chuwie
Peater Smith Squar le dah gee Squah hah le cher
Long George Beaver Stop John Lole
Brice Johnson Downing Swimmer
John Sanders Car ner cher Seed Wilson
Charley Landers Abe Vann Sack
Aleck Landers Andy Vann George Downing
Joseph Ned Fiscing Mitchell Squirrel
Leevie o field Ned Chewie Sunday
Dick o field Car le ska wee Louis Hawkins
Gall Killer Murrell Johnson Thompson Vann
Jim Turner Stick Mitch Vann
John Towie Dug Johnson Wilson Towie
Lincoln Towie Joe Towie Chewie
Jeff Towie Old Horse  
Luquah Jack Pigeon


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