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Alameda County Newspapers, 1894

California extends from 32° 20' to 42 north latitude, and be-tween 114° 20' and 124° 25' west longitude. It was ceded to the United States by Mexico, in 1848. It is 770 miles in length, and its maximum breadth is 330 miles, minimum breadth 150 miles, the mean breadth being 240 miles. In the family of States it ranks second in size, Texas only having a larger territory. It has an area of 158,360 square miles, or 101,350,400 acres, more than three-fifths of which, it is estimated, are susceptible of cultivation, or may be profitably utilized for industrial purposes.

According to the census of 1890, its population numbered at that time 1,208,130.

Since the issuance of our preceding edition there has been the usual number of newspaper changes in this and other States mentioned in this work. The several industries throughout the State have largely increased, and in every branch and direction show unusual prosperity.

We give a brief description in the following pages of the several counties, with a tabulated list of the newspapers published in each.

Explanation. The following tables contain in consecutive order the name of the publication and proprietors, the day when issued, its character or politics, date when established, size of page in inches, circulation, and the measure of the columns in pica ems. The population of towns and counties, and the assessed valuations given, are according to census of 1890.

Alameda County

Population, 93,864; pursuits, chiefly agricultural. Oakland the county seat, ranks third in the State in number of inhabitants. Considerable manufacturing is done in and about Oakland. Salt and beet-sugar manufacturing is carried on to a considerable extent in this county. Grain growing, grape culture, and fruit raising form the principal occupations of the inhabitants, though stock-raising and general agricultural pursuits are carried on to a large extent. Alameda County contains the State University, situated at Berkeley, besides many other important educational institutions. The taxable property for 1891 was $85,223,428. Alameda, pop. 10,500

Alameda, Population 10,500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Argus T. G. Daniells Daily Rep 1887
Eneinal Fred. K. Krauth Daily Ind. 1869
Lantern Henry R, Taylor Sat. Rep. 1891
Telegram Barber & Marshall Daily Ind. 1889

Berkeley, Population 6,250

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Advocate H. N. Marquand Dally Rep. 1876
Herald Will A. Nash Thur. Rep. 1888
News State Ins., for Deaf and Dumb Sat. Deaf Mute 1884
Occident  Occident Pub Co. Friday Ind. 1881

Elmhurst, Population 6.0 (?)

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Advance Advance Pub. Co. Wed   1881

Hayward, Population 1,425

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Journal G. A. Oaks  Sat. Ind. 1877
Review Conner & Miller Thur. Ind. 1891

Irvington, Population 250

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Washington Press E. R. Thompson Thur. Ind. 1889

Livermore, Population 2,390

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Echo W. E. Still Thur. Ind. 1882
Herald J. H. Dungan Sat. Rep. 1875

Oakland, Population 48,642

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Bible Students' Library Pac. Pr. Pub. Co. Month Religious 1891
California Young Men I. S. Watson Month Y. M C. A. 1880
Citizen Turner & Clough Dally Populist 1808
Echo Echoes Pub. Assn. Sat. Ind. 1886
Enquirer Enquirer Pub. Co Daily Ind. - Rep. 1886
Enquirer - Weekly Edition   Friday Ind. - Rep. 1877
Eusebia Eusebia Pub. Co. Mouth Religious 1889
Journal A. Kayser Sat. Ind. 1874
Our Little Friends Pac. Press Pub. Co. Thur. Religious 1889
Pac. Health Journal Pac. Press Pub. Co. Month  Health 1885
Real Estate Review A. H. Breed & Co. Month Real Estate 1891
Sabbath School Worker Inter. S. S. Assn. Month Religious 1884
Saturday Press Carrington, Mason & Co. Sat. Ind. Dem. 1882
Sentinel Library Pac. Press Pub. Co. Month Religious  
Signs of the Times Pac. Press Pub. Co. Mond. Religious 1874
Times F.J. Moffit & H. P. Squire Daily Ind. 1868
Times Weekly Edition   Thur. Ind. 1875
Tribune Tribune Pub. Co. Daily Rep. 1875
Tribune  Weekly Edition   Sat Rep. 1875
Yankee Nation Howe & Bailey Sat. Ind. 1892

Pleasanton, Population 1,000

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Times A. C. Wren Sat Ind. 1892

San Leandro, Population 3,000

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Reporter; Daniel McCarthy Sat. Ind. Dem. 1887
Standard W. P. Truesdell Sat. Ind. 1892

San Lorenzo, Population 500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Mirror Mirror Pub. Co. Thur. Ind.  

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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