Pacific States Newspaper Directory


Alaska Newspapers, 1894

Population 31,795, This vast territory, with an area of more than 500,000 Square miles, has been but little explored except • along the sea coast and among its many small islands. The chief industries are sealing, fur-trading among the Indians, fishing, canning and mining, the last named rapidly increasing. Sitka is the capital city.

Sitka District

Population 15,000

Juneau, Population 1,253

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Mining Record David Davies Sat. Dem. 1888

Sitka, Population 1,190

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Alaska Herald Sylvester & Preator Sat Dem. 1892
Alaskan Chris. H. Schaap Sat Ind. 1886



Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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