Pacific States Newspaper Directory


 Arapahoe County Colorado Newspapers, 1894

Population 132,135. Location, northeast. Area, about 5,000 square miles. Soil, fertile in places; gold and silver near the western border. The chief products are wheat, corn, oats, butter, hay and live-stock. Large amount of manufacturing carried on at Denver, the county seat and capital of the State.

Brighton, Population 475

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Register; Geo. R. Lee Sat. Rep. 1888

Colfax, Population 2,700

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
West Side Citizen L. L. Gray Friday Rep. 1889

Denver, Population 106,713

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
A.O.U.W. Record A.O.U.W. Pub. Co. Month Literary 1887
Books Carsen-Harper Co. Month Fraternal  
Cadet   Month School 1890
Catholic T. H. Malone Thur. Religion 1884
Christian Advocate Methodist Pub. Co. Thur. Religion 1887
Colorado Christian C. C. Munson Month Religion 1892
Colorado Farmer A. R. Logan Thur. Ind. 1872
Colo. Price Current Com'l Pub. Co. Sat. Trade 1883
Commercial Tribune Com'l Pub. Co. Sat. Trade 18851889
East Denver Dispatch Lloyd T. King Friday Ind. 1872
Farmer's Fruit Grower's & Live Stuck Sat. Agr. & Fam 1885
Journal Pratt Mercantile & Pub. Co. Sat. Agr. & Fam 1893
Field and Farm Lute Wilcox Sat. Agricul. 1889
Golden Age J. D. Williamson Sat. Temp 1881
Great Divide Corporation Month Ind. 1860
Grocer & Mfg. W. H. Sparkley & Co. Daily Rep. 1886
Herald H. M. Rhoads Sat. Ind. 1890
Hesperus Students Denv. Univ Sun.-Mon. Ind. 1886
Hotel Bulletin Geo. D. Edwards & Co. Daily Trade. 1877
Journal Kratzer & Reinbold Daily Rep. 1893
Journal Weekly Edition Sat. Rep. 1872
Live Stock Record Morton & Calhoun Daily Stock 1889
Medical Times Medical Times Pub. Co Month Medical 1870
Min'g Indus. & Tradesman M. Ind. P. Co. Thur. Min. Mfg. 1886
Mining Review Min. Rev. Pub. Co. Thur. Silver 1877
National Populist Nat'l Pub. Co. Sat. Peo. Par. 1893
Orrl. Rwy. Hotel Gazette Ry. G. Pub. Co. Month Rep. 1885
Ores and Metals Osgood & Lacey Wed. Mining 1890
Press V.P. Wilson & Son Friday Rep. 1871
Progress Lloyd T. King Friday Ind. 1890
Queen Bee Mrs. Caroline M. Churchill Wed. Worn. Suff. 1879
Republican Republican Pub. Co Daily Rep. 1866
Republican Weekly Edition Thur. Rep. 1866
Road Road Pub. Co. Sat. Populist 1885
Rocky Mtn. American Am. Pub. Co Friday American 1892
Rky.Mtn.Offi. Railway Guide Guide Co. Month Travel 1892
RockvM'tn News Arkins & Patterson Daily Dem 1859
RockvM'tn News Weekly Edition Thur. Dem 1859
Rocky Mountain Sentinel W. C. Calhoun Sat. Family 1887
Rocky Mtn. World M. W. MacSheehy Sat. Ind. 1882
Scenic L. L. Gray Month Descrip 1892
School Journal J. S. Temple Month Education 1885
Silver State Odd Fellow F. A. Tuttle Month Fraternl 1890
Silver West Blakelev & Hotz Sat. Ind. 1892
South Denver Eye South Denver Pub. Co. Sat. Ind.-Rep. 1882
Sports Afield Claude King Month Sports 1887
Sun H. W. Hawley Daily Rep. 1890
Sun Weekly Edition Mon. Rep. 1890
Sunday Post Post Pub. Co Daily Dem 1892
SvenskaKorrespondenten Swedish P C o. Thur. Rep. 1888
Tidings John C. Kennedy & Son Sat Rep. 1887
Times H. W. Hawley Daily Rep. 1871
Times Weekly Edition Wed. Rep. 1871
U.P. Employees Magazine   Month Laabor 1886
Western Garden Harrison H. Given. Month Floral 1893
Woodman John W. Browning Month Fraternl 1892

Highlands, Population 5,161

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Highland Chief E. H.Snyder Friday Rep 1889

Idalia, Population 500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Republican L. R. Scott Sat Rep 1891

Littleton, Population 1,200

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Independent Joe A. Hamer Friday Ind. 1888

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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