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 Baker ~ Clatskanie County Oregon Newspapers, 1894

Baker County

Population, 6,764; mining and agriculture. The leading and characteristic business of this county is gold mining. Baker County was settled originally by miners, and the mining industry and mining spirit have always dominated the county. The several grains are produced in abundance by soil everywhere potential vegetables in general variety and excellence are everywhere produced. Stock-raising is, or has been, a more important business in Baker County than agriculture, but with the growth of population the position of these industries is being reversed.

Baker City, Population 2,743

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Blade F. S. Lack Thur. Rep. 1888
Democrat Bowen & Small Daily Dem. 1872
Democrat Weekly Edition Mon. Dem. 1872

Huntington, Population 500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Herald F. A. Bowen Tues. Ind. 1891

Benton County

Population 8,650. Benton county extends east and west upwards of 50 miles from the Willamette River to the ocean. It covers an area of about 1,300 square miles. The most important advantage enjoyed by Benton is the seaport of Yaquina bay. The acreage of improved lands is 323,997. Besides the public schools there are two colleges in Benton County, the State Agricultural College at Corvallis, and a private college at Philomath.

Corvallis, Population 3,275

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Gazette Frank Conover Friday Rep. 864
Western Pedagogue C. E. Blanchard Month Edu. 1889
Times B. F. Irvine Wed. Dem. 1887

Newport, Population 630

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Times W. L. Davis Friday Ind. 1889

Clackamas County

Population 15,233. Besides its agricultural interests, this county has splendid resources in timber, iron and water-power. Clackamas county offers many inducements to newcomers, cheap lands and proximity to the general market at Portland. Oregon City is an important seat of manufacture, there being a large woolen mill and paper mill, as well as several other manufactories which employ many hands.

Oregon City, Population 3,200

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Courier I. Le Mahieu Friday Ind. Dem. 1883
Enterprise Chas. Meserne Friday Rep. 1866

Oswego, Population 500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Iron Worker H. L. Gill Sat. Ind. 1891

Clatsop County

Population 10,016. The most notable resource of Clatsop county is her timber. Her whole area of about 1,000 square miles is densely covered with trees, which cannot be excelled in any other district. Besides supplying her own mills (three or four in number) Clatsop county furnishes nearly all the logs consumed in the several mills in Portland. The "Oregon lumber," now coming into celebrity in the East, is almost all sawed from timber grown in Clatsop county. There is a very considerable population engaged in the industries of dairying and stock-raising, but the chief industry of Clatsop county is salmon-fishing. There are no less than twenty-four salmon packing establishments in her limits, affording employment to upwards of 5,000 men, and indirectly to as many more.

Astoria, Population 8,871

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Astorian Samuel Elmore Daily Rep. 1872
Astorian Weekly Edition Thur. Rep. 1872
Budget O. W. Dunbar Daily Dem. 1892
Budget Weekly Edition Friday Dem. 1892
Herald C. J. Curtis Sat Rep. 1891

Columbia County

Population 5, 191 . There is scarcely a quarter section of land in the county free from timber, and for the most part the forests are very heavy. While the soil is highly productive, there is as yet little regular farming. Stock-raising and logging are the main productive resources. Columbia county has unequaled facilities for transportation; steamboats connect all its river points with Portland at low rates for freight. The Northern Pacific affords rail transportation to the southern half of its river district.

Clatskanie, Population 212

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Chief K. C. Blackford Friday   1891

St. Helens, Population 350

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Oregon Mist The -Mist Pub. Co. Friday Ind. Rep. 1883

Vernonia, Population 300

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Nehalem Journal Vernonia Pub. Co Friday Ind. 1889

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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