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 Douglas ~ White Pine County Nevada Newspapers, 1894

Population 45,761. State Capital, Carson City. Extreme length from north to south, 485 miles in the eastern and 210 in the western boundary; greatest breadth 320 miles, decreasing to 310 miles in the north to a point in the south; land area, 109,740 square miles. Surface generally is a tableland about 4,000 feet above the sea, traversed by nearly parallel mountain ranges, be-tween which are valleys covered with sagebrush and other scanty herbage. The soil, when, irrigated, is fertile, and produces spring wheat, barley, oats, potatoes, butter, hay. wool, etc. There is much good pasturage, and cattle fatten readily upon it. This State lies almost wholly in the "Great Basin," the most arid region of North America. Cotton and sub-tropical fruits do well in all the southern counties. The milling and smelting of ore is the leading manufacturing pursuit. The output of precious metals in 1888 was nearly $12,500,000. The cattle interests of the State rank next in importance to its mineral resources. The wool product in 1887 was 3,000,000 pounds.

Douglas County

Population 1,551. Mountainous; extensive pine forests; soil fertile in the valleys; some gold and silver. Products: barley, oats, wheat, potatoes, butter, hay; cattle.

Genoa, Population 434

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Courier Delbert E. Williams Friday Ind. 1880

Elko County

Population 4,794. Partly mountainous, also consisting of large plains. Products: barley, wheat, oats, and hay. Mining: silver.

Elko, Population

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Free Press C. H. Sproule Sat. Rep. 1881
Independent W. W. Booher Daily Dem. 1874
Independent Weekly Edition Sun Dem. 1841

Tuscarora, Population 1,156

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Times-Review O. L. C. Fairchild Sat. Ind. 1887

Esmeralda County

Population 2,148. Mountainous and arid plains; fertile along streams; extensive salt deposits; valuable copper; large deposits of borax; has a manufactory of boracic acid. Products: wheat, barley, hay, cattle. Gold and silver mining is the chief occupation.

Hawthorne, Population 476

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Bulletin A. J. McCarthy Wed. Silver Rep. 1882

Eureka County

Population 3,275. Partly mountainous; soil fertile, when irrigated. Silver and lead mining.

Eureka, Population 1,609

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Sentinel A. Skillman Sat. Ind. 1870

Humboldt County

Population 3,434. Generally mountainous; some fertile soil in the valleys, which yield barley, wheat, potatoes, and hay. Silver-mining, cattle-raising and wool-growing are the leading pursuits.

Winnemucca, Population 1,037

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Silver State Silver State Pub. Co. Daily Dem. 1869

Lander County

Population 2,266. Partly mountainous; soil in valleys partly fertile. Products: barley, wheat, oats, potatoes, butter, wool, hay; livestock. Chief occupation: silver, gold and lead mining.

Austin, Population 1,215

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Reese River Reveille Reveille Pub. Co.. S.-W. Ind. 1863

Battle Mountain, Population 522

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Central Nevadan R. C. Blossom Thur. Rep. 1834

Lincoln County

Population 2,466. Generally barren table-land; some fertile soil in the valleys. Products: corn, wheat, barley, wool and hay. Silver mining is the chief occupation.

Pioche, Population 676

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Lode N. P. Dooley Sat. Ind.-Dem. 1892
Record T. J. Osborne Thur. Ind. 1870

Lyon County

Population 1,987. Mountainous; soil fertile in the valleys. Mining: silver. There are numerous quartz mills and other works.

Dayton, Population 576

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Times Byron Gates Sat. Rep. 1876

Greenfield, Population 300

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Mason Valley Tidings D. L. Sayre & Co. Thur. Silver 1893

Nye County

Population 1,290. Mountainous; agricultural products very small. Mining. Silver and gold are the chief exports.

Belmont, Population 285

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Courier Andrew Maute Sat. Silver 1874

Ormsby County

Population 4,883. Mountainous, with pine forests. Mining and lumbering. Machine shops, mills and lumbering companies employ 500 hands, and have $5,000,000 invested in their various enterprises.

Carson, Population 3,950

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Appeal S. P. Davis Daily Rep. 1862
News Annie H. Martin Daily Rep. 1891
Tribune E. J. Parkinson Daily Rep. 1872
Weekly Olcovish & Davis Mon. Ind. 1891

Storey County

Population 8,806. Mountainous; soil generally sterile; silver is the chief export. The great Comstock Lode is in this county.

Virginia City, Population 8,511

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Ev'g Chronicle D. E. McCarthy Daily Silver 1872
Ev'g Chronicle Weekly Edition Tues. Silver 1872
Territorial Enterprise J. E. McKinnon Daily Rep. 1858

Washoe County

Population 6,089. Mountainous; extensive forests of pine, etc. Soil fertile in some of the valleys, yielding barley, wheat, oats, potatoes and hay. Chief pursuits: mining and lumbering. Reno, pop.

Reno, Population 4,250

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Gazette Gazette Pub. Co Daily Rep. 1870
Gazette Weekly Edition Thur. Rep. 1870
State Journal Kelly & Webster Daily Dem. 1870
State Journal Weekly Edition Sat. Dem. 1870

White Pine County

Population 1,721. Alternate mountain ridges and valleys; soil of latter generally fertile. Products: potatoes, wool, hay, livestock. Mining: silver. Numerous quartz mills, and manufactures of pig lead and castings, etc.

Ely, Population 203

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
News W. L. Davis Sat. Dem. 1869

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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