Pacific States Newspaper Directory


 Hawaiian Islands Newspapers, 1894

The group of islands that constitutes the Hawaiian Kingdom are, and always will be, most closely connected with California. They are but a couple of thousand miles distant from San Francisco, whence they obtain almost the whole of their supplies, both the luxuries and necessaries of life. California, in return, takes the whole of her produce, the chief of which is sugar. The principal domestic exports from Honolulu are sugar, molasses, paddy, rice, coffee, fungus, bananas, hides and wool. Of these sugar, molasses, paddy, rice and bananas are the chief. There are nearly a hundred sugar plantations distributed throughout the group, and there is still much uncultivated land capable of producing sugar, which, however, would be rather expensive to clear. Free schools are established throughout the group, where the children of the natives, Chinese, Portuguese, English or Americans can receive a common-school English education. In the more important centers there are schools, both public and private, where the higher branches are taught, and a thorough commercial and classical grounding can be obtained. Churches are numerous and well attended, as are most church gatherings and social entertainments. Population, about 90,000.

Oahu Island

Honolulu, Population 22,500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Angl'n Ch. Chronicle Alex. Macintosh Month Religon 1883
Bulletin Bulletin Pub. Co Daily Ind. 1882
Bulletin Weekly Edition Tues Ind. 1881
Gazette Hawaiian Gazette Co Tues Ind. 1866
Ko Aiao   Daily Native  
Ka Elele Poakolu Elele Pub. Co. Sat.   1877
Nupepa Kuokoa   Wed. Govt. 1870
Kukoa   Sat. Native  
Pacific Commercial Advertiser Stock Company Daily Ind. 1856
Planters' Monthly H.M.Whitney Month Govt. 1866
The Hawaiian Star H. S. Newsp. Asso. Daily   1893
The Hawaiian Star Weekly Edition Mon.   1893

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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