Iowa, Pacific States Newspapers Directory, 1894


Iowa was the fourth State formed from the Louisiana purchase and was first settled by a French Canadian named Dubuque, who a 1788 formed a small settlement at where is now located the prosperous city of Dubuque. The name is from the Indian signing "The Drowsy Ones." From 1832 until the close of the Black Hawk war, the population increased with wonderful apidity. The State has an area of 56,025 square miles, its extreme breadth being 300 miles and its length 210. It is noted for its rich, productive soil, and is in the main an agricultural state, having an intelligent and progressive population. It was admitted into the Union in 1846, and has ever been a staunch supporter of the Constitution. Population 1,911,896.

Since the issuance of our preceding edition there has been the usual number of newspaper changes in this and other States mentioned in this work. The several industries throughout the State have largely increased, and in every branch and direction show unusual prosperity.

We give a brief description in the following pages of the several counties, with a tabulated list of the newspapers published in each.

By County

Pacific States Newspaper Index

Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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