Pacific States Newspaper Directory


 Los Angeles Newspapers, 1894

Los Angeles County

Los Angeles, Population 50,394

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Cal. Druggist Druggist Pub. Co Mouth Drugs 1891
California Voice J. II. Blanchard Thur. Prohibits 1885
Com. Bulletin of S. Cal. Com. Bui. Co. Sat. Ind. 188
Critique Merrill & Conner Sat. Ind. 1893
Cultivator Goodwin & Thomas Month Agr. 1888
Eskual-Herria (Basque) J. P. Goytino Sat. Rep. 1893
Express Evening Express Co Daily Rep. 1871
Express Weekly Edition Thur. Rep. 1871
Family Ledger Howard A. Dodge Sat. Family 1889
Farmer and Labor Review Sat. Populist 1896
Herald Ayres & Lynch Daily Dem. 1873
Herald Weekly Edition Sat. Dem. 1873
Hotel Gazette Hammer & Smith Daily Hotel 1888
Household Geo. Rice & Sons Month Hotel 1891
Journal Warren Wilson Daily Commer 1893
La Voz de California Reihm it Gutierez Sat. Ind. 1893
Le Progres J. P. Goytino Thur. Rep. 1883
L'Union Nouvelle P. Ganee Sat. Dem. 1870
Parish Churchman   Month Religon 1885
Porcupine C. A. Bell Sat. Ind. 1882
Rural California C. M. Heintz Month Hort.-Agr. 1877
S. Cal. Christian Advocate Conference of M. E. Church Friday Religon 1883
Southern Cal'a Practitioner H. B. Ellis Month Medical 1886
Sud California Post Morlock & Glauch Sat. Ind. 1874
Times Times-Mirror Co Daily Rep. 1881
Times Weekly Times and Mirror Sat. Rep. 1873
Trade Geo. Rice & Sons Sat. Commer 1892
University Rostrum R. G. Curran Sat-Mon. Educat'l 1892

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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