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 Marion ~ Multnomah County Oregon Newspapers, 1894

Marion County

Population 22,934; agriculture and lumbering, Marion County covers an area of about 500 or 600 square miles. Improved land, 390,607 acres. Salem, the State capital, is located in this and is second in the State in population.

Mill City, Population

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Gazette O. A. Cheney Friday Ind. 1891

Mount Angel, Population 250

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
St. Joseph-Blatt Benedictine Fathers Friday Religon 1888

Gervais, Population 458

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Star Win. J. Clark Friday Ind. 1890

Salem, Population 10,422

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Journal Hofer Bros Daily Rep. 1887
Journal Weekly Edition Thur. Rep. 1877
Oregon Democrat E. H. Flagg Mo.-Th Dem. 1893
Oregon Independent Ind. Pub. Co. Daily Ind. 1893
Oregon Independent Semi-Weekly Tu.-Fr. Rep. 189
Oregon Statesman Statesman Pub. Co. Daily Rep. 1851
Oregon Statesman Weekly Edition Friday Rep. 1851
Students Gazette Floyd K. Churchill Friday Educat 1893

Silverton, Population 600

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Appeal Warnock & Parrish Sat. Ind. 1880

Stayton, Population 576

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Times: Horace Maun Thur. Ind. 1889

Summerville, Population 250

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Bun W. H. Brooks Sat. Ind. 1893

Woodburn, Population 1,126

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Independent John E. Day Friday Ind.-Rep. 1888

Morrow County

Population 4,205. Wool is the chief product of this county. It is likewise adapted to grain and general agriculture. Improved land, 126,279 acres.

Heppner, Population 800

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Gazette Patterson Pub. Co. Tu.-Fr. Rep. 1883

Multnomah County

Population 74,884. There is little general farming in Multnomah County, but dairying, market-gardening, and the like, are profitable industries, and some thousands of people are engaged in them. Improved land, 158,042 acres; value of same, $6,571,-740. Portland is the general center of trade and transportation of the State, and the chief seat of population.

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Advance Thought Lucy A Mallory Month Spiritual 1886
Albina Weekly Courier W. N. Carter Sat. Ind. 1887
Cuthole Sentinel Sen. Pub. Co Thur.. Religion 1870
Chronicle The White Printing Co Friday Ind. 1878
Evening Telegram Geo. H. Moflett Daily Dem. 1866
Fanner's Journal J. Gaston Friday Populist 1889
Fraternal Visitor Review Pub. Co Month Frater'l 1893
Freie Press Bruno Sittig Thur. Ind. 1885
Good Templar Jas. H. McKibben Month Temp. 1893
Nachrichten aus dem Nordwesten Daily Ind. 1892
Weekly Edition N. W. Ger. Pub. Co. Thur. Ind. 1892
N. P. Union Palmer & Bey Sat. Ind. 1883
Northwestern Guardsman O. H. McIsaac Month   1891
N. W. Musical .lounml W R. Hill Month Music 1893
N.W. Pacific Farmer Frank Lee Thur. Agricul 1870
Official R'y Guide Lewis & Dryden Month RR 1876
Oregon Churchman Swope it Taylor Month Religion  
Oregonian Oregonian Pub. Co. Daily Rep. 1861
Oregonian Weekly Edition Sun. Rep. 1850
Oregonian Sunday Edition Month Rep. 1882
Oregon Knight H. G. Mathies Month K of P 1893
Oregon Staats Zeitung Dr. J. Folkmas Daily Rep. 1886
Oregon Staats Zeitung Weekly Edition Thur. Rep. 1878
Washington Staats Zeitung Dr. J. Folkman.. Friday Rep. 1889
Pacific Banker and Investor L. Stagge. Month Ind. 1893
Pacific Baptist Pac. Bap. Pub. Co. Thur. Religion 1877
Pac. Christian Advocate Hunt & Eaton Wed. Religion 1854
Pacific Drug Review H. D. Dietrich Month Phar. 1889
Pacific Medical Sentinel P. M. S. Co. Month Med. 1893
Pacific Odd Fellow W. A. Wheeler Month Frat. 1892
Pythias Albert Tozier Month Frat. 1889
Rural Northwest H.M.Williamson S.M. Horti. 1891
Rural Spirit and Willamette Farmer Thur. Agr. 1869
Sportsman and Cyclist F. A. Dunham Sat. Sports 1891
Student Miss Alice G. Friedlander Month Edu. 1880
Sunday Mercury Clute & Harcourt Sat. Ind. 1867
Sunday Welcome J. J. Burnett Sat. Dem. 1874
The Way. The Truth, The Life W.Ellis Month Religion 1883
Tomahawk Tomahawk Pub. Co Tues. Dem. 1803
Universal Republic Lucy A. Mallory Month Ind-Ethi. 1886
Vidnesbyrdet Vidnesbyrdet Pub. Co Wed. Religion 1888

Troutdale, Population 500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Champion Baker Bros Friday Ind. 1891

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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