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 Napa ~ Plumas County California Newspapers, 1894

Napa County

Population, 16,411; wines and agriculture. There is no kind of fruit that will not do well in Napa count}', and her wines hold an unchallenged position, her success resting upon the production of light table wines, red and white. There are 140 wine-cellars, large and small, most of which afford a market for other grape-growers. Dairying is one of the important industries, and one that is constantly on the increase. Quicksilver mines have been successfully worked, requiring the employment of many men. Assessed valuation, $14,730,168.

Calistoga, Population 925

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Ind. Calistogian Douglass & Haynes Wed. Ind. 1877

Napa, Population 4,500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Herald Herald Pub. Co. Daily Non-Par. 1893
Journal J. E. Walden Daily Dem. 1884
Journal Weekly Edition Friday Dem. 1856
Register G. M. Francis Daily Rep. 1872
Register Weekly Edition Friday Rep. 1868

St. Helena, Population 1,950

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Star F. B. Mackinder Friday Rep. 1863

Nevada County

Population, 17,369; mining and fruit-growing. Nevada City and Grass Valley are the center of a region whose richness as a gold-producing district is equaled by its horticultural and agricultural productiveness. Oranges are freely grown in Nevada county; the production of pears and apples is immense, and all small fruits and berries thrive well. Hay is one of the staple productions. The lumbering interests of the county are very great, and thrive with unwonted vigor. On the Truckee river alone the year's cut aggregates 32,000,000 feet, while the sales were 3,000,000 feet in excess of the cut. v Assessed valuation of property in the county, $5,933,882. Grass Valley, pop. 6,798

Grass Valley, Population 6,798

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Telegraph Shoemaker it Ingram Daily Ind. 1887
Telegraph Weekly Edition Sat. Ind. 1890
Tidings H. S. Spalding Daily Rep. 1874
Tidings Weekly Edition Thru. Rep. 1874
Union W. F. Prisk Daily Dem. 1867

Nevada City, Population 4,013

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Evening Herald F. E. Wadsworth Daily Ind. 1877
Evening Herald Weekly Edition Friday Ind. 1877
Transcript Brown & Calkins Daily Rep. 1860

Truckee, Population 1,500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Republican W. P. Calkins Wed.-Sat. Ind. 1871

Orange County

Population, 13,589; fruit and agriculture. The history of this county began only in 1889, hence there are no means of instituting any comparisons as to the growth of former years. The principal city is Santa Ana. Assessed valuation of the county in 1890, $10,452,296.

Anaheim, Population 2,500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Gazette Kuchel Bros Thur. Rep. 1870
Journal James E. Nugent Sat. Rep. 1890

Fullerton, Population 400

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Tribune Edgar Johnson Sat. Ind. 1889

Orange, Population 2,271

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
News Jas. Fullerton Wed. Ind. 1888
Post Alice L. Armor Sat. Rep. 1885

Santa Ana, Population 4,220

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Blade Blade Pub. Co Daily Ind. 1880
Blade Weekly Edition Thru. Ind. 1886
Herald Johnson & Shaw Sat. Rep. 1878
Standard D. M. Baker Sat. Dem. 1882

Placer County

Population, 15,101; agriculture, fruit-raising and mining. One of the chief resources of this county is the lumber industry. Mills are numerous, and the output of lumber is estimated at from 10,000,000 to 12,000,000 feet. Assessed valuation, $9,922,585.

Applegate, Population 100

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Esoteric Esoteric Pub. Co Month Religon 1892

Auburn, Population 1,595

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Argus Rodehaver & FitzSimmons Friday Rep 1872
Herald J. A. Filcher Sat. Dem. 1852
Placer Co. Republican W.B. Thorpe Friday Rep. 1884

Colfax, Population 650

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Sentinel C. Runckel Friday Ind. 1891

Lincoln, Population 900

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
News-Messenger Sanders & Ingram Friday Ind. 1891

Newcastle, Population 300

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
News W. H.Schardin Wed. Rep. 1887

Plumas County

Population, 4,933; mining and lumbering. Grain and vegetables are grown quite extensively in some sections, and this is an important fruit county, orchards many miles in extent making of the foothills a continuous belt of fruit-bearing trees. Although there are districts where logging is carried on, the timber transported by means of flumes and the sawmills furnishing several millions of feet of lumber every year, there are extensive sections where the trees are not yet perceptibly thinned, and it is evident that Plumas for many years will possess a valuable lumber interest. Assessed valuation, $2,322,090.

Quincy, Population 560

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
National Bulletin Plumas Co. Pub. Co. Thru. Rep. 1880

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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