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 San Francisco City and County California Newspapers, 1894

San Francisco County

Population, 298,997. The city of San Francisco embraces the whole county. The city and county covers an area of 46 square miles, of which Golden Gate Park takes up 1,013 acres, the Government Reservation at the Presidio about 1,200 acres; Buena Vista Park, 20 acres; Mountain Lake, 20 acres; and the other city squares, 119 acres. The city has 1,200 miles of streets. San Francisco is the business center and commercial metropolis of the State of California, which exports over $120,000,000 worth of the products of the soil every year in the shape of wheat, wool, wine, raisins, gold, silver, and other metals and fruits. It has a mint that coins more gold than any other mint in the world, and a custom-house of which the receipts, in proportion to population, are unequalled. The imports for the past year were $$'2,36.0,906; exports, $52,701,282. San Francisco, pop. 298,997

Daily and Weekly Newspapers

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Bulletin S. F. Bulletin Co Daily Ind. Rep. 1855
Bulletin Weekly Edition Wed. Ind. Rep. 1856
Chronicle M. H. de Young Daily Ind. 1865
Chronicle Weekly Edition Thur. Ind. 1874
Chronicle Sunday Edition Sun. Ind. 1852
Com. News & Ship. List Com. Ptg. Co. Daily Commer 1875
Com. News & Ship. List Weekly Edition Friday Commer 1875
Examiner W. R. Hearst Daily Dem. 1865
Examiner Weekly Edition Thur. Dem. 1865
Examiner Sunday Edition Sun. Dem. 1865
Hayes Valley Advert'r Wm. Clack & Co. Sat. Ind.-Dem. 1878
Mission Journal E. J. Coffey Sat. Rep. 1880
Morning Call S. F. Call Co Daily Ind. 1856
Morning Call Weekly Edition Thur. Ind. 1887
People's Press Peo. Pr. Pub. Co Sat. Peo. Party 1882
Political Record D. Bruce Wed. Non. Party 1882
Post   Daily    
Post Weekly Edition Wed. Rep. 1875
Report Bunker & Hiester Daily Ind. 1863
Report Weekly Edition Thur. Ind. 1863
South San Francisco Mail Griffith & Sons Sat. Ind. 1892
South San Francisco Mail Barnes & Morphy Sat. Ind.  

Commercial and Trade

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Bishop's ABC Guide Traffic Pub. Co Month Travel 1885
California Architect & Building News Month Arcjotect 1879
Coast Review J. G. Edwards Month Ins. 1871
Commercial Herald Jour. Com. Co Wed. Commer 1854
Grocer & Ctry Merchant G. W. Burton Friday Commer 1874
Guide Guide Pub. Co Daily Commer 1865
Herald of Trade & Grocer Jay Federlein Friday Commer 1881
Home Circle H. A. & B. J. Smith Month Commer 1881
Industry Indus. Pub. Co. Month Mechan. 1888
Journal of Commerce J. of C. Pub. Co. Daily Commer 1872
Journal of Commerce Weekly Edition Thru. Commer 1872
Live Stock & Butchers' Gazette Pub. Co Sat. Stock 1888
Money Money Pub. Co Month Finance 1893
Pac. Coast Dry Goods P. C. D. G. & M. R. Pub. Co Month Postal 1891
Pac. Coast Post Index MacondrayBros. Month Postal 1875
Pacific Druggist Searby & Dawson Month Drugs 1890
Pacific Underwriter Robt. W. Neal S.M. Ins. 1887
Railroad Gazeteer H. S. Crocker & Co. Month RR 1871
Spirit of the Times Marcus D. Boruck Sat. Sport 1854
Trade-Postal Journal J. D. Roberson Quar. Postal 1883
Wine & Spirits Review R. M. Wood Co. S.M. Postal 1878
Western Buyers' Economist Ecou. Co. S.M. Postal 1893

Literary And Paternal

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Argonaut Argonaut Pub. Co Sat. Ind.-Lit. 1877
California World Cal. World Co Sat. Ind 1889
Carrier Dove L. & J. Schlesenger Sat. Spt.-Lit. 1882
City Argus Robt. E. Culbreth Sat. Society 1879
Cosmopolitan and Pacific Scotsman Foulerton Press Agency Month Ind. 1892
Foresters Advocate Bochm & M'Lennau Month Fatrl. 1885
Forester of America Fraternal Ptg. Co. Month Fatrl. 1892
Golden State Chas. A. Boldemann Month Fatrl. 1892
Illustrated Pacific States Ill'd Pub. Co. Month Family 1876
Irish American FltzGerald & O'Brien Sat. Ind. 1893
New Age W. H. Barnes Month IOOF 1865
News Letter Fred'k Marriott Sat. Lit. 1856
Overland Monthly Overl'd Mon. Pub. Co Month Lit. 1868
Pacific Comrade E. B. Griffith & Sons Month GAR 1887
Pac. States Watchman W. H. Barnes Month AOUW 1877
Pacific Town Talk S. B. Carletou Sat. Dem. 1892
Seven Links M. Boehm S. M. Fatrl. 1888
Star Jas. H. Barry Sat. Ind. 1884
Trestle Board Trestle Board Ass'n Month Masonic 1887
Union Palmer & Rev Type Found. Sat. Ind. 1882
Vindicator J. E. Brown Sat. Dem. 1883
Wasp Wasp Pub. Co. Sat. Ind.-Dem. 1876
Wave J. O'H. Cosgrave Sat. Society 1889

Religious Publications

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Cal. Christ. Advocate J. D. Hammond. Wed. Religon 1850
Florence Crittenden Record J. W. Ellsworth Month Religon 1890
Annual Ed.   Jan. Religon 1890
Harbinger Harbinger Pub. Co. Sat. Religon 1890
Harmony M. E. Cramer Month Religon 1888
Monitor Mouitor Pub. Co. Sat. Religon 1856
Occident The Occident Pub. Co. Thru. Religon 1868
Pacific Pacific Pub. Co. Wed. Religon 1852
Pacific Churchman Church Pub. Co. S. M. Religon 1868
Pacific Ensign W. C. T. U. Sat. Religon 1892
Pac. Methodist Advocate M.E.Church Thru. Religon 1856
Pacific Theosophist Dr. J. A. Anderson Month Religon 1891

Class Publications

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Breeder and Sportsman Jas. P. Kerr Sat. Sport 1882
California Fruit Grower B. N. Rowley Sat. Hort. 1888
Cal. Hompopath Boericke & Dewey Month Medical 1883
Cal. Orchard and Farm The Cal. Co. Month Hor.-Ag. 1888
Educational Journal Ed. Pub. Co. Month Education 1884
Elevator J. B. Wilson Sat. Ind. 1865
Filatelic Facts & Fallacies W. Sellschopp Month Stamps 1892
Heald's College Jour. Healds Bus. Col. Month Education 1872
Hotel Illustrated Hotel 111. Pub. Co. Month Humor. 1893
Law Journal Stock well & Co. Daily Law 1866
Midwinter International Exp. Pub. Co. S. M. Iud. 1893
Mining & Scientific Press Dewey & Co. Sat. Mec. 1869
Music and Drama J. Tarum Sat. Dramatic 1893
Olympian J. P. Beau Month Sporting 1892
Pacific Medical Journal W. Anderson Month Medical 1857
Pacific Militant Pac. Mil. Pub. Co Sat. Ind. 1893
Pacific Record of Medicine & Surgery Month Medical 1886
Pacific Rural Press Dewey Pub. Co. Sat. Agricul 1870
B. F. Hotel Gazette W. P. Harrison Daily Hotels 1876
B. F. Hotel Gazette Weekly Edition Wed. Hotels 1892
Student Alice G. Friedlander Month Education 1887

In Foreign Languages

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Abend Post Abend Post Co. Daily Ind. 1860
Abend Post Weekly Edition Thur. Ind. 1860
Bien Bien Pub. Co. Thur. Ind. 1882
California Arbeiter Zeitung Pub. Co. Thur.   1886
Cal. Demokrat Fred'k Hess & Co. Daily Ind. 1853
Cal. Demokrat Sunday Edition Sun Ind. 1888
Cal. Demokrat Weekly Edition Thur. Ind. 1888
Cal. Staats Zeitung Fred'k Hess & Co. Thur. Ind. 1853
California Volksfreund C. V. Pub. Co Sat. Religon 1885
Germania The J. A. Jens Co. Month Ind. 1891
Hebrew Philo Jacoby Friday Religon 1863
Jewish Progress A. Seeligsohn Friday Religon 1875
Jewish Times and Observer Saalburg & Levy Friday Religon 1856
La Petit California Emile Marque Wed.-Sat. Ind. 1878
LaRepublica M. E. Garcia Sat. Ind. 1881
La Voce del Popolo G. B.Cevasco Daily Ind. 1859
La Franco Californien A. Chaigneau Daily Ind. 1852
La Franco Californien Weekly Edition Sat. Ind. 1852
L'Elvezia Geo. F. Cavalli Sat. Rep. 1879
LTtalia Italian Pub. Co. Daily Ind. 1887
S. P. Tageblatt Tageblatt Pub. Soc. Daily Ind. 1893
S. P. Tageblatt Weekly Edition Thur. Labor 1893
S. P. Tageblatt Vorwaerts Sun. Labor 1896
Son'blatt der Cal. Dem. Fred. Hess & Co. Month Ind. 1852
Vestkusten Ernst Skarstedt Thur. Ind. 1886
Vestra Sandebudet J. R. Andrews & Co. Month Religon 1889

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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