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Stanislaus ~ Tulare County California Newspapers, 1894

Stanislaus County

Population 10,040; agriculture and fruits. Grain farming is the principal industry, but nearly every known variety of fruits reach a state bordering on perfection in Stanislaus County. Pears, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums, apples, figs, walnuts, almonds, etc., are common products. Modesto is the county seat. Assessed valuation, $16,416,347. Modesto, pop. 2,500

Modesto, Population 2,500

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Evening News J. D. Spencer Daily Dem. 1885
Evening News Weekly Edition Friday Dem. 1885
Herald Herald Pub. Co. Thur. Rep. 1474

Newman, Population 610

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Banner P. H. Higgms Thur. Dem. 1892
Tribune D E. Eachus Sat. Rep. 1880

Oakdale, Population 995

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
    Wed. Ind. 1884
    Friday Dem. 1889

Sutter County

Population 5,469; pursuits, agricultural. Sutter is altogether an agricultural county, and, in many respects, it is a pioneer county in agriculture. It is remarkable for the size of its ranches and rich and comfortable homes of its farmers. Wheat fields of 2,000, 3,000 and 4,000 acres are very common, and some run up as high as 5,000 and 6,000 acres. Assessed valuation, $9,334,352. Yuba City, population 1,071

Yuba City, Population 1,071

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Sutter Co. Farmer Sutter Pub. Co. Friday Rep. 1881
Sutter Independent Kirtley & Grover Friday Dem. 1887

Tehama County

Population 9,916; agriculture, wool and lumber. Tehama county produces 9,000,000 bushels of grain, and clips about 2,500,000 pounds of wool annually. The timber belt is large and almost inexhaustible. The Sierra Flume and Lumber Co. employs about 100 men in its mills at Red Bluff, and about an equal number in the mountains, where it has extensive sawmills with an annual product of 12,000,000 feet. Fruit culture is now engaging the attention of farmers. All kinds of citrus fruits are grown and do well in the valley, while all the common fruits thrive in the high altitudes. Assessed valuation, $11,487,866.

Corning, Population 1,200

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Observer T. H. Dawson Sat. Neutral 1887

Red Bluff, Population 3,490

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
News J. F. Linthicum Daily Dem. 1885
News Weekly Edition Sat. Dem. 1885
People's Cause Pendleton Bros Daily Rep. 1860
People's Cause Weekly Edition Sat. Rep. 1860
Sentinel Sentinel Pub. Co. Daily Rep. 1870
Sentinel Weekly Edition Sat. Rep. 1867

Trinity County

Population 3,719; chiefly mining. As the gold miners were the cause of the first settlement of the county, so mining has continued to be the chief industry of the population from that time until the present. Some little fruit is raised, but not sufficient to warrant the classing of that industry as among the resources of the county. Assessed valuation, $1,419,364.

Weaverville, Population 767

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Journal S. L. Blake Sat. Ind. 1856

Tulare County

Population 24,574; fruits, agriculture, lumber and dairying. It is noted for the production of the citrus fruits, and apples, pears, plums, cherries, and quinces especially are luxuriant in quantity and superior in quality, while all the other deciduous fruits, the peach, nectarine, and all the berries, thrive well. Tulare county has the largest share of the valuable timber belt of any county in the State. In the production of wheat, Tulare leads all the other counties in the State; barley comes next, and in the production of fine stock, she excels. Assessed valuation, $24,467,407.

Porterville, Population 1,100

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Enterprise Lumley Bros Friday Dem. 1888

Traver, Population 630

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Advocate Hurst A & Leisz Thru. Ind. 1887

Tulare, Population 2,871

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Register Pillsbury & Ellsworth Daily Ind.-Rep. 1887
Register Weekly Edition Friday Ind.-Rep. 1882
Tulare Valley Citizen Gilstrap & .May Thru. Populist 1889

Visalia, Population 2,885

Publication Proprietors Issued Politics Year
Delta G. W. Stewart & Co. Daily Rep. 1892
Delta Weekly Edition Thru. Rep. 1850
Tulare County Times B. M. Maddox Daily Dem. 1865
Tulare County Times Weekly Edition Thru. Dem. 1865

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Source: Pacific States Newspaper Directory, Sixth Edition, Palmer & Rey Type Foundry, San Francisco, 1894

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