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Fort Kenay, P O address, Sitka, 675 miles northwest of Sitka, is one of the principal stations of the fur traders on Cook's Inlet, north of the island of Kodiak, from which it is distant about 100 miles. Several other stations are on the shores of the inlet and upon the river Susbina, which flows into it.

Fort Tongass, a military station on an island of the same name, 105 miles north of Sitka. This was established upon taking possession of the Territory, as a protection against Indians, but as there was nobody to be protected, and but a dozen or so squalid savages to commit offense, the soldiers have been withdrawn, and Fort Tongass is now but an Indian camp.

  Martin Abraham, general merchandise

Fort Wrangle, P O, a military station on the main land, 100 miles east of Sitka. The troops formerly stationed at this place have been removed, but recent discoveries of gold on the Stikeen River, which near here breaks through the Cascade or Coast Range of mountains, will give the place some importance. The Stikeen enters from British Columbia, and is a navigable river. Near the mouth of this river, and of easy access to tourists, is one of the largest glaciers of the known world.

   Lear W K, postmaster, and general merchandise
  Martin Abraham, general merchandise

Klowak, Hamilton George, general merchandise


   Alaska Commercial Co, general merchandise
  Shirpser D & Co, general merchandise.

Michaelovski, or St. Michaels, 1,200 miles northwest of Sitka, is the principal station on Norton Sound, and about 40 miles northeast of the northern mouth of the Kwichpak or Yukon River, and is the depot from which the stations on the river are supplied. This great river having a bar at the mouth prevents vessels drawing over six feet water entering, consequently only small craft from St. Michaels venture in the trade by water, the principal business being carried on overland to Nulato, or other points on the river. The delta of the Yukon has a breadth of about 90 miles, and flows such a current into Behring Sea that fresh water for ships' use is often taken up 50 miles from shore.

Sitka, P O and Capital of Alaska, is on the western shore of the Island of Baranoff, in latitude 57°, and fronts a large and commodious harbor. The place was formerly called New Archangel, from the resemblance of the harbor to the harbor of Archangel, in Russia, and the bay Sitka, but all bay, island and town, now bear the name of Sitka. This has been made the headquarters of the military affairs of Alaska, but otherwise possesses little of importance. With the presence of the soldiers it at present has a population of about 500. The town is built of wood, and does not present a very imposing appearance.

   Frohman I, general merchandise
  Fuller H, Alaska Ice Co agent
  Goldstein Samuel, general merchandise
  Haltern T, general merchandise
  Kaplan L, general merchandise
  Levy Aaron, general merchandise
  Martin Abraham, general merchandise
  Phillipson William, postmaster, and general merchandise
  Whitford A T, general merchandise

St. Georges Island

   Alaska Commercial Co, general merchandise

St. Paul, Kodiak Island, the largest town of Alaska, 550 miles west of Sitka. This is on the principal harbor of the island, which receives its name from its resemblance to a tub, "kadia" in the Russian language meaning tub. The harbor is one of the best in the world, and of easy access, and the town enjoys a large trade with the Aleutian Islands and the Peninsula of Alaska.

   Alaska Commercial Co, general merchandise.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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