Pacific Coast Business Directory

Arizona Territory, Quartz, Grist, and Saw Mills

Table of Arizona Quartz Mills
With the Location, Name, Occupant's Name, of each

Mohave County
Mineral Park, Krome's Concentrator, 1874, L. C. Welbourne.
Mineral Park, Pioneer, 1871, L. C. Welbourne.
Wallapai Mountain, Wallapai, 1874, D. E. Buell.

Pima County
Apache Pass, Harris & Montana, ____, ____ _____.

Yavapai County
Big Bug District, Big Bug, ____, Gray & Hitchcock.
Hassayampa District, Noyes & Curtis, Noyes & Curtis.
Hassayampa District, Sterling's, ____, Sterling Co.
Walker District, Eureka, _____, C. C. Bean.
Walker District, Thunderbolt, ____, _____ _____.
Wickenburg, Smith's, 1873, William Smith & Co.
Wickenburg, Vulture, 1863, _____ _____.
Wickenburg, Wickenburg, 1865, Hinton's Estate & Co.

Yuma County
Ehrenberg District, Constaneia, 1872, E. Martin.
Los Flores, Cormorant, 1869, Polhamus & Norton

Table of Grist Mills
With the Location, Name, Occupant's Name of Each

Maricopa County
Hayden's Ferry, Hayden's, C. F. Hayden.
East Phoenix, Salt River, W. B. Hellings & Co.

Pima County
Florence, Brady's, P. R. Brady.
Florence (near), Estrada, Jesus Estrada.
Tucson, Eagle, E. N. Fish & Co.
Tucson (near), Lee's, James Lee.

Yavapai County
Chino Valley, Pastal's, S. C. Rees.
Walnut Grove, Lamborson's, T. Lamberson.
Agua Frio, Agua Krio, Bowers & Co.

Table of Saw Mills
With the Location, Name of Mill, Occupant's Name, of each

Mohave County
Wallapai Mountain, Wallapai, D. E. Buell.

Pima County
Santa Rita Mountains, Santa Rita, Thomas Gardner.
Tucson, ________, E. N. Fish & Co.

Yavapai County
Hassayampa, Clipper, Wiley & Casey.
Prescott, Curtis', George W. Curtis.
Prescott, ____________, A. O. Noyes

List of Newspapers
Published in Arizona Territory, with the Locality, Time of Publication, Name of Publisher.

Pima County, Tucson, Arizona Citizen, Weekly, Wasson & Brown.
Yavapai County, Prescott, Arizona Miner, Weekly, T. J. Butler.
Yuma County, Yuma, Arizona Sentinel, Weekly, W. J. Berry.

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Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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