Pacific Coast Business Directory

British Columbia Business Directory

Arranged alphabetically by business and towns. Where there are two or more localities of the same name. The district is added.

Academies and Colleges
[See Colleges.]

Agricultural Implements
[See Hardware; also Merchants General.]

[See Drugs and Medicines.]


Kennedy, James New Westminister
Mallandaine, E. Victoria
Smith & Clark Victoria
Syme, James Victoria
Teague, John Victoria

Arms and Ammunition
See Guns and Ammunition; also Merchants General.]

Government Assay Office Barkerville

Attorneys at Law
[See Barristers.]

Davies, J. P. & Co. Victoria
Plummer & Pagden Victoria
Wilby, H. E. Victoria


Webb, William E. Nanaimo
Fick, Frederick New Westminster
Harvey, William New Westminster
Anderson, George W. Victoria
Hodges, T. Victoria
Laheyte, John Victoria
Murphy, P. Victoria
Nesbitt, Samuel Victoria
Rhode, Joseph Victoria
Riley & Doherty Victoria
Smith, M. R. Victoria
Steitz Brothers Victoria
Sylvester, Stephen Victoria
Thompson George Victoria

Morris, G. M., agent Bank of British Columbia, Barkerville
Morris, G. M., agent Bank of British Columbia, Van Winkle

Bank of British Columbia, Victoria
Bank of British North America, Victoria
British Columbia Investment and Loan Society, Victoria
Dominion Government Savings Bank, Victoria


Moses, W. D., Barkerville
Browne, O. W., New Westminster
Morgan, J., New Westminster
Prichard, T. H., New Westminster
Caesar, Handle, Victoria
Geiger & Becker, Victoria
Meyer, John E. Victoria
Paine, Frederick, Victoria
Vigelius Brothers, Victoria
Ward, Nicholas T., Victoria

Barristers at Law

Borrorston, J. G., Barkerville
Park, Joseph, Barkerville
Davie, Alexander E. B., New Westminster
Courtney, Henry C., Victoria
Davie, Theodore, Victoria
Drake & Jackson, Victoria
Harrison, Eli Jr., Victoria
Helt, J. R., Victoria
Leggatt, C. J., Victoria
McCreight, J. F., Victoria
Robertson & Johnson, Victoria

Billiard Saloons
[See also Liquors Retail,]

Borthwick & Brown, Victoria
Holman, John, Victoria
Marsh, W. P., Victoria
Warthwick, R., Victoria


Cameron, William, Barkerville
O'Neil, C. P., Barkerville
Arnold, S. A., Clinton
Derdenger, E., Clinton
McCully, John, Clinton
McLellan, C. N., Clinton
O'Neil, C. P. Grouse Creek
Taylor, J., Langley
Blatchford, H., Lytton
Holden, John, Nanaimo
Blackie, Walter, New Westminister
Lewis, W. R., New Westminister
Carson, Alfred, Quesnelle
Robertson, Duncan, Quesnelle
Burton, Thomas, Van Winkle
Montgomery, J., Van Winkle
Peebles, John, Van Winkle
Robertson, John, Van Winkle
Ball, Charles, Victoria
Bryant. William C., Victoria
Feillet, J., Victoria
Geron, G. C., Victoria
Goudie, J., Victoria
Herdman, John, Victoria
Tompkins, G., Victoria
Louttel, Robert Yale
Stevenson, George Yale
Stott, James & Co. Yale

[See also News Agents; also Stationers.]
Murray, George B., New Westminster
Harrison, William, Victoria
Hibben, T. N. & Co., Victoria

Boot and Shoe Dealers

Smith, Thomas, Nanaimo
Wren, John, Nanaimo
Bone, T. S., Victoria
Cowper, J. & H., Victoria
Crosson, James, Victoria
Heathorn, William, Victoria
Mansell, Henry, Victoria
McLean, A. & Co., Victoria
Piaggio, G., Victoria
Webster, W. C., Victoria

Boot and Shoe Makers

Bennie, W., Barkerville
Shepherd, G. L., Barkerville
Fuller, William, Clinton
McMillan, _____, Clinton
Tallordeaux, N., Langley
Weston, John, Lytton
Devoy, John, New Westminster
Johnston, J., New Westminster
Johnstone, William, New Westminster
Murray, John, New Westminster
Belmont Boot and Shoe Manufacturing Co. Victoria
Geiger, Louis Victoria
Matthews, J. W. & Brother, Victoria
Maynard, Richard, Victoria
Maynard & Loye, Victoria
McCarty, Malcolm, Victoria
Bead, John M., Victoria
Sehultz, Herman, Victoria
McQuarrie, D., Yale

Brass Foundry
Peebles, John Van Winkle


Smith A Galbraith Nanaimo
Breed, C. H., New Westminster
Kerr, James H., Quesnelle
Bunster, Arthur, Victoria
Gibson, James, Victoria
Gowen, Charles, Victoria
Loewen & Erb, Victoria
Stuart & Keast, Victoria
Walther, H. & Co., Victoria

Brokers - Custom House
Robinson, William C. Victoria

Brooms, Brushes, etc.
Doughty, George, Victoria


Van Volkenburgh & Co., Barkerville
Chenhall, John, Clinton
Kilroy, Patrick, Lytton
Smith, George, Lytton
Akenhead, Walter & Son, Nanaimo
Baker, George, Nanaimo
Hogan, David, Nanaimo
York & Quennell, Nanaimo
Bennett, George, New Westminster
Black, G., New Westminster
Dickinson, R., New Westminster
Townsend, W. B., New Westminster
Bohannon, S. H., Quesnelle
Bates, A. S., Van Winkle
Van Volkenburg, J., Van Winkle
Heywood, J., Victoria
Papenberger, George, Victoria
Parker, John, Victoria
Phelps, Wadleigh & Co., Victoria
Reynolds, Frederick, Victoria
Stafford & Goodacre, Victoria
Winger, John, Victoria
Tuttle, Guy, Yale

Cabinet Makers
[See also Furniture.]
Withrow, D., New Westminster

Carpenters and Builders

Murray, John, Barkerville
St. Laurent, Joseph, Barkerville
Maxfield, James, Clinton
Stewart, A. F., Clinton
Johnston, P., Langley
McDonald, Colin, Langley
Fenny, A. M., Nanaimo
Gordon, D. W., Nanaimo
Nightingale, Richard, Nanaimo
Andrews, Richard, New Westminster
Bruce, Henry, New Westminster
Elliot, R. S., New Westminster
Howay, William, New Westminster
Humphries, James, New Westminster
Insley, William, New Westminster
Maynard, Joseph, New Westminster
Metcalf, J., New Westminster
Shields, B. W., New Westminster
Wintermute, John, New Westminster
Errick, William, Quesnelle
Bilsland, A. W., Van Winkle
Booth, R., Van Winkle
Harper, E., Van Winkle
Burgess, J. P., Victoria
Dorman, Daniel, Victoria
Lewis, R., Victoria, Victoria
Sleightholme, E. W., Victoria
Smith, Joseph, Victoria
Maharry, W. W., Yale
Peck, Edwin, Yale

Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers
[See also Blacksmiths.]

Read, John L., Clinton
Ball, Charles, Victoria
Duck, Simeon, Victoria
Gerow, G. C., Victoria
Grimm, William, Victoria
Tompkins, G., Victoria
Stott, James & Co., Yale

[See Drugs and Medicines.]

Cigars and Tobacco
[See also Liquors - Retail; also Merchants General; also Tobacco.]

Armstrong, William, Victoria
Campbell, Frank, Victoria
Casamayon, A. & Co., Victoria
Lowin, Heiman, Victoria
Sutro, G. & Co., Victoria

Civil Engineers
[See Surveyors.]


Thompson, C. L. (Wesleyan), Barkerville
Willemar, J. X. (Episc.), Comox
Holmes, D. (Episc.), Cowichan
Rondeault P. (R. C.), Cowichan
Soxsmith, W. V. (Wesleyan), Cowichan
Gribbell, F. B., Esquimault
Tomlinson, R. (Episc.), Kincolith
Foquet, _____ (R. C.), Kootenay
Good, J. B. (Episc.), Lytton
Hall, J. (Wesleyan), Nanaimo
Mason, George (Episc.), Nanaimo
De Herbomez, _____ (R. C.), New Westminster
Durien, _____ (R. C.), New Westminster
Harris, E. M. (R. C.), New Westminster
Joyal, _____ (R. C.), New Westminster
Jamieson, Robert (Presb.), New Westminster
Russ, A. E. (Wesleyan), New Westminster
Tuyner, J. (Wesleyan), New Westminster
Woods, C. T. (Episc.), New Westminster
Bodrie, Pierre (R. C.), O'Kanagan Mission
Grandere, _____ (R. C.), O'Kanagan Mission
Reynard, J. (Epis.), Saanich
Credge, Edward (Epis.) Victoria
Derrick, Thomas (Moth.) Victoria
Hills, George (Episc-) .Victoria
Jenns, Percival (Epis.) Victoria
Mandart, Joseph Victoria
McGregor, S. (Presb.) Victoria
Pollard. William (Meth.) Victoria
Seghers, C. J. (R. C.) Victoria

[See also Merchants General.]

Cohen & Hoffman
Andean, William Victoria
Blum, L. Victoria
Bulm, Asbury Victoria
Clair, P. Victoria
Cohen, H. M. Victoria
Crosson, James Victoria
Green, D. Victoria
Jeffree, J. Victoria
Lewis, Lewis Victoria
McLean, A. Co. Victoria
Romano, Quagliotti Victoria
Strouss, C. Co. Victoria
Turner, Beeton & Tunstall Victoria
Wilson, W. J. Victoria


Dunsmuir, Biggie & Co. Nanaimo
Vancouver Coal Co. Nanaimo
Baynes Sound Coal Mining Co. Victoria
Brodrick, R. Co. Victoria
Clarke, William Victoria
Union Coal Co. Victoria

Coffee and Spice Mills
Fell & Co. Victoria
Finlayson, John Victoria
Gosnell, Joseph Victoria

Angela College Victoria
St. Louis College Victoria


Baumann, Frederick Victoria
Beehler, Gustav R. Victoria
Le Claire, Aime Victoria
Levy, E. Mrs. Victoria
Waller, Henry Victoria

[See also Carpenters and Builders.]

Chellew, Jethro Langley
McLellan, E. J. Langley
Toole, W. Langley
Armstrong, J. C. G. New Westminster
Hall, James New Westminster
Howell, Robert New Westminster
Rogers, J. New Westminster
Muerhead & Mann Victoria
Shade, David Victoria


Cromarty, _____ Langley
Beer, J. New Westminster
Campbell, A. New Westminster
Manson, P. New Westminster
Koontz, George Victoria
Russell, D. W. Victoria

Crockery and Glassware

Andean, William Victoria
Bechler, Gustav R. Victoria
Burns & Edwards Victoria
Grancini, E. Victoria
Munsell & Holroyd Victoria
Osterhout, Peter Victoria
Weiler, John Victoria

[See also Hardware; also Merchants General.]
Fox, M. & H. A. Victoria

Siddall, ____, Nanaimo
Barnard, Charles F. Victoria
Thompson, R. B. Victoria

Steinberger, William Victoria

Doors, Sash, and Blinds
[See also Lumber Dealers.]
Hayward & Jenkinson Victoria

Drugs and Medicines
[See also Merchants General.]

Chip, J. Barkerville
Walmsley, Charles Nanaimo
Peele, A. New Westminster
Goulter, G. D. A. Victoria
Jackson, W. Victoria
Langley & Co. Victoria
Moore & Co. Victoria
Morrison, George Victoria
Shotbolt, Thomas Victoria

Dry Goods
[See also Merchants General.]

Cohen & Hoffman Barkerville
Fernandes, G. Burrard Inlet
Fisher, William New Westminster
Holbrook, H. New Westminster
Blum, L. Victoria
Brown & White Victoria
Clair, P. Victoria
Cohen, H. M. Victoria
Denny & Spencer Victoria
Gray, A. B. Co. Victoria
Piaggio, G. Victoria
Romano, Quagliotti Victoria
Strouss, C. Co. Victoria
Turner, Beeton & Tunstall Victoria
Wilson, Thomas & Co. Victoria

Express Agents

Campbell, James Cache Creek
O'Connor, M. (Barnard's) Clinton
McKenzie, _____ (Barnard's) Kamloops
Ferguson, A. B. Lillooet
McMurphy, John New Westminster
Barnard & Co. Quesnelle
Barnard & Co. Victoria
Garesche, Francis (W. F. Co.) Victoria
Barnard & Co. Yale

Fancy Goods
[See also Dry Goods; also Merchants General.]

Gorrie. Thomas Victoria
Jones, William Victoria
Shakspeare, Eliza Victoria
Wilson, Thomas & Co. Victoria

Fish Canneries

Vancouver Fishing Co. New Westminster
Ewen. Alexander New Westminster
Herring, S. W, New Westminster
Kaye, Frederick New Westminster
Loggie, A. New Westminster

Flour Dealers
[See Merchants General; also Mills - Flour.]

Foundries and Machinists
Spratt, Joseph Victoria


Robertson, S. Langley
Bechler, Gustav R. Victoria
Dengri, John Victoria
Drout, John Victoria
Ferond, B. Victoria
Freitus, John Victoria
Hawkings, J. Victoria
Le Claire, Aime Victoria
Levy, E. Mrs. Victoria
Mersser, Michael Victoria
Rosenberg, John Victoria
Townsend, W. B. Victoria

Furnishing Goods
[See also Clothing; also Merchants General.]

Gilmore, Alexander Victoria
Jeffree, J. Victoria
Lewis, Lewis Victoria
Wilson. W. & J. Victoria

[See also Cabinet Makers.]

Earles, William, Nanaimo
Deane, R. W., New Westminster
Jewell, Henry, Victoria
Munsell & Holroyd, Victoria
Norris, W. G., Victoria
Sehl, Jacob, Victoria
Seymour, Q. T., Victoria
Weiler, John, Victoria


Boscowitz, L. & J. Victoria
Denny & Spencer Victoria
Hudson Bay Co. Victoria
Lubbe, T. Victoria

Gas Fitters
[See Plumbers.]

Gas Works
Victoria Gas Co. Victoria

[See also Merchants General]

Guns and Ammunition
[See also Merchants General.]
Houston, Guy Victoria
Short, Henry Victoria

[See also Merchants General.]

Fellows & Roscoe Victoria
Grancini, E. Victoria
Jones, William Victoria
Kelley & Taylor Victoria
Marvin, Edgar Victoria
Matthews, Richards & Tye Victoria

Harness and Saddlery

Eastman, F. Lilooet
Dalby, William & Co. Victoria
Mann, H. T. & Co. Victoria
Newbury, William Victoria
Norris, Frederick Victoria
Burr. J. W. Yale
Douglas, Benjamin Yale

Hats and Caps
[See Clothing; also Merchants General.]

Hay and Grain
Morrison, K. Langley
Hall, Thomas Victoria

Hides and Wool
Boscowitz, L. J. Victoria


[See also Merchants - Commission; also Merchants General.]

Dickson. DeWolf & Co., Victoria
Fox, M. & H. A., Victoria
Hudson Bay Co., Victoria
Sproat & Co., Victoria

Insurance Agents

Harvey, James, Nanaimo
Armstrong, W. J., New Westminster
Fisher, William, New Westminster
Allsop, T. & Co., Victoria
Burnaby, Robert, Victoria
Heisterman, H. F., Victoria
Lowe, Stahlschmidt & Co., Victoria
Nuttall, Thomas C., Victoria
Rhodes, Henry & Co., Victoria
Sproat & Co., Victoria
Welch, Rithet & Co., Victoria

Iron and Steel
[See Hardware; also Merchants General.]

[See Watches and Jewelry.]

[See Barristers.]

Cowper, J. & H. M.

Liquors Retail

Casamayon, A. & Co.
Rhodes, Henry & Co.

Livery Stables
[See Stables-Livery.]

Lumber Dealers
[See also Mills - Saw.]

Meacham & Nason, Barkerville
Moody, Nelson & Co., New Westminster
Sayward, W. P., Victoria
Hastings Saw Mill Co., Victoria
Moody, Nelson & Co., Victoria

[See Foundries.]

Merchants - Commission and Forwarding

Byrnes, George, Barkerville
Lawrence & Bailey, New Westminster
Hockin & Fraser, Telegraph Creek
Barnes & Pitts, Victoria
Boscowitz, L. & J, Victoria
Brodrick & Co., Victoria
Carr, Richard, Victoria
Da vies, J. P. & Co., Victoria
Dickson, De Wolf & Co., Victoria
Findlay, Durham & Brodie, Victoria
Leneven, David, Victoria
Lowe, Stahlschmidt & Co., Victoria
Oppenheimor Brothers, Victoria
Welch, Rithet & Co., Victoria
Bailey & Lawrence, Yale
Kimball & Gladwin, Yale
Nelson, U., Yale

Merchants General
Where may be found a general assortment of Agricultural Implements, Clothing, Dry Goods, (Groceries, Hardware, Provisions, etc. Merchants dealing in a single description of goods will be found under the appropriate heads.

Gibson, M., Nanaimo
Halpenny, _____ Mrs., Victoria
Moss, ____, Mrs., Victoria

Mills - Flour

Harper Brothers Clinton
Crozier, J. Lillooet
Chapman, James Lytton
Brant, Frederick O'Kanagan Mission
Postill, Alfred O'Kanagan Mission
Postill, Edward O'Kanagan Mission
Postill, William O'Kanagan Mission
Bourdet, Peter Quamichan

Mills - Saw

Hastings Saw Mill Co. Burrard Inlet
Moody, Nelson & Co. Burrard Inlet
Askew, Thomas G. Chemainus
Murie, James Clinton
Bower, J. A. Hope
Cooper, H. Hope
Walker, H. S. Hope
Wood, A. G. Kootenay
Moody, Nelson & Co. Moodyville
Robertson & Co. Nanaimo

Music, and Musical Instruments
Bagnall, J. Co. Victoria

News Agents
Harrison, William Victoria

[See for name, location, etc., of the papers in British Columbia.]

Cariboo Sentinel Barkerville
Nanaimo Free Press Nanaimo
Dominion Pacific Herald New Westminster
Mainland Guardian New Westminster
British Colonist Victoria
Victoria Standard Victoria

Painters- House and Sign

Hosie, William Nanaimo
Page & Galbraith Nanaimo
Millross, W. Van Winkle
Crowther, John Victoria
Eastwood, Thomas L. Victoria
Gillis, M. Victoria
Harrison, Eli Victoria
Mitchell, T. R. Victoria
Rush, Malvin Yale

Paints, Oils, etc.
[See also Drugs and Medicines; also Merchants General.)
Deane, R. W. New Westminster


Davis, J. New Westminster
Maynard, Richard Mrs. Victoria
Shakspeare, Noah Victoria
Spencer, S. A. Victoria


Bell, Thomas Barkerville
Pryce, C. Comox
Featherstone, _____, Lytton
Cluness, _____, Nanaimo
Jones, William McNaughton Nanaimo
McInnes, _____, Nanaimo
McInnes, Thomas R., New Westminster
Trew, C. N., New Westminster
Ash, John Victoria
David, John C. Victoria
Holmcken, J. S. Victoria
Jackson, W. Victoria
Matthews, J. B. Victoria
Trimble, James Victoria

Plumbers and Gasfitters
Stewart & Braden Victoria
Wilson, A. W. Victoria

Printers-Book and Job
[See also Newspapers.]
Rose & Pottinger Victoria

[See also Merchants General.]

Herring, S. W. New Westminster
Hawkings, J. Victoria
Leneven, David Victoria
Wilby, D. E. Victoria

[See Groceries; also Merchants General.]

Real Estate Agents

Burnaby, Robert, Victoria
Heisterman, H. E., Victoria
Loewenberg, L., Victoria
Norris & Wylly, Victoria


Goodson, ____, Barkerville
Mason & Daly, Barkerville
McDermott, H., Barkerville
Walker, Samuel, Barkerville
Erick, Frederick, New Westminster
Lewis, _____ Mrs., New Westminster
McLeod & Lowry, New Westminster
Johnston, P. L., Quesnelle
Hough, J. Z., Victoria
Jacobs, John J., Victoria
Levy Brothers, Victoria
Murphy, P., Victoria
Rowles, Ellen, Victoria
Taylor, John J., Victoria
Warner & Raggazoni, Victoria
West, E. Mrs., Victoria
While, Eden, Victoria
White, M., Victoria
White & Pagden, Victoria
Young, H., Victoria

Sewing Machine Agents

Dalby. William & Co., Victoria
Fawcett & Co., Victoria
Sohl, Jacob, Victoria
Todd, J. H., Victoria

Ship Chandlers
Marvin, E. B., Victoria
McQuade, P. & Son, Victoria

[See also Watches and Jewelry.]
Fox, M. & H. A. Victoria

Soda Water Manufacturers
Bocion, P. Victoria
Greenwood & Morley Victoria
Phillips, Alexander Victoria

Stables - Livery

McWha, W. Lytton
Lowman, W. G. Victoria
Bowman, Williams Victoria
Dunlop, J. T. Victoria
Francis, G. Victoria
Kehoe, Henry Victoria
Whitley, Stephen Victoria
Williams, J. W. Victoria

[See also Booksellers; also Merchants General.]
Murray, George B., New Westminster
Harrison, William, Victoria
Hibben, T. N. & Co., Victoria

Stoves and Tinware
[See also Hardware; also Merchants General.]

Bibby, John, Barkerville
Pearson, E. & Brother, Barkerville
Wilson, Walter, Nanaimo
Anderson, Robert, New Westminster
Hennessey, D., New Westminster
Jackson, Oliver, New Westminster
Drummond, J. S., Victoria
Jewell, Henry, Victoria
Keays, G. C., Victoria
Kelly & Taylor, Victoria
Osterhout, Peter, Victoria
Wilson, A. & W., Victoria

Sugar Refinery
Eraser River Beet Sugar Co. New Westminster


Dewdney, Walter Hope
Clarke, James A., Langley
Landale, John J., Nanaimo
Jackson, Adam, New Westminster
Jemmet, _____, New Westminster
Hannington, M., Quesnelle
Jarvis, E. W., Quesnelle
Evans, John, Van Winkle
Westgarth, Thomas, Victoria


Langdon, W., Barkerville
Allen, William, Nanaimo
Brown, James, Nanaimo
Campbell, M., Nanaimo
Murphy, Thomas G., Nanaimo
Eickhoff, Henry, New Westminster
Walsh, John, New Westminster
Gilmore, Alexander, Victoria
McDonnell, A. J., Victoria
Pierre, Thomas W., Victoria
Price. T., Victoria
Rehdar, August, Victoria
Roberts, Richard, Victoria
Tolson Brothers, Victoria
Wall, J., Victoria

[See also Cigars and Tobacco.]

Boullet, E., Victoria
Clair, P., Victoria
Dengri, John, Victoria
Drout, John, Victoria

Lewis, R., Victoria
Storey, Thomas, Victoria

Fawcett & Co. Victoria
Sehl, Jacob Victoria
Seymour, G. T. Victoria

[See also Fancy Goods; also Merchants General.]
Gorrie, Thomas, Victoria
Lewin, Heiman, Victoria

Watches and Jewelry

McDonald, John New Westminster
Jacques, George, Victoria
Jungerman, J. L., Victoria
Lange, G. W. A., Victoria
Redfern, Charles E., Victoria
Rudolph, Henry, Victoria

[See Carriage and Wagon Manufacturers.]

Wines and Liquors
[See Liquors.]

Wood and Willow Ware
[See Merchants General.]

Pacific Coast Business Directory | British Columbia Index

Source: Pacific Coast Business Directory for 1876-78, Compiled by Henry G. Langley, San Francisco, 1875.


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